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Odets mss., 1921-1963

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Lilly Library
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Odets, Clifford, 1906-1963.

Odets mss., 1921-1963

Collection No.
LMC 1808

ca. 30,000 items

Materials are in English

Consists of the papers of playwright Clifford Odets, 1906-1963.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Clifford Odets was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1906. He left school at age seventeen and worked as an announcer on local New York and Philadelphia radio stations, and as an actor in theater groups and traveling stock companies based in Philadelphia and New York until 1931, when the Group Theatre was formed. As one of the founding members, Odets continued acting in minor roles, but found new release for his creativity in writing plays. It was during this time that he wrote Awake and Sing!, Waiting for Lefty , and Paradise Lost. These three plays marked him as one of the most important playwrights of the period, but not without some controversy. The proletarian themes of these early plays and his suspected affiliations with the Communist Party resulted in his testifyng before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in 1952.

During the production of Paradise Lost in 1935-1936, Odets made his first trip to Hollywood, where he signed with Paramount Pictures to write his first screenplay, The General Died at Dawn. In 1937 he married movie star Luise Rainer and continued to shuttle between Hollywood and New York until the Group Theatre's demise in 1940. Odets and Rainer were divorced that year, and in 1943 he married actress Bette Grayson. The two settled in Hollywood where Odets produced, directed and/or wrote screenplays for such films as None But the Lonely Heart, and, later, Sweet Smell of Success. Odets and Grayson moved their young family back to New York in 1948, where he wrote and produced two more plays on Broadway, The Country Girl and The Flowering Peach. Grayson died unexpectedly in 1954, leaving Odets to raise their two children, Nora and Walt Whitman. He and the children moved back to Los Angeles in 1955. In 1961 Odets signed with the television drama series The Richard Boone Show as editor-in-chief. He died in August 1963 before he was able to see two of his own scripts, Big Mitch and The Mafia Man , produced for the series.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. Diaries and Calendars; III. Group Theatre; IV. Notes/Research; V. Plays and Films; VI. Television; VII. Writings and Scripts By Others; VIII. Personal; IX. Photographs; X. Business/Financial; XI. Bound and Oversize

Scope and Content Note

The Odets collection contains approximately 30,000 items covering the years 1921-1963 and is both personal and business in nature. There is extensive correspondence with theatre and film personalities, literary and political figures, and family. Several of the diaries give detailed accounts of day-to-day events particularly those written during his time with the Group Theatre. Other items pertaining to the Group Theatre include scripts, photographs, playbills and stills. Scripts and production materials relating to his other plays and films are also present. Research materials include notes and ideas for future scripts and for character development, although there are numerous notes on family members as well. Personal papers include information on his collections of artwork, books and stamps, miscellaneous papers relating to his two wives and children, and real estate and automobile documents. There are photographs of Odets and his family as well as photographs and stills from various productions of his plays and films. The business and financial section is comprised of correspondence, contracts and royalty statements with his publishers, production companies and agents, items concerning investment ventures, cancelled checks, receipts, account books, bank statements, ledgers, insurance and tax papers. Several disc and wire recordings, films, and Odets's death mask complete the collection.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Acquired: 1992, 2001, 2003
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Odets mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
Processing Information
Processed by Lilly Library Staff.

Completed in 2003

Series: Boxes


Correspondence, 1921 - 1963

Arranged chronologically.

Correspondents include the following:
  • View All (41)
  • Adler, Luther
  • Adler, Stella
  • Aronson, Boris
  • Atkinson, Brooks
  • Bogdanovich, Peter
  • Breuer, Bessie
  • Cerf, Bennett Alfred
  • Chaplin, Charles Spencer
  • Clurman, Harold Edgar
  • Copland, Aaron
  • Crawford, Cheryl
  • Davis, Bette
  • Dreiser, Theodore
  • Eisler, Hanns
  • Frank, Waldo David
  • Gershwin, Ira
  • Gibson, William Walker
  • Girdleston, Cuthbert Morton
  • Gordon, Ruth
  • Grant, Cary
  • Green, Paul Eliot
  • Hart, Moss
  • Hepburn, Audrey
  • Kazan, Elia
  • Lindsay, Howard
  • Lyons, Leonard
  • MacLeish, Archibald
  • Meisner, Sanford
  • Nizer, Louis
  • O'Hara, John
  • Patchen, Kenneth
  • Rainer, Luise
  • Renoir, Jean
  • Roosevelt, Eleanor
  • Saarinen, Aline (Bernstein)
  • Selznick, Irene Mayer
  • Strasberg, Lee
  • Swope, Herbert Bayard
  • Vechten, Carl Van
  • Wald, Jerry
  • Wray, Fay

