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Indiana authors and their books 1917-1966.



James Norman Haag was born in Indianapolis, Ind., on Jan. 18, 1935. He was married in 1961 and is the father of three children. He received the B.S. degree in 1956 from Purdue University and Ph.D. degree in 1962 from the University of California. Haag taught physics and was head of the computer science laboratory at Purdue University, 1962-65. He began teaching physics and computer sciences at the University of San Francisco in 1965. He held a Fulbright travel grant to Paris during 1961-62.

Information from American Men and Women of Science.


Born on July. 13, 1895, Harlow Edgar Haas is the son of Edgar M. and Alice Condo Haas. He graduated from Wittenberg College and Hamma Divinity School and also attended Earlham College. His first wife was Lucille Haner and they had one son, Franklin Harlow. He later married Mary Toot. Haas worked for radio station WLW in Cincinnati, organized schools in British Guiana, served as chaplain at Indiana Boys School ( Pendleton ), and was headmaster of Hillcrest School (Anderson, Ind.). He later worked with the board of foreign missions of the Lutheran church in South America. He wrote two plays that were produced and retired in 1962.

Information from Mrs. Charles O. Yount.


Mary Rosamond Haas , daughter of Robert Jeremiah and Leona Crowe Haas, was born on Jan. 23, 1910, in Richmond, Ind. She received the A.B. degree from Earlham College, 1930, and earned the Ph.D. degree from Yale University, 1935. In 1947 Miss Haas joined the faculty of the University of California ( Berkeley ) where she became professor of linguistics in 1957 and was chairman of the department, 1958-63. She was president of the Linguistic Society of America in 1963 and was awarded a Guggenheim fellowship for studies on American Indian languages, 1964-65. She is considered an authority on the anthropology and language of Thailand .

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Information from Contemporary Authors and Mrs. Charles O. Yount.


Stephen Habbe was born in Indianapolis, Ind., on Aug. 13, 1903. He was married in 1938 and is the father of four children. He received the Ph.D. degree from Columbia University in 1936. Habbe was a psychologist for the U.S. Public Health Service, 1941-43, and a research associate for the Life Insurance Agency Management Association, 1943-47. In 1947 he became senior research specialist for the National Industrial Conference Board.

Information from American Men of Science.


Born on March. 31, 1918, Eugene E. Haddan is a native of Greencastle, Ind. Twice wed (1943 and 1965), he is the father of five children. He obtained the following degrees from North Texas State University: A.B. in 1958, A.M. in 1960, and Ph.D. in 1966. Haddan was a radio operator for Eastern Airlines during 1943-48 and a broadcast engineer for a television station in Texas from 1948 to 1963. He worked as a research associate at the University of Michigan, 1963-65, and began teaching psychology at Eastern Michigan University in 1965.

Information from American Men of Science.

HADLEY, ALDEN H.: ca. 1877-1951.

Alden H. Hadley was born near Monrovia, Ind., about 1877. Becoming interested in birds when he was a boy, he won a telescope to study birdlife by selling magazine subscriptions. He graduated from Stetson University. For many years Hadley was associated with the National Audubon Society and did field work in Florida and New York City . He joined the Indiana Conservation Department in 1941 as an ornithologist and gave thousands of public lectures on birds. He was nationally known as the Hoosier Birdman and died on Feb. 26, 1951.

Information from Indiana State Library.


Born in Bethel, Ind., on June. 16, 1847, Almira Jane Harvey was the daughter of Eli and Amy Wright Harvey. She attended local schools and Friends Academy (Mooresville, Ind.). She taught in rural schools near Mooresville and at Friends Academy. On Dec. 22, 1866, she married James Newton Hadley and they had seven children: Everett Lewis, Elmer Burton, Alfred Wilbur, Amy Ethel, John Wallace, Frank Earl, and Emma May. Mrs. Hadley was a reporter for Indianapolis and page: [253][View Page [253]] Mooresville newspapers and a member of the first board of trustees of Mooresville Public Library. She died on May. 21, 1923.

Information from Plainfield Public Library.


Grace Talbot Hadley was born in Vincennes, Ind. She grew up in Evansville and had some of her writings published in the VINCENNES COMMERCIAL. In 1892 Mrs. Hadley moved to Utah where she spent seven years and lived in a Mormon household. The studies she made on Mormonism were collected into the book listed below. She later became a resident of New York City .

Information from Indiana State Library.

  • Much-Married Saints and Some Sinners; Sketches from Life Among Mormons and Gentiles in Utah. New York, 1902.Search "Much-Married Saints and Some Sinners; Sketches from Life Among
                                        Mormons and Gentiles in Utah" by HADLEY, GRACE TALBOT: ?- in IUCAT, Google Books, OCLC WorldCat, or HathiTrust


Milton Herschel Hadley was born on April. 18, 1898, in Philadelphia, Pa., the son of Jeremiah Lucas and Minnie Mills Hadley. In that same year the family moved to Morgan County, Ind. He graduated from Central Academy ( Plainfield ), received the A.B. degree from Earlham College in 1920, and earned the A.M. degree from the University of Chicago in 1926. He married Freda Morris on Aug. 28, 1920, and they had four children: J. Marcus, Clarabel, David Milton, and Ruth Esther.

