21 May 1965

The Trustees of Indiana University met in regular session on Friday, May 21, 1965, in the Trustees Room of Bryan Hall. The meeting was called to order by the President of the Trustees, Mr. Willis Hickam, at 10:00 a.m., and upon roll call the following answered present: Mr. Hickam, Mr. Ray C. Thomas, Mr. Donald C. Danielson, Mr. Robert F. McCrea, Mrs. Richard G. Inskeep, Mr. Frank E. McKinney, Mr. Howard S. Wilcox, and Judge Donald A. Rogers. Also present were: President Elvis J. Stahr; S. E. Braden, Vice-President and Dean for Undergraduate Development; J. A. Franklin, Vice-President and Treasurer; R. L. Heffner, Vice-President and Dean of the Faculties; L. L. Merritt, Vice-President for Research and Dean for Advanced Studies; S. H. Engle, Associate Dean for Advanced Studies; J. R. Hartley, Associate Dean of the Faculties; J. R. Jordan, Assistant to the President for University Relations; D. H. Clark, Assistant Treasurer; P. E. Klinge, Assistant to the President, C.T. Rich, Alumni Secretary; R. E. Burton, Assistant to the Treasurer; and F. T. Reed, Secretary to the Trustees.


Approval of Minutes

1. Minutes of the meeting of March 26, 1965 were presented and were approved, with certain editorial changes.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Executive Committee Appointments: Frandsen, Bolyard

3.(a) The following appointments were approved by the Executive Committee of the Trustees by telephone on April 29, 1965, and confirmation was now requested:

Unanimously confirmed, on motion duly made and seconded.

Executive Committee Construction Matters

3.(b) On April 14, 1965 the following matters were approved by the Executive Committee of the Trustees, and confirmation was now requested:

Unanimously confirmed, on motion duly made and seconded.

Bonus for Coaches Counsilman, Bilinssley

3.(c) Telephone approval was received on April 14, 1965 for a bonus in the amount of $500.00 to be awarded Dr. James Councilman, Swimming Coach, whose team won the 1965 Big Ten Championship. Along with the recommendation for confirmation, now presented, was the recommendation that a similar bonus be awarded to Hobert S. Billingsley, Assistant Swimming Coach.

Both actions unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Nominations to Riley Memorial Association Board

3.(d) On April 14, 1965, the Executive Committee approved reappointment of Mr. Daniel I. Glossbrenner, Judge John S. Hastings, and Dr. James O. Ritchey to directorships on the James Whitcob Riley Memorial Association for the three-year term beginning in 1965 and ending April 24, 1968.

Unanimously confirmed, on motion duly made and seconded.

Protection of Air conditioning Water Supply at Medical Center

3.(e) In furtherance of the need for corrective measures to protect the air conditioning water supply from wells at the Medical Center, it was recommended to the Executive Committee on April 19, 1965, that the firm of J.B. Wilson and Associates be engaged to develop detail plans, specifications, and estimates for this project. This is the program for inter-connecting all the wells to avoid a shutdown because of the failure of any one well serving any building, which is now the case. A preliminary estimate for the project is $75,000.

Unanimously confirmed, on motion duly made and seconded.

Executive Committee Real Estate Matters

3.(f) The following real estate matters were approved by the Executive Committee by telephone on the dates indicated:

Approved April 29, 1965

All matters above unanimously confirmed, on motion duly made and seconded.

Appointments to the Faculties

4. (a) Dean Heffner presented recommendations for the following appointments to the faculties of Indiana University:

Salaries for the above appointments are as provided for in the annual budget.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

In connection with the recommendations for appointments above, Dean Heffner presented the following statement:

In accordance with the resolution passed by.the Board at its May, 1953 meeting, I wish to state that all persons who are recommended to the Board for appointments at this time are loyal to the government and the institutions of the United States, and that these appointments are made in keeping with the spirit and the letter of the Resolution of the American Association of Universities.

