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Indiana authors and their books 1917-1966.

ROUSH, GAR A.: 1883-1955.

Gar A. Roush was born in Harrisburg (now Gas City), Ind. , on Oct. 21, 1883. He was the son of Isaac N. and Clementine H. McCarthy Roush. He obtained an A.B. degree from Indiana University in 1905 and an M.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1910. He married Lillian Belle Coleman on July 16, 1911.

Roush began teaching metallurgy at Lehigh University in 1919 and was a special adviser to the Museum of Peaceful Arts ( New York City ), 1927-30. After 1930 he worked for federal agencies and was involved in planning the utilization of strategic mineral resources. He retired from the General Service Administration in 1955. Roush served in World War I and received the Toulmin Medal in 1939 from the Society of American Military Engineers. He edited Mineral Industry, 1913-43, and died on Aug. 17, 1955.

Information from Who Was Who in America.