Hurricane Erin

July 31-August 6, 1995

Perspective view for Erin

About this image

Erin made landfall on August 2 near Vero Beach, Florida as a category 1 hurricane. Erin was better organized at the time of it's second U.S. landfall near Pensacola, Florida and, although still a category 1 storm, greater wind damage resulted. Erin generated a 2 to 4 foot storm tide during the Florida east coast landfall and a 3-7 foot surge during the second landfall. Up to about 5 inches of rain was reported from the panhandle. Damage estimates in the U.S. were $700 million.

Unfortunately, no suitable cloud free sets of turbidity or SST images are available for Erin.

For scientists more time series Satellite Images in GEOTIFF Format are available

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