Visiting Faculty Appointments

4.(b) Recommendations were presented for appointment of the following visiting faculty members:

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Reappointments: Chambers, Sebok, Apel

4.(c) Recommendations were presented for the following reappointments to the faculties:

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Departmental Chairmanship Matters

4.(d) Recommendations were presented concerning the following departmental chairmanship matters:

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Changes of Status

4.(e) Recommendations for the following changes of status were presented:

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Leave of Absence Matters

4.(f) The following requests for leave of absence were presented, along with recommendation for their approval:

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.


4.(g) The following resignations were presented, along with recommendations for their acceptance:

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Reappointments for 1966-67: Tenure

4.(h) Dean Heffner presented the list of recommended reappointments of faculty members now on temporary appointments who will have completed more than two years at Indiana University with faculty rank at the close of 1964-1965, and who are recommended for reappointment for 1966-1967. Also presented was the list of reappointments with indefinite tenure, effective July 1, 1966.

To Be Reappointed for the Year 1966-1967


Promotions, Effective July 1 1965

4.(i) Dean Heffner presented the recommended list of promotions for members of the faculty to be effective July 1, 1965.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Retirement and Emeritus Titles

4.(j) The list was presented of faculty and administrative staff members who will reach retirement age on or before June 30, 1965, along with recommendations for the award of emeritus title to each person on the list.

Dotaline E. Allen Professor Emeritus of Nursing Education
Maysel O. Baker Assistant Professor Emeritus of Library
John D. Barnhart Professor Emeritus of History
Hulet H. Cook Associate Professor Emeritus of French
Mabel Culmer Associate Professor Emeritus of Education
Jane Fox Associate Professor Emeritus of Physical
Education for Women
Gertrude L. Gunn Assistant Professor Emeritus, Medical
Records Program
Dorothee Manski Professor Emeritus of Voice
Louis Y. Mazzini Assistant Professor Emeritus of Pathology
John H. Mueller Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Alice Nelson Executive Director Emeritus of the Halls
of Residence
A. Lytton Sells Research Professor Emeritus of French and
Henry B. Witham Professor Emeritus of Law.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Approval of Distinguished Faculty Titles

4.(k) President Stahr presented the recommended list of appointments beyond the rank of professor, effective July 1, 1965:

John W. Ashton University Professor of English and Folklore
Nicholas A. Fattu Research Professor of Education
Ralph F. Fuchs University Professor of Law
Josef Gingold Distinguished'Service Professor of Music
Frank T. Gucker Research Professor of Chemistry
Fred W. Householder, Research Professor of Classics and Linguistics
John F. Johnston University Professor of Dentistry
Alfred R. Lindesmith University Professor of Sociology
Norman J. G. Pounds University Professor of Geography (title restored)
Janos Starker Distinguished Service Professor of Music
Oscar O. Winther University Professor of History

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

National Educational Television Center

4.(a)(38) In connection with the appointment of Edwin. G. Cohen, Mr. James Jordan explained in detail the efforts presently underway for selection of Indiana University as the location of the center for National Educational Television. Initially proposed as a two-year contract, subsidized in the amount of $1,100,000, further contractual operation under I.U. Foundation subsidy may be necessary, with return of the subsidization during the following five-year period. Construction of a suitable building may be necessary, possibly on the Kerr tract, or space may be found in the Showers area. It was considered that approval of the appointment of Mr. Cohen carried with it approval for the whole project for the Center as now planned.

Arthur Andersen & Company on Campus

6.(i) As explained in the April 1965 meeting of the Board, the accounting firm of Arthur Andersen has been retained by the State of Indiana to review budget operations of the state educational institutions. Representatives of the firm will visit the campus beginning May 23.

* * * * * * *

At this point Mrs. Inskeep reported that at the recent meeting of the Association of Governing Boards one of the chief matters under consideration was the problem of budget preparation.

