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Lish mss., 1951-2012

Summary Information

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Lish, Gordon.

Lish mss.,1951-2012

Collection No.
LMC 2404

80,000 items

Materials are in English.

The Lish mss., 1951-2012, consist of the correspondence, manuscripts, and papers of editor, writer, and teacher Gordon Lish, 1934- .

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Lish was born and raised in Hewlett, New York, and graduated from the University of Arizona. He became founder and editor of the avant-garde literary magazine Genesis West, and went on to serve as editor for Esquire from 1969-1977 and Alfred A. Knopf from 1977-1995. Known as "Captain Fiction," Lish mentored and championed several of the most prominent American authors of the second half of the 20th century, including Raymond Carver, Don DeLillo, Cynthia Ozick, Barry Hannah, Richard Ford, Amy Hempel, and T. Coraghessan Boyle. Lish is the author of Dear Mr. Capote, Peru, What I Know So Far, and other literary works. He is renowned for his writing seminars, held at many universities across the country as well as the Center for Fiction in New York City.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. Writings; III. Newspaper Clippings; IV. Photographs; V. Artwork; VI. Legal; VII. Realia; VIII. Audio-Visual. IX. Miscellaneous. X. Additions

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence is divided into Individual, General, Additional, Personal, and Esquire. Writings are divided into Other Authors, Gordon Lish, and Additional. The Other Authors subseries includes original drafts and proofs from the works of Carver, DeLillo, and numerous other notable authors. Within Lish's own subseries are proofs of the publication The Quarterly. Photographs include pictures of Lish, Raymond Carver, James Dickey, and Neal Cassady. Legal records include court transcripts and filings of Lish v. Harper's (1992), and a book agreement between Raymond Carver and McGraw-Hill. Audio-Visual materials include a videotape of Lish's appearance on The Dick Cavett Show and audiotapes of students in Lish's writing classes. The Miscellaneous series includes materials from Lish's writing workshop, and a list of Lish's published writings (1956-1987).

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Acquired: 1991
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Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Lish mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
Processing Information
Processed by Brenna Bychowski and Craig Simpson.

Completed in 2013

Series: I. Correspondence

Subseries: Individual

Box 1 Adams - Bellow

Adams, Alice, 1971

Adams, Ralph, 1996-1997

Allen, Abigail, 1996

Allen, Barton, 1992-1997

Angell, Roger, 1972-1978

Apple, Max, 1973-1979

Auster, Paul, 1985-1989

Baird, Ansie, 1977-2010

(8 folders)

Barth, John, 1972-1984

Bass, Rick, 1975-1995

(11 folders)

Bausch, Richard, 1976-1985

(2 folders)

Baxter, Charles, 1978-1983

Beattie, Ann, 1971-1991

Belden, Kathryn, 1996-1997

Bellow, Saul, 1970-1971

Box 2 Berne - Carver (start)

Berne, Carol, 1969-1985

Berkman, Johanna, 1997

Berne, Betsy, 1996

Bloom, Harold, 1975-1988

Blount, Jr., Roy, 1978-1987

Britton, Burt, 1980-1989

Borus, Victoria, 1996

(2 folders)

Bowles, Paul, 1970-1975

Boyle, Kay, 1966-1975

Boyle, T. Coraghessan, 1974-1991

Brodkey, Harold, 1975-1988

Broyard, Anatole, 1968-1983

Buckley, William F., 1975-1987

Bumpus, Jerry, 1969-1988

Burgess, Anthony, 1975

Burke, Kenneth, 1979-1985

Burton, Jane, 1999-2000; 2005

(3 folders)

Busch, Frederick, 1970-1987

(3 folders)

Carruth, Hayden, 1965-2001

Carson, Anne, 1987-1993

Carson, L.M. Kit, 1974

Carter, Rubin “Hurricane,”1973

Carver, Raymond, 1969-1975

(3 folders)

Box 3 Carver (end) - DeLillo

Carver, Raymond, 1976-1983; undated

(7 folders)

Casalini, Mario, 1996

Cassady, Carolyn, 1968-1990

Cerf, Emily, 1993-1997

Charyn, Jerome, 1974-1983

Cheever, John, 1969-1980

Clark, Eleanor, 1970-1977

Coe, Christopher, 1984-1988

(3 folders)

Cone, Jon, 1996-1997

Connell, Evan, 1970-1978

Connole, Patrick, 1997

Conrad, Barnaby, 1974-1979

Crawford, Stanley, 1972-1984; 1988

Crean, Patrick, 1996

Danatt, Adrian, 1997

Davis, Jodi, 1997-2001

(2 folders)

DeLillo, Don, 1972-1995

(6 folders)

Box 4 DeLillo (end) - Erian

DeLillo, Don, 1996-2012; undated

(5 folders)

DeMarinis, Rick, 1971-1988

DesPres, Terrence, 1975-1987

(3 folders)

Dickey, James, 1970-1996

(11 folders)

Didion, Joan, 1973

di Giovanni, Norman Thomas, 1970-1978

Doctorow, E.L., 1974-1985

Donoghue, Denis, 1977-1998; undated

(7 folders)

Eastlake, William, 1969-1972

Edson, Russell, 1969-1978; 2004

Ehlen, Patrick, 1998-2000

Elkin, Stanley, 1966-1980

Ellenberg, Jordan, 1996

Ellison, Harlan, 1976

Ellmann, Richard, 1976-1977

Eno, Will, 1992-2011

(7 folders)

Epstein, Leslie, 1977-1982

Erian, Alicia, 1997

Box 5 Evenson - Geeslin

Evenson, Brian, 1991-2008

(6 folders)

Exley, Fred, 1973-1986

Fiedler, Leslie, 1970-1988

(2 folders)

Ford, Richard, 1976-1985

Fraser, Kathleen, 1977-1979

Freed, Lynn, 1996-1997

Friedman, Bruce Jay, 1968-2012

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel, undated

Gangemi, Ken, 1969-1985

Gardner, John, 1970-1978

Garrett, George, 1966-1972

(2 folders)

Gass, William, 1966-1981

Geeslin, Campbell, 1989-1994

(9 folders)

Box 6 Geeslin (end) - Gold

Geeslin, Campbell, 1996-2012

(16 folders)

Gekiere, Madeleine, 1997

Gilbert, Jack, 1975-1997; 2004

(5 folders)

Gilman, Richard, 1973-1979

Gingrich, Arnold and Jane, 1971-1975

Girodias, Maurice, 1970-1976

Godwin, Gail, 1971-1977

Gold, Herbert, 1968-1979;  undated

(4 folders)

Box 7 Gori-Montanelli - Hemingway

Gori-Montanelli, Margery, 1989-2011

(8 folders)

Gottlieb, Robert, 1971-1986

(2 folders)

Gottlieb, Theodore, 1976-1983

Graves, John, 1968-1977, 1991

Greenberg, Pamela, 1996

Guerard, Albert J., 1971-1978

Guglielmina, Pierre, 1993-2000

Halberstadt, John, undated

Hannah, Barry, 1974-2008

(13 folders)

Harrison, Beth, 1996

Harrison, William, 1970-1990

(4 folders)

Hawkes, John, 1966-1973; 1984

Heller, Joseph, 1976-1978

Hemingway, Mary, 1970-1978

Box 8 Hempel

Hempel, Amy, 1980-2001

(19 folders)

Box 9 Hempel (end) - Janowitz

Hempel, Amy, 2002-2009

(11 folders)

Herman, Victor, 1977-1979

Herr, Michael, 1976

Hill, Carol, 1975-1982

Hochman, Sandra, 1975

Hogan, Wayne, 1992-2011

(4 folders)

Holland, Noy [with Sam Michel], 1985-2011

(5 folders)

Irving, John, 1972-1978; 1984

(3 folders)

Janowitz, Phyllis, 1974-1986

(2 folders)

Box 10 Jiles - Kimball

Jiles, Paulette, 1986-2012

(14 folders)

Joyce, William, 1973-1983

Kagan, Wendy, 1996

Kauffman, Janet, 1980-1990

Kazin, Alfred, 1971-1986

Keach, Stacy, 1969-1973

Keillor, Garrison, 1984

Kennedy, Raymond, 1972-1990

(2 folders)

Kesey, Ken, 1968-1980

Kessler, Jascha, 1971-1979

Kimball, Michael, 1991-2000

Box 11 Kirkpatrick - Lock

Kirkpatrick, Bear, 1992-2007

(5 folders)

Kirn, Walter, 1988-1992

Kline, Kevin, 2001

Koperwas, Sam, 1973-1983

Kosinski, Jerzy, 1974

Kotzwinkle, William, 1970-1978, 1996-1997

(2 folders)

Kracayna, Anna, 1996-1997

(3 folders)

Krupp, Carolyn, 1995-2004

Kubrick, Stanley, 1976-1982

Lane, Simon, 1994-2001

(2 folders)

Laughlin, James, 1966-1988

(6 folders)

Lee, Harper, 1984

Le Guin, Ursula K., 1977

Lehmann-Haupt, Alexander, 1972-1991

L'Heureux, John, 1971-1989

Lish, Peter, 1987-1998

Lock, Norman, 1996; 2000-2001

(3 folders)

Box 12 Lock (cont.)

Lock, Norman, 2001-2006

(21 folders)

Box 13 Lock (end) - Malin

Lock, Norman, 2007-2008

(5 folders)

Loomis, Ed, 1966-1991

Lurie, Morris, 1971-1989

(8 folders)

Lutz, Gary, 1992-2011

(6 folders)

McCall, Bruce, 1975-1986

(3 folders)

McCarthy, Mary, 1971-1972

McEwan, Ian, 1973-1977

McGuane, Tom, 1975-1984

McInerney, Jay, 1985

McMurtry, Larry, 1968

Mailer, Norman, 1966-1992

Malamud, Bernard, 1969-1980

Malick, Terrence, 1971-1974

Malin, Irving, 1966-1983

(4 folders)

Box 14 Malin (end) - Meissner

Malin, Irving, 1984-2005; undated

(9 folders)

Malkovich, John, 1999

Malone, Michael, 1974-1982

(2 folders)

Markus, Peter, 1996-2007

(2 folders)

Marten, Eugene, 2000-2001

Martone, Michael, 1979-1987

(2 folders)

Marx, Paty, 1992-1998

Massik, Carolyn, 1996-2009

(6 folders)

Meissner, Jan, 1992-1996

Box 15 Michaels - Ozick

Michaels, Leonard, 1970-1985

Michel, Sam, 1989-2001

Midwood, Bart, 1971-1980

Milch, David, 1975-1984

Miller, Arthur, 1971-1977, 1984

Miller, Henry, 1970-1971

Morris, Wright, 1969-1983

Nabakov, Vera, (for Vladimir), 1970-1977

Nemerov, Howard, 1969-1985

Newman, Charles, 1970-1974

Nixon, Richard, 1968-1969

Oakes, John, 1996-1997

Oates, Joyce Carol, 1969-1990

O'Connor, Flannery, 1962

Olsen, Tillie, 1968-1971

Ostroff, Anthony, 1972-1977

Ozick, Cynthia, 1970-1988

(18 folders)

Box 16 Ozick (end) - Renner

Ozick, Cynthia, 1989-2011

(16 folders)

