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Warren d'Azevedo Collection, 1895-2001

Electronic finding aid encoded by Megan MacDonald.

Summary Information

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d'Azevedo, Warren

Warren d'Azevedo Collection, 1895-2001

Collection No.

35 cubic feet; 35 records cartons, 3 being oversized and 1 being restricted materials

Materials are primarily in English

Warren d’Azevedo is a retired ethnographer, renowned for his work in anthropology and African studies. D’Azevedo began his research in the 1950s, focusing primarily on African cultures, including the Gola ethnic group of Liberia and the Native American Washoe culture of the Great Basin. This collection consists of d’Azevedo’s writings, photographs, memorabilia, and U.S. and Liberian government documents and teaching materials. 

Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research, however some folders are restricted and are indicated as such in the folder list.

Biographical Note

Warren d'Azevedo was a professor of anthropology at the University of Nevada, Reno, from 1963 to 1988. As a student, d'Azevedo worked with a number of prominent anthropologists at the University of California, Berkeley and Northwestern University, including Paul Radin and Melville Herskovits, both of whom had a profound influence on his work. He was awarded a Ph.D. in 1962 from Northwestern University. Throughout his long and distinguished career, Professor d'Azevedo authored numerous articles and books, including Straight with the Medicine: Narratives of Washoe Followers of the Tipi Way . He also edited Great Basin , and the eleventh volume of the Smithsonian Institution’s encyclopedic Handbook of North American Indians , an 850- page work that took fourteen years to complete. Beverly Crum, Steven Crum, and William Jackson were consultants in the project and contributed to the volume, as well.

Professor d'Azevedo is also well known in the field of African Studies, where he is acknowledged as a pioneer in the study of African arts. The Traditional Artist in African Societies, his seminal work on the place of the artist in African society in the 1960’s has influenced scholars in anthropology, art history, and museology since its publication in 1974. This work represented a revolutionary shift away from the study of art as independent object, toward a more inclusive study of art as the result of a dynamic creative process in which an artist is firmly embedded in his or her society.

d'Azevedo's scholarly interests always bore some connection to his advocacy efforts in the United States and Liberia. While founding the Anthropology Department at the University of Nevada, Reno, he was also involved in the creation of the Black Students Organization. While coordinating field schools for graduate students funded by the National Science Foundation, he also advocated for greater religious freedom for Native Americans. Finally, after helping the Smithsonian Institution assemble its vast collection of African art, Professor d'Azevedo served as a human rights observer in the Liberian elections following the country’s protracted civil war.

At the time of his retirement, Warren d'Azevedo was honored by the Institute for Advanced Study at Indiana University for his pioneering achievements, by the Liberian Studies Association with a Lifetime Achievement Award, and by the African Studies Association with a Leadership Award.

Series Arrangement

The Warren d'Azevedo Collection is divided into eleven series:
  • Associations and Conferences
  • Correspondence
  • Liberian Government Documents
  • Newspapers, Magazines, and Articles
  • Photographs
  • Professional Activities
  • Research Materials
  • Subject Files
  • Tenth County
  • Writings
  • Writings by Others

Scope and Content Note

The Warren d'Azevedo Collection is divided into eleven series.

The Associations and Conferences series contain materials from the numerous organizations d'Azevedo was affiliated with, including African Studies Association , Friends of Liberia, The Peace Corps, and the Arts Council of the American Studies Association. Much of the conference materials pertain to seminars and conferences on primative art, Africa culture, and history.

The Correspondence series, arranged alphabetically, contains letters from professional and personal contacts. Represented within this series is the Karnley family as well as other notable people such as Amos Sawyer, Jeanette Carter, Bai T. Moore , J. Gus Liebenow , John Gay, and Svend Holsoe.

The Liberian Government collection has materials from many of the government departments and ministries, annual reports, papers from the Doe regime, and Tubman speeches.

The Newspapers, Magazines, and Articles series has been arranged into three subseries: Chronological, by Subject, and by Title. Subjects include African studies and the Liberian civil war. Titles include "About Liberia", "Liberian Woman" and "The Perspective."

The Photographs series is a small series containing photos of art and artifacts, Gbetu (masked dancer), and some family photos.

The Professional Avtivities series is a vast series that covers many aspects of d'Azevedo's professional life. Included are invitations for him to speak or contribute to a journal, peer reviews, exhibitions, awards, references, teaching, and museum collecting. Two major projects d'Azevedo was a part of, the Liberian Language Study and the Ethnocentrism Project are included in this series.

Research Materials contains numerous articles and papers d'Azevedo used for research as well as an extensive set of his field notes.

Subject Files has a wide variety of materials that don't easily fit into other series. Included in this series are funeral programs, maps, human rights materials, brochures, pamphlets, business cards, and language primers.

The Tenth County series contains important documents pertaining to the creation of the Bomi County, the 10th county formed in Liberia in 1984

The Writings series contain drafts and final copies of many of d'Azevedo's works. Titles within this series include "Common Principles of Variant Kinship Structures Among the Gola," "The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture," "Phantoms of the Hinterland: The "Mandingo" presence in Early Liberian Accounts," "A General Bibliography of the Republic of Liberia,""Gola Womanhood and the Limits of Masculine Omnipotence,""Some Terms from Liberian Speech," "Revolt on the San Dominick," "Tribe and Chiefdom on the Windward Coast," and "A Tribal Reaction to Nationalism"

The Writings By Others series contain articles collected by d'Azevedo that weren't used for his research. Prominent names in this series include George E. Brooks, S. Cordor, Svend Holsoe, Jangaba Johnson, Ivan Karp, J. Gus Liebenow, Bai T. Moore, Amos Sawyer, and Bill Siegmann

  • Indexing Terms

  • The following terms have been used to index this collection.

    • Names
    • D'Azevedo, Warren L.
    • Carter, Jeanette E.
    • Doe, Samuel K. (Samuel Kanyon)
    • Dunn, D. Elwood
    • Johnson, S. Jangaba M.
    • Karp, Ivan
    • Liebenow, J. Gus, 1925-
    • Moore, Bai T., 1916-1988
    • Sawyer, Amos
    • Siegmann, William
    • African Studies Association
    • Friends of Liberia (Organization)
    • Liberian Studies Association
    • Peace Corps (U.S.)
    • Smithsonian Institution
    • Places
    • Africa, West
    • Bomi County (Liberia)
    • Liberia
    • Topics
    • Art, African
    • Ehthnology Liberia
    • Gola (African people)
    • Liberia--History--Civil War, 1989-1996
    • Liberia--History--Civil War, 1999-2003.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Obtained as part of the collection donated by Warren D'Azevedo
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All research at the Liberian Collections Project is by appointment only. See collection Guidelines for further information about photocopy requests and permissions for publication:
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Processing Information
Processed by Donald Force, William Schultz, Mary E. Gaudette.

