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Lincoln mss., 1798-1959

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Lilly Library
Indiana University
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Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
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Lincoln mss., 1798-1959

Collection No.
LMC 1664

490 items

Materials are in English.

The Lincoln mss., ca. 1798-1959, consist of letters, documents, and facsimile copies of documents by and about Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865, his ancestors, immediate family, members of his cabinet, and other persons closely connected with him.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Scope and Content Note

In addition to Abraham Lincoln, correspondents include: John Wilkes Booth; Stephen A. Douglas; Benjamin Franklin Harding; Mary (Todd) Lincoln; Thomas Lincoln; Mordecai Lincoln; Robert Todd Lincoln; William H. Seward; Edwin McMasters Stanton; Gideon Welles.

Other materials in the collection include: legal records from Lincoln's years as an attorney in Springfield, IL; papers from Lincoln's early political period, including a speech on sectionalism (1956); materials from Lincoln's presidential years, including political cartoons, and copies of the Gettysburg Address; and papers spanning many years after Lincoln's death in 1865. Also in the collection is a "Sum Book" (ca. 1824) written in Lincoln's hand.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Acquired: 1940s-2000s
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Lincoln mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
Processing Information
Processed by Staff.

Completed in 2013





Lincoln, Mordecai. Bond to James Garrard. 1798, Jul. 3

Indenture between William and Elizabeth Moody and John Reed 1803, Oct. 25

Robertson, Samuel. Indenture apprenticeship... L. & A. Smith to T. Houts. 1805, Jul. 29

Berry, Richard, Jr. Note for six dollars and six cents. 1819, Sept. 21

Fletcher, Job. Marriage certificate of Robert Anderson and Rebecca Wilson. 1824, Oct. 12

Knox, T. T. Constable's bond. 1831, Mar. 6

Seward, William H. to Adams, James O. 1832, Jul 15

Matheny, C.R. Marriage License of Elijah Potter and Elizabeth Green. 1833, Sept. 6

Merriman, Lyman. Appraisal of "two estray steers." 1833, Dec. 5

Matheny, C.R. to Sheriff of Sangamon County, Illinois. 1834, Mar. 3

Edwards, N. W. Receipt for... settling estate of A. Edwards. 1834, Sept. 29

Constant, John, Jr. Constable's bond. 1835, Aug. 8

Schedule of property... of John C. Vance. 1835, Dec. 19

Matheny, C. R. Marriage license of Henry Johnson and Sarah Teasont. 1836, Feb. 11

Edwards, N. W. Receipt to Edward Mitchell. 1836, Apr. 1

Matheny, C. R. Marriage License of G. W. Simpson and Mary E. Spears. 1837, Jul. 17

Pease, J. S. & Co. Complaint in Sangamon Circuit Court. 1837, Jul.

Matheny, C. R. Marriage license of Conrad Crawly and Elizabeth McLelland. 1837, Dec. 11

Douglas, S. A. Assault writ against Andrew Buckhart. 1837

Anderson, Bell & Co. Complaint... Alexander Garrett and J.W. Garrett. 1838, Feb. 13

Butler, William. Notice to N. A. Ware. 1839, Jan. 26

Huffman, Moses. Attachment. 1839, Jul.

Langford, J. P. Appeal bond to Jacquelin Bashaw. 1840, Mar. 6

Gest, Jeremiah. Case in debt. 1840, Jun. 20

Allen, Robert. Case in debt. 1840, Jul.

Peter, Zachariah. Decision of Court. 1841, Aug. 7

Trumbull, Lyman. Bill to Marvellous Eastham. 1841

Traylor, Joel. Vs. Leroy S. Hill. 1842, Jul. 7

Goss, Robert. Bill of divorce. 1842, Sept. 27

Chambers, Charles. Complaint... against Gould Butler. 1843, Sept. 12

Case of Schemerhorn, Augustus V.C. 1842, Nov.