Paglia, Camille, 1990-1991

Panurgias, Basile, 1997

Percy, Walker, 1972-1984

Persson, Russell, 1995-2002

Pinson, David, 1993-2009

(2 folders)

Portis, Charles, 1994

Purdy, James, 1968-1989

(6 folders)

Rabassa, Gregory, 1972-1976

Raffel, Dawn, 1992-2008

Redel, Victoria, 1992-2000

Renner, Cooper, 1988-1998

(5 folders)

Box 17 Renner (end) - Roth

Renner, Cooper, 1999-2011

(13 folders)

Riley, Jill Ellyn, 1996-1997

Robbins, Tom, 1970-1976

Roberts, Daniel, 1996

Robison, Mary, 1977-1995

(2 folders)

Rosenberg, David, 1999-2000

Rosenwald, Nina, 1992-2000

(3 folders)

Ross, Helen, 1998-2010

Roth, Philip, 1970-1984

Box 18 Rybicki - Sayer

Rybicki, John, 1989-2009

(17 folders)

Ryder, Pamela, 1992-2010

Sarki, Michael, 1995-2012

(6 folders)

Sayer, Allison, 1996-1997

Sayer, Katherine, 1996-1997

Box 19 Selzer - Williams

Selzer, Richard, 1971-1985

(4 folders)

Shawn, Wallace, 1978

Shawn, William, 1984-1985

Shawver, James, 1989

Sontag, Susan, 1975-1978

Sorrentino, Gilbert, 1972-1996

Styron, William, 1972

Tanner, Tony, 1972-1979

Taylor, Nelson, 1996

Theroux, Alexander, 1972-1989

(6 folders)

Theroux, Paul, 1969-1976

Theroux, Peter, 1976-1978

Thompson, Hunter S., 1975-1978

Tolkin, Michael, 1974

Trucks, Rob, 1996-1997

Tyler, Anne, 1985-1986

Tynan, Kenneth, 1977

Updike, John, 1971-1988

Walker, John, 1972-1988

(3 folders)

Wallace, David Foster, 1987

Warren, Robert Penn, 1971-1978

Welty, Eudora, 1975

Williams, Diane, 1985-1991

(10 folders)

Box 20 Williams (end) - Ziglar

Williams, Diane, 1992-1999

(6 folders)

Williams, Tennessee, 1977

Wilson, Edmund, 1971

Wolcott, James, 1985-1987

Wolf, Don, 1993-2001

(2 folders)

Wolfe, Tom, 1973-1983

(3 folders)

Wolff, Tobias, 1980-1985

Wolitzer, Hilma, 1969-1979

Ziglar, Vincent, 1995-2000

Subseries: General

Box 21 1959 - 1970, Aug.

Box 22 1970, Sept. - 1972, Sept.

Box 23 1972 Oct. - 1974, Jul.

Box 24 1974 Aug. - 1975, 15 Dec.

Box 25 1975, 16 Dec. - 1977, 20 Mar.

Box 26 1977, 21 Mar. - 1978 Feb.

Box 27 1978, Mar. - 1979 May

Box 28 1979, Jun. - 1980 Nov.

Box 29 1980, Dec. - 1982, Mar.

Box 30 1982, Apr. - 1983, Sept.

Box 31 1983, Oct. - 1984, Nov.

Box 32 1984, Dec. - 1985

Box 33 1986

Box 34 1987

Box 35 1988

Box 36 1989

Box 37 1990

Box 38 1991, Jan. - Sept.

Box 87 1991, Oct. - 1992, Jun.

Box 88 1992, Jul. - 1993, Feb.

Box 89 1993, Mar. - Dec.

Box 90 1994

Box 91 1994, undated

Box 92 1995, Nov. - 1997, Oct.

Box 93 1997, Nov. - 1999

Box 94 2000-2003

Box 95 2004-2006

Box 96 2007 - 2009, Apr.

Box 97 2009, May - 2010, Oct.

Box 98 2010, Nov. - 2012, Feb.

Subseries: Additional

(includes both individual and general correspondence)

Box 110 Hintze, Erich

Kohler, Sheila

Lemann, Nancy

Lifschey, Paula




Box 119 1960s














(3 folders)

Subseries: Personal

Box 119 1971













(2 folders)

Box 120 Gutbrod, Jess, 2007

Gutbrod, Jess, 2008, Jan.

Gutbrod, Jess, 2008, Feb.

Gutbrod, Jess, 2008, Mar.

Gutbrod, Jess, 2008, Apr. - May; undated

Gutbrod, Jess, undated

(3 folders)

Kenan, Shomzian, 2008-2009




1997, Feb.

1997, Mar.

1997, Apr.

1997, May





(2 folders)

Subseries: Esquire

Box 111 Gordon Lish memos

Henderson, Bill, 1970s

A-C, undated

D, undated

D-F, undated

G-H, undated

G-H, undated

J-K, undated

L-M, undated

N-R, undated

S-T, undated

U-Z, undated

1st name only, A-H

1st name only, I-L

1st name only, M-Z


(2 folders)

Unidentified, undated

(2 folders)

Box 112 1969-1970


(2 folders)


(2 folders)


(3 folders)

ca. 1972



(3 folders)


1974, Jan. - Jun.

1974, Jul. - Dec.

1974, Jan. - 1975 Jan.


ca. 1975

1976, Jan. - May

1976, Jun. - Dec.




Series: II. Writings

Subseries: By Other Authors

Note: some authors continued in the Additional Writings subseries.

Box 39 Abrahams - Baumgarten

Abrahams, Bill

"Fifty Years of the American Short Story..." Introduction

Adams, Ralph

"Even a Wild Pitch Beans the Soul as the Bad Swing Muggeth the Heart"

"Notes Toward an Elegy"

Adams, Stanford


Ahn, Michael

"Jennifer" [aka "Here Kitty"]

"Cruise" ["A Reminder"]

Aldrich, Marcia


Alexander, Edward

"Edward Alexander to Q" [aka "The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel"]

Allen, Abigail


"The Trip" [aka "Oklahoma, 1995"]

"The President"

"The Color Gold You're Supposed to Get" [aka "Prince"]

"School" [aka "The String Orchestra"]

"The Stylist"

"The Wheelers"

Allen, Barton

"Among the Coven"

"The Androgynous Superhero"

"The Angle"


"Circle the Letters of Your Name"

"The Cork-stripper's Son"


"Everything for Form"

"Exciting Preview"

"Glued Construction"

"God's God"

"The Jumping Rope"

"The Letter Under the Pillow"


"My Immolations"


"The Paralysis"


"A Question While Driving"

"Romancing No One"


"The Scale"

"Sleep in My Glass Eye"

"The Transplant"

"Voir Dire"

"Why Nightcrawlers Crawl"

"Poet Student Barton Allen Gives Reading in New York" [Lake Forest College Stentor, 28 April 1993 ]

[Unnamed Collection, 1993 ]

"The First"

"The Boldest Confession I Will Ever Make"

"Terra Cotta"

"The Covenant"

"The Thirst"

"My Immolations"

"The Cradle"


"The Mermaids, Adultery, the Curing of the Bait"

"Shajida, Mermaid in the Tides of Ennfe"

"My Father's Lover's Tomatoes"

"The Imposter"

"Adam's Boast"

"Adam Renaming"

"Intaglio, My Mother's Clothes"

"Samsa, Dying in his Berth"

"The Drive"

"Wax Numen"

"Beyond the Plaster Cast"

"Entre Chien et Loup"

"An Hour After the Bath"

"The Statues"

"The Pasteboard Tube"



"In Darkness I Tell You This"


"The Cork-Stripper's Son"

"Bright Crossing"


"God's God"

"Wet Rocks"

"The Infant's Songs" [aka "The Infant's Curse"]

"The Infant's Song"

"Here Is My Jump Rope Burning"

"Though the Goat will Dance and the Hive Be Full"

"Romancing No One"

"The Tag"

"Aging in My Palace Well"

"The Beast"


"Charles the Zoologist"

"Three Line Poem"

"The Stepson's Song"

"Do You See the Fear?"

"Wet Dream"


Allen, Jennifer

(5 folders)


(1 folder)


"Better Get Your Angel On"


"Hello? Merry Christmas? Hello?"

"Let Me Have You"

"Mom and Pop"


Better Get Your Angel On proof

(4 folders)

Alper, Eleanor

(4 folders)


(3 folders)

"After the Velveeta"

"All About Mud"

"Dark Enough for Hiding"

"A Kind of Knot"

"A Layer of Fat" [aka "A Thin Line"]

"The Leg"

"The Mothers"

"Names and Places"

"The Other Place" [aka "They Looked Altogether Different"]

"Saint Blaise"

"Startin at Upper Black Eddy"

"They Called My Mother Lady"

"Shopping" [aka "They Called Mye Mother Lady"]

"We Started with Childcraft"

"Where My Father Was" [aka "My Father's Saw"]

Today Cookeys Tomorrow the Wurld Chapters 2-9

(1 folder)

Awmiller, Craig

"24 Morskaya Street"

Andrews, Frank Earl

"Last Stand"

"Strange Fruit"

Anthony, Mike

"The Hazards of High-Tar Cigarettes"

Apple, Max

"Bar b Q"

"The Oranging of America"

Arnold, Jean

"Air Conditioning"

"Our Father"

Arnoldi, Katherine

"Canton, Ohio: 1956"

"Crosscut Saw"

Ashbrook, Tom


"Swept Away"


Babtkis, Randall

"Alex in Front of the Mirror"


"The Search Party"

Bain, Terry

"Edna and Ten [aka "Werner's Spoon"]"

Baird, Ansie

"Alive in Prague"

"Boy Home Sick"

"Considering the Death of Her Child"




"This Time"

"Turn It Off"

"Who Has Not Slept with Famous Folk?"

"Woman as Garage"

Baker, Mark

"The Marriage"

Baker, Nicholson


Balazic, Todd

"The Gift"

"Passage Through the Country"

"Rain Dance"

Ban, T.

"An Affair, I Guess"

"Are We Almost There?"

"Project for a Better World [aka "The Outing"]"

Banville, John

"A Death in the Family"

Barall, Victor

"Triptych with Fortune Cookies"

Barba, Rick

"The Believing Men [aka "Disability"]"

"Something Out There"

Barth, John


Bartsch, Janet

"A Big Empty Place"




Bass, Rick

(2 folders)

"Dennis and Probably the Rest"


"Field Events"


"Jorro's Magic"


"Mahatma Joe"

"Not Home"

"Okra, Rutebega, Yams"

"Rick Bass to Q [aka "Hawks"]"


"The Windy Day"

Battin, M. Pabst

"The Death of A Mirthful Man [aka "The Death of the Happy Man"]"

"Kill the Laughing Man"

Baumbach, Jonathan

"Crossed in Love by Her Eyes"


"Growing Old"

"The Photographer"

Baumgarten, Dawn

"Ma Ma's Boy"

Box 40 Beattie - Bridgford

Beattie, Ann



Beckett, Samuel

"Mercier and Camier"

Bellow, Saul

(3 folders)

"In Sleep Begin Responsibilities" Draft 1

"In Sleep Begin Responsibilities" Draft 2

"In Sleep Begin Responsibilities" Draft 3

Bennett, Hall

"Million-Dollare Baby"

Berley, Marc

"The Jon"


Beckett, Samuel

"Notes on 'Grease'"

Berne, Suzaane

"The Affair"

Betts, Doris

"A Memory of Water"

Billman, Jon

"Custer on Mondays"

Bishop, Rick

"The Writer" [aka "Something to Forget Me By"]

Blades, John

"Between Stations"

Blair, David

"Islanders and Wanderers"

"Unfortunate Name"

Blaise, Clark

"The Repossession"

Blanchard, Richard

(6 folders)


(2 folders)


"Blackwell Spots Whatever Moves" [aka "Letters from Eden"]

"Birth of Christ" [aka "Thy Kingdom Come"]

"The Boys Are in the Cellar" [aka "My Boys Are Playing in the Cellar"]

"Burger King"



"Congratulations" [aka "Choice of Sex"]

"Day Trip"

"Dear Miss Scarlet's Mistress"

"Dinosaurs Did Not Survive"

"Does the E Stop Here, Too?"

