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Ballads and Lyrics of Socialism 1883-1908 . Nesbit, E. (Edith), 1858–1924.
page: 43

Here and There

  • AH me, how hot and weary here in town
  • The days crawl by!
  • How otherwise they go my heart records,
  • Where the marsh meadows lie
  • And white sheep crop the grass, and seagulls sail
  • Between the lovely earth and lovely sky.
  • Here the sun grins along the dusty street
  • Beneath pale skies:
  • Hark! spiritless, sad tramp of toiling feet,
  • Hoarse hawkers, curses, cries—
  • Through these I hear the song that the sea sings
  • To the far meadowlands of Paradise.
  • O golden‐lichened church and red‐roofed barn—
  • O long sweet days—
  • O changing, unchanged skies, straight dykes all gay
  • With sedge and water mace—
  • O fair marsh land desirable and dear—
  • How far from you lie my life’s weary ways!
  • Yet in my darkest night there shines a star
  • More fair than day;
  • There is a flower that blossoms sweet and white
  • In the sad city way.
  • That flower blooms not where the wide marshes gleam,
  • That star shines only when the skies are gray.
  • For here fair peace and passionate pleasure wane
  • Before the light
  • Of radiant dreams that make our lives worth life,
  • And turn to noon our night:
  • We fight for freedom and the souls of men—
  • Here, and not there, is fought and won our fight!