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Keys mss., 1972-1982

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Lilly Library
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Keys, Donald

Keys mss., 1972-1982

Collection No.
LMC 2716

5,000 items

Materials are in English

Consists of the papers and correspondence of writer Donald Keys pertaining to his work with the World Association of World Federalists.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Donald Keys was born to Gilbert S. and Margaret Snell Keys on June 9, 1924, in Sierra Madre, CA. He attended Pasadena City College and the University of Southern California. From 1969-1982, Keys was the World Association of World Federalists' representative to the United Nations.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. World Association of World Federalists' (WAWF) Projects; III. Other Organizations.

Scope and Content Note

The first series is divided into two subseries: Individuals and Organizations; and Diplomatic Correspondence. Correspondents include: Judith Aitken, Siméon Ake, Peter Archer, Roger Archer, Foster Bailey, Joseph Biden, Jr., Hans Blix, George W. Blount, James F. Cairns, Andrew Clark, Christine Colt, Catherine Costa, Norman Cousins, Eric Cox, Alan Cranston, David Exley, Solomon Faddju, Richard Falk, John Faust, William Feeney, Robert Fleisher, Jack Malcolm Forbes, June Y. Gundersen, Morton Halperin, Fritz Heim, Ed Helm, Margaret Huntington, Alex Hyde, Mike Jeung, Shinichi Kato, Reginald S.H. Kazanjian, Ann Hallan Lakhdhir, York Langton, Rev. Norman Z. Leach, Karin Leonhardt, John Logue, Everett L. Millard, John G. Oakley, Glenn Olds, Daniel G. Partan, Elizabeth Perkins, Reynaldo Galindo Pohl, Victor Rice, Indar Jit Rikhye, Alfonso García Robles, Curtis Roosevelt, Florence Schott, Bill Sheehan, Charles B. Smith, Jr., Sally Thatcher, Philip Tory, Renee Wadlow, Christopher Wagner, Lucy Webster, Donald Wilson, Harry Wiseman.

The WAWF Projects' series includes materials from Donald Keys' time with the WAWF. It is divided into three subseries: Reports and Accompanying Records; Meetings and Conferences; and Speaking Engagements. The last series, Other Organizations, includes meeting minutes, resolutions, correspondence and memoranda of the Ad Hoc Committee on Human Rights and Genocide Treaties, World Congress of Peace Forces, World Federal Authority Committee, and additional groups with which Keys was involved.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Acquired: 2003
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Keys mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
Processing Information
Processed by Erin Dobias.

Completed in 2011

Series: Box 1 Correspondence

The first subseries, Individuals and Organizations, is arranged alphabetically by correspondent, and occasionally includes carbon copies of correspondence and/or responses from Donald Keys. Some related materials may also be present, such as photographs or printed materials. The second subseries, Diplomatic Correspondence, is arranged chronologically.

Subseries: Box 1 Individuals and Organizations

VIIth Japan Congress of Religionists for Promoting Peace for World Federations. 1975