* * * * * * *

Establishment of International Affairs Center

4.(l) Vice-President Merritt presented the proposal for the establishment of an International Affairs Center within the University to be directed by Professor Robert F. Byrnes, effective July 1, 1965. Title for this position will be Director of the International Affairs Center. All fiscal matters in connection with establishment of the Center are as carried in the 1965-1966 budget. It is planned that the Center will be made up of three divisions, with a chairman for each, to be known as:

  1. The Division of International Studies
  2. The Division for International Development Research
  3. The Division for International Activities.

Following detailed explanation of planned operation of the Center, establishment was approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Establishment of an Honors Division

4.(n) Vice-President Braden presented a proposal that an Honors Division be set up within the office of the Dean of Undergraduate Development. It is planned that this Division will coordinate all University agencies involved in honors programs, under direction of a part-time administrator. It is expected that this Division will consolidate administrative work in honors programs throughout the University, thus resulting in better administrative control and increased visibility of honors availability for interested students, beginning at the high school and Junior Division levels.

Proposal for Honorary Degree

4. (o) President Stahr proposed that a honorary degree be conferred upon Governor Roger Branigin at an appropriate time during the beginning of the State Sequicentennial celebration, probably in April, 1966.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded, subject to approval by the Faculty Council.

Approval for Fee for Credit Entry by Examination

4.(p) During the past year the Board approved a plan by which students receiving credit by examination would pay a charge of $5.00 per credit hour. This plan was not implemented, and it now seems desirable to modify this action so that the fee will be established on the basis of a service charge of $10.00 per entry for entering credit earned by examination. A separate charge, therefore, would be incurred if credit were earned in a second department, or if there were a second examination and additional credit earned in the same department. If approved, the previous action will be rescinded.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Approval for Waiver, TIAA waiting period

4.(q) In the process of negotiating for employment of John V. Gebuhr, Director of Physical Plant, and Joseph F. Glosson, Assistant Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds, Indianapolis, it has been learned that commitments were made to eliminate the normal waiting period as established by Board regulations before participation in the TIAA plan. This deviation from the regulations is regretted and is is now requested that the Board authorize this exception because it is a commitment which must be honored.

Approved-by consent.

Student Health Insurance Recommendation

4.(r) Vice-President Franklin presented the report of the Administrative and Student Committee on Student Health Insurance. It is the recommendation of this committee, after exhaustive study, that a contract for coverage be awarded to the Zurich Insurance Company, as lowest bidder for desired coverages. It was noted that a rate increase is quite possible at the end of the contract year in 1966 and that re-bidding for the coverage may be necessary.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Contract for Basketball Television Coverage

4.(s) Approval was requested for a contract with television station WLW-I, Channel 13, Indianapolis, for telecasting University basketball games for 1965-1966. This station, sole bidder, will pay $1,500.00 for each of two home games televised and will televise ten road games. If additional home games are added as sell-outs, payment will be made to the University at the rate of $500.00 per game. Provision is made for changes in fees if accident or casualty disrupts scheduled operations.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Appointment of Architects for new Cyclotron Building

4.(t) It was recommended that the firm of Daggett, Naegele and Associates be appointed as architects for the proposed new cyclotron building in atomic research. Final location of this building has not yet been determined.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Proposed Regulations and Fees, Olympic Swimming Pool

4.(u) Vice-President Franklin presented the report of the Committee to Develop Policies for Control and Management of the Outdoor Olympic Swimming Pool. After study of the report, the Board directed that further consideration be given to the fee schedule, particularly for use of the pool by children.

Meeting Recessed and Reconvened

The meeting was recessed for luncheon at 12:55 p.m. Joining the Trustees at luncheon were Dean Glen Irwin of the School of Medicine, Dr. Kenneth Penrod, Provost of the School of Medicine, and Dr. Laurence Wilsey of Booz, Allen and Hamilton. Following the luncheon, the meeting continued in State Room West of the Union Building. Mr. George Bloom, Real Estate Manager, joined the Trustees for discussion of real estate matters.

