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Meltzer mss., 1954-1974

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Lilly Library
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Meltzer, David.

Meltzer mss., 1954-1974

Collection No.
LMC 1837

3041 items

Materials are in English.

The Meltzer mss., 1954-1974, consists of the correspondence and writings of Lionel David Meltzer, 1937- , poet.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Lionel David Meltzer, 1937- , is an American poet and musician. He is considered one of the key poets of the "Beat Generation" in San Fransisco.


The collection is arranged into four series: Correspondence; Writings; Writings by others; and Miscellaneous.

Scope and Content Note

Included are texts and galleys for the biennial periodical of writings by Jewish authors, Tree: 1 -4, edited by Meltzer. Drawings and pictures, financial statements, miscellaneous items, and a folder of printed pieces complete the collection.

The collection has been partially indexed at the item level in the manuscripts index of the Lilly Library. A list of index entries is available at the end of the finding aid.

Related Material

Meltzer mss. II; also located at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Acquired: 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1976
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
Meltzer mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Box 1 Correspondence


Box 2 1968-1971, June 

Box 3 1971, July-1975 

Box 4 undated 

Series: Box 4 Writings

This series includes the writings of David Meltzer, arranged in alphabetical order by title or first line as designated by the author. Some effort has been made to cross reference variant titles of essentially the same work, but it is by no means complete. Portions of stories, collections of poems, or no other works in revised form may be located under more than one title.

Abra- Birth


illus. By John Brandi. Incl. Typescript and water colors. July 1970; photocopy of typescript draft

The Agency [novel].

Carbon typescript; carbon typescripts of The Agent How Many Blocks [novels]. 1967-68. In back binder.

Albion Bison [poem].

Typescript with autograph corrections. Apr. 4, 1972. 2 leaves

All the Way Home [story].

Typescript. 10 leaves

Apple [poem].

Several drafts, typescript. June-July, 1974. 83 leaves

Ascension [poem].

2 drafts, typescript. 2 leaves


4 drafts, typescripts and photocopy of final typescript. 1972

The Bird [story].

2 drafts, 11 leaves and 14 leaves, typescripts


Typescript, 1972. approx. 370 leaves, photocopy copy; 2 drafts of tape transcript; galley proofs

Box 5 Birth (cont.) - Epic

Birth (cont.).


Blind Art's Martian Blues [story].

Typescript draft. 12 leaves

Blue Rags; for radio, a romance.

Typescript of final draft, 1974. 23 leaves

Blues in Black and White.

2 drafts, typescript. In blue binder. Oct. 12, 1952


Several drafts, typescripts. 35 leaves

Brain-Plant, vol. 1 (Lovely) [novel].

Carbon typescript, 175 leaves; typescript outline

Brain-Plant, vol. 2 (Healer) [novel].

Carbon typescript, 168 leaves

Brain-Plant, vol. 3 (Out) [novel].

Carbon typescript, 183 leaves; notecards

Brain-Plant, vol. 4 (Glue Factory) [novel].

Carbon typescript, 185 leaves; autograph notes on scratch paper, 6 leaves

Carla [novel].

Typescript, 118 leaves; typescript and carbon of partial revision each 14 leaves (Also titled Paula.)

The Cherry Tree [poem].

Several drafts, typescripts. 6P

Collected Poems.

Typescript of poems in brown binder, 79 leaves; anonymous criticism of "The Individualist" on notepaper, 1 leaf. 1950-51

Contemporary Poets of the English Language.

Several drafts, typescripts, Sept. 2, 1973

Cracks - For Jah [poem].

Several drafts, carbon typescripts. March 1971

The Creator [story].

Typescript, 26 leaves. May 26, 1955

Cthonic Fragments [poems].

Typescript drafts for poems that later appeared in Dark Continent; approx. 120 leaves

Dark Continent.

Incl. 2 sets of galleys (1st galleys and authors copy); page proofs; carbon of final typescript; carbon typescript of some 1st draft material; proof of cover print; sample proof of title page; sample proof of cover

Dark Continent.

Several carbon typescript drafts of parts of Dark Continent. 1967

Darn That Dream [poem].

Typescript drafts. June 30, 1971

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Loud, Loud, Music.

2 drafts, typescript


2 drafts, carbon typescripts. (See also "Green Atom" )

Green Star Stud: A Trilogy. vol. 1 (Star) [novel].

Carbon typescripts, 171 leaves

Dream Star Stud: A Trilogy. vol. 2 (Dream) [novel].