Box 1 1921-May 1938

Box 2 June 1938-December 1942

Box 3 January 1943-February 1948

Box 4 March 1948 - June 1953

Box 5 July 1953 - November 1955

Box 6 December 1955 - July 1958

Box 7 August 1958 - October 1963

Box 8 Fan letters to George Gershwin and Burt Lancaster

Series: Box 8 Diaries and Calendars

See also: Group Theatre

Folder 3 July 25 - December 6, 1940

Folder 4 1950,  1954,  1955,  1960

Folder 5 1960

Folder 6 Diary/calendar, 1962

Series: Box 8 Group Theatre

Includes material related to Odets's association with the Group Theatre, New York City.

See also: Correspondence, Additions and individual titles of works produced by Group Theatre - Awake and Sing!, Golden Boy, Night Music, Paradise Lost, Rocket to the Moon and Waiting For Lefty.

Folder 7-10 Diaries: 1931,  1932,  1933,  1939

Folder 11 Lee Strasberg materials

Folder 12-14 Miscellaneous

Folder 15 Photographs

Folder 16 Printed materials

Series: Box 8 Notes/Research

Arranged alphabetically

Includes typed and handwritten notes, printed material and clippings collected by Odets on various subjects and for future projects.

See also: Additions

Folder 17 List of files, 1945

Folder 18-38 Acting - Aunt and Uncle
  • View All (16)
  • Acting
  • Activities and Adjustments
  • The Actor
  • Advertising
  • Africa
  • Agitator Son
  • Airline Hostess Play
  • The American Guy
  • American Revolution
  • Americana
  • Anti-Nazi
  • Army and Navy
  • Articles and Speeches (3 folders)
  • The Artist in Two Civilizations
  • The Artist, the Prophet, etc.
  • Aunt and Uncle (4 folders)

Box 9 Baby Play - Evangelists
  • View All (58)
  • Baby Play
  • Bagatelles
  • Beethoven
  • Bette [Grayson Odets]
  • Birthdays
  • The Bitch's Tale
  • Black Market Play
  • Black Sea Fighters
  • Blizzard Men, See also: Sextet
  • Books and the Arts
  • Bourgeois
  • Broadway Types
  • Burlesque
  • Burr, Aaron
  • Caesar
  • Camille, See also: Negroes
  • Camp Tiogo Play
  • Cancer
  • Carmen Jones
  • Casting (2 folders)
  • Catholics
  • Charlie
  • Children
  • Child's Lincoln
  • Cinema
  • C.I.O.
  • Civil War
  • Columbus, Christopher
  • Columns
  • Communists
  • Composers
  • Cowboy
  • Creativity
  • Crime
  • Crime Play
  • Cuba
  • Current
  • Dark Companion
  • Darwin
  • Dead Souls (3 folders)
  • The Death of My Mother
  • De Kruif Play
  • Destroyer
  • Diary (Girl's)
  • Diplomacy
  • Disasters of Nature
  • Doc Cook
  • Dope
  • Draft Board
  • Drunkard Mother
  • Duo Play
  • Elizabeth & Essex
  • Embezzler
  • Episodes
  • An Errand for Uncle (5 folders)
  • Etudes
  • European Types
  • Evangelists

Box 10 Faces - Hostess Play
  • View All (29)
  • Faces
  • Fairy Tales
  • Family Type
  • Farmer's Hotel
  • Father and Child
  • Fathers and Sons
  • Fisher Island Play
  • Fishing Boat
  • Fitzgerald, F. Scott
  • Five Scientists
  • A Flag for Feinberg
  • French Revolution
  • Full Length Plays (4 folders)
  • The Game
  • Garfield, John (incl. 4 photos) (2 folders)
  • General Notes (3 folders)
  • Germans
  • Gershwin, George (incl. 5 photos)
  • Girl Against City
  • Grant, Cary
  • Grant, Ulysses S
  • Handwriting (6 folders)
  • Haydn
  • Heine Play
  • Hines Trial
  • Hoff
  • Hollywood
  • Hollywood Types
  • Hostess Play