Acchione, Maria. 1974

Aitken, Judith. 1973

Akashi, Yasushi. 1974

Ake, Siméon. 1974

Al-Khudhairy, Hisham.1974

Alem, Fehmi. 1978

Alexander, Jon. 1972

Alger, Chadwick. 1973

Allmand, Warren. 1973-1974

Amerasighe, H.S. 1973

American Bar Association Arms Control Committee. 1977

American Friends Service Committee. 1973

Americans for SALT. 1979

Amnesty International. 1972-1975

Andon, Nancy. 1973

Archer, Peter. 1972-1973

Archer, Roger W. 1975

Arellano, Thomas L. 1976

Armstrong, Arthur. 1972

Association for Humanist Psychology. 1972

Association of World Colleges and Universities. 1972-1974

Association of World Federalists. 1978

Association of World Federalists, Calcutta. 1971-1973

Baha'i International Community. 1972-1973

Bailey, Foster. 1972-1974

Bakay van Dapperen, Thea. 1975

Baker, Adelaide N. 1973

Baker, E.G. Stanley. 1975

Baker, Robert. 1977

Bank Mendes Gans nv. 1973

Barnaby, Frank. 1973

Baum, A. 1976

Bebb, Charles. 1972-1975

Benfield, K. Michael. 1975

Bennett, Kenneth A. 1974

Berdahl, Clarence A. 1974

Beumer, J. W. 1973

Biden, Joseph R., Jr. 1972

Bilbert, Albert S. 1974

Blanchard, Karen J. 1973

Blanco, Humberto. 1974-1975

Bliss, L. Denton. 1974

Blix, Hans. 1973

Bloomfield, Lincoln. 1972

Blount, George W. 1978

Blue, Howard. 1972-1975

Boaten, Frank E. 1973-1974

Bodine, Walt. 1974

Boettiger, Beatrice Coddinton. 1974

Boettiger, Edward G. 1972

Booth, Arthur. 1978

Borch, Otto R. 1973

Bray, Sally. 1974

Brinson, Walter J. 1972

Brittain, Roger Dean. 1973

Brown University.

Bucci, Victor. 1973

Buffum, William B. 1976

Burton, John. 1972

Butler, William. 1973-1974

Cairns, James F. 1973

Campaign for UN Reform. 1979

Cape Cod Community College. 1974

Caritas Internationalis. 1972

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. 1973-1974

Carroll, (Mrs.) John W. 1973

Carter, William. 1974

Cataldo, Michael.Undated

CBS Evening News. 1972

Center for War/Peace Studies. 1974

Center for the Study of Power and Peace. 1973

Center for UN Reform Education. 1980

Center of Concern. 1972

Chacko, M. E. 1972

Charles F. Kettering Foundation. 1974

Charravarty, Amiya. 1973

Choo, Edna Coffin. 1973

Chopra, Usha. 1971-1974

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 1973

Citizen Participation in World Affairs. 1976

Clain, F.

