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Bloomington, Indiana, Nov. 7, 1884.

The Board met at 8 o'clock pursuant to the last adjournment, with members present as on yesterday, and also Mr. R.D. Richardson.

The minutes of yesterday were read and approved.

Charges against the President of the Univ.

On motion of Mr. Robertson, the following preamble and resolution were made, the unanimous action of the Board:

Whereas, rumors of a grave character in regard to the relations of Prest. Moss with Miss Graydon, teacher of Greek have been published in newspapers of large circulation, and are common on the streets of Bloomington; and the Board was proceeding to investigate the same and

Whereas, pending the steps taken for investigation, charges were filed by J.Z.A. McCanghan, J.W. Wiley, Ed. A. Hall, M.W. Fordice, L.R. Oakes, D.K. Goss, J.H. Means, T.E. Mays, W.W. Norman, C.G. Gardiner, M.M. Dunlap, I.C. Batman, A.M. Malcom, Newton R. Spencer, C.E. Sims, D. H. Branaman, C.W. Philputt, E.B. Stewart, R.L. Green, C.B. Ellis, and J.W. Carr, charging improper and immoral conduct between said parties.

Resolved, that the Board sit for the purpose of hearing evidence upon said charges, on Tuesday, the 11th of November 1884, and that the secretary notify Dr. Moss and Miss Graydon of the time and place of hearing, and that an opportunity will then be afforded them to be heard.

Professors and Officers' Reports.

The reports from the professors in the departments of Natural Philosophy, Latin, Mathematics, Chemistry, History, Natural Science, English Literature, and Modern Language, and the report of the Principal of the Preparatory department were read and referred to the committee on the affairs of the University.

The Librarian's report was received and referred to the Committee on Finance.

On motion the Board adjourned till 9 o'clock tomorrow morning.

D.D. Banta

Prest. Board

Wm. [William] W. Spangler
Sec. I.U.

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