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Trailers for Married Veterans and Consideration of Other Housing Needed by Next Year

7.(f) Mr. Biddle presented his report on the rental of 50 trailers from Charlestown, Indiana, through F.P.H.A. and his request for as many as 50 more if available. The project was approved by the Executive Committee August 20, 1945, to be located at Woodlawn and Tenth Streets, where the utilities are available, and to rent for $25.00 per month per unit, the University to furnish water, lights, and fuel oil. The camp will have toilet and bath facilities in separate units and there will be a laundry and a drying yard. The trailers will cost us a rental price of $1.00 each per year, but estimates indicate now that it will cost $9,350.00 for 50 units for rental, moving, setting, repairs, painting, bringing in and connecting the utilities, walks, drives, etc. To date, 41 units have been reserved with deposits.

On motion of Mr. McCarty, seconded by Mr. Allen, the Board approved the report and authorized the expenditure of the necessary funds to install the trailers and put them in operation.

An extended discussion followed on the large enrollment we may expect in the fall of 1946 and the possible housing that can be completed and put into operation by that time. The two units of men's dormitories and one unit of women's dormitories authorized by the Board can not possibly be available for two years since the architect states that 15 months will be necessary for their construction. It is doubtful if the village of small houses for graduate students can be made ready before next fall. Mr. Biddle reported on pre-fabricated houses at Seneca, Illinois, and gave his estimate at $1,500.00 each to move and complete here.

The Board came to agreement on the proposal that an apartment building with 100 efficiency apartments should be started imediately since it appears possible to complete it within one year. These should rent from $40.00 to $45.00 per month furnished, with heat. It was reported that Purdue is starting a $450,000.00 project of this kind immediately. Also Illinois is planning for 220 efficiency apartments. Suggestions of location and other details were made but no conclusions were reached.

On motion of Mr. McCarty, seconded by Mr. Hastings, Mr. Biddle was instructed and authorized to investigate the possibility of a 100 apartment building and present his recommendation on this and the selection of an architect at a later meeting.

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