Clark, Andrew. 1971-1974

Clark, Joseph. 1972-1974

Clark, Joseph S. 1974

Cleveland, Ray L. 1972

Close, Philip C. 1978

Coalition on National Priorities and Military Policy. 1970-1972

Coe, George G. 1973

Coker College. 1974

Colman, Ronald L. 1978

Colt, Christine. 1972

Commission Internationale de Juristes. 1972

Commission to Study the Organization of Peace. 1973-1977

Committee for the Future. 1975

Communitarian Village. 1974

Community Concern Forum. 1975

Condon, Bernard F., Jr. 1974

Conference of UN Representatives. 1972

Conference for Nuclear Free Pacific. 1974-1975

Congress of the United States House of Representatives. 1979

Consulate General of the Philippines. 1974

Convention Internationale. 1976

Costa, Catherine M. 1973

Cousins, Norman. 1970-1979

Cox, Eric. 1976

Cranston, Alan. 1974

Crona, Betty Mae. 1976

Damen, Susan Roelofsen. 1975

Dana, Betsy. 1974-1978

Danelius, Neila. 1972

Danhaus, Bertha. 1973

Danilson, Thelma M. 1977

Davidowitz, Moshe. 1973

Davidson, Madelyn. 1972

de Reitman, Sara. 1972-1977

de Rozas, Carlos Ortiz. 1974

de Seynes, Phillipe. 1974-1975

Deibler, Nancy Wesselman. 1974

Delprée-Crespo, Juan Carlos. 1974

Demeter, John Dewey. 1974

DePaul University. 1973

Deswarte, W. 1972-1974

Diocese of California World Without War Program. 1973

Docter, Thomas R. 1976

Drew University. 1974

Duca, George I. 1975

Dunham, Amelia K. 1979

Duhaney, Mrs. Blondeen. 1972

Dunford, Mary L. 1975

Education for Peace. 1973

En Verden. 1971-1972

Engle, Mrs. Parke F. (Louise). 1977

English Speaking Union of Pakistan. 1978

ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Media and Technology. 1973

Ettinger, David. 1973-1976

Everingham, Doug. 1973-1978

Exley, David J. 1971

Faddju, Solomon. 1975

Falk, Richard. 1973

Faust, John R. 1973

The Federalist Caucus. 1979-1981

Les Fedéralists Mondiaux. 1971-1977

Feeney, William R. 1974

Fellowship of Reconciliation. 1972

Ferencz, Benjamin B. 1973-1974

Ferguson, Laura. 1976

Fischer, William F., Jr. 1973

Fleisher, Robert. 1972

FN-forbundet Danish United Nations Association. 1973-1974

Forbes, Jack Malcolm. 1972

Forgy, Larry. 1977

Foster, Mary. 1973

Frank, (Ms.) Ruth. 1972

Frankel, Mortimer. 1972

Franklin Book Programs, Inc. 1974

Frederick, Jane. 1976

French, Gary. 1973

Friends International Centre. 1973

Friends World College. 1973

Gaddes, D. Boyce. 1975

Gage, Barnard. 1977

Gargas, Jr., W. Lawrence. 1972

Gastaut, Thérèse. 1973

George, Robley E. 1974

Ghorayeb, Beshara. 1974

Gilbert, Alfred S. 1974

Gilbert, Don. 1981

Gildemeister, Joan. 1976-1977

Giubardo, Martin. 1974

Glassboro State College Law/Justice Studies. 1974

Glassman, Debra. 1974

Glossop, Ronald J. 1973-1982

Goodman, John. 1976

Goyette, Donald R. 1970

Grant, G. G. 1971-1980

Gray, Herman A. 1972

Greenwood Press. 1979

Greyhound Lines East. 1972

Grönning, Jacob. 1972

Gros, Louis. 1976

Grossman, Jerome. 1977

Grossman, Richard L. 1974

Gundersen, June Y. 1972

Box 2 Habicht, Max. 1978

Halperin, Morton H. 1976

Hanover College Field Study at the United Nations. 1977

Harris, Mrs. Peter (Sylvia). 1977

Harry, Ralph L. 1978

Hart, Richard. Undated

Heim, Fritz. 1973

Heisler, Stanley D. 1972

Heller, Janet. 1972

Heller, Ruth. 1973

Helm, Ed. 1976

Henderson, Jane. 1973

Hertz Rent a Car. 1972

Hiatt, Thomas. 1972-1973

Hill, Aaron J. 1976

Hinachi, Yasuharu. 1974

Hinerfeld, Ruth J. 1974

Hiroshima, Japan (City of). 1972

Hitaka, Prof. K. 1975-1978

Hoffman, Walter. 1978

Hollins, Harry B. 1972

Horton, David F. 1976

Howe, Claire. 1972

Huber, Helen. 1976

Huntington, Margaret. 1973

Hurley, John. 1973

Huston, Donald. 1972

Hyde, Alex. 1974-1978

I.C.S.A. Peace Universal Centre. 1974

IDOC / North America. 1976

Igwe, Emenike. Undated

Iijima, Soichi. 1974

Industries Atomiques & Spatiales. 1974

Ingvarsson, Ingvi S. 1973

Institute d'études du développement. 1974-1975

The Institute for Strategic Studies. 1972

Interlake High School. 1976

The International Committee to Defend Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. 1973

