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Indiana authors and their books 1917-1966.


Thurman Brooks Rice was born in Landess, Ind., on Aug. 17, 1888, and was the son of Robert Tihon and Ruth Porter Rice. He received the following degrees: B.S. from Marion Normal College, 1909; B.Pd. from Valparaiso University, 1912; A.B. from Muncie Normal Institute, 1913; and A.B. in 1914, A.M. in 1917, and M.D. in 1921 from Indiana University. On Sept. 1, 1910, he married Ada Charles and they had one daughter, Ada Louise. He married his second wife, Ruby Caster, in 1923 and they had four children: Robert, Thurman, James, and Reed.

Rice was a teacher in Indiana in Huntington County , 1906-08, and Wheeler , 1910-12. He taught at Winona College during 1914-16. He joined the faculty of Indiana University in 1921 where he was professor of bacteriology and public health, 1926-46. He served as director of the Indiana State Board of Health laboratory, 1924-26, and held several positions with the Indiana Division of Public Health. Rice was a veteran of World War I; edited the INDIANA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH JOURNAL; and died on Dec. 27, 1952.

Information from Who Was Who in America.