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Indiana authors and their books 1917-1966.


Clifford Griffith Roe was born in Rolling Prairie, Ind., on June 26, 1875. He was the son of George Washington and Marietta Drummond Roe. He received the B.L. degree in 1899 and the LL.B. degree in 1902 from the University of Michigan. He married Elsie Martha Hercock on March 7, 1910, and they had one daughter, Marjorie Helen. In 1903 Roe was admitted to the Illinois bar. He was an assistant for the state's attorney in Cook County, Ill., during 1906-1909 and a special prosecutor against "white slave traders,: 1909-11. He began working as a corporation lawyer in Chicago in 1915 and joined Wilson and Company in 1918 as an attorney. Roe became a judge on the Illinois Court of Claims in 1931 and was a faculty member of the Illinois College of Law, 1915-19. He died in 1934.

Information from Who Was Who in America.

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