"Does Your Boy Have Soldiers?"

"The Field Is Houses"

"Flesh and Blood"

"Hear the Heart"


"He Talks to Me"

"The House" [aka "My Girl"]

"I Do Not Look Away"

"I Hear the Door for Sure"


"It Does Not Have to Be in Words" [aka "Brothers"]

"Last Night Was Four A.M."

"Let Me Get You Something Dry"

"Men Are Missing Everywhere" [aka "Sightings"]


"Next of Kin"

"Night Life"

"Our Lot"

"Our Son Is on My Shoulders"


"Rules of War"


"Sylvania" [aka "Zap"]

"Tatoo" [aka "Can I Decide My Age?"]

"They Will Say You Are the Biggest"

"This Is a Free Country"

"To Go" [aka "Coffee to Go"]

"The Trail"

"We Are of the Under Animals" [aka "Mammal Life"]

"We Call Him Einstein" [aka "E=MC^2?"]

"What Are You Tonight?"

"What Does Your Father Do?"

Rules of War Draft 1

Rules of War Draft 2

Rules of War Draft 3

Blewer, Barbara

"The Death of the Bed"

"I Am Safe and Live at Home"

Blount, Jr., Roy

(6 folders)


(3 folders)

Crackers Proofs

Pat and Mike

A Rise Out of Meemaw

Bogle, Ann


Bohstedt, Jake

"Cincinnati Hobbyist"

Bond, Justin Clyde

"The Bright Sun"

Bondor, Rebecca,


Bonetti, Edward


Bonner, J.W.

"Pumping Gas for Hemingway"

Bontly, Thomas

"The Demon"

"Twilight of the Gods"

Boucher, Brian


"Reaper of the White Wind"

Boyle, T. Coraghessan

"Our Vision Considered"

Brandon, William


Bridgford, Kim



"Day Sleep"

"A Lesson in Handwriting"

"Little Red Riding Hood"


"Piano Fingers"


"The Room"



Box 41 Brodkey - Buckner

Brodkey, Harold

(3 folders)

"Anatomy of a Minor Bondage"

"His Son, in His Arms, in Light, Aloft"


"On Friendship"

"Sophistication" [aka "Sure We're Friends"]

"Verona (A Young Woman Speaks)"

[Take, for example, me and Jimmy Stechell.]

Brook, Adam


Brooks, Philip


"A Brief Physical History of My Family Since 1972"


"Letter on Behalf of My Son"


"Notes of the Greatest Living Writer (Tuesday, Warm and Cloudy)"



Bronzi, Elizabeth

Extravaganza: una recente stravaganza di Gordon Lish

Brott, Andrea


Broughton, T. Alan

"The Harrowing"

Broun, Hob

(8 folders)

Cardinal Numbers

Cardinal Numbers Copy ms.

Cardinal Numbers Setting ms.

Cardinal Numbers Galleys

Cardinal Numbers Second galleys

Cardinal Numbers Preprint pages

Cardinal Numbers Proofs

"Is This Civilization?"

Brown, C.S.

"Race" [aka "No Name in the World"]

Brown, Clark

"I Know a Man"

Browne, Dan

"Everybody Comes Out" [aka "Not Enough"]

Broyard, Anatole


"Their Cups Runneth Over"

"Through a Speculum Darkly"

Brunner, Bernard

"The Gorgeous Weather of the All-Pro"

Brunot, James

"Father Unfinished"

Buchanan, Cynthia

"Confessions of a Cryptonegrophiliac"

Buckner, Garth

(3 folders)

The Origins of Solitude 1st Draft

The Origins of Solitude 2nd Draft

The Origins of Solitude 3rd Draft

Box 42 Bumpus - Busch

Bumpus, Jerry

(2 folders)

"All the Good Girls in Oskaloosa"

"Back Home in Alton"

"The End of the World"

"The Heart of Lovingkind"

"In Sobibor…"

"In Utica"

"Neighbors on the Lane"


"The Worms Are Singing"

Burk, Frederic

"McGuerkney vs. Fischer"

Burks, Charlie

"Free Trade"

"Rollo, the Giant Chicken"

Busch, Frederick

(14 folders)


"How the Indians Come Home"

"The Too Late American Boyhood Blues"

"The Trouble with Being Food"

"What Charlie the Chief Left Behind and the Passage of His Recipes Down"

"Widow Water"

Rounds Rough First Chapter


(3 folders)

Widow Water

(2 folders)

Widow Water Galleys

Widow Water/Hardwater Country Galleys

Hardwater Country Galleys

Hardwater Country Second Galleys

Hardwater Country Final Galleys

Hardwater Country

Box 43 Butler - Carver

Butler, Lynne

"Loon Country by Canoe"

Cochera, Charles

"Deinos Saura"

Cofagna, Marcus

"Psoriasis" [aka "Sex Like a Rosetta Stone"]

Callis, Daniel



Calvin, Martin

(3 folders)

Our Father's Before Us 1st Version

Our Father's Before Us 2nd Version

(2 folders)

Campbell, Sharon

"Sawzsoleetoe Sunset"

Camus, Albert

"A Happy Death"

Cantrell, Dave

[He huddles by the rostrum…]

Capote, Truman

(5 folders)

"La Côte Basque"


Unspoiled Monsters

(3 folders)

Carlson, Gary

"Me, Akela"

Carmel, C.A.

"The Merciless"

Carpenter, Dan


Carpenter, Rachel

"The Recipe" [aka "Feathers"]

Carr, Jan

"Some of My Evidence"

Carson, Anne

(2 folders)


"The Autobiography of Red"

"Just for the Thrill"

I Can Swim Like Otters

Carver, Raymond

(8 folders)


(6 folders)

"Another Rose"

"Are These Actual Miles?"

"Are You a Doctor?"

"The Bath" [aka "A Small Good Thing"]


"Bicycles, Muscles, Cigarettes"

"The Calm"

"The Cathedral"


"Community Center"


"A Dog Story"

"The Ducks" [aka "The Night the Mill Boss Died"]



"The Father"


"How About this?" [aka "Cartwheels"

"I Am Going to Sit Down" [aka "Why Don't You Dance"]

"The Idea"

"Mr. Fixit" [aka "Where Is Everyone?"]

"Little Things"



"One More Thing"

"On Writing"


"Sacks" [aka "The Fling"]

"Sixty Acres"

"So Much Water So Close to Home"

"The Student's Wife"

"Tell the Women We're Going"

"View-Finder" [aka "The Mill"]

"Want to See Something?"

"What Do You Do in San Francisco?" [aka "Sometimes a Woman Can Just About Ruin a Man"]

"Why, Honey?"

"What's in Alaska?" [aka "Divert Me"]

"Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?"

"You Will Come Again, Won't You?"

Stories in Cathedral

(2 folders)

"The Bridle"



"Chef's House"

"The Compartment"


"A Small, Good Thing"



"The Train"


"Where I'm Calling From"

Box 44 Carver (cont.)

Carver, Raymond (cont.)

(25 folders)

Cathedral ms. for printer

(3 folders)

Cathedral Printer's ms. - copy

(3 folders)

Cathedral Knopf master proofs

(2 folders)

Cathedral Knopf pages

Cathedral Collins master proofs

(3 folders)

Cathedral Collins pages

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love 1st Draft

(3 folders)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love 2nd Rewrite

(3 folders)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love photocopy

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Ad copy, etc.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Printer's ms.

(2 folders)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love 2nd Proofs

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Master proofs

Box 125 (Oversize) Carver (cont.)

Carver, Raymond

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love 1st stage proofs

Box 45 Carver (end) - Chernoff

Carver, Raymond (end)

(17 folders)

Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? Stories

(2 folders)



"The Idea"

"Are You a Doctor?"

"Jinxed" [aka "The Summer Steelhead"]

"Sixty Acres"

"What's in Alaska?"



"What Do You Do in San Francisco?"

"The Student's Wife"

"Put Yourself in My Shoes"

"A Dog Story"

"Why Honey?"

"The Ducks"

"How About This?" [aka "Cartwheels"]

"Bicycles, Muscles, and Cigarettes"

"What Is It?"

"Another Rose"

"Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?"

Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? Stories, 2nd Copy

(2 folders)

Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? Draft ms.

(3 folders)

Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? Printer's ms. (4 folders)

Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? Reader's Proofs

Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? Master Proofs

Will You Please Be Quiet Please? Dust cover copy

Will You Please Be Quiet, Please? Ads and reviews

Ceely, Jonathan


Celimi, Evren


Cerf, Emily

"Emily Cerf to Q"

"Field of Vision"

"The Mirror"


"The Roof"

"Top of the World"

Chaimov, Gregory

"The Ride"

Charyn, Jerome

"Bodybuilding in America"

"On 3 Women"

Cheever, John

"Letter from the Combat Zone"


Chernoff, Sanford

"The Heart They Take Out of You" [aka "The Tenants"

"Her Alfred"

"My Animal"

Box 46 Cherry - Davis

Cherry, Kelly

"A Bird's-Eye View of Einstein"

Chertok, Paula


"A Game of Cards"

"Remembering Arizona"

"The Scream" [aka "The Ring"]


Cheyfitz, Eric

"Oxygen Tent"

"Christ at His Analyst's"

Chmelar, Robin

"Lake Pleasant"

Choi, Susan Malka

"And This, and So Much More"

"The Way to Live Wisely"

Christenson, Shen

"Spitting Distance"

Christopher, Peter

"Getting What We Want to Whether We Want to or Not"

"The Man Who Failed to Whack Off"

Claiborne, Sybil

"Flotsam and Jetsam"

"Last Year at Pitsburgh"

"The Quality of Life Is Strained"

"The Skywriter"

"Watch Out for the First Alternative"

"What I Did Last Summer"

Clarke, Gerald

[Vladimir Nabokov spreads his hands…]

Cody, Paul

"America" [aka "Drugs"]


"Hey to All My Family" [aka "One"]

Coe, Christopher


"I Look Divine"

"The Inch Above the Floor"

"The Names of Things"


Cohen, David E.