Box 11 House Committee on Un-American Activities - Oil Play
  • View All (56)
  • House Committee on Un-American Activities (5 folders)
  • I Heard the Music Start
  • Idiot Child Play
  • Imposters
  • Improvisations
  • Japanese
  • Jesus
  • Joan of Arc
  • Joe Smith - Louse
  • Julie Movie
  • Klee (incl. photo of Klee?) (2 folders)
  • Knocked Up
  • L.J. [Louis J. Odets]
  • Labor Struggles
  • Lady Into Fox
  • Larry and Barry
  • Latin America
  • Lincoln (2 folders)
  • The Lincoln Guard
  • Lindbergh
  • Lines
  • Live an' Learn
  • Live and Let Live
  • London, Jack
  • The Lost Country See: Story Outlines
  • Love in the West
  • Luise [Rainer]
  • Manon Lescaut
  • Marriage and Divorce
  • Marx Brothers
  • Mayor of Rising Sun
  • Medicine
  • Melbourne & Victoria
  • Memorial Day (2 folders)
  • Mercy Killing
  • Middle Class
  • Modern Hero
  • Modern Images
  • Moi (2 folders)
  • Money
  • Monologues
  • The Moth
  • Movie Ideas (2 folders)
  • Movie Technique
  • Mozart
  • Murder Play
  • Music
  • Mystery Writing
  • Negroes, See also: Camille
  • The New April
  • New Trial Play
  • The Night the Moon Fell
  • Novel
  • Objective Burma
  • Odets, Bette Grayson
  • Oil Play

Box 12 Painting - The Shark
  • View All (36)
  • Painting
  • Personal Notes (11 folders)
  • Philadelphia Play
  • Playwrighting
  • Poems
  • Politicians and Politics
  • The Prince
  • Private Treaty
  • Production Plans
  • Project Twinkle
  • Projects
  • Psychology (2 folders)
  • Quartet Play
  • Reactionary
  • Refugees
  • Renoir, Jean
  • Reprisal
  • Robespierre
  • Romantics
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Rose, Billy
  • Ruralism
  • [Russia]
  • Sacco & Vanzetti
  • [Sailors]
  • St. Paul
  • Sand, George
  • Satiric Comedy
  • Saul & David
  • Scenery
  • Scenes (3 folders)
  • 783 Beck Street
  • Sextet
  • The Shadow
  • Shakespeare
  • The Shark

Box 13 Short Plays - Whore
  • View All (51)
  • Short Plays (2 folders)
  • Short Stories (2 folders)
  • Siggie and Anna
  • Smog
  • Social Satire
  • Social Types
  • Society
  • Soldiers
  • Souvenirs
  • Sports
  • The Stadium
  • Steele Mountain
  • Stock Actress Play
  • Stockholder
  • Story Outlines: The Charterhouse of Parma; The Corn is Green; The Lost Country; The Sleeping Prince
  • Strange Hunt
  • Strike Breaking
  • Suicide Play
  • Sweepstakes Play
  • Symbols
  • Talks
  • Taylor, Fred Winslow
  • The Team
  • [Telephone Company]
  • That Old Girl of Mine Play
  • Theatre
  • They Came to Cordura
  • Third Party Play
  • Titles (4 folders)
  • Tolstoy
  • [Transportation Research]
  • Tristan Play
  • TV Personalities
  • TV Show
  • Two Crooks Play
  • Two Sides
  • Two X Play (Marriage)
  • Types
  • USO Radio
  • Unveiling of the Stone
  • Van Gogh
  • Veblen
  • Verdi
  • Wagner, Richard
  • Wald, Jerry
  • War (3 folders)
  • War Vets Home Play
  • The Way They Are
  • Welcome to the City
  • Whitman, Walt (incl. photo)
  • Whore

Box 14
Folder 1-14

Wilson, Woodrow - X [Characters]
  • Wilson, Woodrow
  • The Winter Journey
  • Wolfe, Thomas
  • Woman with Child
  • Writers
  • X [Characters] (8 folders)

Series: Box 14 Plays and Films

Play and film titles are interfiled and arranged alphabetically.

Contains scripts and production materials for projects either written by Odets or with which he was associated. Includes scripts and revisions, notes, production materials, photographs, printed items, etc.

