November 6-11, 1884

The Board met in regular session with members present as follows: R.S. Robertson; D.D. Banta, President of Board; James D. Maxwell, Sr.; Robert. W. Miers; H.D. Stetson; and J.D. Mitchell.


Bloomington, Ind. (Thursday) 6th 1884.

The Board met in regular session with members present as follows: R.S. Robertson; D.D. Banta, President of Board; James D. Maxwell, Sr.; Robert. W. Miers; H.D. Stetson; and J.D. Mitchell.

Reports of Faculty.

The reports of the various professors and assistants were received.

After an informal discussion of the affairs of the university, the Board adjourned till 8 o'clock tomorrow morning.

D.D. Banta

Prest. Board

Wm. [William] W. Spangler
Sec. I.U.

Bloomington, Indiana, Nov. 7, 1884.

The Board met at 8 o'clock pursuant to the last adjournment, with members present as on yesterday, and also Mr. R.D. Richardson.

The minutes of yesterday were read and approved.

Charges against the President of the Univ.

On motion of Mr. Robertson, the following preamble and resolution were made, the unanimous action of the Board:

Whereas, rumors of a grave character in regard to the relations of Prest. Moss with Miss Graydon, teacher of Greek have been published in newspapers of large circulation, and are common on the streets of Bloomington; and the Board was proceeding to investigate the same and

Whereas, pending the steps taken for investigation, charges were filed by J.Z.A. McCanghan, J.W. Wiley, Ed. A. Hall, M.W. Fordice, L.R. Oakes, D.K. Goss, J.H. Means, T.E. Mays, W.W. Norman, C.G. Gardiner, M.M. Dunlap, I.C. Batman, A.M. Malcom, Newton R. Spencer, C.E. Sims, D. H. Branaman, C.W. Philputt, E.B. Stewart, R.L. Green, C.B. Ellis, and J.W. Carr, charging improper and immoral conduct between said parties.

Resolved, that the Board sit for the purpose of hearing evidence upon said charges, on Tuesday, the 11th of November 1884, and that the secretary notify Dr. Moss and Miss Graydon of the time and place of hearing, and that an opportunity will then be afforded them to be heard.

Professors and Officers' Reports.

The reports from the professors in the departments of Natural Philosophy, Latin, Mathematics, Chemistry, History, Natural Science, English Literature, and Modern Language, and the report of the Principal of the Preparatory department were read and referred to the committee on the affairs of the University.

The Librarian's report was received and referred to the Committee on Finance.

On motion the Board adjourned till 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

D.D. Banta

Prest. Board

Wm. [William] W. Spangler
Sec. I.U.

Bloomington, Ind. November 8, '84.

The Board met at 9 o'clock a.m. with members present as follows: Pres. D.D. Banta, James D. Maxwell Sr., Robert D. Richardson, Robert W. Miers, H.L. Stetson, Robert S. Robertson, and James L. Mitchell.


On motion of Mr. Robertson, the following preamble and resolution were unanimously adopted:

Whereas, Lemuel Moss, President, and Katharine M. Graydon, Teacher of Greek, have tendered their resignations of their respective positions, in these words:

The Indiana University, Bloomington.

President's Room, November 8, 1884.

To the Honorable

The Board of Trustees of Indiana University -


I herewith resign my position as President of the Indiana University.

Very Respectfully,

Lemuel Moss


Bloomington, Indiana.

November 5, 1884.

To the Trustees of the Indiana University,


I hereby resign my position as Instructor of Greek in the University.


Kate M. Graydon.

Resolved, that the said resignations be accepted to take effect immediately, and the Board being of the opinion that there no longer exists a necessity for continuing the investigation of the charges preferred, and that no benefit can accrue to the University or to the public, by such investigation, that further proceedings therein be discontinued.

Election of Acting President.

On motion of Mr. Stetson, the following was unanimously adopted:

It having become necessary to supply the place made vacant by the resignation of President Moss, and the Board deeming it inexpedient to elect a permanent President at this time -

Resolved, That Rev. Elisha Ballantine, LL.D., be appointed temporarily to the position of acting President of the University, until the further action of the Board, and that he be paid for his services at the rate of $2,000. per annum while so employed.

The Board then took a recess till 7 o'clock p.m., to give time for special committee work and inspection of the buildings and the grounds.