Report on Medical Education Study

6.(c) Dr. Laurence Wilsey of Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Inc. presented the final report on medical education in Indiana as developed by that organization. This report, previously commissioned, and having been distributed to each member of the Board, is presently on file in the University archives and will not be carried in this record.

Dr. Wilsey detailed each major area of the report as developed and interpolated summaries of alternatives and criteria as they apply to the major areas. In lengthy and detailed discussion of the report it was agreed by the Board that the Booz, Allen & Hamilton report should be presented to the Legislative Study Commission with the definite recommendation that the center of medical education remain at the Medical Center in Indianapolis with increased input from the Bloomington campus combined degree program and a possible future two-year program; that the concept of a "Medical University" based in Indianapolis but with strong cooperative ties with major hospitals and institutions throughout the state be more fully articulated; and that the desirability of an additional two-year program at Purdue University be specifically evaluated, since Purdue has a strong graduate program.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Establishment of Department of Preventive Medicine

4.(m) Dean Glenn Irwin outlined recommendations from Medical Center authorities for establishment of a Department of Preventive Medicine to be headed by Dr. Samuel H. Hopper as temporary chairman pending search for a chairman on a permanent basis. The new department would assume all teaching responsibilities of the Department of Public Health and all faculty, staff, facilities, and operating budget would be transferred to the new department.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

University Hospital Matters

4.(w) It was reported that actual construction of the University Hospital at the Medical Center will begin on May 24, wtih groundbreaking ceremonies scheduled for June 10. Acceptable bond responsibility has been furnished by the contractor and final contracts signed. Final decision must now be made on the use of pre-cast panels for exterior walls. In addition, planning for Phases II and III presents an alternate for placing the radiology department underground near the site of Fesler Hall. In order to have regular progression in construction, approval was also requested to proceed with planning for Phases II and III.

Approval for use of pre-cast panels and for Phase II and III planning unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

United Hospital Services

5.(f) As previously reported to the Board, consideration is being given to joining with the majority of Indianapolis hospitals in a central laundry operation, controlled by representatives from the directors of each participating hospital. Initial cost projections indicate a saving of 3/4ȼ per pound in operation, which, as plant equipment is amortized, should increase. Mr. McKinney reviewed work of the joint committee of Indianapolis hospitals, of which he is a member, and explained the basis of cost figures. The Board considered the cost of replacement of Medical Center laundry equipment, this replacement being imminent and, upon receipt of expert advice obtained by Mr. Ray Thomas by telephone, approved participation in the United Hospital Services plan.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

* * * * * * *

Mrs. Inskeep, Mr. McKinney, and Mr. Wilcox left the meeting at this point. After a short period of continued discussion regarding Medical Center matters, Drs,. Irwin, Penrod, and Wilsey left the meeting and the Trustees and administrative officers, at 5:00 p.m., returned to Bryan Hall, where the meeting continued.

* * * * * * *

Request for Facility Security Clearance

4.(v) Federal authorities have requested that the Board adopt a resolution clarifying eligibility of University personnel for access to classified material in various contracts with agencies of the United States Government. The following resolution was presented:


WHEREAS, It has been brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees of Indiana University with its principal office and place of business in the City of Bloomington, Monroe County, Bloomington Township, in the State of Indiana, that in connection with facility security clearances, those officers who are properly designated in accordance with the institutions' requirements as the managerial group having authority and responsibility for the negotiation, execution, and administration of Department of Defense Contracts, shall be cleared, and

WHEREAS, The Department of Defense requires that officers, executive personnel, Trustees, other than those designated as the managerial group, who will not require access to classified information in the conduct of the institution*s business, are not required to be cleared provided that the institution, by official action affirms that such officers, executive personnel, and Trustees will not require, nor will have and can be effectively denied access to classified information in the possession of the institution and that they do not occupy positions that enable them to affect adversely the institution' s policies or practices in the performance on contracts for the Government; be it

