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Woodburn mss. II, ca. 1911-1974

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Lilly Library
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Woodburn family.

Woodburn mss. II, ca. 1911-1974

Collection No.
LMC 2206

750 items

Materials are in English.

The Woodburn mss. II, ca. 1911-1974, consist of letters and papers of the Woodburn family. The majority of the collection belongs to James Albert Woodburn, 1856-1943, and his son, James Gelston Woodburn, 1894-1980.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

James Albert Woodburn, 1856-1943, was born in Bloomington, Indiana, and received his A.B. from Indiana University in 1876, his A.M. in 1885, and his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University in 1890. He taught in the public schools of Grayville, Illinois, and in the Preparatory Department of Indiana University before becoming Professor of American History at Indiana University in 1890, a position which he held until his retirement in 1924. Outside of his career as a historian, he worked to further efforts of the League of Nations by promoting their world peace programs.

James Gelston Woodburn, 1894-1980, was born in Bloomington, Indiana to James Albert Woodburn and Caroline Louise Gelston. He received college degrees from Indiana University and Purdue University before earning his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1929. Over the course of his career as a civil engineer, he held faculty positions at Wisconsin State College and the University of Wisconsin before serving as the chair of his department from 1949-1958.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. Ephemera; III. Legal Documents; IV. Personal; V. Professional; VI. Photographs; VII. Print Materials and VIII. Realia.

Scope and Content Note

Biographical and genealogical information on members of the Woodburn family may be found in James Albert Woodburn's Woodburn History: Some Generations of a Family, 1936. Keepsake letters and notes for James Albert Woodburn's fiftieth wedding anniversary to Caroline Louise Gelston are also included in the collection.

Related Material

Woodburn mss.; also located at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Acquired: 2012
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Woodburn mss. II, Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
Processing Information
Processed by Casey Blackmore and Susan Bogner.