See also: Additions

Folder 15-17 All Brides are Beautiful (film).

Folder 18-21 April Shower (film).

Folder 22-27 Awake and Sing! (play).

Folder 27 Awake and Sing! (film).

Production costs, contracts

Folder 28-31 The Big Knife (play), 1949

Actual playing script (n.d.), scripts in English (1949) and Spanish (n.d.), revisions

Folder 32 The Big Knife (play).

Production material, contracts, programs, royalty statements, clippings

Folder 33 The Big Knife (play).


Folder 34 The Big Knife (film), 1955


Box 15
Folder 1

The Big Knife (film), cont'd.

Clippings, agreement, production costs, television settlement statements

Folder 2 Bread and Wine, by Ignazio Silone

Contract for dramatization rights, 1937

Folder 3-4 By the Sea (unfinished play).

Revisions and notes

Folder 5-6 The Children's Story (film), 1943

Film treatment (4 copies)

Folder 7-19 Clash by Night (play), 1941

Eight scripts (includes one in Swedish), character scripts, box office statements, program, contract, rehearsal schedule

Folder 20-24 The Country Girl (play), 1949

Six scripts (includes one in Dutch), published script (2 copies), published version in Theatre Arts magazine

Box 16
Folder 1-7

The Country Girl (play), cont'd.

Balance sheets, box office statements, contracts, ad, clippings, program (Finnish production), and various materials concerning British production

Folder 8 The Country Girl (film), 1954

Contracts, assignment of rights to Paramount Pictures Corporation

Folder 9-10 Crime of the Century (film).

Film treatment (3 copies), notes, drafts of film treatment, clippings

Folder 11-14 Deadline at Dawn (film).

Estimating script, two copies of final script, notes, memo, synopsis

Folder 15 Distant Trumpet, by Paul Horgan.

Notes, two synopses

Folder 16-18 Fifteen Doves in Flight (film).

Fifteen Doves in Flight (film). Synopsis, treatments, clippings

Folder 19-25 The Flowering Peach (play), 1954

Seven scripts

Box 17
Folder 1-20

The Flowering Peach (play), cont'd.

Two scripts, revisions, notes, box office statements, contracts, photographs, program, production costs, clippings

Folder 21 The General Died at Dawn (film), 1936

Contract with Paramount Productions, Inc.

Folder 22 The Gentle People (play), 1941

Production cost sheet

Folder 23-27 Golden Boy (play), 1952

Three scripts, including one in French and published version, production notes, box office statements, contracts

Box 18
Folder 1-2

Golden Boy (play), cont'd.

Photographs, programs, cast lists, production costs, clipping

Folder 3-4 Golden Boy (play), German production.

Script, published version, program, photographs, clippings

Folder 5-26 Golden Boy (play - musical), 1964

Ten scripts and revisions

Box 19
Folder 1-13

Golden Boy (play - musical), cont'd.

Revisions, notes, script conference notes, clippings

Folder 14 High Rendezvous (film), 1955

Synopses, contracts

Folder 15 Humoresque (film), 1945


Folder 16-17 I Can't Sleep, a monologue, 1935

Script, printed script, illustration by John Groth

Folder 18-23 It's a Wonderful Life (film), 1945

Five scripts, notes

Folder 24-27 Jacobowsky and the Colonel (play), 1943

Five scripts

Box 20
Folder 1-5

Jacobowsky and the Colonel (play), cont'd.

Two scripts, revisions, notes, photographs, contracts, cast list, clippings

Folder 6-16 Joseph and His Brethren (film), 1955

Eleven scripts

Box 21
Folder 1-5

Joseph and His Brethren (film), cont'd.

