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International Flight Information Manual

March 1999

Chapter 1
General Information

Chapter 2
Country Requirements

Chapter 3
U.S. Entry and Departure Requirements

The Federal Aviation Administration publishes the IFIM as a preflight and planning guide for use by U.S. nonscheduled operators, business, and private aviators flying outside of the United States. It is updated annually. Printed copies are available from the U.S. Government Printing Office.

Chapter 1, General, contains information about passports and visas, international NOTAMs, national security, international interception procedures, intercept pattern for identification of transport aircraft, and North Atlantic navigation requirements. Chapter 1 Table of Contents.

Chapter 2, Country Requirements, contains information on specific countries and includes entry requirements, embassy information, corporate aircraft constraints, international NOTAM office, and aerodromes of entry. Chapter 2, Section 1, Legend, explains the information which is included for each country. Chapter 2 Table of Contents.

Chapter 3, United States Entry and Departure Requirements, contains entry, transit and departure information regulations concerning airport use, and U.S. Customs information. Chapter 3 Table of Contents.

This publication contains many references to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The entire CFR is available at