RESOLVED, That the incumbents of the position titles listed below are designated as the managerial group having authority and responsibility for the negotiation, execution and administration of Department of Defense Contracts:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that all other officers, executive personnel, Trustees will not require, nor shall have, and can be effectively denied access to ALL classified information in the possession of the institution and they do not occupy positions that would enable them to affect adversely the institu¬tion's policies or practices in the performance of contracts for the Government; also

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Secretary is authorized to and shall furnish to the cognizant security office of Indiana University copies of this Resolution and shall notify the cognizant security office regarding any change in managerial or other personnel which would affect the institution's facility security clearance; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution shall be entered into the official records of the institution and is and shall be irrevocable so long as the Department of Defense Security Agreement 'shall remain in effect provided that subsequent resolutions may be adopted upon future changes in the designated managerial group.

Approved by consent.

Additions to Walnut Grove Trailer Court

4.(x) Approval was requested to add twenty-one trailers to the Walnut Grove trailer court. Total cost will be approximately $79,000.00, including installation. The additions will be accomplished in two projects, one of 12 trailers and one of 9. Funds in the amount of $33,000.00 are available and the needed balance will be obtained by addition to the present loan covering the trailer court. Debt retirement can be accomplished in ten years.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Recommendations on Reservation Procedures, Indiana Memorial Union

4.(y) This matter was deferred.

Financing for Additional Improvements, Crooked Lake Station

4.(z) This matter was deferred.

Angel Mounds Agreements

4.(aa) This matter was deferred.

Payment of Bond Counsel Fees Tulip Tree House

4.(bb) As previously authorized by the Board, the firm of Ice Miller Donadio and Ryan was employed as bond counsel in connection with issuance of $4,900,000 in bonds to provide funds for construction of the Tulip Tree House project. Approval and payment of that company's billing was now recommended, as follows:

Standard Approval Charge - $1 per $1,000 of bonds approved $4,900.00
Per diem charge - 10 hours @ $25.00 250.00
Telephone tolls 3.52
Recording Documents 2.50
Expenses to Chicago for bond closing 29.93
TOTAL $5,185.95

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Change Orders

4.(cc) Recommendation was presented for approval of the following change orders on construction projects:

Approved by consent.

Huckins Building Rehabilitation South Bend

4.(dd) Approval was requested of a revised project cost for remodeling the Huckins Building at South Bend from $421,000 to $431,000. This adjustment will take into consideration the contingency allowance set by the Higher Education Facilities Act administrators for funds to be used on this project, which would allow receipts up to $172,000. Notice has been received that there is only $128,573 available, but there is a possibility that the University may still be able to obtain the difference of $43,427 from this source. The balance of the project cost will be financed from students fees. Authority was requested to take bids and to make application for funds.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Installation of Air Handling Equipment, South Bend

4.(ee) Authority was requested to proceed with the installation of air handling equipment at the South Bend Regional Campus Building. A preliminary estimate for this work was set at $175,000 and the architect's estimate was presented at a project cost of $139,656. Funds are available in the Extension Division Fees Fund, Account #91-602-30.

Nomination for Member of the Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne Foundation Board

5.(d) Mr. Donald C. Danielson was proposed for nomination as member of the Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne Foundation Board of Directors to succeed Mr. C. Walter McCarty, whose term will expire in 1965.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Nomination for Member of the Indiana University
Foundation Board of Directors

5.(e) Mr. Howard S. Wilcox was proposed to succeed himself as a member of the Indiana University Foundation Board of Directors, his present term expiring June 30, 1965.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Policy Regarding Release from Dormitories

5.(b) This matter was deferred to the June, 1965 meeting with comment to be obtained from appropriate fraternity and sorority control groups.

Report of the Parking Study Committee

6.(a) President Stahr advised the Board that a Parking Study Committee had been considering the traffic and parking situation on the Bloomington campus for several months. An interim report from this committee is now under study by the Administrative Committee, the Faculty Council, and the Staff Council.