Wallace, W. S. Receipt to Thomas Smedly. 1843, Mar. 27

Sanford, Ira. Complaint... against Seth Wetherbee. 1843, Jun. 3

Mitchell, James, and Mitchell, Eleanor... against J. A. Corneau. 1843, Sept. 12

Wright, Erastus. Complaint... against John Lyman. 1843, Oct. 31

Flowville, William. Receipt to E. C. Blankenship. 1844, May 24

Beebee, Washington, Copy of bond. 1844, Dec. 4

Beeber & Beeber. Record of action in Beeber & Beeber vs. Whitney & Norwood. 1845, Jul. 28

Northcut, Willis. Case in debt... Eli C. Blankenship. 1845, Nov. 12

Lincoln, Abraham to Horner, R. E. 1847, Dec. 9

Lincoln, Abraham to Herndon, William Henry. 1848, Feb. 1

McCormick, Andrew to Sangamon County, Ill. County Commissioners. 1848, Dec. 2

Lincoln, Abraham to Lincoln, Thomas. 1848, Dec. 24

Youkum, William. Complaint... against Jessie Youkum. 1849, May 15

Lincoln, Abraham to Thompson, Richard Wigginton. 1849, May 25

Seward, William H. to Greeley, Horace. 1849. Sept. 6

Matheny, A.W. Marriage license of H. Williams and S. H. Wall. 1849, Oct. 25

Douglas, Stephen A. to Aldrich, Cyrus. 1849, Dec. 24

Lincoln, Abraham to Smith, David Allen. 1851, Mar. 28

Gipson, Joshua. Petition. 1851, May 13

Baker, E. D. Bond of Dickinson and Samuel Smith. 1851, Nov. 26





Abel, R. P. Document conveying right of way for a road. 1852, Sept. 8

Archer, Robert. Statement. 1853, Mar.

Herndon, William Henry to Warnsing, J. W. 1853, Sept. 3

McGraw, J. A. Complaint... against L. B. Adams. 1853, Nov. 7

Fessenden, William P. to Crosby, William George. 1853, Nov. 20

Cooper, Jonathan K. Invitation to Abraham Lincoln. 1854, Sept. 28

Hartman, G. C. et al. Complaint... against Sarah Short et al. 1854, Oct. 23

Barr, James A. Complaint... against Abram V. Flugg. 1855, Jan. 18

Darnille, J. D. and Darnille, J. W. Complaint against Amenia Darnille. 1855, Feb. 26