On reassembling in the evening, Mr. Richardson offered the following resolution which was adopted;

Resolved: that the Building Committee be and they are hereby authorized to receive bids and make contracts for the heating, lighting, plumbing, etc. of the new buildings.

On motion, the Board adjourned till Monday morning at 8:30 o'clock.

D.D. Banta

Prest. Board

Wm. [William] Spangler
Sec. Ind. Univ.

Bloomington, Ind. Nov. 10th, 1884.

The Board met at 8 ½ o'clock A.M. with the members present as on Saturday.

Mr. Mitchell offered the following resolution which was adopted:

that the President of the Board and the Local Board be constituted a committee to enter into correspondence with College men with a view to ascertaining who are eligible to the office of Permanent President, and report the results of their correspondence to this Board at the next meeting.

Gilbert's Resignation.

The resignation of Chas. H. Gilbert, assistant in the Department of Natural Science was tendered as follows:

Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 3rd, 1884.

To the Honorable the Board of Trustees, Indiana University.


Having been called to the chair of Natural History in the University of Cincinnati, I herewith tender my resignation of the position which I have held in the Indiana University.

With best wishes for the prosperity of the Institution, with which I have sustained such pleasant relations, I remain

Yours very truly,

Chas. H. Gilbert.

On motion of Mr. Richardson the above resignation was accepted.

Report of Committee on Affairs.

The Chairman of the Committee on the Affairs of the University submitted the following report and accompanying resolution (which were adopted):

Bloomington, Ind. Nov. 10th, 1884.

Your Committee on the Affairs of the University respectfully submit the following report:

There is a gratifying increase in the number of students in Freshmen class over former years. The work of the University seems to have been well performed in the several departments, considering the crippled condition of the institution from the fire of '83 and the sickness of several of the professors

The department of Physics has an unexpected balance of Fifty-nine Dollars and Thirty-nine cents, which, according of the rule of the Board, returns to the general fund. The sum of Two Hundred Dollars is asked for the ensuing year, and we recommend its appropriation. This department is suffering seriously from the loss of apparatus which must be replaced as soon as possible.

The Professor of Mathematics is unable to report how much, if any, of the $25. remains unexpended, because the final bill for books and apparatus has not been received yet. We recommend that his request for leave of absence for ten weeks from Dec. 8, 1884 be granted, because of his long service and the condition of his health, if he can arrange with Mr. Swain to hear his classes.

The Professor of Chemistry reports an unexpended balance of $81.37.

This returns, under the rule, to the general fund. The sum of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($150.) is asked for purchasing chemical supplies, anatomical and physiological specimens and a few special works on physiology. We recommend that this amount be appropriated.

The request of the Professor of History for certain books needed in his department is heartily endorsed and referred to the Library Committee if the finances of the University will permit their purchase.

We recommend that the employment of an additional teacher be referred to the local Board with power to act.

The Professor of Natural History has over-run his appropriations to the amount of $31.50. He asks for Five Hundred Dollars ($500) for his department. We recommend its appropriation. We are much gratified that Professor Jordan has been able, to procure without any expense to the University full series of the animals collected while in the employ of the United States Fish Commission and also of the series to be exhibited at the forthcoming exposition at New Orleans. "Our collection of fishes" says the Professor, "is now as extensive as before the fire."

The Professor of Modern Languages asks that Mr. Allen Philputt be engaged to assist in his department for the remainder of the collegiate year. We recommend his appointment for this service and any other the faculty may see fit to ask of him at the rate of Four Hundred and Thirty-five Dollars ($435) per annum.

According to the scales of salaries adopted by this Board we find that Professor O.B. Clark is entitled to $1800., Professors J.G. Newkirk, and Samuel Garner $1650. Each [per annum] from Aug 1st, '84. We recommend that they be so paid.

We recommend that the President and Secretary of this Board be authorized to sell the land in Iowa belonging to Indiana University for the highest price that can be secured.

Resolved, That the Committee on the Affairs of the University be adopted and the recommendations therein contained be carried out.

Committee on Affairs: H.L. Stetson

Jas. D. Maxwell

J.L. Mitchell

Library Committee Report.

On motion of Mr. Robertson the following recommendation of the Library Committee was adopted:

The Committee on Library recommends an appropriation of One Hundred and Seventeen and 65/100 Dollars ($117.65) for the purpose of supplying the periodicals as set out in the accompanying list. [Filed with recommendations.]