International Cooperation Council. 1976

International Directory for Youth Internships. 1972-1973

The International Institute for Strategic Studies. 1972

International Peace Academy. 1973-1976

International Peace Petition. 1981

International University of the World. 1973

The International Year Book and Statesmen's Who's Who. 1972

Institute for World Order. 1976

Institute for World Order-1976

Jack, Homer A. 1973

Jaipal, Rikhi. 1974

Jeung, Mike. 1976

Job, Cvijeto. 1973-1974

Jonah, James. O.C. 1974

Jong, Youl Yoo. 1970

Joyce, Mary. 1972

Kasemsri, Birabhongse. 1974

Kato, Shinichi. 1974-1978

Katz, Milton. 1973

Katz, Zev. 1972

Kazanjian, Reginald S.H. 1972-1974

Kelly, James P. 1973

Kenner, Joseph. 1972

Kenyon, Jack. 1972

Kim, Roy U.T. 1976

Kim, Samuel S. 1976

Kister, Pierre. 1973

Knight, Kenneth. 1974

Kocik, Dennis E. 1976

Koh, T.T.B. 1974

Korey, William. 1973

Kronisch, Myron W. 1972

Kumar, Sudarshan. 1975

Kurtz, Howard. 1979

Lafleur, Nicole. 1974

Lakhdhir, Ann Hallan. 1977-1978

Langlois, Francis. 1973

Langsam, G. 1973

Langton, York. 1972-1973

Laszlo, Ervin. 1973-1974

Laursen, Finn. 1976

Layer, Frances E. 1977

Leach, Rev. Norman Z. 1972-1973

Lee, Kenneth A. 1972-1974

Leonhardt, Karin. 1972-1977

Lewis, A. Barton. 1973

Library of Congress. 1973

Linch, W.D. (Chip). 1975

Linderman, Nicholas. 1976

Linsenberg, Arlin. 1973-1974

Linzer, Estelle. 1972

Lloyd, William B. 1972-1973

Logue, John. 1973-1978

Londa, Abram D. 1974

Lowe, Constance. 1977

Mac Bride, Sean. 1974

MacGilvra, Ralph A. 1974

Main, John W. 1972

Mankind Center. 1973-1974

Marco Polo Expedition. 1972

Marion, Kevin Michael. 1972-1974

Marsh, Leonard. 1974

Maynes, Charles W. 1976

McClure, (Mrs.) P.D. 1973

McDaniel, Shelley. 1974

McGrath, John Byram. 1976

McVitty, Ed and Marion. 1972

Members of Congress for Peace through Law. 1973

Mendelsohn, John. 1973

Mikelson, Jeanne. 1974

Millard, Everett L. 1972-1974

Mills, Donald Owen. 1973

Miscellaneous. 1972-1981

Mision de Mexico ante Las Naciones Unidas. 1974

Miyake, Rev. Toshio. 1972-1977

Miyasaka, Kojiro. 1972-1974

Mondschein, Jeffrey M. 1973

Moore, Frances Adams. 1973

Morgan, Dr. Russell H. 1973

Morita, Ichi. 1973-1974

Morse, Bradford. 1972-1973

Muller, Gert. 1972

Nachman, Betsy. 1975

Nandan, S.N. 1973

National Wildlife Federation. 1973

Netzorg, Gordon W. (Skip). 1974

Nevas, Leo. 1973

Nevers, Robert Allison. 1975

New York Times. 1972-1975

Nicholson, Jack B. 1976

Nielson, Knud. 1971-1978

Noel-Baker, Philip. 1972-1973

Nyary, Nicholas. 1974

Oakley, John G. 1972-1973

Olds, Glenn A. 1973

Omniversal Symposium. 1973

One World Trust. 1974

Oresek, Janine. 1973

Osborn, Earl. 1973

Osier, Donald V. 1973

Oster, Barry A. 1973

Pacem in Maribus. 1973-1974

Pakistan Association of World Federalists. 1972-1978

Pakistan Mission to the United Nations. 1975-1976

Park, Samuel. 1972

Parliamentarians for World Order. 1978-1979

Partan, Daniel G. 1973-1976

Pazhwak, Abdur Rahman. 1973

Peabody, Mary E. 1978

Pei, Mildred. 1975

Penney, Freeland F.E.T. 1977-1978

Peoples for the United Nations World Council. 1972

Perkins, Elizabeth (Beth). 1973-1974

Perlman, Harold L. 1972

Perry, Charles L. 1973

Petrk, Jaksa. 1974

Phifer, Kenneth W. 1974

Pistrich, Lucy S. 1975

Planetary Citizens. 1972-1982

Plastino, Brookes. 1976

Pohl, Reynaldo Galindo. 1973-1974

Posin, Dan Q. 1973

Postgraduate Center for Mental Health. 1972

Postmaster General. 1972

Powell, William C. 1972