Proposed New Regional Accelerator Laboratory in Indianapolis

6.(b) President Stahr called attention to recent development in the effort to establish a new regional accelerator laboratory in the Indianapolis area. Much interest is being displayed by the State government in this matter and both Indiana and Purdue Universities are being called upon for assistance in promoting this installation, although much competition is apparent from other areas.

The Argonne Corporation is still in process of formation and should be completed early in June, 1965.

Private Dormitory Projects

6.(d) Considerable interest is being displayed by private interests in development of dormitory buildings. Inasmuch as it seems apparent that such projects cannot compete financially with University dormitory facilities, it is not considered to be a matter for favorable consideration by University authorities.

Domicile Matters

6.(g) Appeals from rulings of the Domicile Committee have been received from:

The Board considered each of these appeals and ruled that the decisions of the Domicile Committee be upheld.

Approved, on motion duly made and seconded, Mr. Thomas abstaining from voting.

Proposal for Use of Former West Baden Springs Hotel

6.(h) President Stahr reported that interest is developing for use of the former West Baden Springs Hotel, recently given up as a seminary for Jesuit students, as a National Center for the Performing Arts. A study is currently underway which may produce substantial support from various interests. The University would hope to have an important part in carrying out both the planning and proper use of such a Center.

Report of Council of State Governments Program

6.(j) The Council of State Governments has requested that Michigan and Indiana Universities, through their Institutes of Public Affairs, conduct an annual school for state budget staff members. The Council has also named Mr. D. H. Clark, Assistant Vice-President and Treasurer and Business Manager, as chairman of the committee to plan and stage a three-day conference on budgeting to meet the State's higher education needs for governors and staff, legislators, and budget officers and educators.

Receipt of Public Health Service Grant

6.(k) A Public Health Service grant of $859,055.00 has been received toward construction of the Optometry Building. Sources for financing this building are as follows:

Health Provisions Program $ 859,055.00
Health Related Research 87,780.00
National Science Foundation 100,000.00
1963 Appropriation 180,000.00
1965 Appropriation (subject to determination
of final cost and to use of bonding
TOTAL 2,499,835.00

Riley Board Request for Matching Funds

6.(l) An application has been filed with the Public Health Service for funds to provide for rehabilitation of teaching facilities and to provide for University-affiliated facilities for mentally retarded, both at Riley Hospital and on the Bloomington Campus. The request is for a total of $4,042,087 from Public Health Service, to which would beadded $2,290,772 to be provided for Riley Memorial Association as the applicant's share of the funds. As part of the total Riley Hospital project, the Physical Plant has incurred costs totaling $102,127.51.

Proposal for Submission of Construction Plans and Unified Bid

6. (m) As provided for in legislative enactment, forward planning for construction by Indiana University has been completed. Details of this planning were presented to the Board for consideration and approval prior to presentation to State authorities. In this connection, authority was requested to require a unified bid on construction of the new library.

Above matters unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Meeting Recessed and Reconvened

The Trustees recessed at 6:05 p.m. for dinner and reconvened at 8:45 p.m. in the Board Room, with the same Trustees and administrative officers present as in the late afternoon session.

Consideration of the 1965-1966 Budget

5.(a) Each member of the Board having been provided with a copy of the budget summary, a page-by-page review was carried on by President Stahr and Vice-President Franklin. A detailed explanation of each category of income and expense was given, with particular reference to the Medical Center and the regional campuses. Prompted by searching questions from members of the Board, the administrative officers explained various routines employed in salary determinations for the whole University and allied expenditures. After full consideration of the whole budget, the Board directed approval subject to such adjustments as might be presented to the Executive Committee or to the full Board at the June, 1965, meeting.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Policy on Contracts for Athletic Coaches

5.(g) This matter was deferred to a later meeting.