Committee: R.S. Robertson

R.D. Richardson

Board took a recess till 1 o'clock P.M. On reassembling, Mr. Mitchell read the following:

Report of the Committee on Building and Grounds, which on motion was adopted:

Bloomington, Ind.

November 10th, '84.

To the Board of Trustees,


Your Committee on College Buildings and Grounds would respectfully report that upon an examination of the old college building and grounds, they are of opinion that nothing can be done to make the building any better than we now find it; but that the fence around the campus in places needs some repairing; and would recommend that the local committee employ some person to replace boards which have been broken or torn off; to build cheap steps at the north east and near south east corner of campus; and to brace up portions of the picket fence on west side of campus believing the materials can be furnished and the necessary work done at a cost not to exceed Ten Dollars.


J.L. Mitchell,

R.S. Robertson.

The minutes of Nov. 8th were read, corrected, and approved.

Report on Preparatory Department.

Mr. Stetson submitted the following report of the Committee on Preparatory Department and the accompanying resolutions which was adopted:

The Committee on Preparatory Department would report that its work is going forward in a satisfactory manner. The attendance, discipline, and spirit of study are highly commendable. The various teachers are performing their several duties with great efficiency.

The course of study, given in Prof. Beck's report, and approved by the faculty of the University as its Secretary informs us, a copy of which course of study is hereunto appended and made a part of this report is heartily recommended to this Board for adoption. And to this end we present this resolution:

Resolved, [That] the course of study for the Preparatory Department of Indiana University be as follows:

Preparatory Course of Instruction - Ind. Univ.

Arranged according to suggestions made by the Faculty in session November 6, 1884.

First Year.

First Term Second Term Third Term.
1. Latin - Inflections. 1. Latin - Grammar Reader & Composition. 1. Latin - Grammar Reader & Composition.
2. Math - Commercial Arithmetic. 2. Math - Book-keeping. 2. Math - Book-keeping.
3. History - General History. 3. History - General History. 3. History - General History.
4. Science - Physical Geography. 4. English - American Poets &Sentential Analysis. 4. Eng- American Prose &Sentential Analysis.

Second Year

First Term Second Term Third Term.
1. Latin - Caesar, Latin Composition with conversations, Reading and Writing Latin at sight. 1. Latin - Caesar. First Term's work continued. 1. Latin - Caesar or Cicero. First Term's work continued.
2. Math - Algebra. 2. Math - Algebra. 2. Math - Algebra.
3. History - Civil Government in connection with U.S. History. 3. Science - Physics. 3. Science - Chemistry.
4. English - Principles and Rules of Composition & Essay Writing. 4. English - Victorian Literature. Tennyson, McCaulay, Browning, etc. Compositions & Figures. 4. English - The Lake School. Wordsworth, Shelly, Keats, Coleridge, Compositions.

Third Year

First Term Second Term Third Term.
1. Latin - Virgil, Prosody & Mythology. 1. Latin - Virgil & Mythology. 1. Latin - Virgil & Mythology on Cicero.
2. Math - Algebra. 2. Math - Geometry. 2. Math - Geometry.
3. Science - Physiology. 3. Science - Geology and Mineralogy 3. Science - Botany
4. English - The Classical School, Pope, Johnson, Goldsmith - Compositions 4. English - Milton's Poetry. Composition. 4. English - Shakespeare. Compositions.

Notes- 1. In Latin, this course requires the completion of Harkness's Latin Reader or equivalent; entire first four books of Caesar or equivalent; entire first four books of Virgil's Aeneid or equivalent. In third term of Second and Third Years Cicero may be substituted for Caesar and Virgil respectively. Also required, a thorough drill in Latin Grammar, Latin Composition with conversations, Reading and Writing Latin at sight, and Prosody. Mythology must be pursued in connection with Virgil.

2.In Mathematics, 1st An application of Arithmetic to business transactions; 2nd A practical knowledge of Book-keeping; 3rd Such a knowledge of Algebra as can be obtained from a thorough completion of Thomson's New Practical or Wentworth's Elements; 4th The completion of first three books of Wentworth's Plane Geometry. The equivalent of Algebra and Geometry in other texts satisfactory.

3.In History, 1st As broad and full a study of General History as time and capacity of pupils will permit. 2nd The study of our country's government in connection with her history. As much collateral reading as possible should be done.