Hunter, T. S. Complaint... against Margaret Darnille. 1855, Feb. 26

Matheny, C. N. and Hickox, Virgil. Complaint... Henry Bailey. 1855, Mar. 21

Mahoney, Daniel. Complaint... against Mary L. Wells, et al. 1855, Dec. 7

Shoup, Samuel. Complaint... against Henry Shoup. 1856, Mar. 1

Lincoln, Abraham to Whitney, Henry Clay. 1856, Jul. 9

Lincoln, Abraham to Bennett, John. 1856, Aug. 4

Lincoln, Abraham. Speech on Sectionalism. 1856, Oct. 1

Driskill, Joseph. Complaint... against Mary A. Gillman. 1857, Jan. 21

Kyle, Daniel. Complaint... against Mary I. Short. 1857, Feb. 25

Lincoln, Abraham to Brackett, Joseph W. 1857, May 18

Lincoln, Abraham. Check. 1857, Sept. 28

Lincoln, Abraham to Brackett, Joseph W. 1857, Nov. 27

Lincoln, Abraham to Whitney, Henry Clay. 1857, Dec. 18

Lincoln, Abraham to Douglas, Stephen A. 1858, Jul 31

Lincoln, Abraham to Whitney, Henry Clay. 1858, Nov. 30

Lincoln and Herndon. Request summons... of S. N. Little. 1859, Feb. 9

Green, C. W. Complaint... against Milton Pike and E. M. Pike. 1859, Mar. 6

Kirsh, Barbara. Amended bill against Charles Dierk. 1859, Apr. 28

Smith, C. M. Receipt to A. Tomlin. 1859, May 2

Dennis, Rachel. Bill of divorce. 1859, Aug. 2

Dillard, Susanna. Bill of divorce. 1859, Sept. 7

Matteson, J.A. Cross bill... against Azariah C. Flagg. 1859, Sept. 8

John & Bela. Amended against James Fitzgerald. 1859, Nov. 14

Wallace, William S. Promissory note to George Spaeth. 1860, Jan. 2

Tomlinson, Nicholas. Complaint... against George Baker. 1860, Jan. 23

Lincoln, Abraham to Gooding, William. 1860, Apr. 6

Lincoln, Abraham to Baker, William C. 1860, May 28

Lincoln, Abraham to Haycraft, Samuel. 1860, May 28

McMullan, Samuel. Complaint... 1860, Aug. 1

Wide Awake Club, Edgar Co., Ill. Secretary's book. 1860, Jun.-Nov. 12

Lincoln, Abraham to Cheney, T. A. 1860, Aug. 14

Wilson, John S. S. Complaint... 1860, Aug. 14

Anderson, James. Complaint... against A. L. Crowl. 1860, Sept. 17

Duhamel, Desiree. Bill of divorce. 1860, Sept. 17

Little, S. N. Vendor's lien... Philip Bonnard... 1860, Sept. 17

Buchanan, Reuben and Clinton, Francis. Complaint... against E. B. Pease. 1860, Sept. 24

Cassell, R. T. to Lundy, B. C. 1860, Oct. 22

Poll book... County of Ashtabula, Ohio. 1860, Nov. 6

Lincoln, Abraham. Receipted note to L. S. Benedict. 1860, Nov. 16

Dennison, William to Lincoln, Abraham. 1860, Nov. 17

Jones, Thomas D. to "My Dear Friend." 1860, Dec. 30





"The President is reminded of a little story." Cartoon in pencil. 1861

Mihalotzy, Geza to Lincoln, Abraham. 1861, Feb. 4

Jones, Thomas D. to "My dear Friend." 1861, Feb. 11

Bailhache, W. H. to Bailhache, Mrs. W. H. 1861, Mar. 3

Bailhache, W. H. to Bailhache, Mrs. W. H. 1861, Mar. 5

Morton, Oliver Perry to Lincoln, Abraham. 1861, Apr.

Lincoln, Abraham to Ellsworth, E. D. and P. D. 1861, May 25

Lincoln, Abraham to Seward, William H. 1861, Aug. 12

Lincoln, Abraham to Welles, Gideon. 1861, Jul. 13

Gurley, Phineas D. Collection of notes. 1861, Oct. 2 - 1865, May 9

Lincoln, Abraham to Major Ramsey. 1861, Oct. 17

Carroll, Anna Ella to Scott, Thomas Alexander. 1861, Nov. 30

Lincoln, Abraham. Cover. 1861, Dec. 3

Lincoln, Abraham to Weathers, Mrs. Susannah. 1861, Dec. 4

Mason & Slidell cartoon. 1861, Dec.

Seward, William H. to Dix, John A. 1862, May 21

Lincoln, Abraham to Stanton, Edwin McMasters. 1862, Sept. 13

Lincoln, Abraham. Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation. 1862, Sept. 22

Stanton, Edwin McMasters to Greeley, Horace. 1862, Oct. 4

Lincoln, Abraham to Banks, Nathaniel Prentiss. 1862, Nov. 22

Townsend, Samuel et al to Lincoln, Abraham. 1862, Nov. 29

Lincoln, Mrs. Mary (Todd) to Goddard, Mrs. 1862, Dec. 6

Lincoln, Abraham. Final Emancipation Proclamation. 1863, Jan. 1

Lincoln as a monkey. Cartoon in pen and ink. 1863, Jan. 14

Lincoln, Robert Todd to Anderson, Frederic Pope. 1863, Jan. 24

Lincoln, Abraham to Seward, William Henry. 1863, Feb. 17

Chase, Salmon Portland to Walker, Robert J. 1863, Jul. 14

Lincoln, Abraham. Draft order... 11th District of Pennsylania. 1863, Sept. 3

Welles, Gideon to Halleck, Henry Wager. 1863, Oct. 26

Gettysburg Address (facsimile). 1863, Nov. 19

Lincoln, Abraham. Gettysburg Address (transcripts). 1863, Nov. 19

Lincoln, Abraham to Stanton, Edwin McMasters. 1863, Dec. 21

Booth, John Wilkes to "Mr. White." [186?], Dec. 23





Lincoln, Robert Todd to Anderson, Frederic Pope. 1864, Jan. 24

Muhlenberg, William A. The President's Hymn. 1864, Feb. 5

Lincoln, Abraham to Ramsay, George Douglas. 1864, Mar. 7

Hunt, Mrs. Sallie Ward to Lincoln, Mrs. Mary (Todd). 1864, Mar. 31. 

