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1992 census of agriculture : Farms by ZIP code (1992 census) : Farms by ZIP code (1987 census) , Subject series. ZIP code tabulations
Selected farm count data arranged by ZIP code for all ZIP codes with five or more farms. Data items include total number of farms, farms by size, operator characteristics, cropland harvested, land use characteristics, value of agricultural products sold, inventory and sale of livestock and poultry items, and major crops harvested.

United States Bureau of the Census. Data User Services Division.
Washington, DC : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Data User Services Division[1995]

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Farms -- United States -- Statistics -- Databases
Agriculture -- United States -- Statistics -- Databases

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C 3.277:CD-92 AG-2 A

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C 3.277: CD-92 AG-2 A

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