Completed in 2008.

Series: Box 1 Associations and Conferences

Subseries: African Studies Association

Symposium of African Arts and Humanities,1962

Annual Meeting,1963

24th Annual Meeting,1981

25th Annual Meeting,1982

26th Annual Meeting,1983

28th Annual Meeting,1985

31st Annual Meeting,1988

32nd Annual Meeting,1989

33rd Annual Meeting,1990

35th Annual Meeting, 1992

36th Annual Meeting, 1993 

2 folders

37th Annual Meeting, 1994 

2 folders

ASA news vol. 16, no. 3, July/September 1983

ASA news vol. 19, no. 1, January/March 1986

ASA news vol. 22, no. 3, July/September 1989

ASA news vol. 23, no. 3, July/September 1990  ; vol. 25. n. 3 July/September, 1992 ; vol. 26, n.1 January/March, 1993 ; vol. 26, n. 3 July/September 1993

ASA News v. 28, n. 1-4, 1995

ASA News v. 29, n. 1-4, 1996

ASA News v. 30, n. 1-4, 1997

ASA News v. 31, n. 1-3, 1998 ; v. 32, n.1, 1999

Membership Directories, 1990-1992 ,

Miscellaneous, 1967-1995

African Studies Program at Indiana University , Seminar "African Dimensions of Space," 1998

African Studies Seminar at University of Oregon , 1966

African Studies Seminar at University of Washington, 1976

American Anthropological Association 89th Annual Meeting , 1990

American Anthropological Association, "The Symbolic Analysis of Art," 1978

American Anthropological Association, "Anthropology Newsletter," 1990-1994

oversized box 32

American Liberian Society, 1963-1966

Anthropology and Africa Today, 1961

ARC Conference on the African Arts, undated

Subseries: Arts Council of the American Studies Association (ACASA)

Board Retreat 9th Triennial Symposium of African Art, 1992

Ethics Issues, 1990-1992

Ethics Miscellaneous, 1974-1995

2 folders

Ethics Newspaper Articles, undated

Ethics Proposals, 1990-1995

Miscellaneous, 1982-1983 

Miscellaneous, 1995-1997 

Box 2 Newsletters, 1982-1983

Newsletters, 1989

Newsletters, 1990

Newsletters, 1991

Newsletters, 1992

Newsletters, 1993

Newsletters, 1994

Newsletters, 1995

Newsletters, 1997-2001

"Sins of the Father"(Manuscript), undated

Association for Africanist Anthropology (AFAA), 1991

Center for International Affairs - Patrick Seyon, 1985

Communications Colloquium, 1980-1992

Conference of Heads of African and Malagasy States, 1961

Conference of Independent African States, 1958

Conference on Liberian Research and Scholarhip, 1967

Conference on Social Research in Liberia,1969

Conference on Social Research in Liberia, Papers A-M, 1969

Conference on Social Research in Liberia, Papers N-Z, 1969

Conflict Resolution Program, 1992 , undated

Ford Foundation, Social and Economic Study of Liberia , 1957

Subseries: Friends of Liberia

1997  Elections

Correspondence, 1996-1997 , undated

Election Materials, 1997  , undated

Government Materials, 1997  , undated

Notes, 1997  , undated

"Observations of the 1997 Election: Final Report and Evaluation", 1997

"Observing the 1997 Elections Process in Liberia,"


Writings, 1997 , undated

Dunn, Elwood.Correspondence, 1984-1997

Gray, Jim. e-mails, 1997-1999

3 folders

Miscellaneous Articles, undated

Newsletters, 1990-2000

Travel Documents, 1997

Box 3 Indiana University Institute for Advanced Study, 1991-1993

Institute for the Study of Human Issues, Inc. (I.S.H.I.),Correspondence, 1977

Institute of African Studies, Emory University, 1996

Islamic Arts Symposium Labelle Prussin, 1978-1980

Joint Committee on African Studies of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS)and the Social Science Research Council (SSRC): Proposal for an Institute in the African Humanities, 1986-1988

Liberian Research Association, Miscellaneous Papers, 1968-1973

Subseries: Liberian Studies Association

2nd Annual Conference. Brooks, George E., "The Kru Mariner: An Historical Compendium", 1970

2nd Annual Conference. Gay, John,"Kpelle Uses of Kpelle Logic", 1970

2nd Annual Conference. Holsoe, Svend, "What Liberians Call Themselves and Each Other", 1970

5th Annual Conference, Correspondence, 1972

5th Annual Conference, Papers, 1973

10th Annual Conference Background Papers, Benjamin G. Dennis. 1978

10th Annual Conference Background Papers,Eberhard Fischer . 1978

10th Annual Conference Background Papers, Ouobe Girard. 1978

10th Annual Conference Background Papers, Hans Himmelheber. 1978

10th Annual Conference Background Papers, Thanos Mengrelis. 1978

10th Annual Conference Background Papers, Kjell Zetterstrom. 1978

10th Annual Conference Papers A-M, undated

10th Annual Conference Papers N-Z, undated

10th Annual Conference Correspondence & Agendas, 1976-1978

11th Annual Conference, 1979

19th Annual Conference, 1987

20th Annual Conference Correspondence and Materials, 1987-1989

20th Annual Conference Keynote Address, 1988

21st Annual Conference Correspondence & Materials, 1989

21st Annual Conference Papers, 1989

23rd Annual Conference, 1990-1991

24th Annual Conference, 1991-1992

27th Annual Conference, 1995

General Material, 1969-1998

Miscellaneous Conferences, 1957-1997,  undated

Northwestern University Program of African Studies Interdisciplinary Seminar on Contemporary Africa, 1958

Subseries: Peace Corps


General, 1962-1970

Grosvenor, Ray L., 1966-1967 

Liebenow, J. Gus, 1962 

San Francisco State, 1966-1967 

Sharp, Allen W., 1966 

Sovde, Richard, 1966 

Subject Files

Background Practical Information, undated

Handwritten Notes, 1962

Kpelle Messenger Newsletters. 1967

Lecture Notes, undated

Liberia VI Training Project, Descriptions, 1965

Liberia VI Training Project, Papers, undated

Miscellaneous, 1966-1968  , undated

Northern Nevada Indian Colonies, undated

"Peace Corps Liberia", 1985

Peace Corps Wo (newsletter), undated

Teaching Guidelines, 1963

Training Materials, undated

Box 4 Writings

Background Articles, 1958-1968  , undated

Carroll, Ron & Barbara,"Some Biology Information and Field Excercises for West African Schools,"1967

