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1992 economic census , Disc 2B , ZIP code statistics
Presents data on retail, service, and manufacturing businesses by ZIP code. Includes counts of establishments by SIC within ZIP code and by size class within SIC. Total retail sales and service receipts are also shown for each ZIP code.

United States Bureau of the Census. Data User Services Division.
Washington, DC : U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Bureau of the Census, Data User Services Division[1997]

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System requirements: IBM PC-compatible computer ; 520K RAM, 1 megabyte available on hard disk; CD-ROM reader installed with MSCDEX.EXE 2.0 or later.
Written in dBASE III+ and ASCII formats.
Disc characteristics: CD-ROM.

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Title from jewel case spine label.
Hierarchical file structure.
Shipping list no.: 97-62-E.
"Issued August 1997."
ISO 9660 format.

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Industrial statistics -- United States -- Databases
United States -- Economic conditions -- 1981-2001 -- Databases
United States -- Commerce -- Statistics -- Databases

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C 3.277: CD-EC 92-2 B

User needs at least Adobe Acrobat Reader 2.1. The CD has this program available for installation if needed. To learn how to extract the data from cd, user must open the extract directory of the CD and click on extract.doc. There are details for different computer setups. Many files from the root directory may be opened without install.

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