Two scripts, notes, set continuity, copyright agreement, Odets's testimony for Rita Hayworth Haymes vs. Columbia Pictures Corporation

Folder 6-9 Night Music (play), 1940

German script (1952), notes, schedule, production costs, contracts, clippings

Folder 10 Night Music (film), 1940


Folder 11 Night Music (radio play), 1941


Folder 12-14 None But the Lonely Heart (film), 1944

Story boards, photographs, synopses of preview comment cards, contracts

Folder 15-23 Notes for a Dream (play - adapted from The Patriot by Alfred Neumann), 1943

Four scripts, revisions, notes, contract, clippings

Folder 24-25 The Nursery (play), 1953,  1959

Outline, eight scripts, revisions

Folder 26-27 One Winter in Boston (play), 1951

Partial script, notes, revisions

Folder 28 Paradise Lost (play), 1935

Photographs, programs, Preface by Harold Clurman for Modern Library edition of Six plays by Clifford Odets, agreements

Folder 29 Rhapsody in Blue (film), 1942


Box 22
Folder 1-5

Rocket to the Moon (play), 1938,  1961

Script, notes, discussions of play by Harold Clurman, contracts, programs, photographs, cost sheets

Folder 6-9 The Russian People (play), 1942

Two scripts, Men of Russia by Constantine Simonov and translated by Harris Moss, clippings

Folder 10-12 The Seasons (play), 1953-1954

Notes, clippings, contracts

Folder 13-14 She Wants to Marry (play).

Notes, film option terms

Folder 15 The Show Must Go On (radio play). n.d.


Folder 16-23 The Silent Partner (play), 1939

Four scripts, revisions, notes, clippings

Folder 24-27 The Story on Page One (film), 1959

Script, revision

Box 23
Folder 1-15

The Story on Page One (film), cont'd.

Nine scripts

Box 24
Folder 1-17

The Story on Page One (film), cont'd.

Two scripts, revisions, notes

Folder 18-22 The Story on Page One (film).

Casting material, story boards, photographs (still continuity and publicity stills)

Box 25
Folder 1-5

The Story on Page One (film), cont'd.

Production materials, publicity materials, guest list for opening, clippings

Folder 6-18 Sweet Smell of Success (film), 1957

Twelve scripts, revisions

Box 26
Folder 1-12

Sweet Smell of Success (film), cont'd.

Revisions and notes

Folder 13-14 Sweet Smell of Success (film)

Dialogue continuity, step outline, notes taken at script meetings, clippings

Folder 15 Three Plays

Revisions, page proofs, contracts for publication

Folder 16 Three Sisters, by Anton Chekov (acting version by Odets), 1939


Folder 17-18 Tides of Fundy (unproduced play)

Revisions, notes, clippings

Folder 19 Till the Day I Die (play), 1935

Program, ad, photograph

Folder 20-21 Waiting for Lefty (play)

Script (Russian - folio), ad, program, photographs, published versions in New Theatre (v.2, no. 2, Feb. 1935, pp. 13-20) and Sipario (v.1, no. 4-5, Sept. 1946, pp. 47-57), clipping, brochure

Folder 22 Waiting for Lefty (film)


Box 27
Folder 1-8

Walk on the Wild Side (film), 1961

Six scripts, revisions, misc. - notes, cast list, scene breakdown, financial statement

Folder 9-18 The Way West (film), 1957

Outline, nine scripts

Box 28
Folder 1-11

The Way West (film), cont'd.

Script, revisions, notes, research materials

Folder 12-16 The Whispering Cup (film), 1947

Three scripts, synopses, notes, clippings

Box 29
Folder 1-15

Wild in the Country (film), 1960

Eleven scripts, revisions, notes, misc. -production and financial material, printed, clippings

Folder 16 Unidentified script pages

Series: Box 29 Television

Arranged alphabetically by title.

Includes scripts, treatments and other materials mostly related to The Richard Boone Show with Odets as editor-in-chief.

folder 17-19 The Affair (adapted from the play: The Nursery), by Odets, 1963

Five scripts, synopses, notes

Box 30
folder 1-5

Big Mitch, by Odets. Performed Dec. 10, 1963

Four scripts, draft, notes, revisions, research materials

folder 6 A Boat Ride to Bear Mountain, by Irv Pearlberg

Script, notes

folder 7 Cougar, Bear and Calvin Play, by Stanford Whitmore

Treatments, notes

folder 8 The Descent, by Halsted Welles

Treatment, notes

folder 9 The Dolphin's Nose, by Robert Towne


folder 10 A Few Marriage Proposals, by Leslie Weiner

Script, outline, notes

folder 11 Five Cold Lakes, by Whitfield Cook

Notes, synopsis, script

folder 12 A Game of Absurdities, by George Zuckerman

Notes, script, clipping

folder 13-16 Goodbye Is for the Birds (episode of television series: The Hollywood Story)

