U.S. Steel Gary Works Photograph Collection, 1906-1971

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Caption: Stores. 3/4 View of Electric Controllers
Subjects: Electricity
Date: 1913-05-28
ID: CRA-42-104-066
Caption: View Looking N.E. Toward Hospital from E.J. and E. Highline, 300 ft. East of Broadway
Subjects: Hospitals
Date: 1913-05-21
ID: CRA-42-104-060
Caption: View Looking N.E. from E.J. and E. Highline at Bridge Over Broadway
Subjects: Yards
Date: 1913-05-21
ID: CRA-42-104-061
Caption: View Looking N. from Broadway Bridge of E.J. and E.Highline Showing Men Coming from Mill at Noon
Subjects: Streets
Iron & steel workers
Date: 1913-05-21
ID: CRA-42-104-062
Caption: Docks. View from S.W. Corner Turning Basin Looking Toward Steamer "Filbert" Leaving Basin
Subjects: Piers & wharves
Date: 1913-05-20
ID: CRA-42-104-059
Caption: Ladle Repair Shop. View from Ladle Repair Crane Looking North Showing Flight of Piece of Scrap from Drop to Doorway of Ladle Repair Toolroom
Subjects: Workshops
Maintenance & repair
Date: 1913-05-18
ID: CRA-42-104-063
Caption: Coke Plant. Gen. View Looking East from Coke Plant Pumping Station
Subjects: Factories
Coke industry
Railroad tracks
Date: 1913-05-06
ID: CRA-42-104-054
Caption: Docks. View on Deck of Ship "Harry Coalby" Looking North at Unloaders Working
Subjects: Ore industry
Date: 1913-05-06
ID: CRA-42-104-055
Caption: Gas Engines. View Looking N.E. at Exterior of #2 and #3 Power Station
Subjects: Power plants
Date: 1913-05-06
ID: CRA-42-104-056
Caption: Rail Mill. View from Recorder's Office at East End of Mill, Looking N.W. at Mill Interior
Subjects: Factories
Date: 1913-05-06
ID: CRA-42-104-057
Results 61 - 70 of 125