Includes letter from Lincoln, Abraham to "Whom it may concern." 1864, Apr. 11

Lincoln, Abraham to Grant, Ulysses Simpson. 1864, Apr. 30

Welles, Gideon to Hale, John P. 1864, May 24

Wolf, William et al to Lincoln, Abraham. 1864, Jun. 20

Mr. Lincoln and Sen. Van Winkle. Cartoon in pencil. 1864, Jun.

McCulloch, Hugh to Fessenden, William Pitt. 1864, Aug. 11

Lincoln, Abraham to Raymond, Henry Jarvis. 1864, Aug. 15

Lincoln, Abraham to Wallace, Lewis. 1864, Sept. 1

Lincoln, Thomas to Gumpert. 1864, Oct. 6

Gillem, Alvan Cullum to Ammen, Jacob. 1864, Oct. 10

Lincoln, Abraham to Sheridan, Philip Henry. 1864, Oct. 22

Lincoln, Abraham to Sankey, A. 1864, Dec. 14

Harding, Benjamin Franklin to Lincoln, Abraham. 1864, Dec. 17

Lincoln, Abraham. Cover. 1865, Jan. 22

Smith, Mrs. May L. R. "The Burial of Abraham Lincoln," lyrics and sheet music. 1865, May 4

Schutter, Hubert to Strohm, Isaac. 1865, Aug. 13

[Lincoln, Mary (Todd)?] 1865, Nov. 11

[Lincoln, Mary (Todd)?] 1865, Dec. 8

Robinson, L. M. Lincoln Fast Day. 1865[?]

Johnson, Andrew. "The Last Hours of Lincoln." (Lincoln Assassination Documents. Photostat Reproduction by Lincoln National Life Foundation.) 1865[?]

Gurley, Phineas D. To "Dear Bro." 1866, Feb. 12

Lincoln, Mrs. Mary (Todd) to Carpenter, Francis Bicknell. 1866, Dec. 25

Barnes, J. K. to Boyd, Andrew. 1867, Mar. 16

Zeilin, Jacob to Boyd, Andrew. 1867, Sept. 17

Bryant, William Cullen to Boyd, Andrew. 1867, Sept. 27

Lincoln, Mrs. Mary (Todd) to White, Mrs. 1868, Jul. 18

Thayer, W. M. to Boyd, Andrew. 1869, Apr. 10

Welles, Gideon to Cunningham, John L. 1869, Nov. 2

Herndon, William Henry to Forsling, Mr. 1870, Apr. 22

Graham, H. L. Promissory note to Graham, Mentor. 1870, Oct. 26

Corbett, Boston. Thankful for Peace. 1872, Jul. 11

Cook County, Illinois Court Records in Mrs. Lincoln's... 1875, May 18 - 1876, Jun. 16






Dennison, William to Garfield, James Abram. 1881, May 9

Lincoln, Robert Todd to Leggett, Mortimer Dormer. 1884, Feb. 3

Power, John Carroll to Chatterton, G. W. 1884, Dec. 2

Hamlin, Hannibal to Wittmeyer, Alfred V. 1885, Mar. 16

Usher, John Palmer to Leighton, George Eliot. 1885, Nov. 4

Lincoln, Robert Todd to Howarth, J. W. 1894, Jan. 6

Gilmore, James Roberts. "No definite and adequate life of Abraham Lincoln..." 1894, Nov. 1

Lincoln, Robert Todd to Tarbell, Ida M. 1895, Apr. 27

Allen, Lyman Whitney to Coster, Robert. 1896, Jan. 8 - Jul. 9

Fisher, Clara. Affidavit re: Atwood portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Includes copies of portrait. 1900, May 21

Gilder, Richard Watson to Coster, Robert. 1902, Apr. 15

Lincoln, Robert Todd to Coster, Robert. 1903, Dec. 6

Lincoln, Robert Todd to Kenyon, Robert N. 1904, Jan. 23

Takahira, Kogoro. Speech. 1909, Feb. 12

McNeill, J.F. to Stempel, Mrs. Guido H. 1917, Feb. 24

Foster, Mrs. H. N. M. Maternal Ancestry of Nancy Hanks Lincoln. 1918, Feb. 14

Scollard, Clinton. "The Face of Lincoln." 1920, Feb.

