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Ballads and Lyrics of Socialism 1883-1908 . Nesbit, E. (Edith), 1858–1924.
page: 23

To a Child Reading

  • YES, read the pages of the old‐world story,
  • Of kings of noble deed and noble thought
  • Of heroes whose resplendent crown of glory
  • Bound their wide brows, unsought.
  • But be not sad because their work is ended,
  • And they have rest which life so long denied:
  • They still live in the world which they befriended,
  • For which they lived and died.
page: 24
  • Great deeds can never die : all through the ages
  • Their fruits increasing ever grow and spread,
  • And many a deed unnamed in written pages
  • Lived once—and is not dead.
  • And, God be praised, man’s work is not completed,
  • There still is work on earth for men to do;
  • Not yet, not yet are all the false defeated,
  • Nor yet crowned all the true.
  • Still the world needs brave deeds and true hearts many,
  • Not yet are all the noble battles won!
  • We too, we too may do deeds great as any
  • That ever yet were done.