Frank M. Hohenberger Photograph Collection


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Search Form

Conduct a full text search of the information accompanying the photographs.

Sort results by the following options:

Keep the checkbox checked for "Only include items with images available online" unless you are interested in locating images that have not yet been digitized.


Boolean searching will produce relevant results based on the Boolean operator:
e.g. eat and fish will return only those records containing both the words eat and fish; eat or fish will return those records containing either eat or fish or both terms; eat not fish will return only those records containing eat that do not also contain fish

When multiple terms (separated by spaces but not surrounded in double quotation marks) are entered in the search box, the resulting search is a search for ALL of those terms as if the keyword " AND " had been entered between each term. To search for ANY of those terms, type the keyword " OR " between search terms.

Order of Operations

Order of operations is from left to right or based on parentheses:
e.g. lady and quilting or old will retrieve different results from quilting or old and lady
e.g. lady and (quilting or old) will retrieve the same results as quilting or old and lady

Exact Phrase

Double-quotes ("") can be used for an Exact Phrase search and should be used if the phrase contains the words and, or, or not.


Broaden your search by using an asterisk (*):
e.g. eat* will find eating, Eaton...

For further assistance locating items in the collection contact the Lilly Library.