"Across the Street"


Cokal, Susann

"Susann Cokal to Q" [aka "Across the Continent with Knittign Needles"]

Cole, Lucretia

"The Purse"


Cole, Tom

"Balkan Bearings"

Conroy, Frank

"Between Keys"

Conway, Martha

"A Kind of Piety"

Corodimas, Peter

"Responsibility" [aka "Fall Guy"]

"Smiles" [aka "The Happy Highway"

Cosimano, Chris

"The Son" [aka "Blow Out the Candles"

Crawford, Stanley

(7 folders)

"Night Out"

Some Instructions Draft 1

Some Instructions Draft 2

Some Instructions Galleys

(2 folders)

Some Instructions Blue Pages

Some Instructions Page Proofs

Creamer, E. Stacy

"The Hardest R" [aka "Soldiering Along"]

"Squirrel Away"

Creasy-Fontaine, Paula

"A Well-Hung Garden"

"What Does You, The Reader, Want?"


"The Art of Doing Drugs"

"Said Over Lunch"

"At Breakfast, The Day Eaten"

"Making Love in the Zombie Field"

"As If My Dildo Cares" [aka "Bon Appetit"]

"A Well-Hung Garden"

Creel, [James?]

[I am a wealthy man.]

Crittenden, Jordan


Cudmore, L.L. Larison

"A Plague of Physicists, A Quandry of Quarks, and the Meltdown of the Milky Way"

Cullen, Dan

"Adam's Curse"


"Passion Sunday"




"A Young Woman's Diary - Tampa, 1874"


"A Catalogue on the Subway"

"From the Dormitory Window"


"Wallenda Instructing"

Currie, Ellen

"Whatever You Say, Say Nothing"

Curtis, Craig


"The Man in the Glass Case" [aka "Pieta"]

Cusack, Isabel Langis

"The Love" [aka "Whispering Hope"]

Darby, Ann

"The Sitter"

Dark, Jackman

Plot Summary of Millions, Billions Falling Down

Dauer, Leslie

"Bronze Woman Standing"

"Unclaimed Remains"

Davis, Allen

"My War Story"

Davis, A.R.

"Spending the Day With Donald Trump"

Davis, Christopher

"Going Like a Man"

Davis, Melinda


Box 47 Debrot - Des Pres

Debrot, Jack

"On the Train Near Kamakura"

"King Death"

"Nighthawks, 1942"

Deck, [John?]

"California Dreaming" [aka "A God for Oaktree"]

Deck, John

"Notes: What I Think the Pudding Says"

DeCourcy, Lynne H.


De Feis, Nicholas M.

"Concerning the Beauty of Scars and Slurs"

Degley, Frank


De Gramont, Carol

(2 folders)

"All the Clippings from All the Papers" [aka "The Ice Box"]


"Conquest" [aka "Prom Queen"]

"Cooking Tips"

"In the Dry World"

"In the Region of Patricide and Infanticide" [aka "Grape Jelly"]

"In the Wash" [aka "The Disclosure" and "In the Garden"

"Literary Notes 1996"

"The Lost Breast"

"My Mother Dressing"

"Rivercraft" [aka "Barges"]

"Style Notes, 1995"

DeLillo, Don

(14 folders)


"Curves of the Seventh Degree"

"Fitzgerald: The Movie"

"A Noun Is the Name of a Person, Place, or Thing"

"Pafko at the Wall"

"The Product"

"The Rapture of the Athlete Assumed into Heaven"

"The Sightings"

"Untitled Memory"

The Engineer of Moonlight 1st Draft

The Engineer of Moonlight 2nd Draft


(5 folders)

Mao II

(4 folders)


"Showdown at Great Hole"

DeLynn, Jane


DeMarinis, Rick

"A Gam Without Children"

"Under the Wheat"

DeSanders, Diane

[About the only time we weren't fighting…]

Des Pres, Terrence

"Yeats and Hysterica Passio "

"Yeats and the Rat-Rhymers"

Box 48 Deutsch - Eggers

Deutsch, A.A

(3 folders)

Dog Fire

(3 folders)

Dickey, James

"The Ground of the Night Air"

Dixon, Stephen

"The Intruder"

Doctorow, E.L.

(5 folders)

"I'm Waving Tomorrow"

"Our Family"

(3 folders)

Ragtime Part 3

Dodd, Elizabeth

"Off I-70"

Dolan, J.D.


Domini, John

"My Summer as Christ" [aka "Christ, Jogging," "My Life as Christ" and "The Saviour of Cambridge"]

Donoghue, Denis

(8 folders)


"All The Pretty Horses: Review"

"Is There a Perenial Literature?"

"The Old Moderns"

Reading America

(3 folders)

Reading America Printer's ms.

(3 folders)

"Warren Point"

Box 126 (Oversize) Donoghue

Donoghue, Denis

Reading America

(2 folders)

We Irish: Essays on Irish Literature and Society

(2 folders)

Box 48 Deutsch - Eggers (cont.)

Donoso, Jose

"Chattanooga Choo-Choo"

Donovan, Gerard

"The Ground of the Night Air"

Dorfman, Richard

"Richard Dorfman to Q" [aka "The Fire"]

Dorph, Doug

"The Dump"

Dow, Robert

"A Second Time"

Doyle, Peter

"As If You Didn't Know"

Ducker, Bruce


"Early Mass"


"The Man Crossing the Street"

"On Vacation"

"A Poem for My Fingers"




"Where Do the Words"

"Why Writing Poetry Is So Easy"

Dulany, Harris

"The Changeling"

DuPree, Sharon

"The Tenants"

"The Voltron"

Durande, Neal

"Faithful as They Pass Me"

"Percy, the Terrible" [aka "Macho Pots"]

Dybeck, Stuart

"Blanche: A Baker's Dozon"

"Old Grandma Rockingchair"

Edson, Russell

"Military Secrets"

Effinger, George Alec

"The Heart of a Champion" [aka "The Horse with One Leg"]

Eggers, Paul

"How the Water Feels"

Box 49 Ehlen - Feldman

Ehlen, Patrick

(2 folders)


"Family Reunion"

"Reduction of State-Vector"

Frantz Fanon

Eidelsberg, Maurice

"Cat" [aka "Not Fooled by Cat"]

"The Core"

"The Ground of the Night Air"

"Dying for My Sins"

"Forcing the Issue"


"Happy Birthday Palsy"


"To His Beloved, Any Beloved" [aka "Love Me Cause"]

"How Stupid"

"An Interogative Sentence" [aka "One Working Part"]

"Intimate Knowledge"

"Now Available"

"One Bad Reflection"

"Past Due"

"Questions of Need"

"A Rash Crotch"


"Sitting Perfection"


"Stupid Prick"

"The Toll" [aka "Such Nerve"]

"Travel Plans"

"Two Almost of a Kind"


"What They're Taking" [aka "Those Slanty Ones Are Taking"]

"Who Needs It"

Einhorn, Sharon


Eisenberg, Lee

"Take the F Train" [aka "Late Flashes from the New York Underground"]

Elkin, Stanley

(3 folders)

"The Bailbondsman"

(3 folders)

Elliot, George P.

[Muriel's mother, her father's mother…]

Ellison, Ralph


Eno, Will

(2 folders)


"Dear Editorial Assistant, Dear Beautiful, of Czech Descent"

"For YKW: My Great Love of Last Fall"

"Mr. Character, in Setting"

"Name and Address Withheld by Request"



From Here, to (My) Everyone

Epstein, Leslie

"Skaters on Wood"

Erhardt, Jean

"Calling All Girls"

Erian, Alicia


"Cal Harvey Sends His Regards"

"Dinner with Bob"

Evans, Elizabeth

"Blood and Gore"

"English as a Second Language"

Eve, Nomi

"Gilda and the Bullets" [aka "Gilda the Thief"]

Evenson, Brian

(11 folders)


(3 folders)

"After Omaha"

"Altmann in Bolivia"

"Altmann's Tongue"

"The Auschwitz Barber"

"The Basis of My Doctrine"


"Bodies of Light"

"The Circular Desert"

"A Conversation with Brenner"

"The Definition of Everything" [aka "Shoes"]


"A Dog"



"Eye, steady for peeling"

"The Father, Unblinking"

"For a Loving Marriage" [translation]

"Garker's Aestheticals"


"The Journey"

"Mix, Mex, Somebody" [aka "Betrayal"]

"New Killers" [aka "Retribution"]

"On the Job"

"Pasco, Maybe"

"The Perfect Team"

"Preperations for Killing the Boiling Boy"

"Sanctified in the Flesh"



"Two Brothers"

"Usurpation" [aka "At the Timberline"]


Blurbs, Synopses of Altmann's Tongue

Dark Property Early Drafts

Dark Property Complete Draft

Dark Property Complete Draft 2

Dark Property Complete Draft 3

Review of Zimzum


"Watson's Boy"


[Tom Quinn is a friend of Norman Mailer…]

"The Ground of the Night Air"


"The Dilema"

Faust, Irvin

"Willie the Milkman Remembers"

Feinbold, James S.


Feinstein, Alex

"Bite Down Like a Dog and Don't Let Go"

"Exchange" [aka "I Don't Ask for Much"]

"Horn of Plenty"


"The Sky for Mr. B."

Feldman, Lauri B.


"Death Hill, or Riding Her"

"God - For Beginners"

Box 50 Ferguson - Garrison

Ferguson, William

(2 folders)


Untitled Story Collection

"The Family" [aka "Siblings"]

"Dies Irae"


"The Teacher" [aka "Hold Your Horses"]

"Space Invaders"

"Scherzo with TV Antenna" [aka "Aubade"]

"Terror" [aka "The Beechwood Spirit"]


"Space Invaders"

"The Claims Adjuster"

Ferrandino, Joseph

"Gordon Lish" [for the Dictionary of Literary Biography ]

Ferrell, Anderson

(6 folders)


"Easter Rush"

"The Father He Has"

"Why People Get Cancer"

Home for the Day

(2 folders)

Home for the Day Synopsis

The Grace of Light Breaking [becomes Where She Was ]

Where She Was

Fiedler, Leslie

[I'm sorry you evoked all those things.]

Fine, Warren

"In the Animal Kingdom"

["Picture this scene…"]

Finlay-Young, Jane

"Oil Spill"

Fish, Peter


"Junior Achievement"

"The Love of Good Women"

Flanagan, T.S.


"Ars Poetica"

"Edict from the Poet Emporer"


"Waiting Room"

Flanigan, M.

"A Caution to the Lonely"

Fleischman, Cyrille

"Answers from a Master" [translated by Alan Astro]

"Back from America" [translated by Alan Astro]

"Cinéma Saint-Paul"

Fliegel, Dorian [Wasserman, Harriet]

"To Eat Partridge"

"Your Death, My Death"

Fonda, Jane

"America Made Me Hate My Body: Her Story"

Ford, Richard

"In the Slow Waters of Sleep, Cascading"

"Rock Springs"

"Whoever Wakes up Second" [aka "Raccoon Day"]

Fox, Robert

"The Fighter Pilot"

Fox, Serena J.

"Shadows in the Sun"

Franzen, Bill

"After I Won the Lottery"

"The Gene Norman Collector"

"Getting Herbert Back"

"So What Are You Going to Do Now if You're a Friend of Jim's?"