Four scripts, revisions, notes

folder 17 If You're Born Square, You Can't Die Round, by Joseph Petracca

Outline, script

folder 18 A Little Love, a Little Hate, by Louis Pollock (alias Joe Madison)

Two treatments, notes

folder 19 The Mafia Man, by Odets. Performed Jan. 7, 1964

Three scripts, research, cast list

folder 20 A Need of Valor, by Reuben Bercovitch

Two scripts, notes, clippings

folder 21 Nuts and Bolts, by [?]


folder 22 One in a Million, by Nicholas Ray


folder 23 The Proud and Angry Dust, by Richard Landau

Script, notes, synopsis

folder 24 Separate Maintenance, by Robert Dozier

Notes, story outline

folder 25 Sing a Song of Success, by Roland Wolpert

Notes, script

folder 26 Sorofino's Treasure, by Louis Pollock (alias Joe Madison)


folder 27 The Sparrows of Summer, by Man Rubin


folder 28 Those Jackson Boys, by Clyde Ware


folder 29-31 Ideas

Box 31
folder 1-3


"Sales Presentation on Boone-Odets Show," biographies, notes, clippings

Series: Box 31 Writings and Scripts By Others

Arranged alphabetically by author.

Contains theses items written about Odets, and writings and scripts not apparently connected to Odets.

folder 4 Atkinson, Brooks. Art also Serves

Mimeographed article from The New York Times, Sept. 30, 1956

folder 5 Billetdoux, Francois. Tchin-Tchin

Translated by Jack Palmer White. Play script. n.d.

folder 6-12 Brenman-Gibson, Margaret & Clifford Odets: American Playwright

Research material and notes

folder 13 Brenman-Gibson, Margaret. The Story of Golden Boy

Notes, draft. n.d.

folder 14 Clurman, Harold

Columns from The Nation, Aug. 15, 1953-Feb. 1, 1958

folder 15 Dace, Wallace. Flight, based on the novel by Evelyn Eaton

Play script, n.d.

folder 16 Daves, Delmer. Run Silent, Run Deep. Based on the novel by Edward L. Beach

Notes, treatment and filmscript. 1957

folder 17 Deval, Jacques. Romancero. Translated by Howard L. Katzander

Notes and play script. n.d.

folder 18 Frank, Waldo David

Excerpts from In the American Jungle, 1925-1936

folder 19 Frings, Ketti. Return Fare

Notes and filmscript. Mar. 21, 1961

folder 20 Gibson, William Walker

Staff Drama Round Table Discussion on No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre and Rocket to the Moon by Odets

folder 21 Gross, Gene

A Study Based on the Plays of Clifford Odets. First draft of thesis, Smith College. n.d.

folder 22 Kantor, Robert E.

Information Theory, the Primary Process, and Modern Art. Mimeographed article. n.d.

folder 23 Mendelsohn, Michael John

Clifford Odets: A Critical Study. Ph.D. thesis, University of Colorado, 1962

folder 24 Nichols, Dudley and Alexander Knox. Sister Kenny

Estimating filmscript, Feb. 10, 1944

Box 32
folder 1

Rabe, Peter. The System

(incomplete novel)

folder 2 Ravetch, Irving and Harriet Frank. The Long, Hot Summer. Adapted from a group of stories by William Faulkner.

Filmscript (first draft continuity, July 15, 1957)

folder 3 Robin, Harry

Program Notes for the First International Los Angeles Music Festival, June 1-11, 1961. Includes stills from Aniara

folder 4 Schmidt, Mark, translator

[Articles concerning V.S. Meyerhold and his "The Inspector General"] 1935

folder 5 Shale, Harry. Yes, Is the Answer

Synopsis of play

folder 6 Shuman, Robert Baird. Social Concepts in the Stage Plays of Clifford Odets

Ph.D thesis, University of Pennsylvania, 1961

folder 7 Stigdon, Clement. A Critical Evaluation of the Contribution of Clifford Odets to the American Theatre

M.A. thesis, Indiana University, January, 1948

folder 8 Van Hettinga, William L. The Theme of Nonfulfillment in Three Plays of Clifford Odets

M.A. thesis, Duke University, 1960

folder 9 Viertel, Peter. The Brothers Rico

Filmscript (second estimating draft), June 29, 1955

folder 10 Wagner, Arthur. Technique in the Revolutionary Plays of Clifford Odets

Ph.D thesis, Stanford University, August 1962

folder 11 Weiner, Leslie. In the Counting House

Play script. [1961]

folder 12 Unknown author. Submitted by Ray Stark. Don't Pick Your Money Up Till You've Finished Singing.

