Field NameMeaning and UsageUsage NotesRepeatable
ABSTRACT This is a field that stores a free text description of the contents of the image. Free text description of the image.false
ACCESSION_NUMBER TBD Accession or collection number for the collection to which this image belongs.true
ACQUISITION_DATETBDDate the photograph was acquired, dontated or recieved.false
ALTERNATE_ID TBD This is an identifier assigned to this object other than the one used by the photocat system. This field is typically for internal and search purposes only. It is *not* required to be unique or validated in any way.true
TITLE_CONTROL_NUMBER TBD This is the title control number of a record describing the same item as this record in IU's catalog. This number may have been used at ingest time to pre-populate fields.false
CAPTION This is a field that stores a caption that was written on the physical image (prior to digiziation). This field is for a verbatim transcription of notes or text written or printed on the physical item. Textual information that is part of the image (such as words within a painting, text that was captured in the photograph, or words that were reproduced by a painter because they appeared on the subject of the painting, are typically not the sort of content that should be included in this field. Instead, such information may be included in a Notes field.false
CITY TBD. false
COLOR_CORRECTION TBD. For items that need color correction (like those that have embedded color profiles that aren't rendered properly in popular browsers) select a value indicating that it is needed in this field.false
COPYRIGHT_OWNER TBD The name of the individual or corporation that owns the copyright to this image.false
COUNTRY TBD. The country pictured or where the photograph was taken.false
CREATOR TBD The name of an individual who created the depicted work.false
DATE_TAKEN This represents the date the photograph was originally taken. The input controls for this field should support an intuative and unambiguous way to specify less-precise dates, like "the 1970s". Date the photograph was originally taken. Include as much detail as is available, including month and day when known.false
DATE_TAKEN_FREE_TEXT This field shouldn't be used by new collections. It's a legacy field for the archives. Date the photograph was taken, in the form YYYY-MM-DD. Supply estimated date if no firm date is known. Can provide year, year/month, or year/month/day. If specific year or decade is unknown, can use the form YYY or YY.false
DONOR_ID TBD Number or code given to the image by the donor.false
DONOR_NAME TBD The name of the individual who donated the photograph.false
DONOR_NOTES TBD Name, address, other information about the donor that we can record.false
ETHNIC_GROUP This is the ETHNIC GROUP field of the LCP collections. Name of ethnic groups of persons pictured in the photo.true
EVENTTBDAn event that is the subject of the photograph.true
FILM_TYPE TBD Type of film used for the original photograph.false
FOLDER TBD The folder in which this photograph/negative can be found.false
GENREco TBD Choose or enter the genre of the item. Genre types for graphic materials designate aspects such as vantage point, intended purpose, characteristics of the creator, publication status, or method of representation.true
GEOGRAPHIC_SUBJECT This represents a specific geographic place that is the subject of this photograph. The input widget that exposes this field should use various and intuative means to allow locations to be specified (ie, maps/coordinates, controlled vocabularies using hierarchy based on current political boundaries, or simple location input. Choose or enter the geographic place name that is depicted or otherwise the subject of the photograph.true
INTERNAL_NOTES This is a field that stores free text that will only be displayed to the cataloger. Information to be displayed to the catalogers and no one else.false
LOCATION_CODE TBD An internal encoding of the location of the physical item in the archive.false
MODIFYING_USERTBDThis field is automatically updated with the username of the user who last modified this record.false
PERSON_PICTURED This field represents all the persons pictured. This field should include the names of every person pictured in the photograph, whether in their entirety or in part. This should not include corporate names the names of inaimate objects or corporate names as other fields are more appropriate for that use. The name of individuals pictured in the photograph. Western names should typically be represented "familyname, givennames" but no structure is enforced by this field. Attempt to be consistent in name formatting while still representing names in the culturally appropriate way. For more information: see this w3c guidetrue
PHOTOGRAPHER The person who took the photograph. The name of the photographer who took this picture.false
PHOTOGRAPHERS_DESCRIPTION This is a field that stores a free text description of the contents of the image that was provided by the original photographer in unedited form. The description of the subject of the photograph as recorded by the photographer (as opposed to a cataloger).false
PHOTOGRAPHER_STUDIO The person or studio who took the picture. The name of the photographer or studio who took this picture.true
PHOTOGRAPHIC_AGENCY The studio or agency that took the photograph. The name of the agency photographer who took this picture.true
PHYSICAL_LOCATION The physical location of the original print or negative. The physical location of the original print or negatives.false
PHYSICAL_LOCATION_SHELF_BOX_FOLDER The physical location of the original print or negative. The physical location of the original print or negatives.false
PRINT_SIZE TBD Size of the print in question. Typically this information is formated like: "8 x 10" where the first number is the short side and the second number is the long side (regardless of orientation). The units are expected to be inches, unless otherwise specified for a collection.false
PRINT_TYPE TBD For photographs whose master image is derived from a print (rather than a negative), this field can capture the type of print.false
PROVENANCE TBD Individual, group, or organization that created or received the items in a collection.false
PUBLISHER TBD The indivdual or corporate that published the photograph.false
PUBLICATION_DATE TBD The date the photograph was published.false
ROTATION_SCHEDULE TBD Information about the rotation of this photograph between libraries and exhibits.false
SECTORS This is the SECTORS field of the DLC images. Choose or enter a Sector appropriate in this photograph.true
RECORD_GROUP TBD The archival record group in which the described item belongs.false
SERIES TBD The archival series in which this photograph belongs.false