Henderson, William H., Jr.,"A Short History of Africa,"1965

Northwestern University Program of African Studies Interdisciplinary Seminar on Contemporary Africa, 1958 

Student Work Examples, undated

Preserving Liberia's Past, 1995 , undated

Subseries: Primitive Art and Society (Symposium No. 37)

Correspondence, 1967-1968

d'Azevedo, Warren, "Mask Makers and Myth in Western Liberia," draft I, 1967

d'Azevedo, Warren, "Mask Makers and Myth in Western Liberia," draft II, 1967

d'Azevedo, Warren, "Mask Makers and Myth in Western Liberia," Master Copy, 1967

d'Azevedo, Warren, "Mask Makers and Myth in Western Liberia," published copies, 1967

Memorabilia and Notes, 1967

Papers, 1967

Religion in Africa Conference, 1986

Report of the Conference on Liberian Research and Scholarship, 1967

Seminar in the African Humanities, 1972

States and Kingdoms in West Africain the Nineteenth Century, 1969

Subseries: Symposium on Techniques of Reconstructing Culture-History in Africa

Correspondence, 1962

Notes, undated

Papers, undated

2 folders

Transcripts, 1963

Traditional Artist and African Society Conference, 1965

Subseries: Triennial Symposium on Traditional African Art

4th Triennial, 1976-1977

4th Triennial, Correspondence with Eberhard Fischer, 1976-1977

9th Triennial, 1992

10th Triennial, 1994-1995

Miscellaneous, 1984-1989

Union of Marxist Social Scientists, 1979

University Seminar on Primitive and Pre-Columbian Art, 1978-1980

Verbal and Visual Arts in Africa Conference, undated

Series: Box 5 Correspondence

Abasiattai, Monday B., 1994

Adams, Marie Jeanne (Monni), 1979

Anderson, Richard L. , 1988

Barelefay, J.G.N.,1982

Ben-Amos, Paula and Dan, 1977-1980

Bergon, Frank, 1988-1989

Caine, Augustus Feweh, 1971  

Carter, Jeanette, 1975-1997 

Coleman, Zolukai, 1978-1982

Dissanayake, Ellen ,1980

Dunn, Elwood, 1983-1997 

Fowler, Don and Kay ,1979-1985 

Fox, Melvin J., 1957 

Gay, John H.and Judy,1967-1972

Gay, Judy, 1972

Gbadyu, Joseph M.N., 1968 

Gibbs, James Lowell, Jr. 1967 

Handwerker, W. Penn,1970-1972

Holmes, Elijah Blama, 1981-1988  

Holmes, Thomas, 1968-1998

Holsoe, Svend, 1967-1969

Holsoe, Svend, 1970-1989

Johnson, S. Jangaba M., 1956-1980

Jones, Abedu Bowen, 1967-1980 

Jones, David M., 1965 

Jones, Jacob M., 1967 

Karnley, Arthur B. III, 1990-1997 

Karnley, Edwin B. (Big Boy), 1981-1993 

Karnley, Elijah B., 1987-1992 

Karnley, George Kpangbakie II, 1981-1984 

Karnley, George Kpangbakie II, 1985-1989 

Karnley, George Kpangbakie II, 1990-1994 

Karnley, George Kpangbakie II, 1995-1999 

Karnley, Hannan, 1986-1992 

Karnley, Issac Jah-Kei, Jr., (Junior), 1973-1994 

Karnley, Isaac James, Sr., 1956-1969 

Karnley, Isaac James, Sr., 1970-1979 

Karnley, Isaac James, Sr., 1980-1986 

Box 6 Karnley, Jesse Benaiah, 1980-2001 

Karnley, Lawrence Arma III,1982-1994

Karnley, Mary (Vincent),1970-1996

Karnley, Nathaniel J.,,1980-1989

Karnley, Rosaline G.,1973-1987

Karnley, Urias T.,1988-1994

Kennedy, Jim, 1995 

Kine, Make,1956

Korte, Werner, 1987

Kurtz, Ronald J.,1969

Liebenow, Beverly, 1994 

Liebenow, J. Gus, 1969 

Little, Kenneth Lindsay, 1972 

Lowenkopf, Martin, 1968-1969 

Martin, Jane J.,1980-1989

Massing, Andreas,1969-1972

Miscellaneous, 1948-1959

Miscellaneous, 1960-1969

Miscellaneous, 1970-1974

Miscellaneous, 1975-1979

Miscellaneous, 1980/1984

Miscellaneous, 1985-1989

Miscellaneous, 1990-1999  , undated

Moore, Bai T.,1966-1988

Morse, Mary Lynn, 1966 

Murphy, William P., 1979-1982 , undated

Nixon, Richard M.,1969

Nunley, John W., 1977 

Ofri-Scheps, Dorith, 1991-1993

Ottenberg, Simon, 1975-1991 

Primitive Art and Society, 1966-1974

Quick, Patricia, 1966 

Richter, Dolores, 1977 

Robbins, Warren M., 1983 

Sawyer, Amos, 1980-1983 

Seibel, H. Dieter, 1967-1970 

Seyon, Patrick L.N., 1984-1966 

Sherman, Mary Antoinette Brown, 1969-1984 

Siegmann, William, 1972-1994 

Tarpeh, James Teah, 1980-1981 

Taylor, Siafa L., 1985-1994 

Teh, Tarty, 1981 

U.S. Department of State, 1992-1993 

United States Educational and Cultural Foundation in Liberia, 1967-1974 

University of Pittsburgh/Fourah Bay College Cooperative Agreement, 1962

Vah, Moses Gabriel, 1966-1968 

Vaughan, James H., 1980 

Walker, Roslyn, 1986-1988

Wrubel, Tom P., 1969 

Zetterstrom, Kjell, 1967-1990 

Series: Box 7 Liberian Government Documents

Agreement Between the Interim Government of the National Unity of Liberia and the National Patriotic Front of Liberia, 1993

Annotated Bibliography of Liberian Government Mission Reports, 1979

Annual Report, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development, & Urban Reconstruction , 1975

Annual Report of the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism to Samuel K. Doe , 1980

Annual Report of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs to the People's Redemption Council, 1980

Annual Report on the Operation of the Interior Department , 1956

Annual Report to the Second Session of the 47th Legislative Republic of Liberia, 1972

Annual Report to the Third Session of the 47th Legislative Republic of Liberia, 1973

Annual Report to the First Regular Session of the 49th Legislative Republic of Liberia, 1979