Hadley taught at Vermilion Academy ( Ill. ), 1920-24. He was a Friends' minister in Fairmount, Ind., 1928-33; Chicago , 1933-40; High Point, N.C., 1945-51; Maine and Massachusetts ; and West Newton, Ind., 1962-65. In Indiana he was superintendent of White's Institute ( Wabash ), 1940-42, and head of Quaker Hill ( Richmond ), 1942-45. In 1965 he served a parish in Orlando, Fla., and retired in 1972. For several years Hadley was executive secretary of the Board on Peace and Social Concerns of the Five Years Meeting of Friends (Richmond, Ind.).

Information from Plainfield Public Library.


Born on May. 19, 1922, in Indianapolis, Ind., William L. Haeberle is the son of Louis L. and Marjorie Jared Haeberle. He married Yvonne Carlton on June. 17, 1947, and they had three children: Patricia, William, and David. He obtained the following degrees from Indiana University: B.S. in 1943, M.S. in 1947, and Ph.D. in 1952. Haeberle joined the faculty of Indiana University in 1946 where he taught and held other positions until 1961. In that year he became director of the executive development program, General Illinois Investment Corporation. He has been a director of and consultant to several companies and served in the U.S. Army for two years.

Information from Who's Who in the Midwest.

  • Control for Profit in a Retail Automobile Dealership (withJoe R. Fritzemeyer). Bloomington, Ind., 1961.Search "Control for Profit in a Retail Automobile Dealership" by HAEBERLE, WILLIAM L.: 1922- in IUCAT, Google Books, OCLC WorldCat, or HathiTrust


A native of Fort Wayne, Ind., James Wilson Haffner was born on March. 30, 1929. He was married in 1955. He received the A.B. degree in 1950 from Miami University ( Ohio ) and the degrees of M.S. in 1952 and Ph.D. in 1955 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Haffner was principal engineer in the aircraft nuclear propulsion department, General Electric Company, 1955-59; department manager of industrial application, Radiation Computer Laboratories, Inc., 1959-61; and group leader, radioisotope application, Armour Research Foundation, 1961-63. In 1963 he became a research physicist for the North American Rockwell Corporation.

Information from American Men and Science of Science.

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A native of Fort Wayne, Ind., Katherine Neuhaus was born on Feb. 2, 1909, the daughter of George Joseph and Florence Dora Poinsett Neuhaus. On June. 20, 1928, she married Eugene A. Haffner and they had four children: Marilyn, John, Nancy, and Colette. The family moved to Florida in 1962 where Mrs. Haffner was woman's editor of the PUNTA GORDA HERALD-NEWS from 1962 to 1969. She has written stories for radio and television.

Information from Katherine Neuhaus Haffner.


A native of Terre Haute, Ind., Luther George Hager was born on March. 19, 1885, the son of John Ross and Anna Hyde Hager. He attended the University of Washington and studied at the Art Students League ( New York City ). On Jan. 1, 1910, he married Beatrice Holbrook Dearborn and they had two children, Carol Louise and Beatrice Minnie. Hager was a cartoonist for the SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, 1905-10 and1911-13. He was also an illustrator and became contributing cartoonist in 1926 for the CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. He died in 1945.

Information from Who Was Who in America.


Howard Wilcox Haggard was born in La Porte, Ind., on July. 19, 1891. He was the son of William Henry and Elsie Wilcox Haggard. He received the degrees of Ph.B. in 1914 and M.D. in 1917 from Yale University. He married Josephine Foley on Sept. 9, 1916, and they had three children: Howard Wilcox, William Henry, and Marjorie Marie.

Haggard began his career as a physiologist with the U.S. Bureau of Mines in 1917. He served in the Chemical Warfare Service during World War I and subsequently joined the faculty of Yale University. He became director of the Laboratory of Applied Physiology in 1938 and served as director of the office of university development from 1948 until 1951. Haggard had a weekly radio program on medical history and invented the H. H. inhalator. He was editor of the QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF STUDIES ON ALCOHOLISM, a member of the editorial board of the PERSONNEL JOURNAL, and president of the National Committee for Education on Alcoholism. He died on April. 22, 1959.

Information from Who Was Who in America.

  • The Science of Health and Disease. New York, 1927.Search "The Science of Health and Disease" by HAGGARD, HOWARD WILCOX: 1891-1959. in IUCAT, Google Books, OCLC WorldCat, or HathiTrust
  • 'Tisn't What You Know But Are You Intelligent? An Intelligence Test with a Prefatory Note. New York, 1927.