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Climate atlas of the United States , Disk 1 , Contiguous 48 states
CD-ROM contains Climate atlas of the contiguous U.S. It includes 737 color maps of climatic elements such as temperature, precipitation, etc. to portray continguous U.S. for period of 1961-1990. It was superseded by Version 2, 2002, which features climate maps for all 50 states.

National Climatic Data Center (U.S.) creator
Asheville, N.C : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Climatic Data Center2000

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System requirements: Windows 95/98 or NT 4.0; Pentium 75 MHz (400+ recommended); 32 MB RAM (64+ recommended); 4xCD-ROM (24+ recommended); 21 MB hard disk space available for minimum installation; 600 MB hard disk space available for hard disk installation; 4X CD-ROM (24X or better recommended).

Notes :

Title from disc label.
Shipping list no.: 2001-0021-E.
"September 2000."
Documentation available via Internet at NCDC home page. Address as of 10/9/03:; current access via PURL.

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Atmospheric temperature -- United States -- Maps
Atmospheric temperature -- United States -- Databases
United States -- Climate -- Maps
United States -- Climate -- Databases

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Indiana University Catalog Information

C 55.281/2-2: C 61/CD/DISK 1

1. Insert your Climate Atlas CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive. 2. Use the Windows Explorer (or another file management tool) to navigate to the root directory of your computer's CD-ROM drive. Double-click on the file titled "CA_Install.exe" and follow its instructions. 3. Restart your computer. To start your Atlas after it is installed, double-click on the Atlas icon on your computer's desktop. **************************************************************************************************** (Installation Error) -------------------- Continue here only if you were instructed to refer to this section because of an installation error. 1. Navigate to the "c:\windows" directory of your computer's "C" drive. 2. Locate the file named either "" or "command". 3. Right-click on it, or if both are there, choose either one. Then click on the "Properties" item. 4. Click on the "Program" tab. 5. Click on the "Advanced" button. 6. Click on the box, "MS-DOS mode", to remove its check mark. 7. Click in the second box, "Suggest MS-DOS mode as necessary", to place a check mark there. 8. Click on the "OK" button on that window, which will close it. 9. Click on the "OK" button on the next window, which will close it. 10. Begin again with the Installation Instructions above. If you still encounter errors, you may contact the NCDC by email at "" or by telephone at (828) 271-4702. You may run the Atlas from the CD without "installing" it, although installation instructions are above. To run the Atlas without installing it: a) Double-click on the file "aeclient.exe" in the root directory of the CD-ROM. Follow its instructions. b) Double-click on the file "jre122_5.exe" in the root directory of the CD-ROM. Follow its instructions. c) Make a directory "ClimateAtlas_00" off the root directory of your computer's C-drive. d) Then, each time you want to run the Atlas, you must double click on the file "NCDCClimateAtlas.jar" in the root directory of the CD-ROM. e) And the first time you run the Atlas, you'll have to specify where the Atlas data is located. Click on the 'ClimateAtlas' menu tab in the Atlas interface. Under that you will see "Data Location". Click on the "Data Location" menu item. In the dialog box that appears, enter the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive and a colon without a slash, like: "D:" (if your CD-ROM's drive letter is "D"). Do not add a slash at the end. Click the "Apply' button and the 'Close' button. Then you should be able to access the maps.

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