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Aristotle mss., 1603-1704

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Lilly Library
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Aristotle mss., 1603-1704

Collection No.
LMC 1034

34 items

Materials are in Latin.

The Aristotle mss., ca. 1603-1704, consists of commentaries on the works of Aristotle. At least half of the volumes concentrate on logic, but other subjects are covered as well, including physics and general philosophy.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Part or all of this collection is housed at the Auxiliary Library Facility (ALF). When requesting, please allow time for the materials to be delivered to the Lilly Library Reading Room for access.

Scope and Content Note

The Aristotle mss., ca. 1603-1704, consists of commentaries on the works of Aristotle. At least half of the volumes concentrate on logic, but other subjects are covered as well, including physics and general philosophy.

A majority of the manuscripts that have identified authors were written by Jesuits: Maur Altomar, Pierre Baron, Jakob Bidermann, Christoph Brandis, Jean de Horion, Nicolas Mohr, Francois Noghera, Jean-Baptiste Weiss, and Joseph Zwinger. A few were written by Benedictines: Ludwig Babenstuber, Simon Fürbas, and Maurus Oberascher. The other authors are Nicolas Chaumorat, Henrich Drophuysen, Andreas Guetmair, Bernhard Ruedorffer, and Eustach Strenzi. Fourteen of the manuscripts do not have named authors.

The commentaries are in Latin, and on occasion include sketches or diagrams. The Baron volume contains a number of portraits, including St. Augustine and Aristotle himself. Each of the two Oberascher volumes contains a copy of the same printed commentary, although the manuscripts themselves are not identical. The manuscript Logica Actualis... (#165) contains not only sketches, but also a Philosophical Family Tree. Another volume, In Universam Aristotelis Logicam (#96) has two unidentified red seals on the verso of one of its final pages.

Related Material

Printed commentaries purchased by the library in the same collection are cataloged separately and records for them can be found in the Lilly Library catalog.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Acquired 1953
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
Aristotle mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Alphabetical list of items

Box 1 37. Altomar, Maur. In un[iver]sam Aristotelis logicam tractatus et quaestiones . 1638

Box 1 296. Babenstuber, [Ludwig], O.S.B., 1660-1726. ITractatus in Physicam Thomistico-Aristotelicam Aristotelico-Thomisticam . 1695

Box 1 53. Baron, Pierre, d.1707. In Universam Aristotelis Philosophiam . 1683

Box 1 17. Bidermann, Jakob, 1577/8-1639. Commentarius in libros Aristotelis de coelo meteoris et generatione . 1617

Box 1 65. Brandis, Christoph . Compendium totius commentary in universam Aristotelis logicam . 1609

Box 2 97. Chaumorat, Nicol[as]. Axiomata ex Abditissimia Ph[ilosoph]ia Arist[totelis] . 1610

Box 2 106. Drophuysen, Henrico. Commentaria in Aristotelis logicam . 1645

Box 2 121. Fürbas, Simon, O.S.B. Com[m]entarius in octo lib[ros] physic[orum] Aristotelis . 1629

Box 1 92. [Fürbas, Simon, O.S.B.] Organum Aristo[telis] . 1629

Lacks title page; title from spine, date from front cover

Box 2 126. Glaeren. Dialectica ad mentem Aristotelis . 1743

Box 2 133. Guetmair, Andreas. [ Commentarius in Aristotelis logicam ]. 1613

Box 1 20. Horion, Jean de, 1573-1641. Apparatus ad scientas: ITEM, in VIII Auscultationis [Physicorum Aristotelis] Libros Disputationes . [1607]

Box 3 187. Mohr, [Nicolas], 1623-1689. Compendium Breve Totius Cursus Philosophici. 1661

Box 3 203. Noghera, Francois, 1572-1609. [Commentaria] in Octo Libros Physicoru[m] Arist[otelis]. n.d.

Box 4 205. Oberascher, Maurus, O.S.B., d.1697. Commentarius in Universam Aristotelis L[o]g[icam]. [ca.1658]

Printed section at beginning of volume (Lilly PA3907.O12 c.2) identical to that at end of #204

Box 4 204. Oberascher, Maurus, O.S.B., d.1697. Tractatus in u[nive]rsam Logicam Ar[istote]lis. 1658

Printed section at end of volume (Lilly PA3907.O12 c.1) same as that at beginning of #205

Box 4 241. Ruedorffer, Bern[hard R.], 1620-1679. Commentarii in duos libros Aristotelis. 1648

Box 4 249. [Strenzi, Eustach. Philosophiae Pars Prima . 1708]

Lacks opening text; begins page II

Box 4 281. [Weiss, Jean-Baptiste], 1620-1692. Philosophia Aristotelica. 1654

Box 4 289. Zwinger, [Joseph], 1705-1772. Disputationes in Organum Aristotelis. n.d.

Box 1 93. Commentaria in Octo Libros Physicorum Aristotelis . [1650]

Box 1 94. [ Commentarius in Aristotelis Organum et Acroamata ]. [ca. 1660]

Box 1 95. Commentarius in Universam Aristotelis Logicam . 1604

Box 2 105. Disputa[tion]es in Sc[ient]iam Na[tur]alem Seu Physicam Aristotelis . n.d.

Box 2 104. Disputa[tion]es in Sci[enti]am Seu Ar[istote]lis Lo[gic]am . n.d.

Box 3 149. In Universam Aristotelis Logicam . n.d.

Two seals on verso of p.593

Box 2 96. In Universam Logicam. 1637

Box 3 147. Institutiones Dialectica. [1690]

Box 3 148. Institutiones Logicae. [1661]

Box 3 165. Logica Actualis.... [1733]

Sketch: Tree of Philosophy, precedes first page of text

Box 4 221. Philosophia Aristotelicae. 1720

Box 4 233. Quaestiones in Octo Libros Physicos Aristotelis . 1734

Box 4 250. Sum[m]ula Dialecticae. [ca. 1720]

Box 4 234. Tractatus in Libros Physicos. n.d.

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