U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection, 1906-1971

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Caption: Classroom
Subjects: Classrooms
ID: CRA-42-113-056
Caption: Collage, Track and Field Meet, Labor Day
Subjects: Track athletics
Sports & recreation facilities
Date: 1927-09-01
ID: CRA-42-113-017
Caption: Concert and Show at Memorial Auditorium
Subjects: Auditoriums
ID: CRA-42-113-046
Caption: Copy of Picture Made at Birthday Celebration for Mr. W.P. Gleason
Subjects: Celebrations
Date: 1936-06-17
ID: CRA-42-113-027
Caption: Corner of 5th and Broadway, Looking Northeast?
Subjects: Buildings
ID: CRA-42-113-034
Caption: Emerson School
Subjects: Schools
ID: CRA-42-113-055
Caption: Gary High School Factory
Subjects: Students
ID: CRA-42-113-009
Caption: Gary High School Football Team
Subjects: Football players
School children
ID: CRA-42-113-001
Caption: Gary National Bank
Subjects: Buildings
ID: CRA-42-113-035
Caption: Gary Public Officials--Thomas E. Knotts, R.O. Johnson, William M. Dunn, Theodore V. Freebury
Subjects: Municipal officials
ID: CRA-42-113-049
Results 11 - 20 of 65