Price, Teresa. 1974

Professional Institute of Public Services of Canada. 1976

Puri, J. N. 1975

Raber, Sam. 1973-1978

Rae, Saul F. 1974

Rakov, Lisa. 1974

Ramphal, Shridath S. 1973

Redd, James M. 1973

Redick, John R. 1973-1977

Refior, Everett L. 1974-1975

Registre International des Citoyens du Monde Centre International. 1974

Regnell, Hans. 1971

Rehfeld, R. Rex. 1974

Reyes, Narciso G. 1974

Rice, Victor. 1972-1979

Richard Einfeld Productions. 1974

Rikhye, Indar Jit. 1972-1973

Ritchie, Bruce. 1973

Roberts, Thomas. 1974-1975

Robles, Alfonso García. 1973-1974

Rokotuivuna, Amelia. 1975

Romula, Carlos P. 1974-1976

Roosevelt, Curtis. 1971-1973

Rosenthall, Carla. 1973

Rossides, Zenon. 1970

Rothermel, Timothy S. 1974

Rutgers University. The Political Science Forum. 1974

Rydbeck, Olof. 1974

Box 3 Saito, Shizuo. 1974

Sakamoto, Yurie. 1973

Samsom, Peter H. 1974


Sauvant, Karl P. 1973-1974

Scali, John. 1974

Schaubacher, Daniel. 1977

Scheerder, Frans. 1974

Schiffman, Joann. 1973

Schleifer, Ervin. 1973

Schlesinger, Joel. 1973

Schneider, Dorothy. 1972

Schoettle, Enid C. B. 1973

School for Esoteric Studies. 1973

Schott, Florence. 1972-1973

Schwanke, Robert W. 1975

Seignoret, Eustace. 1974

Sen, Samar. 1974

Shafer, Stephen B. 1974

Sharaf, Abdul Hamid. 1974

Sheehan, Bill. 1976-1978

Shillaker, Robert. 1980

Shockley, Tamara A. 1974

Shore, Lloyd G. 1972

Shower, Mike. 1974

Sidenberg, Lois S. 1977

Sieroty, Alan. 1972

Sills, Joe Byrns. 1975

Singer, Eugenia. 1973

Sinha, Pandit Bhek Pati. 1973

Smail, Barry. 1973

Smedley, Frederic C. 1974

Smith, Charles B., Jr. 1974-1975

Smith, Jack. 1974

Smith, Ross. 1973

Smythe, Tony. 1973

Societá per la Pace e la Giustizia Internazionale. 1974

Soule, Carl. 1973-1974

Special Committee of International Non-Governmental Organizations on Human Rights. 19731973

Special Non-Governmental Committee on Disarmament. 1973

Spiegel, Jennifer. 1976

Springer, Arthur. 1973

Stahl, Louann. 1974

Stanford, Barbara. 1974

Stanley, C. Maxwell. 1973

Stanley Foundation. 1970-1978

Starobin, L. 1976

Starr, Mark. 1972

Starr, Nancy. 1972

Stedman, C. K. 1974

Steer, Margery W. 1974

Stein, Robert. 1974

Stevens, John. 1973

Stewart, Leland. 1974

Stier, Hugh. 1972

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. 1972-1973

Stollnitz, H. S. 1973

Stott, William. 1976

Stritzinger, Jane. 1973

Sullivan, Michael J. III. 1976

Taber, Rahm. 1972

Tabor, Hans R. 1974

Tannen, Erny. 1973

Task Force for the Nuclear Test Ban. 1972

Thant, U. 1973

Thatcher, Sally. 1974

Thomas, Dorothy E. 1974

Thorton, Guy. 1973

Tilson, Dorothy R. 1978

Time Magazine. 1972-1973

Toll, Meynard. 1973

Tory, Philip. 1973-1974

Transnational Perspectives. 1974-1980

UNICEF. 1974

Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office. 1975

United Nations. 1972-1974

United Nations Association of the United States of America. 1972-1973

United Nations Association of the United States of America Committee on Arms Control, Disarmament and Peacekeeping. 1973

United Nations Association of the United States of America Harbor Area Chapter. 1973

United Nations Association of Greater Boston and the Massachusetts Division. 1974

United Nations Association of the United States of America Michigan Division. 1973

United Nations Association of the United States of America Northern California Council. 1973

United Nations Association of the United States of America Southern California Council. 1975

