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Indiana authors and their books 1917-1966.


Jacob Ellsworth Reighard was born in La Porte, Ind., on July 2, 1861, the son of John Davison and Mary Hulbert Reighard. He received a Ph.D. degree in 1882 and an honorary Sc.D. degree in 1936 from the University of Michigan. He married Katharine E. Farrand on July 1, 1887, and they had four children: Paul Roby, John Jacob, Catherine Farrand, and Farrand Kitchel. Reighard was a public school teacher for three years and joined the faculty of the University of Michigan in 1886. He taught zoology and also held the following positions at that institution: director of the zoology department, 1895-1925; director of the museum, 1895-1913; and director of the biological station. He was appointed professor emeritus in 1927. He participated in fish and game surveys for the state of Michigan and the federal government including a survey of the Great Lakes, 1898-1901. Reighard was a trustee of the Marine Biology Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass.; wrote research studies; and died on Feb. 13, 1942.

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Information from Who Was Who in America.