4.In Science, 1st The study of Physical Geography; also one term each of Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Geology or Mineralogy, and Botany. As much experimental work as possible must be done in these sciences.

5.In English, 1st Study of American and English Authors. 2nd A knowledge of principles and usages of English Grammar as obtained from the English sentence. 3rd Actual practice in composition; 4th A knowledge of figures and essentials of Rhetoric; 5th Practice in public speaking. Note. The number of authors to be studied each term is not specified, only general characters of the work. The judgment and discretion of instructor together with capacity of pupils must largely determine this.

6.The Friday Afternoon of each week must be devoted to rhetorical exercises; such as, declamation, debates, essays, select readings, varieties and other devices for training pupils in public speaking, arising from the ingenuity of instructors.

7. Hints and Talks. From time to time should be given on Morals, Manners, and other Matters of general culture.

Respectfully submitted,

Jas. H. Buck

Principle of Department

Resolved, that the State Board of Education be invited to cooperate with this Board to provide a uniform course of study for the High Schools of the State like the above or with such modifications as may be deemed advisable.

Committee on Preparatory Department: H.L. Stetson

Jas. D. Maxwell

J.L. Mitchell

Swain's Salary.

On motion of Mr. Stetson the salary of Mr. Joseph Swain, as Assistant in Department of Natural Science and the Department of Mathematics was fixed at Six Hundred Dollars ($600) per annum beginning November 1, 1884.

On motion the Board adjourned till 9½ o'clock tomorrow morning.

D.D. Banta

President of the Board

Wm. W. Spangler
Sec. Ind. Univ.

Bloomington, Ind. Nov. 11, 1884.

Board met at 8½ o'clock A.M. with members present as on yesterday. (viz: - all except Mr. Jenkinson.) The minutes of yesterday were read, corrected, and approved.

On motion of Mr. Mitchell the members of the local Board were each allowed One Hundred Dollars ($100) for service in that capacity during the past year, ending Oct. 31st, '84.

On motion of Mr. Miers a compensation of Mr. Maxwell for superintending the construction of the two new college buildings was fixed at Four Dollars ($4.00) per day and the account for 150 days is hereby allowed at said rate.

Report of Building Committee.

The Chairman of the Building Committee submitted the following report which was read, and on motion, adopted:

To the Board of Trustees:

Your Building Committee would respectfully report as follows:

The contractors of the new buildings entered upon the performance of their work on the ____ day of April last and their work has progressed without interruption up to the present time.

Both buildings are up and enclosed and the work is with reasonable rapidity approaching a state of completion.

We have given the work such alteration as under the circumstances we could. On 29th and 30th of September last we met at the call of our chairman, with the architect, on the grounds to inspect the work done at that time and examine the estimates made by the architect.

Seven estimates have been made by Architect Bunting as follows:

1 Made May 2, 1884 $2,008.25
2 Made June 2, 1884 $12,171.26
3 Made July 1, 1884 $7,068.75
4 Made August 6, 1884 $6,571.55
5 Made August 27, 1884 $5,718.00
6 Made September 30, 1884 $9,415.00
7 Made November 8, 1884 $5,300.00
Total estimates $48,252.81

On these estimates there has been paid the sum of $44,387.28.

By the reason of the inequalities of surface of the building sites, extra foundations of stone work became necessary to the amount of 193 1/3 yds. Which according to the contract prices is worth $8.00 per yard and amounts to $1546.66. Of this amount $1031.33 is included in the above estimates and has been paid.

It being necessary that some person be on the ground to take a personal superintendence of the work as it progresses, we designated Dr. Maxwell, to do this, and during all the time he has been on the grounds performing that service. An allowance should be made to him but we submit the matter without recommendation as to amount of allowance. [See special order on preceding page.]

Respectfully submitted,

Committee: D.D. Banta

Jas. D. Maxwell

J.L. Mitchell

"Indiana Student."

On motion of Mr. Richardson it was ordered that One Hundred ($100) Dollars be appropriated for 100 copies of the "Indiana Student." For circulation among the High Schools of the State and Fifty ($50.) Dollars for advertising therein on the same conditions as heretofore.

Finance Committee Report.

On motion of Mr. Richardson the following report of the Committee on Finance together with a resolution that the Recommendations therein be carried out, were adopted:

Indiana University

November 10, 1884.