Mimeograph of novel? about Fanny Brice. n.d.

Series: Box 32 Personal

Arranged alphabetically.

Miscellaneous papers pertaining to Odets's personal life, including his art, book and stamp collections, biographical materials, and papers concerning his children and ex-wives.

folder 13 Address books/lists

folder 14 Art work and copies of art work by Odets, announcement of exhibition of

folder 15 Automobile

Sales receipts, insurance claims, license suspension documents

folder 16-18 Biographical

Birth certificate and passport, asstrological charts, programs from various plays acted in by Odets, actors Equality Association membership card.

folder 19-20 Collections - Art work

Lists of art work boutght, sold and loaned; photographs

Box 33
folder 1-2

Collections - Art work, cont'd.

Lists and receipts for art work loaned, photographs

folder 3-5 Collections - Books

Lists and orders

folder 6-10 Collections - Philately

Annex Stamp Club materials, lists of stamps bought and sold, price lists, miscellaneous stamps

folder 11 Collections - Recordings

List of recordings, price lists, and advertisements

See also: Bound and Oversize

folder 12 Miller, Florence (Odets)

Card with vital statistics, financial and tax papers

folder 13-15 Odets, Bette Grayson

Divorce and financial papers, programs, contracts death certificate, Barbizon Hotel notes by Clifford, Clifford's notes to Bette

folder 16 Odets, Nora

Birth certificate, finicial papers, school evaluation, psychological profile, note about Clifford, notes about Mrs.Fellows

folder 17-19 Odets, Walt Whitman

Birth certificate, school paper

folder 20-22 Odets, Walt Whitman and Nora

Art work, camp and Emerson School papers

folder 23 Rainer, Luise

Marriage license, divorce papers, program. storage lists, clippings

folder 24-27 Real Estate

Deeds, lease agreements, lists of contents, etc. for properties in California and New York

folder 28 Rowe, Virginia

Notes about job, summary of "The Wrastling and the Fall," bt Dorothy Monet

folder 29 Winman, Dwight Deere

Estate agreements

folder 30-33 Miscellaneous

Series: Box 34 Photographs

See also: Individual titles of works, Group Theatre and Additions

folder 1-2 Odets, Clifford

37 items

folder 3 Odets, Nora

9 items

folder 4 Odets, Walt Whitman

25 items

folder 5 Family: mostly Clifford, Bette, Nora and Walt

29 items

folder 6 20th Century Fox lunches for Carl Sandburg and Jean Renoir

7 items

folder 7 Cartes-de-visite, cabinet cards, and photos of composers, actors, historical figures and authors

48 items

folder 8 Miscellaneous snap shots

Series: Box 34 Business/Financial

Arranged alphabetically.

Includes royalty statements and contracts, as well as insurance and tax records. Banking records and receipts for purchases complete the series

folder 9-19 Brandt & Brandt - Dramatic Department, 1935-1960

Correspondence and statements

folder 20-24 Brandt & Brandt - Literary Royalties, 1935-1960

Correspondence and statements

folder 25 Chelsea Motor Car Corp.

Correspondence, statements, and profit analysis

folder 26 Columbia Pictures

Loan statement and promissory note

folder 27 Directors Guild of America

Correspondence, and constitution and bylaws, 1959

folder 28 Dramatists Guild

Assessments on plays

folder 29-30 Dramatists Play Service - Royalties, 1940-1960

Correspondence and statements

folder 31 Hecht - Hill - Lancaster


Box 35
folder 1-16

Insurance, 1938-1958

Including correspondence and policies for fire, accident, home and automobile insurance

folder 17 Manly Art, Inc. Agreement with Harold Clurman, Oct. 29, 1937

folder 18 Paramount Pictures, Inc.

Agreement concerning manuscript of Gettysburg

folder 19 Pearl Fund

Certificate of incorporation, contributions lists, payment list

folder 20 Personnel

Salary and tax records for housekeepers and secretaries employed by Odets, clippings ("help wanted" ads)

folder 21 Phil Berg-Bert Allenberg, Inc.