"The Ways We Surfed"

Fraser, Kathleen

"The Decision"

"Discrete Pitches"

"Lily, Lois, Flaubert: the Site of Loss"

"Regina, after and before"

"Talking to myself talking to you"

"This. Notes. New Year."

Fravola, Richard


Freeman, Fred

"Letters from Flannery"

Friebert, Stuart



"Fishing with Hellgrammites"



"Oyster Stew"

"That Big Swim"

Friedman, Bruce Jay

"The Antelope Cage"

"The Blind Side"

Friedman, Josh Allen

"Black Cracker"

Gandal, Kieth

"Cuyahoga Burning"

Gardien, Kent

"Viola's Book"

Gardner, Hugh

"From Rosebud to Little Red Riding Hood"

"It Is Not High Prices but Unfair Profiteering that Is the Trouble"

Gardner, John

(3 folders)


Jason and Medeia


"The Temptation of St. Ivo"


Garrison, Jim

(3 folders)

The Star Spangled Contract Chs. 1-16

The Star Spangled Contract Chs. 17-25

The Star Spangled Contract Chs. 26-29

Box 51 Garrison (end) - Gilbert

Garrison, Jim (continued)

(10 folders)

The Star Spangled Contract Chs. 30-33

The Star Spangled Contract Chs. 34-36

The Star Spangled Contract Ch. 37

The Star Spangled Contract Chs. 38-40

The Star Spangled Contract Chs. 41-46

The Star Spangled Contract Chs. 47-55

The Star Spangled Contract Revised chapters

(3 folders)

The Star Spangled Contract Misc. fragments

Gavin, Thomas


Gay, Franklin

"Head" [aka "Talking Head"

Gay, Rufus

"P.M. Schoener Is in Delivery"

Geeslin, Campbell

(4 folders)

"Campbell Geeslin to Jan Meissner"

"Campbell Geeslin to Q"

(2 folders)


"Along Publishers Row"

"First I lock the Door"


"The Other Number" [aka "They Call Me Black Paper"

"Remember Mrs. Emerson?"

Geha, Joseph

[The silence awakens him…]

Gelfand, Michael

"The Box of Rubbers, for Example, by the Door"

"Soft Serve"

Gelsanliter, David

"Happy Again" [aka "Marseille"]

George, Barry

"Rabbit" [aka "Black Rabbit"]

"small talk"


Gibson, R. Channing

"The Elephantasian"

"Number 14"

Gilbert, Jack

(4 folders)



"Almost Happy"


"The Ground of the Night Air"

"Andante Non Tropo" [aka "First Meditation: Andanta Non Tropo"]


"Between Aging and Old"

"Beyond Beginnings"

"Bring in the Gods"

"Carrying the Torches at Noon"


"A Close Call"

"Conceiving Himself"

"The Container for the Thing Contained"

"Dante Dancing"

"Eating with the Emperor"

"The Edge of the World"


"Explicating the Twilight"


"Finding Eurydice"

"Finding Something"

"First Times"

"Foraging for Wood on the Mountain"

"The Forgotten Dialect of the Heart"

"The Friendship Inside Us"

"From These Nettles, Alms"

"Getting It All"

"Getting Old"


"A Ghost Sings, a Door Opens"

"Gift Horses"

"Going There"


"Half the Truth"

"Hard Wired"

"Harm and Boon in the Meetings"

"Haunted Importantly"

"Highlights and Inersticies"

"The History of Men"

"Homage" [aka "Respect"]

"Hot Nights in Florida"

"How to Love the Dead"

"I Imagine the Gods"


"In Umbria"

"Leporello on Don Giovanni"

"The Lives of Famous Men"

"Looking Away from Wanting"

"The Lord Sits with Me out in Front"


"Man at the Window"


"Me and Capablanca"

"Measuring the Tyger"

"Michiko Dead"

"Michiko Nogami (1946-1982)"

"The Milk of Paradise"

"Moment of Grace"

"Music is the Memory of What Never Happened"

"Night Songs and Day Songs"


"Older Women"

"On Stone"


"Playing House"

"Prospero Dreams of Arnaud Daniel Inventing Love in the 12th Century"

"Prospero without His Magic"

"Recovering Amid the Farms"

"Ruins and Wabi" [aka "Meditation Seven: Ruins and Wabi"]

"Scheming in the Snow"

"Searching for Pittsburgh"


"The Spirit and the Soul"

"Steel Guitars"

"A Stubborn Ode"

"Tasters for the Lord"

"Tear It Down"

"Theoretical Lives"

"Thinking About Ecstasy"

"To See If Something Comes Next"

"Trying to Have Something Left Over"

"Voices Inside and Out"

"What Is There to Say"

"The White Heart of God"

"A Year Later"

A Group of Unpublished Poems

"A Description of Happiness in København"

"The Movies"

"My Marriage with Mrs. Johnson"

"The Ground of the Night Air"

"That Tenor of which the Night Birds Are a Vehicle"

"Death as a Lover, Time as Death, Burning and Fathering: Accounts of My Country: Frankenstein with the Little Girl Meaning No Harm"

"The Fashionable Heart"

"All the Way from There to Here"


[Untitled Collection of Poems]

"The Lives of Famous Men"

"Looking Away from Wanting"

"The Lord Sits with Me Out Front"

"Ruins and Wabi" [aka "Meditation Seven: Ruins and Wabi"]

"Thinking about Ecstasy"

"Michiko Nogami (1946-1982)"

"Michicko Dead"

"The Milk of Paradise"

"Moment of Grace"

"Music is the Memory of What Never Happened"

"Night Songs and Day Songs"


"Older Women"


"Playing House"

"Prospero Dreams of Arnaud Daniel Inventing Love in the 12th Century"

"Prospero without His Magic"

"Recovering Amid the Farms"

"Homage" [aka "Respect"]

"Scheming in the Snow"

"Searching for Pittsburgh"


"Steel Guitars"

"The Spirit and the Soul"

"A Stubborn Ode"

"Tasters for the Lord"

"Tear It Down"

"Theoretical Lives"

"Thinking About Ecstasy"

"Trying to Have Something Let Over"

"On Stone"

"To See If Something Comes Next"

"What Is There to Say"

"Voices Inside and Out"

"The White Heart of God"

"A Year Later"


"Man at the Window"


"Measuring the Tyger"


"Almost Happy"




"Between Aging and Old"

"Beyond Beginnings"

"Bring in the Gods"

"Carryign the Torches at Noon"


"Conceiving Himself"

"The Container for the Thing Contained"

"Dante Dancing"

"Eating with the Emperor"

"The Edge of the World"


"Explicating the Twilight"


"Finding Eurydice"

"Finding Something"

"Andante Non Tropo" [aka "First Meditation: Burning :(Andante Non Tropo)"

"First Times"

"Foraging for Wood on the Mountain"

"The Forgotten Dialect of the Heart"

"From These Nettles, Alms"

"Getting It All"

"Getting Old"


"A Ghost Sings, A Door Opens"

"Gift Horses"

"Going There"


"Half the Truth"

"Hard Wired"

"Harm and Boon in the Meetings"

"Haunted Importantly"

"Highlights and Interstices"

"The History of Men"

"Hot Nights in Florida"

"How to Love the Dead"

"I Imagine the Gods"

"In Umbria"


"Leporello on Don Giovanni"

"Me and Capablanca"

The Great Fires Jacket copy

Box 52 Gilbert (end) - Grimson

Gilbert, Jack (end)

(13 folders)

Measuring the Tyger Draft 4

Monolithos Draft 1

Monolithos Draft 2

Monolithos "Foul" Draft

Monolithos Setting ms.

Monolithos Final Setting ms.

Monolithos Galleys

Monolithos Master Galleys

Monolithos Master Pages

Gill, Brendan


Gilmartin, Steven

"In a Queer Light" [aka "The Gift"

Glaze, Eleanor

"The Distance Between Bed and Earth" [aka "Distances Between Bed and Earth"]

Glynn, Thomas

"Thomas Glynn to Q" [aka "He Wants to Be Famous Indoors"]

Goad, Frank A. and Loomis, Edward


Goddin, Nell

"The Holes of the Sapsucker" [aka "Talk"]

Goding, Cecile Hanna

"The Arlington Street Station"

"August 8, 1988"

"The [Busy?] Dog"

"Erection Stress"

"A Guide for Living"

"Mr. and Mrs. From Missouri" [aka "Swing Shift"]

Godwin, Gail

"The Good Wife" [aka "Outposts"]

"Notes for a Story" [aka "Childhood Friends"]

"What She Wore"

Goff, Cindy

"God" [aka "God Is a Vampire"]



Gold, Herbert

"Breeding the Wild Mosquito"

"A Death on the East Side"

"In the Community of Girls and the Commerce of Culture" (Manhattan 1955-1960)

"A Very Personal Colleague of Andy Warhol"

Goldberg, Judith

"Catching Ben, or Hope, Color, and the State of Maine"

"An Element Called Surprise"

"Millard Fillmore! Martin van Buren!"

"Nam, Nam, Nam"

"Needing Nurses in Other Rooms"


Goodwin, Stephen

"His Heart"

Goolrick, Robert Cooke

"Six Days, Five Delicious Nighs in Sunwashed Symbia"

Gosnell, Stephen

"Show Me Something in a Soft, Quiet War Toy"

"Twilight of the Profs"

[Have you a vision of your children…]

[We'll go on the assumption that you want…]

Gould, Scott

"Hitler" [aka "Territories"]

Gram, Richard

"Place We are, Place We Leave"

Graves, John


Greenberg, Mark

"Mark Greenberg to Q" [aka "With Love"]

(3 folders)

Greenberg, Pamela

(3 folders)



"Lagunitas, 1978"

"Love Poem #206"



"Where Once It Stood"

Gremmel, William

"The Little Family"

Griffin, Michael

"It's a Sin to Tell a Lie"

Griffith, Kevin

"The Boy in the Well"

"Emily Dickinson"

"The Kwik-Stop of the Damned"

"Poem Without a Photo"

"Some Days, You Are That Man"


"Summary of Charges"

"The Retreat into Day"

Grimmett, Neil


"The Hornets" [aka "Carried Away by Angels"]

Grimson, Todd

"Fried Chicken"

"The Revolution" [aka "Ritual of the Dead"]

Box 53 Grinstead - Hannah (start)

Grinstead, David


Grossbach, Robert

"The Ground of the Night Air"

Guista, Michael

"Still Life"

Gullino, Derek


"Dancing for Men"


"Falepopo's Cadillac"

"Gadamer's Maid"

"Hungarian Woman"

"Journey's by Sea"

"Men without Women"

"The Outlaw Mother-in-Law"



"Where Our Linen Comes From"

Gunzenhauser, Lynn C.

"Father Portrait"

Gusewelle, C.W.

"August 20-26"

Gutierrez, Stephen D.

