U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection, 1906-1971

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Caption: Clubhouse, Gary Country Club
Subjects: Clubhouses
Country clubs
ID: CRA-42-112-019
Caption: Construction of Bridge Under B. and O. and N.Y.C. and C.J. and C. Railways-Sheet Mill, ca. 1922
Subjects: Bridge construction
Railroad bridges
Date: 1922-12-30
ID: CRA-42-112-054
Caption: Control Panel, Crane Cage
Subjects: Control rooms
Date: 1926-05-27
ID: CRA-42-112-117
Caption: Conversion table, C to F Degrees
Subjects: Temperature
Date: 1926-04-01
ID: CRA-42-112-116
Caption: Crane-Wheel Mill
Subjects: Buildings
Steel industry
Date: 1926-02-11
ID: CRA-42-112-111
Caption: Drawing of Country Club House by Hungleman
Subjects: Country clubs
Date: 1922-05-07
ID: CRA-42-112-026
Caption: Dunes Photos for Mr. Gleason
Subjects: Dunes
Date: 1923-12-02
ID: CRA-42-112-060
Caption: Dunes Photos for Mr. Gleason
Subjects: Rivers
Date: 1923-12-02
ID: CRA-42-112-061
Caption: Entrance to Country Club
Subjects: Country clubs
ID: CRA-42-112-020
Caption: Fill Looking N.E. from Coal Crusher
Subjects: Land use
Railroad freight cars
Date: 1926-10-27
ID: CRA-42-112-147
Results 21 - 30 of 145