Census Statistics, undated

Center for National Documents and Records, 1977

Charles Ghankay Taylor Education Endowment and Humanitarian Foundation, 1997

Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, 1955

Demographic Annual of the Population Growth Survey, 1971

Department of Commerce and Industry Annual Report, 1966

Department of Education, 1963

Department of Interior. "Traditional History and Folklore of the Glebo Tribe", 1957

Department of Interior. "Traditional History, Customary Laws, Mores, Folkways and Legends of the Vai Tribe", undated

Department of State, 1968-1976 , undated

Department of Treasury Annual Report, 1965-1966

Doe Regime Statements, 1980-1981

Draft Constitution Special, 1983

Economic Survey of Liberia,1979

Geographic Names in the Republic of Liberia, 1955

Independent Elections Commission, undated

Laws and Administrative Regulations Governing the Poro and Sande Societies, undated

Legislation, undated

Liberia's Reluctant Revolution, 1980

Liberian Military Coup, 1980

Liberian Revised Draft Constitution, 1984

Ministry of Agriculture. "Social and Economic Forces and Agricultural Development in Liberia", 1980

Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism Pamphlets, 1966-1980 , undated

Miscellaneous Documents, 1946-1969 , undated

Official Decrees of the Doe Regime, 1980-1981

People's Redemption Council Poster, 1981

oversized box 34

Population Growth in Liberia, 1962-1974

"President William V.S. Tubman of the Republic of Liberia: Visit to the United States", 1961

Proclomation by William V.S. Tubman, 1956


Box 8 Proposed Charter of the Inter-African and Malagasy States Organisation, 1962

"The Quiet Revolution: The Story of Liberia's War Against Ignorance, Disease and Poverty," 1979 

Republic of Liberia Acts, undated

Reports, 1953-1955

Seventh Annual Workshop for Supervisory and Administrative Personnel in Education Program, undated

Tubman, William V.S.,Address to Sixteenth Session of the General Assembly of the U.N.,1961

Tubman, William V.S.,"Words to Remember", undated

Series: Newspapers, Magazines, and Articles

All oversized news articles are found in the Oversized Box 33 at the end of the collection.

Subseries: Chronological












Subseries: Subjects

African Studies, 1977-1984

African Studies, 1986-1992

Liberian Civil War, 1992-1994

Miscellaneous Articles on Liberia, 1957-1992  , undated

Refugee Figures and Statistics, 1989-1996  , undated

Samuel Doe and Afrian Reform, 1983-1992

Tribalism, 1992-1996  , undated

Subseries: Title Box 9

"About Liberia",1985-1987

"About Liberia", 1988

"African Arts", 1967-1980

Duquesne University Institute of African Studies Publications, 1960

"The Hunger Project Papers", 1986

"Issue: A Journal of Opinion", 1992 & African Studies Review, 1991

"The Journal of Modern African Studies", undated

"Liberia Newsletter", 1979-1989

"Liberia Update", 1988-1990

"Liberia Watch", 1990-1992

"Liberian Diaspora,1991

"The Liberian Education Review", 1980

"The Liberian Woman", 1989

"News: The Republic of Liberia", 1980

"The Perspective", 2000-2001

Series: Photographs

Aerial Photos, undated

Art Photographs & Negatives from Books - Bloomington, 1970

Assorted African Artifacts, undated

Carved Seated Figure (from Robert Roberts), undated

d'Azevedo family in Liberia; "Turning Over the Bush", undated

Doe, Samuel, undated

Oversized Box 34

Gbetu images from Smithsonian, undated

Gbetu images from Smithsonian & Hoover Museum, undated

Gbetu images, Slides (from Smithsonian), undated

Jack Sills' Zogbe Head, undated

Liberian Elections, Friends of Liberia, 1997

Nevada Art Gallery Exhibit, 1972

Nevada Arts Council Exhibition Photos, 1972

Nixon, Richard and "Kopko," 1957

Peace Corps, undated

Smithsonian Institution , undated

"Sources of Gola Artistry" in Traditional Artist in African Societies, 1973

Tolbert, William - Visit to Besao, Liberia, undated

Vane Hime, Carving Tools & Motifs, undated

Vane Hime, Chief's Wife Sculpture, 1957

Vane Hime, Jawejei Workshop, Liberia, 1981

Vane Hime, Notes and Sketches, undated

Vane Hime, Old Zogbe Masks, 1973

"The Water Child", undated

Zolokai, P.C.and Family, undated

Series: Box 10 Professional Activities

Subseries: Contribution Invitations

"Artistry as a Strategy of Individual and Group Achievement in an African Society," 1981

African Arts, 1975

American Society for Ethnohistory, 1977 

Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, 1977

Humanity as Creator: the Arts of the Non-Western World and Us, 1979-1980

The Internal African Frontier, 1977

Liberian Art in the African Collection, Baltimore Museum of Art, 1984

The New Religions of Africa : The Influence of Women in Contemporary Cults and Churches, 1975

Ottenberg, Simon -Double Roast, 1990

Subseries: Ethnocentrism Project (ECP)

Campbell, D.T. "Distinguishing Differences of Perception from Failures of Communication in Cross-Cultural Studies," 1964 

A Cooperative Multinational Opinion Sample Exchange, undated


Brewer, Marilynn B. , 1968

Campbell, Donald T., 1966-1968

General, 1961-1973

Levine, Robert A., 1966-1974

d'Azevedo, W. "Gola of Liberia" 1972

Ethnocentrism Field Manuel, 1965

"Ethnocentrism Project," 1966-1967

Herskovits, M.J., D.T. Campbell,and M.H. Segall,"A Cross-Cultural Study of Perception", 1956

Miscellaneous, undated

Propositions about Ethnocentrism from Social Science Theories, 1965

2 copies

Unpublished materials, undated

2 folders

Subseries: Exhibitions

Art of the Baga: A Drama of Cultural Invention, 1993-1994

Correspondence, 1978-1982

Liberian Film Project (Seligman and Siegmann), 1985-1986

Prosposals and Notes, 1979

Subseries: Box 11 Honors, Awards, and Promotions

Ablon, Joan I.

Restricted folder

ACASA Leadership Award, 1989

Bellman, Beryl Larry

Restricted folder

Frye, David Lyles

Restricted Folder

Gibbs, James Lowell

Restricted folder

Lamp, Frederick John

Restricted folder

Merriam, Alan P.

Restricted folder

NEH Grant proposal: Artistry as a Strategy of Individual and Ethnic Group Achievement, 1974-1983

Stewart, Thomas J.