Contracts, analysis accounts

folder 22 Random House

Contracts for The Big Knife, Clash by Night, Night Music

folder 23 Receipts and disbursements, Mar. 1956-1958

(See also: Bound and Oversize for ledgers)

folder 24 RKO Radio Pictures


folder 25-37 Tax papers, 1934-1963

folder 38 Twentieth Century Fox

Salary statements

folder 39 Viking Press

Royalty statements and contract concerning The Country Girl

folder 40 Warner Brothers

Contract, "Statement of facts concerning original deal...,"

folder 41 William Morris Agency


Box 36-37 Cancelled checks and bank statements, 1936-1962

Also includes cancelled checks and bank statements of Bette Grayson Odets

Box 38-39 Check stubs and account books, 1935-1960

Also includes check stubs and account books of Bette Grayson Odets

Box 40-42 Receipts, 1935-1963

Also includes receipts of Bette Grayson Odets

Series: Over-


Bound and Oversize

Bound volumes and notebooks

Disbursement ledgers


(disbursement and income)

1936 - 1937

January 1938 - December 1940

1941 - 1944

January 1945 - June 1948

(disbursement and income, California)

1945 - 1949

January 1950 - January 1954

February 1954 - October 1955

February - November 1955


Income ledgers

See also: Box 35, folder 23


January 1940 - December 1944

1945 - 1949

January 1950 - December 19 55

Loan account book

Contents are arranged alphabetically by name of borrower


Contract and agreement notes

Critics' Theatre Reviews, 1941

The Life and Work of Van Gogh, by Carl Nordenfalk

Annotated by Odets

One Winter in Boston, by Robert Smith

Annotated by Odets

"Profile: Clifford Odets," by John McCarten

Article from The New Yorker pasted into bound volume

Record list

Catalog of recordings in two binders

The Way West, by A.B. Guthrie, Jr.

Annotated by Odets

World Wide Publishing Company

Stock Book and Stock Ledger, Stock Certificates, by-Laws, Charter and Minutes


Death Mask

May not be used in present format

8mm films: "Clifford Odets" and "HK's moving pix (thinks it's Pearl)"

May not be used in present format

16mm film: Sum and Substance

May not be used in present format

Two 78rpm recordings of Earl Browder 10/8/36

May not be used in present format

38 wire recordings

May not be used in present format

See: Vertical File for complete listing

Miscellaneous negatives

May not be used in present format

Series: Box 42 Additions


folder 12-22 1958;  1960, May - 1961

Box 43
folder 1-20

1962 - 1963, Nov.

Group Theatre

folder 21 Plans for organization


folder 22-26 Notes/research

Various topics

folder 27-28 "The Actor."

Notes, treatments, clippings

folder 29 "Big Mitch" (aka "North Star").

Notes, research, various script pages

folder 30-31 "Camille" (aka "15 Doves in Flight").

Notes, research, treatment, clippings

folder 32 "Golden Boy" (musical).

Notes, research, clippings

folder 33 "The Mafia Man."

Notes, research, various script pages

folder 34 "Only the Young."

Notes, research, script

folder 35 "A Piece of the Action."

Notes, research, various script pages

folder 36 "Private Treaty."

Notes, discussion of the play

folder 37-38 Richard Boone project.

Notes, outlines and ideas for various scripts

folder 39 Speeches. For UCLA Music Festival, June 9, 1961

folder 40 "The Transient Olympian: The Psychology of the Male Movie Star."

Article for Show magazine, April 1963


Box 44
folder 1-2

Account book for books and LPs, 1961-1962 

folder 3 Check books, 1960-1963

folder 4-5 Financial statements, 1959-June 1963

folder 6 Insurance, 1961-1963

folder 7 Kobland, Herman.

Papers concerning 1961 tax problem

folder 8 Lawsuit. Odets vs. Frank Sinatra, et al. Brief

folder 9 Royalties, 1961


folder 10 Biographical.

Includes five photographs of Odets

folder 11 Cameron, Jean (secretary). Time sheets, Dec. 1962-Feb. 1963

folder 12 Odets, Nora.

Student reports, school financial agreements

folder 13 Reminders and notes, 1961-1963

folder 14 Writer's Group. Notes for meeting, May 10, 1961

folder 15 Clippings

folder 16-17 Miscellaneous