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Technical Notes for Developers
The following is a list of technical notes, specifications, and supplements from Adobe® Developer Relations. They include the current specifications for file formats and interfaces such as TIFF, OPI, PPD, AFM, PDF, communications protocols, the Adobe PostScript® language, and the Display PostScript System.

Most of these files are in PDF for viewing with Adobe Acrobat®. PostScript versions of some of these files may be found on Adobe's public FTP server. For more information on Adobe font technology, see the Adobe Type Technology Forum.

These free unsupported documents are published by the ASN Developer Program. As a service to developers who wish to take advantage of Adobe technology, Adobe distributes them on various widely available electronic media. You are welcome to refer to these documents and pass them on to colleagues, but Adobe does not allow wide distribution. These documents are subject to change. We encourage you to make a bookmark and check this site every few months to see if a more recent version of the document you need has become available. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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