Report on Administration and Operation of Regional Campuses

6.(e) Recognizing the fact that joint administration and operation of regional campuses by Indiana and Purdue Universities will present certain problems, a definite effort is being made by both administrations to arrive at a code of practice. John F. Mee, Mead Johnson Professor of Management, School of Business, was asked to undertake the task of defining areas of responsibility and implementation and has submitted the following suggested procedures:

  1. The management of the Regional Campuses would become the delegated responsibility of a Joint Council of two to four people reporting to the presidents of I.U. and Purdue University, the membership of which would be appointed by the Trustees on the recommendation of the presidents.
  2. The Council would, during the next two or three years, work out the basic management techniques to be utilized in each Regional Campus:

    1. The emphasis would be on the rapid development of each campus into a strong academic unit capable of offering high quality curricula in appropriate fields of study.
    2. Each Regional Campus would essentially become a Joint Indiana-Purdue Campus, under a single administrator.
    3. This administrator would have primary academic and administrative responsibility upon his own campus.
    4. Curricular content, academic requirements and standards of quality would reside in the parent universities. Each faculty member on the Regional Campuses would be a member of one of the parent university faculties.
    5. The campus admlini strator would draw on his total faculty to offer the various curricula and "programs" needed regardless of which university is to grant the eventual degree or certificate. Only one university would offer a major in any one discipline or profession on a given campus,
    6. The movement would be in the direction of unified faculty groups in each basic discipline and professional field on each Regional Campus. The eventual institutional attachments of faculty groups in a given field might well differ from campus to campus.
  3. Each Regional Campus would plan programs which, together with those available locally through other institutions, such as the IVTC, private colleges, and the local school system, would insure the availability of the full range of post high school offerings needed in the community.
  4. The Joint Council would develop, as rapidly as possible, the basic organization structure and assignments of responsibility and authority in written form. In so doing, they will seek the best thinking and endeavor to enlist the full support of all involved.
  5. The Joint Council will also, in conjunction with the Chief Business Officers of the two universities, develop recommendations for all budgetary and fiscal operations of the regional campus system, including construction.

This program approach is considered to have great merit and, with informal consent of the Board, will be used as the basis for establishment of definite operational procedures, with which Purdue University authorities are in agreement. Further reports will be made as progress is made,

The Board evidenced great interest and granted informal approval as requested.

Awards of Contracts

6.(p) Mr. Franklin presented recommendations for awards of contracts, as follows:

Unanimously approved that all awards be made to the low bidder as finally determined, and on all other matters as recommended, on motion duly made and seconded.

Report of Tornado Damage, Kokomo Campus

6.(t) A major tornado, on April 11, 1965, inflicted considerable damage on the new regional campus building at Kokomo. No structural damage is apparent but considerable water and flying debris loss was experienced. Prompt action by insurance carriers has resulted in quick agreement on total loss in the amount of $50,635.00 overall and construction is going forward without interruption. Occupancy is scheduled for mid-June.

Reproduction of Lecturer Material

6.(dd) A request has been received from Professor Leon Green, University of Texas School of Law, for permission to reproduce his lecturer "Regenerative Process in Law" given in October, 1957 as an Addison C. Harris lecture. Appropriate credits will appear.

Unanimously approved, on motion duly made and seconded.

Report of Special Purchase Items

6.(ee) Report was made of the following special purchase items:

Approved by consent.

Real Estate Matters

5.(c) The following real estate matters were presented, some in Executive Session, and action was taken as indicated:

All matters above approved as recommended, on motion duly made and seconded.

Developments in Evansville Regional Campus Matters

6.(f) Recent action on the part of Indiana State University in establishment of a regional campus in Evansville, Indiana appears to be in contradiction with legislative provisions requiring only Indiana and Purdue Universities to institute such a program. In order to approach the problem objectively, it was recommended that an independent study be made by the Academy of Educational Development, which performed the South Bend study. Purdue University and Evansville College are in concurrence with this recommendation. Cost of the consulting procedure will be $25,000.00 of which $10,000.00 will be borne by the two universities, the remainder to be provided by private donors of which one, Mead Johnson Company, has pledged $5,000.00. It is believed that Evansville donors will be developed for the balance.

Approved by consent.

Letter of Protest

6.(n) The Henry C. Smithers Roofing Company has filed a letter of protest concerning procedures in repair of the new Fieldhouse roof. Consideration was deferred.