"Walter's Sorrow"

Haas, Charles

"A Western"

Halberstadt, John

"Air" [aka "The Oxtgen Tanks"]

Selections from "I'm in Love with Joanne Talsma"

Haley, Albert

"Down on the Farm"

"Moon Shot"

"Snow Eagles"

"Tag: A Grocery Story"

"That Oklahoma Flash"

Halliday, Ray

"Bowling in Jersey" [aka "The Great3es Bowler in New Jersey"

"Dance, Mice, Dance"



"The Happiest Guy on the Train"

"The Inquiry" [aka "Like a Dog"]

"New Baltimore Service Area"

"New Format"

"Right Out of a Machine" [aka "Homeless Woman with Bag Outside the Bank Machine"

"Wax Paper"

Hamann, Shannon

"The Wind"

Hannah, Barry


(4 folders)

"The Catalogue" [aka "The Cantata in the Catlogue"]

"Christ Striding"

"Coming Close to Donna"

"The Ground of the Night Air"

"Deaf and Dumb" [aka "The Courage of Minny Temple"]

"Death of a Bitch"

"Evening of the Yarp: A Report by Roonswent Dover"

"Escape to Newark" [aka "Do It Yourself"]

"Getting It" (including "Minny Gets It Regular" and "Green Gets It At Last")

"Green Gets It"

"Hey Jack"

"How Good Was It?"

"Love too Long"

"Man in the Street"

"Midnight and I'm Not Famous Yet"

"Mother Rooney Unscrolls the Hurt: A Tiny Novel"


"Return to Return"

"Sources Agree Rock Swoon Has No Past"

"Southern" [aka "End and All in Richmond"; "When He Burned His House")

"That's True" [aka "Not at the Very Last a Coward"]

"Tuscaloose, Where I Live"

Airships Pages

(2 folders)

Airships Misc. Pages

Airships Galleys

(2 folders)

Airships Retouched Galleys

(4 of 5 folders)

Box 54 Hannah (cont.)

Hannah, Barry (cont.)

Airships Retouched Galleys

(last of 5 folders)

Airships Blues

Behold the Man Transfigured in his Husbanding: Three Stories

"Home Free" [aka "With All the Old Trembling Men"]

"At Home" [aka "One Place for Another"]

"Homeless" [aka "Testimony of Gardens"]

Captain Maximus Stories

Note: see 24 Aug 1984 correspondence

"Watch Out, It's a Big One"

"Hey Joe"

"Nothing Else to Do"

Captain Maximus Stories - Photocopies

"American Sportsman" [aka "Watch Out, It's a Big One"]

"Idaho" [aka "Hey Joe"

"I Am Shaking to Death" [aka "Nothing Else to Do"]

"Football Heroes"

"Even Greenland" [aka "John, This Plane's on Fire"]

"Ride, Fly, Penetrate, Loiter"

"It Spoke of Exactly the Things" ["Black Butterfly"]

Captain Maximus Galleys

Captain Maximus Master Set

"Maximum Ned"

Ray Draft 1

Ray Draft 2

Ray Draft 3

Ray Printer's ms.

Ray Galleys

Ray Master Proofs

(2 folders)

Ray Repros Proofs

Ray Blues

Box 55 Hannah (end) - Hempel

Hannah, Barry (end)

The Tennis Handsome Copy 1

(2 folders)

The Tennis Handsome Copy 2

(2 folders)

Hanson, Michele

"How Bawble Made Them All Happy"

"Table Manners"

Hardy, Edward

"Jerry" [aka "Bad Pets"]

Hardy, Melissa

"How I Was Made an Orphan the Second Time"

Harker, Steven

"Orange Delite"

Harmon, Joshua


Harris, Daniel

"First, Harris"

"Second, Harris"

Harris, Evan

"The Hum"

"The Spit"

"Wedding Elements"

Harris, MacDonald

"A Memoir from the Lab"

Harrison, William

"The Arsons of Desire"

"Down the Blue Hole" [aka "In America"]

"Roller Ball Murder"

Hassall, K.


Hassler, Jon

"The Cheerleader" [aka "The Distant Cheerleader"]

Hatta, Mari

"As I Line My Eyes with Black"

"Broken Sestina for a Samurai's Daughter"

"A List for the Hard of Hearing"


Hays, Daniel

"Daniel Hayes to Q"


"Orange with Reciept"


Hazuka, Tom

"Playing Hard to Take"

Healey, Lynne

"Renaissance of the Short Story"

Heberton, Laura


Heffernan, Michael


"Afternoon of the Hun"

"The Boulevardier"

"The Council"


"Rendering Aquinas"

Hemingway, Ernest

(2 folders)

Islands in the Stream

Excerpts of Writings

Hemingway, Mary

"An American Childhood"

Hempel, Amy

(8 folders)


(3 folders)

"The Annex"


"At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom"

"Breathing Jesus"

"How Bawble Made Them All Happy"

"The Center" [aka "Serlait"]

"The Club Bread Vacation"

"Jerry" [aka "Bad Pets"]

"Daylight Come"

"Du Jour"

"The Game of Empty Hands"


"The Harvest" [aka "Marriageability"]

"In the Cemetary where Al Jolson Is Buried"

"In Situ"

"In a Tub"

"A Letter to Q"

"Live from the Deaf Club"

"Live from the Death Club"

"The Man in Bogota" [aka "Reason to Live"]

"Maximum Hannah or The Slow Fire of Barry Hannah"

"Murder" [aka "Boys and Girls"]

"Nashville Gone to Ashes"

[On the nicer side of a not nice street…]

"Page after Page"

"Piece Work"

"The Rest of God"

"San Francisco"

"Three Popes Walk into a Bar"

"Today Will Be a Quiet Day"

"Tonight Is a Favor to Holly" [aka "From the People Who Brought You Fat Chance"; "West on Highway One"]

"Triste but True"

"Tumble Home"

[The trees are all on crutches…]

"Under No Moon"

"When It's Human Instead of When It's a Dog" [aka "What Would Do It"]

"Why I'm Here" [aka "Calling"]

"Wittgenstein's Mistress"


At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom Author's Galleys

At the Gates of the Animal Kingdom Page Proofs

Reasons to Live Galleys

Reasons to Live Author's Galleys

"What He Knows So Well"

Box 56 Hempstead - Howland

Hempstead, Avery

(4 folders)

"Apricots" [aka "The Apricot Tree"]

"Arrangments" [aka "Man with a Missing Earlobe"]


"How Bawble Made Them All Happy"

"Book" [aka "A Change of Seats"]


"Jerry" [aka "Bad Pets"]

"The Denture" [aka "Motherlove"]

"The Dispatcher" [aka "Gable and Lombard and Cary Grant"]

"Dreyfus on Walter"

"An Evening with the Pale People"

"Fine Germs and Low Conversation"

"First Class"


"Forests of the Night"

"Gilbert and Sullivan"


"The Hollywood Babies' Club"

"The Hollywood Dream"

"A Little Coffee in the Morning"

"The Man in the Back Seat or Arnie and the Mumu Crowd"

"The Money of Our Family" [aka "Child of Aliens"]

"The News" [aka "On the Southern Coast of France"]

"The Other End"





"Someone Said J.D. Salinger Had Died"

"Sometimes, It's Brian" [aka "The Man from Cartier"]

"The Spanish Lesson"


"To the Monkey House"


"Tye Powers Blues"

"The Woman Called Bambi Goldenspots or Moving Day"

"Woman in the Red Raincoat"

Henderson, Bill

His Son

Hendrickson, Robert

"The Watcher" [aka "He Is Home"]

Hennessey, Eileen

"Eileen Hennessay to Q" [ After the Ball]

"Electra at the Well"

"For Oedipus It Was So Bad That He Put Out His Own Eyes"

"Judgment Passed on Electra"


"The Situation"

"World Series"

Herr, Michael

(4 folders)

Jubilee Draft 1

Jubilee Draft 2

Jubilee Draft 3

"Viet Memories"

Hersey, John

From The Conspiracy

Heuler, Karen

"In Livingston"

Hewat, Alan V.

"Bear, You Know?"

"Men Against the Sea"


[(c) Wives of Professional Athletes…]

Hickins, Michael

(2 folders)


"Afair" [aka "One Day Affair"]

"The Backswing of the Slugger"

"Ernie the Counselor" [aka "Post Coitum Animale Tristum Est"]

"In the Borough-Wides" [aka "Taking It"]

"Summer Romance"

"The Violent Society"

Bill in Love [aka Circa Someplace in America ]

Hickman, David

"Narcissus Diary #31"

Hickoff, Stephen

"Canned Laughter"

"Dor Fucks Jim"

"Hunger, About It"

"The News & World Report"

"Real or Unreal Pancake Syrup"

"Son, Not Even Your Mother…"

Hirsch, Edward

"And Who Will Look Upon Our Testimoy"

Hoar, Jere

"The Last Feminine Woman in the World"

Hochberg, Matthew


Hochman, Lucy


Hoda, Shahid

"The Catch"

"An Empty Poem"

"The Mistake"

"The New Poem"

"October 15"

"Scenes from a Movie"


"The Valise"

"The Women's Issue at a Friend's"

Hodges, John

"Filet Mignon"

Hogan, Wayne

Assorted Drawings

Holland, Noy

(2 folders)



"Nothing Like Tuscaloosa" [aka "The Girl"]

"Someone Is Always Waiting"

"Winter Bodies"

Her Children, Waiting

Holland, Travis



Holmes, Olivia

"Anna's Promise"


"Another Impostor"


"A Following"

"The Monroe Street Monster"

Homes, Amy

"The Dress" [aka "A Good Day"]

Hopeloff, Zero



"(O) Eddie-piss"

Hopkins, Diane

"The Nipple of the Queen"

Horowitz, Syvlia [aka Sylvia Adele Deutsch]

"Bananas, Two for a Penny"

"A Crumpled Tissue"

Howland, Bette

(3 folders)


"Grisha Lapidus"

"The Landlady"

"The Life They Gave Me" [aka "The Life You Gave Me"]

"The Old Wheeze"

"Birds of a Feather"

Things to Come and Go

Box 57 Huddle - Just

Huddle, David

"The Interrogation of the Prisoner Bung by the Sergeart Tree and Mister Hawkins"

Hudson, Gabriel


"How Bawble Made Them All Happy"

"The Judge"

Hulse, Jerry

"Jerry" [aka "Bad Pets"]

Humphrey, William

"A Texas Dying"

Hunter, David M.


