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[dir] APPROVED 02-Mar-2001 08:40 -
[text/plain] APPROVED.LOG 28-Feb-2001 14:53 11K
[text/plain] APPROVED.PDX 28-Feb-2001 14:53 978
[dir] MAIN 02-Mar-2001 08:40 -
[text/plain] MAIN.LOG 28-Feb-2001 14:44 43K
[text/plain] MAIN.PDX 28-Feb-2001 14:44 994

Empty Directories

The filesystem on this disk image may contain empty directories. There is nothing wrong with this, but there may have been some data corruption or the web application may not be reading the filesystem correctly. If files seem to be missing from the web interface downloading the disk image may provide those files.

Detailed information about the empty directories can be viewed by going to Processing Details