Technical Implementation Overview

The delivery and discovery capabilities of this site are implemented using a customized version of the open source eXtensible Text Framework (XTF) developed by the California Digital Library. It is served using the Tomcat application server and Apache HTTP Server software.

Local customizations to XTF at Indiana University include a unique native page image viewer and a page turner that are both driven exclusively by the information encoded in the source TEI files and require no additional software beyond what can be accomplished by customizing XTF's XSLT templates. This feature enables switching between text and page images at any time while navigating a document's structure, and allows viewing of one or more page images as moveable overlays simultaneously with the text in the paged text mode. The actual page images are stored and delivered via the IU Digital Library Program's Fedora repository.

The approximately 200 original texts that were part of the initial launch of the Victorian Women Writers Project in 1996 are stored in a local e-text repository called Xubmit, which was developed by the IU Digital Library Program. Xubmit is comprised of web services using Java and Axis, the Revision Control System (RCS) for file versioning, and a graphical user interface developed in Java that is delivered using the Tomcat application server. Along with the XML/TEI P5 files, Xubmit stores the schema and Schematron files for the project as well.