Completed in 2013

Series: Correspondence

A1, 1915-1934

Box 1 Actuary (Postal Life Insurance Company). 1915

Appleby, J.F.R. 1934

B1, 1891-1974 and undated

Bailey, Margaret Dickinson (Christian Endeavor). Undated

Ballantine, W.G. 1891

Barney, Harlow. 1934

Barrett, Wendree (?). 1918

Beck, J.W. (The Scarbough Company). 1913

Biddle, F. W. (Beta Eta). 1923

Biddle, Donna. 1962 and undated

Biddle, Ward G. 1915-1946 and undated

Bloomington High School. 1911

Bowman, Catherine. 1913

Brewer, J.L. 1917

Bryan, Grace. Undated

Bryan, Lowe Charlotte. 1949

Bryan, Lowe Enoch. 1924

Bryan, Lowe William. 1882-1951

Bucher, Clum C. 1974

Burlingame, H. J. 1917

C1, 1911-1974

Carney, Margarita. 1947

Chambers, Geo C. 1915

Chenoweth, Wilson. 1911-1913

Collins, Dorothy. 1971-1974

Cosgrove, Dorthea. Undated

Culver, Harold E. 1928

Culver Military Academy. 1917

Curry, Mae Orpha. 1946

D1 and E1, 1912-1931

David, Dorothy. 1915-1930

Davis, Edward Hatton. 1917

Davisson, Schuyler C. 1924

Dickerman, Minerva. 1912

E, Simon (?). 1915-1918

Engle, C. W. 1919

Engles, Hubert. 1931

F1 and G1, 1903-1986

F., J.B. 1912

Fantoli, Gaudenrio. 1931

Fisher, L.L. 1942

Foot, R. 1931

Foote, W.W. 1945

The Forrest Club. 1918

Fraenkel, Peter. 1959

Franklin, J.A. 1968

Freeman, John R. 1929

G. H. R. 1917

Gabrielle, Hugh P. (Pendennis Club). 1918

Galbraith, Mary Lee. 1914-1918

Gasser-Fox Agency. 1925

Gelston, Anna (?). 1900-1924 and undated

Gibbons, W.H. 1925

Givan, George N. 1922

The Globe Department Store. 1918

Gray, Harry. 1943

Gray, Lucile Charman. Undated

H1, 1911-1949

H, C.H. 1913

H, F.H. 1913

Hanna, Jr. Thomas H. 1911-1914

Haskell, Howard H. 1927

Hatt, W.K. 1917

Heighway, George F. 1945

Hepburn, Sam. 1911-1917

Hershey, Amos S. 1911

Hildretd (?), Barbara. 1924

Holland, E.O. 1924-1946

Holter, M.L. 1933

Houghton, Woodburn Mary. 1911-1928 and undated

Huber, Carl G. 1929

Hunter, Paul F. 1949

I1 and J1, 1915-1926

Indiana University. 1915

(includes correspondence from President Bryan)

Institut Tilly (Berlin). 1911

Isaacs, C. A. 1924

Jameson, Arthur W. 1926

K1, 1916-1933 and undated

Kelley, F.L. 1928

Kenyon, H.M. 1916-1917 and undated

(Includes additional correspondence)

King, Horace W. 1927-1933

Knapp, Robert and Pearl. Undated

Koehler, Arthur. 1928

Kruegel, J. 1929

Kuck, Cecil E. 1931

L1, 1911-1948

Longmans, Green and Co, Inc. 1948

Looss (?), Helena. 1911-1912

M1, 1898-1911 and undated

All correspondence from "mother" to James Woodburn.1898-1911 and undated

M2, 1911

All correspondence from "mother" to James Woodburn. 1911

M3, 1913

All correspondence from "mother" to James Woodburn. 1913

M4, 1915-1918

All correspondence from "mother" to James Woodburn and additional family members. 1915-1918

M5, 1919-1945

All correspondence from "mother" to James Woodburn.1919-1943 and undated

Masow, Ida Lora. 1908 and undated

McDowell, "Mac" M. E. 1917

Mead, Daniel W. 1945

Miller, E.B. 1924

Mitchara (?), S. (The Psychological Laboratory at Cornell University) 1918

Misay (?), R. 1929

Myers, Burton D. 1943

N1, 1971-1974

Nottingham, Nan. 1971

Nugent, W.T.K. 1974

P1, 1899-1915

All correspondence from "papa/father" to James Woodburn. 1899-1915

P2, 1917-1918

All correspondence from "papa/father" to James Woodburn. 1917-1918

P3, 1919-1928

Box 2 All correspondence from "papa/father" to James Woodburn and other family members. 1919-1928

P4, 1929-1943 and undated

All correspondence from "papa/father" to James Woodburn and other family members. 1929-1943 and undated

P5, 1917-1934

Parker, Glenn L. 1934

Penrod, Anna A. 1943

Penington, C.A. 1923

Piper, Arthur M. 1934

Pullman, George. 1930

Purdue University (various correspondents). 1917-1971

R1, 1907-1974

Randall, David A. 1974

Rawson, J.R. 1919

Rich, Claude. 1949

Richards, H. 1912

Riley, Lucille. 1917-1918

Rinder, Herbert G. 1926

Rinne, William. 1965

Roberts, Kitchel Arthur. 1906-1914

Roberts, Carl. 1928

Rounds, Fred G. 1927

Ryan, John W. 1971

S1, 1911-1971

Scarborough Company. 1914

Schmid, Erwin E. 1930

Schumacher Hardware Company. 1914

Scobie, James R. 1971

Seabury, George T. 1929

Seward, Austin. 1911

Sheldon, H.D. 1911

Sigma Nu Fraternity. 1916

Slagle, Robert L.1916

(Includes additional correspondence)

