Encoding Overview

The approximately 200 online texts that were originally part of the Victorian Women Writers Project (VWWP) were produced by transcription and encoded in the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) following the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Guidelines, version P3, using the TEI Lite DTD (version 1.6).

In an effort to bring the encoding up to date, the original SGML, TEI P3 files were transformed to XML, TEI P4. Aspects of the encoding that were not conducive to automatic mapping and transformation were updated manually. In 2009, the TEI P4 version of the files were transformed yet again to the most current version of the TEI P5, which also required manual intervention to address aspects lost in translation, and also to conform to the newly revised Best Practices for TEI in Libraries. The VWWP texts now rely on a custom TEI P5 W3C schema.

Since the 2010 launch of the Victorian Women Writers Project, we have added and will continue to add newly encoded texts and related contextual materials like critical introductions, biographical sketches, and annotations. Most of this new content is encoded and authored by graduate students and undergraduate students at Indiana University and beyond. While still in an experimental stage, we are hoping to successfully integrate the VWWP into courses not just here at IU, but also at other colleges and universities. To this end, we are updating our encoding guidelines to facilitate distributed contributions.

The most recent version of the VWWP encoding guidelines, which now support richer, scholarly encoding and the encoding of related contextual materials can be found at the Victorian Women Writers Project wiki portal.