U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection, 1906-1971

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Caption: Parking station-Lake Front (Marquette) Park
Subjects: Parking lots
Date: 1921-07-01
ID: CRA-42-111-125
Caption: Parking Station, Marquette Park
Subjects: Parking lots
Date: 1921-07-01
ID: CRA-42-111-104
Caption: Photo of Blast Furnaces Looking North, Mr. Gleason
Subjects: Furnaces
Date: 1921-05-20
ID: CRA-42-111-099
Caption: Photo of Gas Engines
Subjects: Engines
Industrial facilities
Date: 1921-05-11
ID: CRA-42-111-095
Caption: Photo of Main Office
Subjects: Office buildings
Date: 1921-08-05
ID: CRA-42-112-007
Caption: Photo of Major Burr's Residence
Subjects: Houses
Date: 1921-09-16
ID: CRA-42-112-009
Caption: Photo of Mr. Gleason's Home
Subjects: Streets
Date: 1921-09-27
ID: CRA-42-112-010
Caption: Photo of Ore Docks for Mr. Gleason
Subjects: Piers & wharves
Ore industry
Date: 1921-05-20
ID: CRA-42-111-098
Caption: Photo of Pageant Exhibit
Subjects: Exhibitions
Date: 1921-08-12
ID: CRA-42-111-130
Caption: Photo of Water Color of Gary Golf Club House
Subjects: Clubhouses
Date: 1921-01-08
ID: CRA-42-111-085
Results 21 - 30 of 53