Sloan, Anna. 1918

Smith, Julia. 1913

Smith, Paul. 1911-1913

Smith, Shirley W. 1927-1928

Snyder, M.K. 1923-1930

Spaets (?), Nelson J. 1921

Stahr Jr, Elvis J. 1963-1966

Stanley, W. E. 1917

Suthe (?), Carl E. 1928

Sutton, L. Joseph. 1970

T1, 1914-1960

Taylor, Emma. 1914

Taylor, R.N. 1914

Thoma, Dichu. 1931

Thomas, Rolla K. 1916

Tiffany, R.K. 1934

Tilden, F. W. 1914

(Includes additional correspondence)

Tierney, Jo. 1960

Titus, J. 1919-1922

Turring (?), Simon. (The Sentinel-Tribune) 1914

U1, 1879-1964 and undated  - V1, 1918

All unidentified correspondence and blank envelopes in back of folder

United States Department of Agriculture. 1921-1923

Upham, J.S. 1917

Van Tyne, Claude H. 1918

W1, 1911-1993

Waller, O. L. 1924-1929

War Department. (Various correspondents and enclosed forms) 1918-1920

Wells, Herman B. 1937-1993

Wicks, Lewis W. 1918

Wiecking, Janet Woodburn. 1907-1970 and undated

Wilson, Francis I. 1941

Winslow, Charles. 1920

W2, 1890-1941

Woodburn, Robert (Bobby). 1906-1941

Woodburn, Caroline Gelston. 1890-1931 and undated

Woodburn, Delma Gelston. 1923-1939

W3, 1891-1941

Woodburn, Donnie. 1935-1941 and undated

Woodburn, James Albert.1891-1930 and undated

W4, 1917-1938

Woodburn, James Albert. 1917-1938

W5, 1899-1937

Woodburn, James Gelston. 1899-1937

W6, 1937-1968 - Y, 1919-1923

Woodburn, James Gelston.1899-1968 and undated

Woodburn family. 1912-1934

(Various correspondents in one letter)

Yeoman, R. C. 1919-1923

Series: Ephemera

Box 2 Flyers for the orchestra, receipts, newspaper clippings, materials related to education, and ticket stubs, 1911-1918 and undated

Items relating to education, the Sigma Nu fraternity, and newspaper clippings and a Purdue University pin, 1913-1919  and undated

Receipts, flyers and bulletins, drawings, and a university instructor pamphlet, 1925-1930 and undated

Series: Legal Documents

Box 2 Probate Court documents including the last will and testament of Mary C. Gelston, 1910-1940

Warranty deeds created by Gelston family members, 1909-1927

Series: Personal Items

Box 3 Awards given to James Gelston Woodburn, 1927-1965

Finances of James Albert Woodburn, 1929-1946

Foreign materials, including written accounts of trips, 1955

Forest Hill Cemetery memorial fund certificate, 1905

Funeral service receipts, 1903-1926

Gelston farming materials, 1940-1979

Report cards for James Gelston Woodburn and James Albert Woodburn, various schools, 1907-1918

Woodburn History: Some Generations of a Family by James Albert Woodburn, (Folder 1)1936

Woodburn History: Some Generations of a Family by James Albert Woodburn (Folder 2)1936

Coasters from various establishments, 1911 and undated

Journal of James Gelston Woodburn, 1907

Journals of James Gelston Woodburn dated from 1906 to 1912 and two undated  journals attached together

Journals of James Gelston Woodburn, six in total and written in German (?), undated

Journals of James Gelston Woodburn, six in total and seem to be used for academic work, 1914 and undated

Journal of James Gelston Woodburn, diary of JGW's travel to Germany, enclosed letter from Herman B Wells, 1911

Junior Movies pamphlet, Indiana University junior class pamphlet discussing sports, fraternities and sororities, and literary works created by students, 1915

Keepsake notes given to James Albert Woodburn on his fiftieth wedding anniversary, 1943