Bess, G. B. "Lincoln's Attitude on Slavery." 1921

Wright, Carrie Douglas. "Me an' Abe." 1930

Young, J. W. to Warren, Louis C. 1931, Mar. 27

Wells, Herman B. "Notes for the Lincoln Dinner." 1943, Feb. 13

Oakleaf, Josephus Leroy. Address. 1943, Feb. 13

Indiana. General Assembly. Joint Resolution... Lincolniana. 1943, Feb. 16

Nail, Mrs. Clara C. to "Dear Fellow Christians." 1948, Apr. 6

Robinson, Lulu J. "Childhood and Girlhood Recollections about Lincoln." 1951, Feb.

Portfolio with facsimile of Gettsyburg Address. 1964

Arnold, Isaac Newton to White, Horace. undated

Campbell & Whitney. Notes on case of Campbell & Whitney v. Marsh, J.L.

Douglas, Stephen Arnold. Autograph. undated

Dreper, Henry, complainant. Attachment. undated

Heirs at law of Samuel Little, deceased. undated

Lincoln, Abraham. Cover to "Hon Sec. of State." undated

Lincoln, Abraham to Mueller, A. F. C. undated

Lincoln, Mrs. Mary (Todd) to White, Mrs. undated

Lincoln, Robert Todd to Bacheller, F. undated

Logan, S. T. Receipt of William F. Elkin. undated

Sembower, Alta (Brunt). The Lincoln Memorial. undated

Stillwell, Clara. "A Few Lincoln-in-Indiana Stories." undated

Taft, Charles Sabin. "Abraham Lincoln's Last Hours." undated

Box 6 Photographs, Miscellaneous (copies).

Photographs, reconstruction of Lincoln's Tomb, Springfield, IL. 1901

Photographs, reconstruction of Lincoln's Tomb, Springfield, IL. 1901


Box 7 Official document, signed by Abraham Lincoln, appointing James C. Aiken a Marshal of the United States in and for the District of Delaware. 1861, Jul. 22

(original and copy)

Franklin Autograph Society, Certificate of Authenticity for Lincoln-Aiken document.

Box 8 Silver cup presented to Capt. Lewis by S. O. Sangster. 1864, Aug.

Box 9 "A Lincoln Memorial Recording in words of the Supreme Court of Indiana." Magnetic tape. 1865, Jun 20




Photograph, early home of Abraham Lincoln in Elizabethtown, KY. undated





"The quickest way for Lincoln to stop the rise in gold." Cartoon. undated

Lincoln, Abraham to Truesdale, Calvin. 1863, Apr. 20

(copy of mounted letter and photograph)

"Shall it come to that?" Drawing. undated

"You'll excuse me, Gen. Butler..." Drawing. undated





Lincoln & Hamlin Pole Book. 1860-1889

Appointment of Pawnee Indian Agent. 1861, Jul. 27

Lincoln, Abraham. Grant of land to Alexander Kelsay. 1861, Sept. 3

Appointment of Hospital Chaplain. 1863, Mar. 24

Gettysburg Address. 1863, Nov. 19

Travel authorization. 1864, Mar. 14

Appointment of second lieutenant in the tenth regiment of infantry. 1864, May 21

Lincoln, Abraham to Mrs. Bixby. 1864, Nov. 21

Certificate of Honorable Service. 1864, Dec. 15

Lincoln's Dream, John Jerome Rooney. 1895, Dec.

Markham, Edwin. Lincoln, the man of the people. 1798-1959




"The Hands of Lincoln." Poem, with photographs. 1883

(framed, matted)



Howe, Julia Ward. "Abraham Lincoln: A Poem." 1897, Nov. 10

Box 15 Lincoln, Abraham. 1862, Oct. 6


Box 16 Military discharge of David Rutledge. 1832, Aug. 30

Box 17 Lincoln Sum Book




Lincoln, Abraham to "...all diplomatic agents of the United State of America in Europe." 1861, Jan. 22