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Recent Updates

  • WinGate Pro 4.0.1

  • RealJukebox 2.0b1

  • ICQ 2000a Beta

  • Eudora 4.3.2

New Additions

  • Weekly Top 25

  • Firehand Ember

  • A/V Streaming

  • NIS 2000


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June 07, 2000   

Get in on the Ground Floor of Internet Publishing

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What's Cool
Cool App of the Week ftpNetDrive 3 is an essential Web transfer agent from the developers of Internet Neighborhood that combines the best aspects of several notable FTP clients...continued

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What's New

   · WinGate v4.0.1
June 7, 2000 in Modem Sharing Tools

   · Opera v4.0 Beta 5
June 7, 2000 in Web Browsers

   · AOL Instant Messenger v4.0.2000 Beta
June 6, 2000 in Chat Clients

   · Winamp v2.63
June 4, 2000 in MP3 Players

   · RealJukebox v2.0 Beta 1
June 2, 2000 in MP3 Players

   · Real Entertainment Center v8.0 Beta 2
June 2, 2000 in A/V Streaming Apps

   · Mail Control v5.0 Beta Release
June 2, 2000 in Mail Clients

   · ftpNetDrive v3.0 Official Release
June 1, 2000 in Web Transfer Agents

   · ICQ 2000a Beta 4.31 Build 3143
June 1, 2000 in Chat Clients

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What's Popular

   1. Internet Explorer v5.5 Beta 1

   2. WinZip v8.0

   3. ICQ 2000a Beta 4.31

   4. VirusScan SuperDAT 4080

   5. ACDSee v3.0

   6. Netscape Communicator v4.73

   7. Eudora v4.3.2

   8. Netscape v6.0 PR1

   9. RealPlayer 8.0 Beta Release

   10. Internet Explorer 5.01

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CWSApps - The Original Internet Software Resource and Still The Best!

The CWSApps List® is the ultimate one-stop download site for the latest and greatest software on the Internet. Comprehensive file listings, free software downloads, expert ratings, and extensive software reviews for the best Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000, and Windows 3.x applications are just a few of the site's many features.

CWSApps prides itself on offering the most up-to-date information for new software releases, which means if an app has been updated, you'll always find information on it -- and a download -- here first. You can also utilize our exclusive Upgrade Meter and Apps Database services to obtain the most recent information available for an app.

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