Restricted folder

Subseries: Liberian Language Study

Anthropology E4 Study, 1954-1955

Beginning Bassa: A Course for Speakers of English, 1946

Borg, James C.,Language and Tribe Among Government School Students in Monrovia, 1969

Hancock, Ian P., 1973-1974 

Kinship Terminology Schedule, undated

Liberian Language Survey Project, 1966-1967

Liberian Language Survey Project, undated

Maps, undated

Miscellaneous, 1955-1993

Miscellaneous, undated

Peace Corps Kpelle Lessons (Part One), undated

Serrocceo, Anthony and Tetsuo Takagami, "Some Common and Contrasting Patterns in Kpelle, Loma, Vai, Kru, Bassa, Grebo," 1966

Welmers, William E. "African Language Program: Problems and Proposals," undated

Welmers, William E."List of Words, Phrases and Sentences for a Survey of African Languages," undated

Subseries: Museum Collecting

Africana Museum, 1991 

Brach, Peter R.,Museum Book List, 1995

Field Museum (Chicago), 1966-1970

Lowie Museum (Berkeley)

Artifact Documentation, 1956-1957

Correspondence, 1965-1970

Smithsonian Institution

Library Acquisitions Lists, 1983-1985

Library Acquisitions Lists, 1991

Library Acquisitions Lists, 1992-1993

Library Acquisitions Lists, 1994-1995

Library Acquisitions Lists, 1997

Library Acquisitions Lists, 1998-1999

Miscellaneous Museum Correspondence, 1962-1974

Subseries: Peer Review

Dates represent the year reviewed

Adams, Marieand Christraud Geary, "Black Arts and Artists," 1979

Akpan "Native Administration and Gola-Bandi Resistance: 1905-1919 ," 1986

"The American Background of Recumbent Themes in Liberian Studies," undated

Anderson, Richard, "Art in Primitive Societies," 1976-1977 

Borgatti, Jean M., "Aesthetic Attitudes and Culture Change: Africa and America," 1983 

Bosserman, C. Phillip, "Liberian Education Survey," 1968 

Buelow, George, "Voluntary Associations Among the Coastal Kru," 1968 

Burrows, Carl Patrick, "The Devolution of Africa's Oldest State: Origins and Implications of the Liberian Crisis," 1993 

Carter, Jeanette, 1984 

Cornell, John B.,National Science Foundation Proposal , 1972

"Culture and Creativity," 1989 

Dennis, Benjamin G.,1966 

Dunn, Elwood, "Arabic and Islamic Literature in Twentieh-Century Liberia , 1994

Foster, George, "Many Happy Returns"

Freedman, Jean, "What Are Diasporas?" 1995 

Frobenius-Institut, "Atlas Africanus", 1970

Box 12 Gershoni, Yekutiel, "African American Myths in Africa", 1995 

5 folders

Geysbeek, Tim, "Settlers and Natives in Monrovia"(undated); "Voices from the Upper Niger Valley," 1989

Graburn, Nelson, 1967-1969

Hoffing, Larry, "Return to Africa: The Story of Liberia," 1992 

Konneh, Augustine, 1988 

Konneh, Augustine, 1993-1998 

Kurtz, Ronald J., "The Peoples of Liberia", 1970 

Lamp, Frederick "African Art on the West African Coast," 1979-1980 

Lamp, Frederick "African Art on the West African Coast," 1980 

Lamp, Frederick "Balancing the Lopsided Road," 1983 

Lamp, Frederick, "Frogs into Princes: Imagery of the Temne RABAI Initiation," 1976-1977 

Lamp, FrederickNEH Grant Proposal,1984-1985

Leopold, Robert, Fellowship Application, 1988

Liberian Research Proposals, 1967-1968

Liberian Studies Jounral, "Structures of Everyday Life in Pre-Liberia," 1993 

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Miscellaneous, undated

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Murphy, William P., "Kinship and Territory in the History of a Kpelle Cheifdom," undated

Murphy, William P., "Knowledge as Property in Kpelle Society," 1977-1978 

Murphy, William P., "The Kpelle Negotiation of Marriage and Matrilateral Ties," 1979 

Murphy, William P., "Mende Aesthetics of Politics, " 1987 

2 folders

Murphy, William P., "The Negotiation of Firstcomer and Latecomer Status in a Kpelle Chiefdom, " 1980 

Murphy, William P., "Rhetoric and Dialectic Consensus in the Mende Political Discourse," undated

Murphy, William P., "The Rhetorical Management of Dangerous Knowledge in Kpelle Brokerage," 1980 

Murphy, William P., "A Semantic and Logical Analysis of Kpelle Proverb Metaphors of Secrecy," 1976 

Nunley, John W., "Sisala Artists", undated

2 folders

Otten, Charlotte, "The Meaning and Function of Art in Culture," 1977-1978 

Ottenberg, Simon, "Bascom and the Bronzes: A Reply to Tignor," 1990-1993 

Ottenberg, Simon, "Boyhood in an African Society: An Interpretation," 1986 

Ottenberg, Simon, NEH Proposal, 1979

Peek, Phillip M. "The Power of Words in African Verbal Arts," 1980 

Box 13 Phillips, Ruth, "Representing Woman: The Sane Masquerades of the Mende People", Correspondence, 1993-1998

Phillips, Ruth. "Representing Woman: The Sane Masquerades of the Mende People", 1993

Phillips, Ruth. General, 1977

Reinhardt, Loretta. "Aesthetic Values and Process Among the Mende of Sierra Leone," 1976

Sawyer, Amos. "The Emergence of Autocracy in Liberia", 1990 

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Stewart, Gail, 1971 

Stone, Ruth, "The Amulet-Laden Tunics of Hunters, Political Leaders and Warriors in West Africa," 1973 

Stone, Ruth, "The Feedback Interview in the Study of Music Events Among the Kpelle of Liberia,"undated

Stone, Ruth, "Let the Inside Be Sweet," 1980 

Stone, Ruth, "Toward a Kpelle Conceptualization of Music Preferences," 1980 

Unesco Proposal, undated

Warren, D.M.and J. Kweku Andrews, "An Ethnoscientific Approach to Akan Arts and Aesthetics," 1976

Yengoyan, Aram, 1979-1980  

Subseries: References

Reference folders are restricted.

Ben-Amos, Paula, 1983-1984 

Holsoe, Svend E., 1975-1978 

Lamp, Frederick John, 1990-2001 

Subseries: Teaching and Classes

Bibliographies and Reading Lists, 1968-1970

Brown University,Mandeville Fund Lecture Series, 1979

d'Azevedo, Warren,"Ethnomusicology and Ethnohistory: A Bibliographic Essay", undated

Girshick, Paula and Ellen Sieber, Exhibiting African Art: Problems in Representation and Presentation, 1993

Kroeber, A.L., Notes, 1939-1940, undated

Princeton University, 1974-1980 

Student Papers

All student papers are restricted

Adams, Becky

Conrod, Mary

Conteh, J. Sorie

Dresel, Roland

Dresel, Roland - notes

Fraser, Douglas

Peek, Philip M.

