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  1. Technical Requirements
  2. Problems with Video Playback
  3. "Access Denied" messages when trying to view video
  4. Technical Support

Technical Requirements

To use this video streaming service, you must have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed, and be using a computer with an Internet connection capable of at least 512 kilobits/second (.5 megabits/second). Most cable modem, DSL, and on-campus Internet connections should work.

Problems with Video Playback

If video playback is jumpy or freezes: If after pausing, the video playback won't resume, it may be because the connection to the streaming server has timed out. To remedy the situation, reload the page either by clicking your browser's "refresh" button or by clicking the "Reload Player" button below the video.

"Access Denied" messages when trying to view video

If, when attempting to view a video you get an "Access Denied" message, though you believe you should be authorized to view the material:

Technical Support

If you need technical assistance or wish to report a problem, please contact IUB Libraries Media Services. This service is currently offered as a pilot, so we may not be able to resolve issues immediately.

If you are unable to view a video through the streaming service, you may always visit the Kent Cooper Room on the ground floor of Wells Library during open hours to watch the video.