"The Weatherman"

Huntington, Margaret

"Fire and Ice"

Hutton, William

"My Eyes Are Running"


"The Story of Yes and No"

Ingersoll, Glenn

"The Artificial Sump Pump"

"The Heart's Work"

Iossel, Mikhail


Irving, John

"Almost in Iowa"

"Dog in the Alley, Child in the Sky"

"Toyland" [aka "There Was Scarcely a Soul at the Thaw Trooper's Funeral"]

Ispahani, Mahnaz

"Mahnaz Ispahani to Q"

Jacobs, Douglas

"Boy with a Slingshot"

Janowtiz, Phyllis

"The Admirals at t he Poles"


"Faculty Meeting"

"The Fire Eater"

"In the Nursery" [aka "queaky Nursery Tunes"]


"My Sister"

"Reunion with Jake at Still Creek Pond"

"Six Months After the Death of My Father"

"Stewardess to Passengers" [aka "Soon the Final Decree"]

"The Victims"

"Years Later"

Jesperson, Ruth

"Notes from the Underground" Columns

Jiles, Paulette


"Novus Magnificat"

Collection of Works About Frank and Jessee James

"The Irish Girl at the Pie Dog Hotel and Whorehouse"

[This is a bank robbery…]

[September of 1876 Frank rides…]

"Jesse Meets His Future Wife"

"Frank Retires"

"Frank Surrenders"

"Hiding Out in Tennessee"

"Frank Gets Nervouse About Jesse's Killer Instincts"

"Bandit's Wives"

[Sitting around a slow, wet fire…]

"Paulette Jiles to Q"


Roger Noon [aka Thomas Noon]

James Noon

Cissy Poole

Carolyn Poole


(2 folders)

The Late Great Human Road Show Galleys

A Manual of Ettiquette for Ladies Crossing Canada by Train Draft

A Manual of Ettiquette for Ladies Crossing Canda by Train Page Proofs

Excerpts from Northern Memoir Draft 1

Excerpts from Northern Memoir Draft 2

Wide Crossing

(2 folders)

[Untitled fragment]

Johnson, Curt

"Skinning Cats"

Johnson, Dennis

"In a Public Place" [aka "The Heart"]

"The Landlord's Girlfriend"

"Where Have I Never Seen You Before"

Johnson, Drew

"An Embellishment"

"Rococo" [aka "Seventeenth Centruy Orange Juice"]

Johnson, Gregory H.

"Tactics of Angling"

Johnson, Jonathan


"Mothere" [aka "Messages"]

"The One Last Thing" [aka "Remedial"]

"Open Roads"

Johnson, Quendrith

"The Great Supreme Being"

"The Suspended Visitor"

"The Letter Opener" title page

Jones, James

"The Merry Month of May"

Jones, R.


Jones, Robert

"Gordon Lish"

"Robert Jones to Q"

Jurnovoy, Joyce

"A Certain Smirk"

Just, Ward

"In His Time"

Box 58 Kamine - Kennedy

Kamine, Mark

"The Return"

Kaplan, James

"In Miami, Last Winter" [aka "Harry Urbanie, Winning"]

"How Bawble Made Them All Happy"



"Jerry" [aka "Bad Pets"]

"Reformation" [aka "Affirmative Action"]

"We Are Fish"

Karpinski, Michael J.

"Drive to the Sun"

"Means of Escape"

"My Name is Michael Karpinski" [aka "These Things That Kill Us"]

"A Place" [aka "Encounter"]

Katt, Christian

"Gordon Lish: Poetics of Fiction"

Kauffman, Janet

(8 folders)


"Breaking the News to Doll"



[Crystal's mother had drunk three beers…]

"Doing Time"


[Her life held a powerful sweetness…]

[Lester Koselka, you're a bastard…]

[My sister dug her own grave…]


"Round Lake"

"These Three Years"

"When I Walk"

Collaborators Part 1

Collaborators Full Draft

Collaborators Printer's ms.

Collaborators Proofs

Obscene Gestures for Women Printer's ms.

Obscene Gestures for Women Master Galleys

Places in the World a Woman Could Walk

Keeble, John

"Saint James at Chief Joseph's Grave or The Transmission"

Kehoe, John

"Ths Is Why Hemingway Killed Himself"

"What I'm Looking For" [aka "I'm Looking for a Job"]

Kelleher, Hugh

"Drink the Local Drink"

"My Guys"

"The Story of My Life"

Kennebeck, Paul

"End of Service"

"The Exhileration of the Catch"

Kennedy, Raymond


"Room Temperature"

"Upstairs, in Our House, Sleeping"

The Flower of the Republic Draft 1

The Flower of the Republic Draft 2

"A Private Station" Draft 1

"A Private Station" Draft 2

"A Private Station" Draft 3

"A Private Station" Draft 4

"A Private Station" Draft 5

Box 59 Kentfield - Kohler

Kentfield, Calvin

"Who Has Seen the Wind?"

Kesey, Ken

(3 folders)


"How Bawble Made Them All Happy"


"Sometimes a Great Notion"

Untitled Fragment

"Among the Cows" [aka "Abdul the Bull" and "The Varmint in the Dark of the Circle"]

The Further Inquiry

Kestin, Hershel

"The Man Who Kissed Stalin's Wife"

Kimball, George Robert

"The Hat-Check Girl"

"The Tennis King"

Kimball, Michael


"After Elizabeth"

"Broken Sex"

"Critical Biography"



"To Maurice Eidelsberg"



"Places I've Been"

"Potty Training"

"To the Editor"

"What Remains of the Day"


The Way Our Family Got Away

(3 folders)

The Way Our Family Got Away Draft 2

Kirchdorfer, Ulf

"The Ducks" [aka "The Pond"]


[From Emily Dickinson's journal]

Kirkpatrick, Bear


Kirn, Walter

"Miles" [aka "Frequent Flier"]

"The Orphan" [aka "Life Support"]

"Paying My Calls"

"The Personality of Writing"



"The Steward" [aka "Plumber's Helper"]

"Used Animals"

"Whole Other Bodies"

Kitteredge, William

"In Nevada"

"Pretty Soon There's Nothing There" [aka "Moon of the Black Calf"]

Kleinschmidt, Edward

"Culture Shock"


"Poetry À Go Go"



Kofman, Gil

"Bashful Bill"

Kohler, Sheila

(4 folders)



[It was because of the hat…]

[Let me show you where he killed my sister…]


"My Boy's Girl"



The House on R Street

Secondary Characters

Secondary Characters Revisions

Konrad, Evelyn

"The Apparition"

"The Jon"

"O Absalom!"

Koperwas, Sam

"Ball" [aka "A Father's Son"]

"Winner in All Things" [aka "Slides"]

Korshak, Sharon

"Sharon Korshak to Q"

Box 60 Koster - Lem

Koster, R. M.

"The Reign of Kiki the First"

Kotzwinkle, William

"The Field"

"How Bawble Made Them All Happy"

Kozlowski, Lynn

"Being Met"

"Jerry" [aka "Bad Pets"]


Kranes, David


"Self Abuse"


Krawiec, Richard

"Listening to the Gay Boys"


Krekorian, Michael

"Oh, Rauschenberg!"

Kriesberg, Hadea


Krisak, Len

"Technical Information"

Krist, Gary

"Bone by Bone"

Krotzer, Minter

"Making Old-Fashioneds"

Kubarycz, Brian


"Hot nor Cold"

"The Instruments I Used"

"On the Mountain"

Kundera, Milan

"The Golden Apple of Eternal Desire"

"The Hitchhiking Game"

"Let the Old Dead Make Room for the Young Dead"

Introduction by Philip Roth

Kurtzahn, Leslie

"Another Dreary Little Poem"

Kwitny, W. Wood

"What They Recalled in One Version"

Lane, Simon


"The Formalist"


(2 folders)

Langer, Suzanne

"The Great Shift: Instinct to Intuition"

Larsen, Deborah

"Deboarh Larsen to Q" [aka "Dance Notes for the Dogs"]

Larsen, Eric

"Spectre: A Writer's Notes"

Laughlin, James

"Ez As Waz"

"Harvard, Fair Harvard"

"The Pleasures of Reading the Classics in Translation"

Leader, Mary

"Among Things Held at Arms Length"

"A Coastal Story"

"Middle Daughter's Song"

"Trimmed with Eyelet Lace"

Lear, Patricia

"After Memphis"

"Believe Me, Phoebe"

"Summer Party"


Leaton, Anne

"Gita's Story"

Leavitt, David

"Daguhs and Oonicaws"

"The Dungeon"

"Flight Attendant"


"My Father's Fish"

"In the Radiation Therapy Center"

"The Reindeer"

"White horse Traveler"

"A Woman and Her Dog"

Lee, Carol


"According to Aunt Rose"

"After Getting Rid of Ben"


"Capote's Strange Nostalgia"

"Dining Experience"

"A Evening in Review"



"Helen and Ben"

"In Heaven"

"James, the Photographer"

"Last Night"

"Literary Concerns and the Lives of Poets"

"My Diary"

"Myrna Telling It"

"The Neighbors Observed"



"One Day"

"Reading About Rita"

"The Remaining Uncle"

"Taylor Street"

"The Thing Is"

"The Way Father Ate an Apple"

"When I Smoked"

"When Ricky Came Home to Lucy"

Lee, David


"Sparta Rodeo"

Leebron, Fred G.



"Salt Lake City"

Lefer, Diane


Lelchuck, Alan

"The Struggless of a Reasonable Man" [aka "The Confessions of a Reasonable Man"]

Lem, Stanislaw

From the Star Diary: Three Voyages Draft 1

From the Star Diary: Three Voyages Draft 2

From the Star Diary: Three Voyages Draft 3

Box 61 Lemann

Lemann, Nancy



"Nancy Lemann to Q"

[There is a place across Lake Pontchartrain...]

How My Heart Broke into a Million Pieces on the Floor

(2 folders)

Lives of the Saints Draft

(2 folders)

Lives of the Saints Master Pages

Lives of the Saints Master Pages - Second Copy

Lives of the Saints Author's Masters

Lives of the Saints Second Masters

Ritz of the Bayou Draft

(2 folders)

Ritz of the Bayou Draft 2

(2 folders)

Ritz of the Bayou Draft 3

(2 folders)

Ritz of the Bayou Draft of Opening

Ritz of the Bayou Master Set - First Pass

Box 62 Lemann (end) - Lipsyte

Lemann, Nancy (end)

Ritz of the Bayou Master Set - Second Pass

Ritz of the Bayou Pages

Ritz of the Bayou 2 Preprint Manuscripts

Copy about Lemann

Lemperly, Robert

"Ass Bandit"

"Gay Ray's Metaphysical Journey"

"Hey, Fairchild" [aka "Sixteen"]

"How Bawble Made Them All Happy"


Lentricchia, Frank

Edge of Night

(2 folders)

Johnny Critelli Draft 1

Johnny Critelli Draft 2

The Knifemen

(2 folders)

Lucchesi and the Whale

The Music of the Inferno

(2 folders)

Leone, Dan [aka Dom Leone]


"Autograph Hound"

"Chemicals" [aka "Happiness" and "Nine"]

"I Don Not Have a Dog"

"Job" [aka "Show Me"]


"The Magic Bike"

"Memory Guy" [aka "If I Had It in Me"]

"Mother" [aka "Something to Cry About" and "Minor League Pain"]


"Party" [aka "Tommy's Party"]



"The Stapler"

"Tan Sofa with Day Bed"

"Teacherman" {aka "Door to Door"]

"Team" [aka "Your Team Is a Losing Team"]

"Wife" [aka "Do You Know Where Your Alice Is?"]

Levy-Hinte, Jean


Lesser, Ellen

[I started noticing him now and then…]

Levine, Matthew

"Noises of Astonishing Satisfaction"

"When I Go for Her"

Ligon, Samuel W.


L'Heureux, John

"Consolations of Philosophy"

Lillywhite, Harvey



"What Can Still Be Told"

"Letter to a Friend"

"Leaving the Light"


"The Desire to Sail"

"Memorial Day"


"The Gypsy King"


"The Squatter: A Corncrib"

"The Stone Grainary"


"The Squatter"

"Letting Go"

"For Days We've Been Dreaming"

"Oh Farmers!"