Perani, Judith

Pitaro, Nicholas R.

Pitaro, Nicholas R.

Price, John A.

Rampton, Lucybeth

Siegmann, William

Siegmann, William - notes

Wittmer, Marcilene K.

Wittmer, Marcilene K. - notes

Zwick, Patrick

University of Liberia, 1966-1980

University of Nevada, Anthropology 342/642, 1967-1971

Series: Box 14 Research Materials

Anthropology of Liberian Literature, undated

Subseries: Articles & Printed Materials

Anderson, Benjamin, "Narrative of a Journey to Musardu" , undated

Brooks, George E., "Kola Trade and State Buildings: Upper Guinea Coast and Sene Gambia, 15th-17th Century", 1980-1981 

Brown, Mary Antoinette, "Theses on Liberia: A Compilation" , 1967 

Burrowes, Carl Patrick, "The Americo-Liberian Ruling Class and Other Myths: A Critique of Political Science in the Liberian Context, 1988 

Burrowes, Carl Patrick, "Human Rights in Liberia: A Critique of the Government and its Critics", 1989 

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Douglass, William A.and Stanford Lyman,"Ethnicity: Strategies of Collective and Individual Impression Management"1973

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Holsoe, Svend , "Promoting Democracy and Development at the Grassroots Level in Liberia", 1988-1989 , undated

Holsoe, Svend, Elliot Berg, Bertha Baker-Azango , "A Discussion by American and Liberian Scholars on the Development Process", 1977

Indiana, UC Berkeley, Stanford Universities, 1992-1996 

Institute for the Study of Human Issues, Inc., 1976-1978 , undated

Johnson, Amodu, "The Goa Tribe", 1956

Journal of the Folklore Institute (Vol. 11, no. 1), 1965

Kaafa Poems, 1977

Liberia Bulletin, undated

3 folders

"Liberian Family Life", undated

Liberian Folklore from Five Counties, 1974 

Liberian Studies Journal, Vol. 3, no. 2, 1970-1971

Liberian Studies Journal, Vol. 15, no. 2, 1990

Liberian Studies Journal, Vol. 19, no. 2, 1994 & Vol. 20, no. 1, 1995

Liberian Studies Journal, Vol. 25, no. 1, 2000

McEvoy, Frederick D., "Understanding Ethnic Realities Among the Grebo and Kru Peoples of West Africa", 1977 

Newman, Debra L., "Laborers into the Harvest", undated

Paden, John N. , "Values, Identities, and National Integration", 1980 , undated

Poro and Sande, 1966-1981 , undated

2 folders

Research Articles, 1945-1963

Saul, John , "The State and Revolution in Eastern Africa", 1971 

Box 15 Seligman, Thomas,Field Recordings, 1981

2 folders

Smithsonian Institution,Lucille and William Mann Papers, 1989 , undated

5 folders

Thomasson, Gordon C., Liberian Technology Articles, 1987-1991 , undated

Bibliography Material on Liberia, 1964-1970 , undated

Subseries: Field Notes

Original Notebooks, 1956-1957

8 folders

Printed Notebooks, Vol. I and II, 1956-1957

Box 16 Printed Notebooks, Vol. III and IV, 1956-1957


11 folders

Accession Records for the Etnografiska Museet, Goteburg, undated

British Museum 1981 

Cosmology, 1959 , undated

ECP, 1966-1967

20 folders

ECP Notebooks, undated

14 folders

Box 17 Gola Flora and Fauna, undated

Gola Litigation and Miscellaneous, 1935

Gola Proposal Thesis Outline, 1955

Harmon, George - notebook1966

Kinship, 1956-1971 , undated

Maps, 1956-1968

Massing, Andreas - field notes, undated

Miscellaneous Notes, 1957,  undated

Liberian Mask Bibliography, undated

Liberian Research Projects, 1966-1967

List of Liberian Students in the United States and Canada, 1955

Reading List, Art, undated

Sketches and Diagrams, 1968

Standard Elements of Design Employed by Woodcarvers, 1968

Subseries: "A Tribal Reaction to Nationalism"

"Emancipation of the Hinterland", 1984

Liberian Governments Documents, 1955-1980 , undated

Liberian Yearbook, 1956

Miscellaneous Articles, 1950 , undated

Van Hime and Boima Gbuli, 1969 , undated

Yale University Press, Anthropology Titles, undated

Series: Box 18 Subject Files

Antiquities Policies, 1952-1960 , undated

Book Catalogs and Order Forms, 1985-1996 , undated

"A Brief History of the Founding of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Liberia", 1966

Brochures and Pamphlets, 1952-1994 , undated

Business Cards, undated

Complaints Against Paramount Chief Zwannah Johnson, 1950

d'Azevedo CV, 1968

Subseries: Funerals and Obituaries

Gotomo, undated

Karnley, Isaac James Sr.,, 1986 , undated

Liberty, Zamba C.E., 1981-1997 

Liebenow, J. Gus , 1993 

Moore, Bai T. , 1988 , undated

Handwritten Notes, undated

Human Rights, 1984-1991

2 folders

Inventory of the Properties of Momolu Karnley, 1926

Invitations, undated

Karnley, Jesse Benaiah, 1996 , undated

Ledger and Receipts, 1956

Legal Documents, 1935-1972 , undated

3 folders

Liberian Military and Political Issues, 1989-1993

Maps, undated

Includes oversized box of maps (box 34)

Miscellaneous, 1950-1993 , undated

Newsletters, 1954-1998 , undated

Photocopies and Order Forms, 1970 , undated

Primers, 1946-1965 , undated

Programs, 1956-1997

U.S. Government Documents, 1990-1992

Series: Box 19 Tenth County

Subseries: Section I

Select Series Guide (Provides annotations for Section I only), undated

Acts of the Legislative, 1908  (microfiche)

Commission Members, 1981

Common Principles of Variant Kinship Structures Among the Gola, 1962 (copy 3)

Correspondence, 1956-1985

Draft Constitution of the Republic of Liberia & Suspended Constitution, 1981 , undated

Field Notes, 1981

Field Notes, 1985

Field Notes, Edwin Karnley,1985

Field Trip (project and grant papers), 1983-1985

Government and Administrative Documents, 1951-1982

Government and Administrative Documents, 1983-1985

Maps, 1956, 1970

Notebooks, 1981 , undated

Passport Documentiation and Travel Information, 1983-1985

Receipts and Invoices, 1983-2000

Revised Laws and Administrative Regulations for Governing the Hinterland, 1949

Revised Laws and Administrative Regulations for Governing the Hinterland, 1949  (expanded version)