United Nations Division of Human Rights. 1976

United Nations Office for Inter-1974

United Nations Office of Public Information. 1973-1977

United Nations Reform Electoral Campaign Committee. 1977

United Nations Study Group. 1974

United Nations We Believe. 1973

United Peoples. 1973

United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. 1973-1974

United States Senate. 1972-1976

United World Federalists of Japan. 1976-1978

United World Federalists of Japan Youth and Student Division. 1973-1974

Université Laval. 1974

University of Canterbury Department of Political Science. 1974

University of Michigan Ann Arbor. 1973

University of Pennsylvania University Museum. 1974

University of Wisconsin-1974-1976

Unnerstall, Roy. 1975

Urquhart, Brian. 1972-1973

Bakay van Dapperen, Thea. 1975

Vaughan, Paula. 1973

Vickers, Burnell. 1973

Victor, Mary. 1973

Villanova University. 1973

Wadlow, Rene. 1974-1978

Waeber, Zelda M. 1974

Wagner, Christopher A. 1973-1974

Wayne State University Center for Teaching about Peace and War. 1973

Watson, Irene. 1974

War/Peace Report. 1973

Waterlow, Charlotte. 1973

Webb, Aileen. 1977

Webster, Lucy. 1968-1981

Wellesley-Welsey, James.1972

Wereld Federalisten Beweging Nederland. 1972-1975

Wesselman, Nancy. 1972-1973

Weston, Burns H. 1972-1973

Whitaker, Urban. 1973

Wickersham, William. 1973

Wiener, Annabella. 1973

Wiley, Karla. 1972

Williams, Stillman P. 1972

Wilmington College. 1974

Wilson, Edward B. 1973

Wilson, H. Donald. 1974-1976

Wingate, Monica M. 1973

Wiseberg, Laura. 1978

Wiseman, Harry. 1974

World Magazine. 1972-1973

World Association of World Federalists. 1972-1982

World Association of World Federalists Task Force "SUN." 1972-1978

World Association of World Federalists World Federalist Youth. 1974-1976

World Citizens Assembly. 1974

World Conference of Religion for Peace. 1973-1974

World Constitution and Parliament Association. 1972-1973

World Federal Authority Committee. 1975-1976

World Federalist Educational Fund. 1972-1975

World Federalist Magazine. 1972-1974

World Federalist Political Education Committee. 1977

World Federalist Youth. 1974

World Federalist Youth, USA. 1973

World Federalists Association. 1973-1982

World Federalists Association Capital Distract Chapter. 1978

World Federalists Association Esperanto Section. 1976

World Federalists Association New England. 1977-1978

World Federalists Association of Pittsburgh. 1981-1982

World Federalists Associations Switzerland. 1976

World Federalists of Canada. 1972-1982

World Federalists of Canada Hamilton Branch. 1976-1977

World Federalists Philadelphia Area Council. 1973

World Federalists, USA. 1972-1974

World Federalists, USA Baltimore Area Council. 1972-1974

World Federalists, USA Cape and Islands Chapter. 1973-1974

World Federalists, USA Consultation on Constituencies for Change. 1972

World Federalists, USA New Jersey Branch. 1972-1974

World Federalists, USA Northeast Region. 1973

World Federalists, USA Oregon Branch. 1974

World Federalists, USA Southern California Branch. 1973

World Federation Research Institute. 1976

World Goodwill. 1973

World Journal of Psychosynthesis. 1972

World Order Studies Project. 1977

World Peace Movement for World Federal Government. 1973

World Population Society. 1976

World Union. 1974

World View. 1972-1973

Worthington, Oliver J. 1976

Wyndham, R. H. 1973

Wyvell, Mary L. 1973

Yost, Charles W. 1973

Young, Andrew. 1977

Young, Clarence. 1976

Young, Kenneth. 1974

Young, Virginia B. 1975

Younghouse, Paul. 1973

Zijlstra, Bauwke. 1977

Zimba, G. R. 1974

Zion, Leonard. 1973

Zwingeberg, Linda A. 1975

Subseries: Box 4 Diplomatic Correspondence





Series: Box 4 World Association of World Federalists' (WAWF) Projects

Arranged alphabetically within each subseries: Reports and Accompanying Records; Meetings and Conferences; and Speaking Engagements.