Report on Steam Supply, Indianapolis Campus

6.(o) This report was deferred.

Estate Matters

6.(q) The following estate matters were reported for the information of the Trustees:

Investment Matters

6.(r) The following investment matters are reported for the information of the Trustees:

Report on Auditorium Productions

6.(s) For the fiscal year through March 31, 1965, a statement of operations for Auditorium productions shows income of $136,136.93; expense of $123,627.84; balance $12,509.09.

Implementation of Bidding Procedures Under HEA #1158

6.(u) House Enrolled Act 1158 will necessitate that Indiana University require contractors to furnish their bids as of the date on which bids are to be opened. A list of the subcontractors will be requested to be provided within 48 hours after the opening.

Photographs of Revisions in Library Model

6.(v) Photographs of revisions in stone work on the upper portion of the Library model were provided.

Photographs of Graduate Dormitory Model

6.(w) Photographs of a graduate dormitory to be erected at Tenth and Union Streets were provided.

Financing Matters

6.(x) Reports were made on the following financing matters:

Discussion on Tax Annuity Plans

6.(y) This matter was deferred.

Report on Student Loan Funds

6.(z) It was reported that the University is the largest user of United Student Aid Funds in the amount of over one and one-half million dollars in the past year. This plan has been generally more advantageous than the National Defense Student Loan Plan, although future operations, for a variety of reasons, will probably participate increasingly in the latter plan.

Audit by State Board of Accounts

6.(aa) It was reported that the Student Organization Fund and the Associated Fund had been audited by the State Board of Accounts. Only minor exceptions were noted.

Equitable Life Assurance Society Dividend

6.(bb) It was reported that a check in the amount of $347,335.27 has been received from The Equitable Life Assurance Society covering the dividend refund apportioned to Indiana University on its group life and accident insurance plan for the year ending December 31, 1964.

Report of Accident

6.(cc) A child playing south of the Hoosier Courts area on April 19 had his finger smashed between two empty cable reels, and the finger had to be amputated. This information has been forwarded to Watson-Flagg electrical contractors, the contractor which left the spools on the site.

Report of Deaths

6.(ff) The deaths of the following members of the faculty were reported and resolutions of condolence were unanimously approved:

Payment of Building and Health Fees, Summer Science Institute

6.(gg) Because of the University's obligation to collect building fees for all students, but because of the reluctance of reviewing panels in Washington to approve this type of charge for the Summer Science Institute, the Administrative Committee has determined that the building and health fees shall be paid from the funds at the disposal of the Research Committee.

Quarterly Report, Consolidated Endowments and Trust Fund

6.(hh) The quarterly report of the Indiana National Bank covering Consolidated Endowments and Trust Fund was exhibited to the Board.

Quarterly Report, Consolidated Operating Fund

6.(ii) The quarterly report of the Indiana National Bank covering the Consolidated Operating Fund was exhibited to the Board.

Quarterly Report, Riley Hospital Funds

6.(jj) The quarterly reports of the Indiana National Bank, the Merchants National Bank and American Fletcher National Bank covering funds held for the benefit of Riley Hospital were exhibited to the Board.

Employment Situation in Bloomington

6.(kk) It was reported that the Bloomington employment situation is becoming increasingly difficult due to expansion of industry and development of large retail store facilities.

Fort Wayne Dental Clinic

6.(ll) Changes are going forward at the Fort Wayne Regional Campus to develop the Dental Clinic. Funds are available from balances remaining in the equipment account for I.U. and the Contingency Fund for the project.

Miscellaneous Reports

6.(mm) The following miscellaneous reports were presented:

Approval of Exhibits

7. The following exhibits were presented for information or approval by the Trustees:


The Trustees adjourned at 12:05 a.m. on Saturday, May 22, to meet again on call of the Secretary for the annual statutory meeting on Friday, June 11, 1965.

F.T. Reed, Secretary
The Trustees University