School essays, written by James Gelston Woodburn, 1913-1914 and undated

School work by James Gelston Woodburn, 1909 and undated

Travel booklet by James Gelston Woodburn, 1932

Various articles and newspaper clippings saved by James Gelston and James Albert, 1923-1930

Various awards and condolences in regards to James Gelston Woodburn, 1980

Box 4 Memorial articles and papers for James Gelston Woodburn, 1981

Miscellaneous items pertaining to James Gelston Woodburn, 1912-1971

Miscellaneous items pertaining to James Gelston Woodburn, 1893-1912  and undated

Miscellaneous items pertaining to James Gelston Woodburn, 1912-1914  and undated

Obituaries for James Gelston Woodburn, photocopies of news paper entries, 1980

Purdue materials, pertaining to James Gelston Woodburn, includes awards, alumni magazines, and articles, 1945-1969

Sale of 12 Geddes Heights house located in Ann Arbor Michigan, 1950

Sympathy and condolence letters/telegrams, sent to James Albert Woodburn and family, 1943-1953

Series: Professional

Box 4 Materials pertaining to Indiana University and both James Gelston and James Albert, 1962-1969

Materials pertaining to Indiana University and both James Gelston and James Albert, 1970

Materials pertaining to Indiana University, 1938-1959

James Gelston Woodburn lecture on Columbia power plant, 1943-1974

Materials pertaining to the Woodburn Fellowship, includes correspondence, 1973-1993

Miscellaneous materials, 1929-1994

Series: Photographs

Box 4 Cardboard photographs of various Woodburn family members, 1874 and undated

Engineering Society, 1925

Woodburn family members, 1867-1890

Woodburn office at IU, undated

James Albert Woodburn, 1895-1912  and undated

James Albert Woodburn passport photo, undated

Laboratory class, 1931

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, photocopy, undated

Photo album that goes with James Gelston Woodburn's diary of his trip to Germany, 1912

Photo album, unidentified subjects, 1911

Woodburn family, undated

Indiana University, faculty and campus photos, 1916-1962  and undated

Miscellaneous photographs, unidentified subjects, undated

Negatives 91-102, unidentified subjects and locations, undated

Negatives, group titled "Coble,"undated

Negatives, Ithaca and Ann Arbor, undated

Negatives, James Woodburn, undated

Negatives, travels to England, undated

Negatives, travels to Berlin and Potsdam, undated

Negatives, miscellaneous, unidentified subjects and locations, undated

Unidentified group photo, 1932-1933

Box 9 (Oversize) Photograph album, photos of various trips including Germany, England, Ithaca, and Indiana University campus, 1911

Box 10 (Oversize) Chi Epsilon fraternity of University of Wisconsin photograph, 1929

Series: Print Materials

Box 5 Curry and Woodburn House, 1983-1984  and undated

German items, possibly from Woodburn's trip in 1912, 1911-1912

Map of water works system in Madison, Wisconsin, undated

New paper clippings, 1911-1971  and undated

Newspaper clippings, most from Madison, Wisconsin newspapers, 1943-1979

Political newspaper clippings, 1911 and undated

Education materials pertaining to James Gelston and Indiana University, 1908-1940

Indiana University and general interest materials, 1914-1917  and undated

Indiana University materials, 1903-1950

Congressional record, remarks of Honorable Knute Hill, 1940

Congressional records, second and third session, includes enclosed handwritten note, 1914

Congressional records, third and first sessions, 1914-1916

Congressional records, second and first sessions, 1927-1928

Congressional records, second session, 1930

Newspaper clippings on taxes, 1972-1980

Newspaper clippings on historical events, 1915-1976

Sesquicentennial Observance, 1950

Series: Realia

Box 6 (Oversize) Correspondence case

(actual letters moved to Correspondence series)

Box 7 (Oversize) Diploma collection, 1855-1918

Box 8 (Oversize) Decorative gift box, undated

Box 11 (Oversize) Metal trunk, undated