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Summary of Steps in the Query Procedure

  1. Select a Search Type and select a Chunk Size of 250 words or 1000 words
  2. Select a Results Output Type.
  3. Constrain the scope of the search with Return Scope of Pairs.
  4. Build a Query Set. Add documents, chunks, or terms to a Query Set using built-in drop-down lists. The term query interface also  provides a Regex tool to select terms, which helps with linguistic inflections.
  5. Execute the search. Choose a threshhold level of correlation and then run the search. The correlations are reported as cosines similarities. Pairs of documents or terms are more highly correlated as the cosine value approaches 1.0.
  6. Work with the List of Results. When lists of document results are returned, click on the links provided to view the chunks. Shared significant vocabulary is highlighted in the viewing interface. Links to the edited document in the digital corpus are included at the top of the chunks.
  7. Clear the Query to start over.