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Establishment of a School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation

6.(o) President Wells presented his recommendation for the establishment of a School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation at Indiana University. The statement of Dean Briscoe on the need of such school and its proposed functions was presented, and is given herewith:

"At the present time the following programs of the University function independently and report directly to the central administration of the University:

Professional Physical Education, courses in recreation, and courses in health and safety are organized under the School of Education. Intramural sports are organized under the Head of the Department of Physical Education for Men and the Director of Athletics.

There is need for a single unit of administration for all of these programs, in order that their use of playing fields, gymnasium facilities, and staff may be integrated and properly allocated among the different programs. Many of the staff members work in two or three different programs, and all of them must use the same outdoor and indoor activity space and facilities. Naturally, the distribution of the uses of these facilities could be better worked out under a single unit of administration. Furthermore, the Normal College and the facilities of Camp Brosius should be closely integrated with the other programs in Physical Education and Recreation. There is also need for the development of sound professional programs and curricula at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the fields of Physical Education, Recreation, and Health and Safety. For this purpose the staffs of all the different programs must be properly integrated and used.

It is proposed, therefore, that there be established a School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation, and that it be divided into the following divisions or departments:

It is proposed that the school be headed by a dean or director, and that a chairman of each of the above named departments or divisions should be appointed to exercise general administrative responsibility for each of the areas organized within the school.

Athletics should be included as a department in the school only in order that the persons involved in the athletics program may participate in the proper distribution of space and facilities, and in order that the staff members of the Athletics Department may be properly used in other programs of the school. The professorial titles which they hold will, of course, have to be as members of the staff of this school. However, the general control of athletics as at present must remain in the hands of the Athletics Committee, which is responsible directly to the general faculty, the President, and the Board of Trustees. The complete control of athletics cannot be placed in the hands of the faculty of this school alone, since under conference regulations it is necessary that the entire faculty of the University exercise a responsibility for this activity, and that members of the Athletics Committee represent the entire faculty."

After extended discussion and on motion of Mr. Allen, seconded by Mr. McCarty, the Board directed that a School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation be established, end President Wells was authorized to negotiate for a dean.

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