"The Setting of Gola Society and Culture", 1959

Subseries: Section II

Approved Revised Draft Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, 1983

Articles and Papers, 1988-1991

Articles and Papers, 1992-1996

Articles and Papers,undated

Correspondence, 1966-1977

Correspondence, 1978-2000 , undated

Correspondence, Holsoe, Svend E.1981

Correspondence, Tolbert, W.R., Jr., 1973-1980

Fraternal Organizations, 1974,  undated

Government and Technical Documents, 1977-1979

Government Reports, 1962-1977

Miscellaneous Notes, 1985 , undated

Newsletters (Field Trip), 1983-1985

Roles of the Ministry of Lands and Mines in the Establishment of Tenth County, 1977

Statistics, 1977

Steno Notebook #1-4, 1981 , undated

4 folders

"Tenth Couty: From Myth to Reality in the Gola Concept of Historic Diety" (drafts and notes),1985

Tubman, William V.S. Nationwide Broadcast, Programme in Honor of, Program for the Presentation of Resolution, 1960-1971 

Working Papers

Bomi County, 1946,  1983

Deyior, Wilson, J.H. , "Government Documents Bibliography," 1979

"The Julius C. Stevens Annual Lectures in Education,"1972

Special Message of William V.S. Tubmanto the Extraordinary Meeting of the Forty-Third Legislative of Liberia, 1955

2 folders

Tenth Couty Commission Report, 1963

Series: Box 20 Writings

Folder 1A: Mandingo, 1969 , undated

Folder 1B: Mandingo, undated

Folder 1C: Mandingo, undated

Folder 1D: Mandingo, 1960 , undated

Folder 1E: Mandingo, 1992-1995 

Folder 1F: Mandingo, 1990 

Folder II: A View From the Periphery, 1987-1992

Folder IIIA: "Heritage of a Vanishing Hinterland", 1988-1989 , undated

Folder IIIB: "Heritage of a Vanishing Hinterland", 1989

Folder IIIC: Thomasson, Gordon LSA1988-1989

Folder IVA: Ethnicity, Tribalism and Liberian Nationalism, 1980-1981,  undated

Folder IVB: "Some Observations on the Ethnohistory and Social Organization of Northwestern Liberia", 1981

Folder IVC: Monrovia Rotary Club Talk, undated

Folder IVD: Ethnicity in the National Context, 1981 , undated

Folder IVE: "Ethnic Dilemmas and the Anathema of Tribalism in Liberia", 1983 , undated

Folder IVF: "Indigenous Cultural Institutions and Government Administrative Policy in Liberia", 1985 , undated

Folder IVG: "Perspectives on Liberia at a Crossroads", 1985 , undated

Folder IVH: "The Liberian Tragedy", 1989

Folder IVI: "Tribalism, Ethnic Identities and the Liberian Nation in the 1990's", 1990 , undated

Folder IVJ: Conference on Liberia : "The Spectre of Tribalism in Liberia", 1990 , undated

2 folders

Folder IVK: "Liberia Reconsidered: Facing the Realites of the 1990 Conference", 1981-1991 , undated

Folder IVK: part II "Liberia Reconsidered: The Missing Pieces", 1991 , undated

Folder IVL: "Invention and Dissolution of Liberia", undated

Folder IVM: African Students Association Closing Remarks, undated

Folder IVN: "Tribe and Diatribe: Redeeming Liberian Ethnicity", 1992-1993 , undated

Folder IVO: "Tribe and Diatribe"-Notes, 1981 , undated

Folder IVP: "Changing Patterns of Ethnicity and Liberian National Policy", 1980-1984 , undated

Folder IVQ, part I: "Liberia as an Invention of the Western World" , 1980-1990 , undated

"Liberia as an Invention of the Western World", undated

Folder V: "Gola Womanhood and the Limits of Masculine Omnipotence" - notes, 1987 , undated

Folder VI: "Phantoms of the Hinterland" Manuscript, 1994

Folder VI/b: "Phantoms of the Hinterland: The "Mandingo" presence in Early Liberian Accounts" - draft, undated

Folder VI/c: "Phantoms of the Hinterland: The "Mandingo" presence in Early Liberian Accounts" - draft, undated

Folder VI/2: "Phantoms of the Hinterland: The "Mandingo" Presence" - Part II, undated

Folder VI/2b: Part II - "Phantoms of the Hinterland: The "Mandingo" Presence" - Camera Ready Proof, 1995 , undated

Folder VI/3: "Phantoms of the Hinterland" - Correspondence, 1992-1993 , undated

Folder VI/d: "Road to Byzantium" Working Files, 1984-1995 , undated

Folder VI/E: "Phantoms of the Hinterland" - End Notes, undated

Folder VI/F: "Phantoms of the Hinterland" - Maps, undated

Folder VII/A: "An Anthropologist's Nemisis: National Annihilation in Liberia", 1993-1996 , undated

Folder VII/B: "An Anthropologist's Nemesis" - Working Papers, 1993-1996 , undated

Box 21 "An Accommodation Between a Tribal Ideology and Liberian National Policy", 1981

"African Personality", undated

Alland, Alexander (Collaboration), 1979

"Anthropology and Biography: An Artist's Career in a West African Society" (unpublished), undated

"Art and the Moral Order in a Week African Society" (unpublished), undated

"The Artist" (notes), undated

"Artist in Gola Society: A Mirror for Gola Values" (unpublished), undated

"The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture", Master Copy pages 1-83, 1966

"The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture", Master Copy pages 84-166, 1966

"The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture", Copy 2 pages 1-83, 1966

"The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture", Copy 2 pages 84-166, 1966

"The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture", Working Draft pages 1-83, 1970

"The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture", Working Draft pages 84-166, 1970

"The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture", Working Drafts, undated

"The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture", Working Draft 1975-1976

"The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture" - Correspondence: General, 1966-1971

"The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture" - Correspondence: Mouton Publishers, 1974 , undated

"The Artist as Archtype in Gola Culture" - Correspondence: Orders, 1968-1973 , undated

"Broadside Writer" (unpublished), 1957-1987 , undated

"Chiefdoms and Incipient States in the Western Guinea Coast Forests" I (drafts), undated

"Chiefdoms and Incipient States in the Western Guinea Coast Forests" II (drafts), undated

"A Chronological Outline of Events Significant to the Emergence of a Liberian Nation" (drafts), undated