To the Hon. Board of Trustees:

Your Committee on Finance submit the following report:

That the reports of A.R. Howe, Treasurer, and William W. Spangler, Secretary, have been examined and found correct:

By the Treasurer's report the balance of cash on hand November 1, 1884, was $11,876.03

To which should be added a small balance in the hands of Prof. Wylie not covered into the Treasurer

Unexpended of the Fifty Thousand ($50,000) Dollars donation fund of Monroe County $14,000.00, making a total of $25,876.03.

Your Committee estimates the income for the fiscal year as follows:

From annual appropriations $23,000.00
From endowment interest $5,000.00
From contingent fees $2,000.00
From library $400.00
From interest on land sold $400.00
Total $30,800.00
Which amounts available for the fiscal year would make together: $25,876.03
Grand total $56,676.03

Your committee recommends that the following appropriations be made for the current year, based upon estimates of expenditure, which will be required to wit:

For salaries of Professors $20,000.00
For salaries of Officers $1,300.00
For salaries of Trustees $1,600.00
For contingent fund $1,200.00
For Department of Physics $200.00
For Department of Chemistry $150.00
For Department of Natural History $500.00
For library periodicals $125.00
For Indiana Student $150.00
Total $25,225.00

For buildings and grounds the sum of Forty-seven Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-nine and 31/100 Dollars of which sum, the sum of Seventeen Thousand Four Hundred Ninety-nine and 31/100 Dollars is to cover deficit in the building and ground fund, which has been overdrawn to the extent of Seventeen Thousand Four Hundred Ninety-nine and 31/100 Dollars, and which sum last mentioned has been already expended and is not available for the current year which would leave for the purposes of building and grounds for the current year $30,000.00.

Your Committee attaches hereto as part of this report a list of names of Professors and teachers with salaries for the current year.

With the present available funds, and the estimated income for the current year and the appropriations above made deducted, the amount unappropriated will be $1451.00.

All of which is respectfully submitted,

Robert D. Richardson,


Salaries of Professors and Teachers.

President Elisha Ballantine $2,000.00
T.A. Wylie, Department of Physics $2,000.00
Daniel Kirkwood, Department of Math $2,000.00
D.S. Jordan, Department of Natural Science $1,800.00
A.B. Clark, Department of English Lit. $1,800.00
T.C. Van Nuys, Department of Chemistry $1,650.00
J.G. Newkirk, Department of History $1,650.00
Samuel Garner, Department of Modern Languages $1,650.00
Joseph Swain, Department of Assistant Science $600.00
A.B. Philputt, Department of Languages, Assistant $435.00
J.K. Beck, Principal Preparatory Department $12,000.00
James Woodburn, First Assistant in Preparatory Department $1,000.00

Trustees' Allowances.

The following mileage and per diem of Trustees were allowed to wit:

D.D. Banta 200 miles and 6 days $76.00
R.S. Robertson 420 miles and 5 days $114.00
J.L. Mitchell 160 miles and 6 days $68.00
H.L. Stetson 280 miles and 6 days $92.00
R.D. Richardson 300 miles and 5 days $90.00
Robert W. Miers 6 days $36.00
J.D. Maxwell 6 days $36.00

On motion of Mr. Stetson it was resolved that when this Board adjourns it adjourns to meet at Indianapolis at the call of the President of the Board.

[Petition to set aside acceptance of Miss Graydon's resignation.]

To the Hon.

The Board of Trustees,

Of Indiana University.

The undersigned would respectfully represent and show to your Honorable Board that on the 8th day of November 1884 by mistake and inadvertence there was presented to your body a resignation that had been theretofore prepared by here and left in escrow; which resignation was thereupon accepted by said Board: She prays your Honorable Body to set aside said order accepting said supposed resignation and to permit her to withdraw the same and further prays that in case there has been suggested to this Board any questions injuriously affecting here, that the same may be formally presented to here for answer hearing and will the Board grant such other orders as may to them seem proper and just in the promises.

Catharine M. Graydon

By Claypool and Ketcham, her attorneys

Upon the filing of the above application, on motion it was ordered by the Board that the same be laid over for further consideration at the next meeting of the Board either called or regular.

The Board then adjourned sine die.

D.D. Banta

President of the Board

William W. Spangler
Sec. Ind. Univ.

End of November Session, 1884