"Ulster Co., New York"


"First Thoughts After Kissing a Woman Who Wears Glasses"



"The Last Note"

"His Bed"

"Ride to Chicago, 1932"

"Passing Time"

"Returning with My Father"


"To Have Me, Mom Gave Up"


"Above It All"

"The Last Friend"


"For the Sabbath"

"The Ocean in a Modern Economy"


"The Distant Kitchen"

"The Lilac Tree"

"Fire in the Manti LaSalle"

Lima, Jose Lezama

Excerpt from Paradiso

Linder, Eric



Lipsyte, Sam

"Kill the Body and the Head Will Die"


Box 63 Lirenman - Marinovich

Lirenman, Ian


Lisicky, Paul


Liu, Timothy

"The Gates of Hell"

"Say Goodnight"

Lock, Norman

"Dreaming Moriarty"

"Explaining Africa"

"Incident in Mombassa"

"The Scream"

"The Sleep Institute"

"Through the Thorns"

Locklin, Gerald

The Criminal Mentality

Loomis, Ed

Le sujet: un beau livre

"The Future"

"Tragic Knowledge"

"Manila Bay"




"The Woman"


"Spiritual Affirmations"

"Poem About the War"

"After Van Gogh"


"Infantry Duty in Germany"

"A Luftwaffe Base"

Lowry, John

"Captains" [aka "In Dorian's Office"]

"Going Up"

"Out of the Blue"



Luhn, David

The Judith Poems

"Setting the Tone for Love"

"People, You Say"

"Nostalgie de la Boue"


"Sojourner: The Superstition Wilderness"


"A Set of Blinders"

"A Piece Is Where You Find It"

"Passing Visions (for Barbara Siegel)"

"At the Solstice"

"Within Sight of Stony Creek Mountain"

"Do Not for a Moment Mistake This for Aurelius"



"Lacrymosa (for Edward Stierle. 1968-1991)"

"As I Was Saying"

"Drawing by Lots for Voyage (for Talbot Spivak)"

"Against Reverie"

"Attic Likeness"

Lurie, Morris

"Captain Fiction Meets the Polish Rapist"

"How to Eat"


Lutz, Gary

(2 folders)

"The Assistant"



"Certain Riddances"


"The Daughter"





"From Where I'm From Now On Hailing From"

"The Gist"

"The Go-Between"



"In on It"


"The Man Could Be Heard Doing Things"

"My Bloodbaths"

"Now and Later"

"The Part of the Light I Am No Longer a Part Of"

"The Pavilion"



"Seeing Supper"



"That Which Is Husbander Than Anything Prior"

"The Time It Takes Me"


"Unnaming the Dog"

"The Versionless Version of My Mother"

"Verson, Recto"

"Vouch for Me" [aka "Pull" and "When You Got Back"]

"What They Mean Is What's Behind You"


Luz, Martin J.

"Tracing an Epic Graph"

Lynn, Kirk

The Lust Supper

Lynch, Thomas

"Thomas Lynch to Q"

Skating with Heather Grace Draft

Skating with Heather Grace Galleys

Skating with Heather Grace Pages

Skating with Heather Grace Printer's Proofs

Second Tongue

Lynds, Dennis


Mace, Paul


Maddox, William S.

"The Christmas Firing Squad"

Magavern, Sam

"The Beijing Blind Storytellers Guild"

"Life as a Terrible Gift"

"The Old Black Coat"

"Rabbi Simon's Marriage"

"Winter Time with the Bears"

Mailer, Norman

"Of a Small and Modest Malignancy, Wicked and Bristling with Dots"

Malamud, Bernard

"The Letter"

Malick, Terrence

"Deadhead Miles"

Maloley, Scott

"The Proof"

Malone, Michael

"Blue Cadillac"

Synopsis of "Dingley Falls"

"The Dingleys of Dingley Falls"

Malone, Michael (?)

"How Many Dogs Did Alexander Pope Have?"

Malzburg, Barry


Mandell, Arnold

"Transcendence Training - From the Energy of the First to the Second Second Wind"

Mano, D. Keith

"The Call"

"The Death and Life of Harry Goth"

Marcus, Ben


"The Animal Husband"

"Continuous Winter, in Law"

"Coughing, in Human Beings, Device"

"Elevation of the Prison Bed"

"False Water Society"

"Intercourse with Resuscitated Wife"

"Landing on Floating Island of the Gods"

"An Open Area Free of Beasts"

"Outline of a City"

"Presentation of the Church"

"Speaking without Breathing"

"Swimming, Strictly, an Inscription"

The Age of Wire and String Early Drafts

The Age of Wire and String


Marcus, J.S.

"By J.S. Marcus"

[When he's in London…]

Marcus, Peter

"The Affair"

"Chesterfield Solitude"


"This Evening at My Desk a Dark Square Encloses My Mind"

Marinis, Rick de

"A Game Without Children"

Marinovich, Matt

"Archery at Home and Other Predictions"

"Flash On" [aka "Making the Circuit"]


"Help Me!" [aka "Serum"]


"A Little Vivaldi"

"Making Headway" [aka "Small Victories"]

"Our Latest Accomplishments"

"Spoken For"

"You Can't Leave Me Here"

Box 64 Markus - Meats

Markus, Peter



"Fantasizing Lisskulla"

Márquez, Gabriel García

(2 folders)

"The Incredible and S ad Tale of Innocent Erendira and Her Heartless Grandmother"

(2 folders)

Marten, Eugene

"The Apologist"

"'Doesn't Anybody Here Speak English?'"

"Goat's Eye"

"He Said the Bombing Had Started"

"Liquids Continue to Conspire"


Martinez, Manuel


Martone, Michael

Alive and Dead in Indiana Printer's ms.

Alive and Dead in Indiana Galleys

(2 folders)

Alive and Dead in Indiana Master Galleys

Alive and Dead in Indiana Pages

(2 folders)

Alive and Dead in Indiana Proof

Untitled Collection of Stories

"March of Dimes"




"The Third Day of Trials"

"An Accident"


Marvel, Mark

[It is the night that they come…]

[The pig corn field is where…]

Matanle, Stephen

"Burning Windows"

"Commissioned by a Wealthy Uncle to Write a Poem for His Birthday, I Remind Myself of Holbein's Portrait" [aka "Reading the Personal Ads I Think of Holbein's Portrait"

"His Insomnia"

Materath, Mario (?)

"Literary Creative and the Publishing Industry: A Round Table"

Matthews, Jim

"The Ballad of Rube and Silky"

McCall, Bruce

"At the 1936 Cairo World's Fair"

McCloud, Kate

[I finished Mojave late last night…]

McDonald, Craig Anton

"The War at Home"

McDougall, Jo


"End of October"

"Trains Crossing Kansas"

McEwan, Ian


"Solid Geometry"

McGimpsey, David

"Bartok at Secodn Base"

"Kate & Allie Chronicles"

McGonigle, Thomas

"Thomas McGonigle to Q"

McGookey, Kathleen

"In Traverse City"

McGuane, Thomas

"The Bushwhacked Piano"

McKenna, Shauna

"our good sister"

McLendon, David

"Love You, Boo"

McMullin, Brooks

"What We All Came Together to Say That It Is So"

McNally, Richard


MacPherson, James Allen

"For the Defense"

Meats, Stephen E.

"Inside the Crow"

"The Notified"

Box 65 Meisner - Mulcahy

Meisner, Jan



"The Art of Confession"

["Hello sugar," sounded sweeter…]

[High heels in the kitchen…]

"Inland in July"

[Just one, and something happens…]


[My blue walls looked black…]

[We weren't exactly Christians…]

[You had to work hard for your gossip…]

"Jan Meisner to Campbell Geeslin"

Menche, Karl

"The Art of Ventriloquism"

Mester, Marianne

"Making Me"

Meyers, Paul

"Give Me Back My Hot Wheels"

"I Don't Live Here"

Michel, Sam

(6 folders)


"The Beast, Watered" [aka "Shower"]

"The Big Pink"

"The Bombardier" [aka "Afterburners"]


"Falling in the Holiday Season"

"First I Lock the Door"

"From Out of the Past Comes"

"Happiness" [aka "Over Easy"]

[Harry pulled on the rope…]

"I'm Not Sold" [aka "Daddy Needs New Shoes"]

"The Naming"

"Neno, Neno, Neno, Neno" [aka "Back in the Almost"]

[Not that she herself, his mother…]


"Smoke" [aka "Divorce Ranch"]

[So he kept digging…]



(2 folders)

Lincoln Dahl Turns Five

Mihailovic, Dragoslav

"The Traveler"

Miller, Arthur

"My Czech New Year's Card"

Miller, Kathleen

"You Will Hear"

Miller, Nina


Milligan, Marjorie


"Small-town News"

Millis, Christopher

"The Despair of Marcel Marceau"

Mills, Chris

"Lousy Coffee"

Mirsky, Mark Jay

"Mark Jay Mirsky to Q"

Mistry, Manek

"A Descent, in the Company of a Pig"

"Do You Want a Glass of Water?"

"The Eye of a Blind Newt"


"George Washington Was a Satan Worshiper"

"God and Satan Got Together as a Popular New Café"

"Help Me I'm Trapped"

"Not a Moral Desire"


"Physics for Poets"

"Somebody Stepped on Bert"


"St. George"

"Three Stories"

"What Are You Doing Lying on the Ground Outside My Door?"

Mitchell, James

"Taking Our Places"

Mitchell, Janet

"Acts in the Circus"

"Talking About Momma"

Mitchner, Stuart


"Bosch in Jerusalem"

"Holding It Up to the Light"

"Joan Crawford at the Automat"

"Marlowe Struck by Lightning"


Moceri, P.

"Giving a Stranger a Ride"

Monroe, Shelby


Morris, Herbert

"Man in a Rowboat"

Morris, Leslie

"Away, Away in China"

Morris, Wright

"The Colonel, Between Wars"

Moser, Benjamin

"Chavela Vargas"

"Staten Island"

"Venezuela's Sincere Illusion"

Moshfegh, Ottessa

"I Have This to Tell You"

"Times Square"


"I Am Seventeen Years Old"

[You were plain against the shatter…]

[Father plays the flute and mother dances…]

"Orion's Last Word"

[This is mother with all her glasses…]

Moss, Donald

"My Summer Vacation in West Africa"

Mottern, James

"Wood Box"

Mountzoures, H.L.

"The Contributors"

Moyano, Dolores

"Adam and the Chinese"

Moynihan, Robert

"For Michael"

Mulcahy, Greg

(5 folders)


(2 folders)


"Cover This"


"Dry" [aka "Buy Out"]

"Edge City"

"Fast Food"

"Fat Boy"


"Food Club"


"Garden Groves"


"Low Cover" [aka "Hand to Hand"]

"The Meditation" [aka "Slot Cars"]



"Park" [aka "Blue Book"]





"This Is It"

"Trains of the Future"




A History of Amnesia

Trouble Lights

(2 folders)

Box 66 Mullins - Murphy, Y.

Mullins, Neva Sue

(3 folders)



"The Gift"


"The Precious Enemy"

Momento Mori: An Anonymous Confession

(2 folders)

Muñoz, Alicia

(2 folders)

Blood and Other Stories


"Kind, Generous, Lovely People"