Subseries: Box 4 Reports and Accompanying Records

Appeal to the World's People. 1970

ATOM Committee. 1974

Book Originals. 1972

Disarmament, National Security and the U.S. Citizen. 1979

East Pakistan Resolution. 1971

Finances. 1973-1976

Human Manifesto. 1976-1970


International Reports. 1979-1980

Interview Notes. 1969-1971

Kettering Foundation. 1970-1975

Middle East Peacekeeping Simulation Project. 1972-1973

Non-Governmental Organization Applications ECOSOC. 1969-1977

Non-Governmental Organization Liaison Policy. 1969-1975

Pledge of United Nations Citizenship. 1970

Press Clippings. 1969-1973

Principles of a Peaceful Settlement in the Middle East. 1973-1974

Reports of the UN General Assembly. 1973-1975

Sample Mailings. 1972-1973

Statement of the NGO Representatives on the Situation in Cyprus. 1974-1975

Statutes and Policies. 1968-1974

Strategy. 1969-1971

To Strengthen the United Nations. 1969-1970

U Thant Farewell Tribute. 1971

United Nations Charter Review Resolutions. 1970-1972

US ACDA. 1971

Visitation Campaign. 1970-1973

WAWF Council. 1976-1979

WAWF Disarmament Resolution. 1973

WAWF Reception. 1978

World Conference of Religion for Peace. 1972

Box 5 World Federalists USA. 1976-1979

WFUSA/WAWF Memos. 1977-1980

Subseries: Box 5 Meetings and Conferences

Arms Control and Reduction. 1977

Conference on the Human Environment. 1972

Common Heritage Conference: the Ocean as the Common Heritage (Sea Bed Conference). 1972

Common Heritage Conference: the Ocean as the Common Heritage (Sea Bed Conference). 1972-1973

Conference on Human Environment, WAWF Copy. 1971-1972

Conference on Human Survival. 1970

Conference on Human Survival, Articles. 1970

Conference on Human Survival, Follow Up. 1970-1972

Conference on Human Survival, Norman Cousins. 1970

Conference on Human Survival, Phase II. 1972

Conference on Microstates and the United Nations. 1974

Group of Consultant Experts on the Economic and Social Consequences of the Arms Race. 1970-1971

Habitat: United Nations Conference on Human Settlement. 1976

Norman Cousins Meeting Notes. 1969-1972

Norman Cousins Speaking Engagements. 1970-1972

Strategy for Peace Conference. 1970

Strategy for Peace Conference. 1972

United Nations Peacekeeping Seminar II. 1972

United Nations Procedures-First and Second Conference. 1970-1971

United Nations Procedures-Third Conference. 1972

United Nations Procedures-Forth Conference. 1973

United Nations Procedures-Fifth Conference. 1974

United Nations Procedures-Sixth Conference. 1975

United Nations Procedures-Seventh Conference. 1976

World Congress. 1977

World Association of World Federalists Conference. 1969-1970

World Association of World Federalists Council Meetings. 1969

Box 6 World Association of World Federalists Council Meetings. 1970

World Association of World Federalists Council Meeting. January 1971

World Association of World Federalists Council Meeting. August 1971

World Association of World Federalists Council Meeting. January 1972

World Association of World Federalists Council Meeting. August 1972

World Association of World Federalists Council Meeting. 1973

World Association of World Federalists Council Meetings. 1974

World Association of World Federalists Council Meeting. 1976

World Association of World Federalists Delhi Congress. 1975

World Association of World Federalists Oslo Congress. 1967

World Federalist Association. 1976

World Federalists, USA Assembly. 1971

World Federalists, USA Assembly Meetings. 1973

World Federalists, USA Board of Directors Meeting. 1973

World Federalists, USA Council Meeting. 1970

World Federalists, USA Council Meeting. 1972

World Federalists, USA Council Meeting. 1974

World Federalists, USA Executive Committee. 1971

World Federalists, USA Executive Committee. 1974

Subseries: Box 6 Speaking Engagements


UC San Diego. 1970

Speaking Engagements (Miscellaneous). 1971-1973

Series: Box 6 Other Organizations

Arranged alphabetically by name of organization. Includes years or approximate range of years of materials within each folder.

Ad Hoc Committee on Human Rights and Genocide Treaties. 1960-1974

The Amsterdam Symposium on Food and Basic Needs. Undated

Commission to Study the Organization of Peace. 1974-1975

Non-Governmental Organizations. 1971-1973

Non-Governmental Organization Committee on Disarmament. 1970-1974

Non-Governmental Organization Committee on Human Rights. 1971-1973

Non-Governmental Organization Committee on Human Rights, Geneva. 1972-1974

Non-Governmental Organizations: Environmental Issues. 1972

Non-Governmental Organizations: Office of Public Information/ Non-Governmental Organizations Executive Committee. 1971-1974

Non-Governmental Organizations: Slavery Conventions. 1972

Task Force for the Nuclear Test Ban. 1972-1974

United Nations Association of the United States of America. 1969-1974

World Congress of Peace Forces. 1973

World Federal Authority Committee. 1975-1976