Comments Re Gbedin Swamprice Case -- d'Azevedo, June 1961

"Common Principles of Variant Kinship Structures Among the Gola", 1960-1962 

"Common Principles of Variant Kinship Structures Among the Gola", undated

"Common Principles of Variant Kinship Structures Among the Gola of Western Liberia", Correspondence American Anthropologist, 1960-1961

"Common Principles of Variant Kinship Structures Among the Gola of Western Liberia", Correspondence Dorjahn, Vernon R. , 1961

"Definition of Art and Esthetics" - Notes, undated

"Fundamental of Gola Poro and Sande", undated

"Fundamentals of Gola Poro and Sande", undated

"A General Bibliography of the Republic of Liberia": Correspondence, 1962-1963 

"A General Bibliography of the Republic of Liberia": Correspondence - Panofsky, Hans E., 1962-1963

"A General Bibliography of the Republic of Liberia": Correspondence - Solomon, Marvin David, 1959-1963 , undated

"A General Bibliography of the Republic of Liberia:: Notes, 1962 , undated

"A General Bibliography of the Republic of Liberia:: Personal Indiana UniversityLibrary Copy, 1962 

"A General Bibliography of the Republic of Liberia": Working Papers, 1962 , undated

Box 22 "Gola of Liberia", 1972-1979

"Gola of Liberia",undated

"A Gola Woodcarver" (unpublished), undated

"Gola Womanhood and the Limits of Masculine Omnipotence", 1992 , undated

"Gola Womanhood and the Limits of Masculine Omnipotence" (Blakely draft), 1987-1992 , undated

"Gola Womanhood and the Limits of Masculine Omnipotence" (Page Proofs), 1987 , undated

"Gola Womanhood and the Limits of Masculine Omnipotence" (Reprints), 1993

"Gola Womanhood and the Limits of Masculine Omnipotence" (Research Materials), 1992 , undated

"Ideology and Status Among the Gola", undated

Lecture on the Art of Western Liberia(unpublished), 1967-1976

"Liberia: Some Factors Contributing to the Emergence of a Ruling-Class Elite", 1953-1955  , undated

Liberian Mission and Ring-Game Songs (Transcribed), undated

"Liberian Nationalism and Gola Kinship" (Authority Drafts), undated

Miscellaneous Reference Notes, undated

"Mask Makers and Myth in Western Liberia" (unpublished works), undated

"Mask Makers and Myth in Western Liberia" (reprints), 1989-1990 , undated

Includes photos and slides

"A Note on the Mandingo of Western Liberia", 1969

"On Being Christian, Muslim and Pagan in Liberia", 1989-1994 , undated

Ottenberg, Simon (Collaboration), 1992-1995  , undated

"Personality and Signature: Two Cases of Career in Gola", 1975-1976 , undated

"Profane Means and Sacred Ends: Secrecy and Gossip as Elements of Esthetic Appreciation in a West African Society" (draft), undated

"The Representation of the Self" (unpublished), undated

"Revolt on the San Dominick", 1950 , undated

"Revolt on the San Dominick" (Phylon reprints), undated

"Revolt on the San Dominick" Correspondence, 1950-1958

"Social Change and the Gola Ideology of Status", undated

Social Organization and State Formation, undated

"Some Observations on Liberian Nationalism", undated

"Some Liberian English Usages", 1967-1970 

"Some Terms from Liberian Speech", undated

"Some Terms from Liberian Speech" (Research Materials), 1967-1984 , undated

Box 23 "The Spectre of Tribalism in Liberia" , 1990

"A Structural Approach to Esthetics: Toward a Definition of Art in Anthropology" (unpublished), undated

2 folders

Testament of DAZ, undated

"A Tribal Reaction to Nationalism", undated

6 folders

"Tribe and Chiefdom on the Windward Coast", 1971 , undated

"Tribe and Chiefdom on the Windward Coast" (Edited Copies), 1989 , undated

"Tribe and Chiefdom on the Windward Coast" (Correspondence), 1980-1989

"Tribe and Chiefdom on the Windward Coast" (Elwood Dunn Correspondence), 1989-1990

"Tribe and Chiefdom on the Windward Coast" (Richard Fulton Correspondence), 1970-1971

Tribute to Roy Sieber, 1994 , undated

Uses of the Past in Gola Discourse, 1960-1980

"Whatever Happened to Primitive Art?", undated

"The Zogbenya of Gola Sande: Tutelars of a Charter Myth", undated

Series: Writings by Others

Abimbala, Wande. "Verbal and Visual Symbolism in Ifa Divination", 1980

Abiodun, Rowland, 1987-1992 

Adams, Marie Jeanne (Monni)."Interpretations of Masking in Black African Ritual", 1980

Adejugbe, M.O.A."Cooperation, Conflicts and Contradictions in West African Economic Integration Schemes", undated

AID Project Impact Evaluation Report No 6. "Impact of Rural Roads in Liberia", 1980

Alexander, Archibald. "A History of the Colonization of the Western Coast of Africa", undated

Alvares de Almada, Andre."Brief Treatise on the Rivers of Guinea", Part 1, 1986

Alvares de Almada, Andre."Brief Treatise on the Rivers of Guinea", Part 2, 1986

Alvares, Manuel. "Ethiopia Minor and a Geographical Accouint of the Province Sierra Leone"(translation), 1990

Amachree, Igolima."Agricultural Innovation in Rural Liberia: A Study of Farmers Among the Kissi", undated

Anonymous, undated

Aronson, Lisa, 1980-1991 

Atwood, Ronald G."Problems of the Diffusion of Mask Styles from the Ngere Complex", undated

Barbot, John A."A Description of the Coasts of North and South Guinea", undated

Barrett, Lindsay. "Report on Liberia", 1993

Batalha, Fernando, "E, Defesa do Patrimonio Historico e Traditional", 1963

Befu, Harumi, Leonard Plotnicov."Types of Unilineal Descent Groups", 1962

Bellman, Beryl L., 1978-1980 , undated

Bellman, Beryl L."The Language of Secrecy: Verbal and Visual Symbols in Poro Rituals", undated

Bellman, Beryl L."NEH Fellowship Proposal: Verbal and Visual Symbols in Poro Initiation Rituals", 1978

Ben-Amos, Paula, 1976-1983 , undated

Benjamin, George J."Freedom of Speech and the Authority of the Government", 1973

Box 24 Berkeley Bill. "Between Repression and Slaughter", 1992

Bibliogrpahies, 1964-1965

Bibliographies, undated

Bledsoe, Caroline H., 1979-1993 , undated

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Buttikofer, J. "Travelogue from Liberia", 1993 , undated

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2 folders

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2 folders

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