SETTBDIf this photograph is part of a named set of photographs, enter a set name and item name for the set and this item respectively.false
STATUS TBD. The status of this metadata record. The "auto generated" status is the initial status and should be changed immediately with any data entry. Items with "in progress status" will not made public whereas items in "minimal" status are ready for public viewing but need enhancement. The "pending completion" status is a public record that is thought to be complete but has yet to be fully approved. The "cataloged" status is for records that are publicly available and for which no more metadata entry is planned.false
SUBMITTED_FILENAME TBD This is the name the master file had at the point when it was submitted to this workflow. This value won't be displayed in any public-facing interfaces and won't be a part of any of the standard transformations. Its primary purpose is to help locate or identify uncataloged items.false
SUBSERIES TBD The archival subseries in which this photograph belongs.false
TITLE This field represents the "title" of a photograph. A title is a cataloger-assigned one-line description of the photograph meant to describe or identify it as concicely as possible. If the photograph has special purpose identifying text written on the back of it or beneath it which may not serve as a general purpose title consider using a different field for that text (which has a more specific meaning) and having the cataloger assign a more consistent or useful title in this field. By default this field will be rendered with the label "Title" and a single line input box. The field will not be repeatable and will have a tool-tip description of the expected usage much like the text above. Brief text describing what's featured in the photograph. This should typically be brief (10 or fewer words) but be sufficient to describe this item to someone who couldn't view the the thumbnail image.false
TOPICAL_SUBJECT This is any topic that is the subject of the photograph. Typically topics are constrained to a source vocabulary when included in collection configurations. The data format retains information about the source of the term which may make values entered as topics more specific (since "topic" is pretty vague). It is NOT recommended to use this field type without including a controlled vocabulary source, and supplying a more clear display label and usage notes. Choose or enter a subject present in this photograph.true
KEYWORD This field was specifically asked for and is different than a topical subject. It is more like user tagging than anything else. Choose or enter a keyword to tag this image.true
UNSTRUCTURED_PLACE_NAME TBD. This place name isn't structured in a reasonable way should only be used for data that doesn't fit into structured fields.false
USE_RESTRICTIONS TBD Any special restrictions on the use or reproduction that are specific to this image.false
US_STATE TBD. The state or province featured in the photograph. In this case, "state" is meant as a subdivision of a politically recognized country rather than in the historical sense (like nation state).false
PUZZLE_CATEGORY Copied from the "Puzzle Type #" field in the slocum filemaker database but editable and repeatable. This is the value taken directly from the "Puzzle Type #" field in the slocum filemaker database but can be edited and repeated.true
DESIGNERPuzzle designer when available.The name of the individual who designed the puzzle. When possible format the name "familyname, givenname".true
MAKERMaker of the physical artifact that is the subject of this metadata record.The name of the individual or company responsible for making the subject of this metadata record.true
PLACE_OF_ORIGINCopied from the Manufacturer location field, this is meant to be the location where the puzzle was made.true
SIZEThe "size" of the physical artifact this record describes.false
LONGEST_DIMENSION_INCHESThis is the longest dimension, measured in inches. This field is being tracked as part of a request to have a set of keychain puzzles measured.true
INSTRUCTIONSA transcription of any instructions associated with the given puzzle.true
SOLUTIONSThe solution to this puzzle may be entered in this box. In the event of a puzzle with multiple distinct solutions, consider repeating this field.true
SUBJECT_DATE This represents the date of the subject of the photograph. This is most useful if the photograph is of a work of art or an archeological artifact. Date the subject (if an artifact or work of art) was created.true
HAS_SUPPLEMENTAL_MATERIALSThis box should be checked if supplemental materials exist for this puzzle.false
LILLY_LOCATION TBD. The current location of this puzzle. For items located in the Lilly Library, a cabinet number and drawer number should be entered. When the item is stored at the ALF, a box number should be entered. (The collection call number will be presented to the user as well.) For items on display, a concise and consistent description of the display or location should be entered.false
EXHIBITIONS TBD. Enter any exhibitions that featured/included this item.true
USES TBD. Enter any public services uses of this item.true
IMAGE_MAPPING_STATUS TBD. This field indicates how well (if at all) the image was believed to be mapped to this record.false
MATERIALThis is a material used to construct the the subject (physical artifact) depicted in the photograph.true
CREDIT_LINEThis is a line of text describing the donation or disposition of the item.false
PHYSICAL_DESCRIPTIONWhen structured information about the size, shape or other physical characteristics cannot be provided, this free-text field allows for an unstructured description.false
COPYRIGHT_STATUSThis box should be checked when the image or images associated with this record contain copyrighted material that may not be disseminated to the public. In such cases, a small view will be presented to give the users some indication of the nature of the image without providing a sufficiently high resolution representation that would allow commercial exploitation of the work in question.false
PATRON_CODE TBD A code used to flag this image as being one requested by a particular patron. Patrons will be able to perform a search that returns all records that are flagged with the patron code he/she enters.true
EXTERNAL_URL TBD A URL to an external resource that describes the same material as this record.true
FEATUREDThis box should be checked if this item should be considered a featured item within this collection. Featured items will be presented on the collection splash page on the public-facing site once that collection has been released to the public.false
SELLERThe individual or corporation who sold the artifact in question.false