Fizz & Martina at Blue Falls High = Fizz y Martina en la escuela superior de Blue Falls.
The wonderful problems of Fizz & Martina; volume 1.
Story and art by Tom Snyder, Peter Reynolds, and Annette LeBlanc; score by Tom Snyder.
Watertown, MA: Tom Snyder Productions, Inc.
Grade level:
4; 5; 6
Target audience:
Bilingual students; Hispanic-American students.
Material type:
Kits; Resource units.
English; Spanish.
California Learning Assessment System (CLAS). NCTM standards (1989). Content Standards; K-12: Mathematics as communication. Guidelines for instructional practice; K-4: Cooperative work. 5-8: Actively involves students individually and in groups in exploring, conjecturing, analyzing, and applying mathematics in both a mathematical and a real-world context.
Addition; Arithmetic; Comparison; Cooperative learning; Division; Mathematics; Multiplication; Problem solving.
This is the first volume in a series of four cooperative learning, problem solving video and workbook packages that emphasize language development. Students speak and write the language of math as they solve problems. The package includes a video cassette, student workbooks, a teacher's guide, a Team Picker deck of cards, Budge Award Cards, and a supplementary booklet on creative math assessment. This volume is available in both English and Spanish. The series uses a 5-step process. In the first step, students watch a video episode, note pertinent information in their workbooks, then share their notes. When a math problem emerges in the story, the VCR is paused, and students begin the second step. Working in cooperative learning teams, students coach, or are coached by, other team members until every student has a thorough understanding of the math problem. Teams solve questions in their student workbooks. In the third step, the teacher randomly selects a team member to answer a question from the student workbook. In the fourth step, the teacher gives a Budge Award Card to every student on that team who provided correct written and verbal responses. After students have answered all three questions, the video is resumed, and students view the second act of that episode. In the fifth step, after both acts of an episode have been completed, students work on two activities in the workbook. Although designed for grades 4-6, activities are appropriate for many middle school students and remediation programs. (AM)
Published Reviews: Eiser, Leslie. "Math for a Reason: Math Education Programs That Comply with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards." Technology & Learning. March 1993. Vol. 13, Issue 6, p.52.
Furst, Miriam. "Videos That Help Students `Talk Math.' " Electronic Learning. February 1992. Vol. 11, Issue 5, p.34.
Other series titles:
Fizz & Martina conquer Project Sphinx (volume 2); Fizz & Martina do Hollywood (volume 3); Fizz & Martina 2% wiseguy, 98% same old kid (volume 4).
Order from:
Tom Snyder Productions, Inc.
80 Coolidge Hill Road
Watertown, MA 02172-9718
Toll free no.: 800-342-0236; FAX no.: 617-926-6222;
1 kit (English version): Order no.: BLU-K; $179.95.
1 kit (Spanish version): Order no.: SPN-K ; $179.95.


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