Several drafts of a fragment of the first chapter, 9 Leaves


Several drafts of a proposed but unfinished cookbook review, typescript

Eden book.

Several drafts, typescript and carbon typescript. 1970


See Saga

Box 6 The Evil Old Man - Kabbals

The Evil Old Man [sketch].

Typescript draft, 2 leaves

Eyes Are Windows.

2 drafts, typescript. Also contains typescript drafts of material for Dark Continent

The Eyes, The Blood.

Several drafts - typescript, carbon typescript and photocopy; page proofs. 1970-1973


Several drafts of Books 1 and 2, typescript


Typescript and photocopy of typescript for Book 1 and part of Book 2

First Decision.

Typescript; reader's report


Typescript. Includes "VAV," "Tree," "Face," "Lights," "Cracks"

From a Mischnah.

2 drafts, typescript; proofs of From a Midrash (title change) as published in Tens; selected poems 1961-1971

From ASAPH [poem].

Typescript drafts, 4 leaves

From: SEFER Ha-ADAM [poem].

Typescript draft, 2 leaves

The Frozen Roses.

Typescript,June-July, 1956. 38 leaves


Typescript drafts

Henry Miller Book Review for Kulchur.

Early drafts, typescript. Aug. 1965. 33 leaves

Hero (of Hero/Lil).

Several typescript; carbon transcript and photocopy of typescript drafts; photopcopy of drawings. 1969

Hero (of Hero/Lil).

Carbon of final transcript


Proof of cover for Hero


Carbon typescript of Lil (illustrated); sheet of deletions to be made from typescript; galleys for


A High Time [story].

Typescript, 12 leaves

The Hungry Hawk [story].

Typescript, May 1965. 20 leaves

I am Marvin Repnick [1st line of story].

Typescript, 9 leaves

Interview of David Meltzer conducted by Barry Alpert.

Photocopy of heavily corrected typescript, 36 leaves; typescript of later draft, 28 leaves. Oct. 4, 1973

Introduction for Roman Books catalogue 1962.

galley proofs; typescript of 1st complete draft; carbon typescript of 15 letters between Meltzer and U. Grant Roman or Jim Roman, Sept. 21, 1962 to Apr. 13, 1963


Carbon typescript of 1st draft. 5 leaves

Handbook of the Invisible.

Typescript of early drafts; typescript of final 1st draft; typescript of late (final?) draft

Kabbala Anthology.

Typescript and autograph preliminary notes, 120 leaves

Kabbal Anthology - J. Hirschman material.

Typescripts, carbon typescripts and autograph translations by Hirschman

Kabbala Anthology.

Photocopies of texts to be used in anthology

Box 7 Knots - Our Happy...


Galleys: 2 copies of 1st set, one corrected; carbon of final typescript; artwork

The Last Mask Gone: an incident.

Typescript of 1st draft, 13 leaves. Dec. 22, 1955; 1 miscellaneous sheet, apparently unrelated

Let Me Tell You.

By Meltzer and Michael McClure. Carbon typescript, 2 leaves

Light for JRW.

Early drafts, carbon typescript and photocopy


Typescript of early drafts; carbon typescript "From: Lil", 10 leaves; carbon typescript of final revisions, 5 leaves

Liner Notes.

3 drafts, typescript, 2 with autograph revisions. March 1969

The Lover [story].

Typescript. 2 leaves

The Lover; Or, An Old-Fashioned Romance.

[Unpublished "partial" of erotic novel]. Carbon typescript. 33 leaves


Several drafts, typescripts; autograph notes; research correspondence. ca 1969-1970

The Man From the Family Clinic [story].

Typescript, 12 leaves

March 1, 1973 [poem].

3 drafts, typescript

March 7, 1973 [poem].

2 drafts, typescript, one with autograph corrections

The Mark [story].

Typescript, 12 leaves; rejection notice

The Martyr [novel].

Carbon typescript, 179 leaves; outline, 2 leaves


Typescript, 6 leaves

Message Found in An Angel's Novae [story].

Typescript, 9 leaves; reader's report

The Monkey's Side of Life [story].

Typescript, 12 leaves

Monologue in a Lost Tense.

Carbon typescript in blue binder. Oct. 1951-June 1952

The Monument [story].

Typescript, 11 leaves

The Mouse [story].

3 drafts, typescript


Carbon typescript, 2 leaves

My Town [novel].

Typescript, 91 leaves; typescript and autograph notes, 29 leaves; outline. ca 1954

Night Before Morning.

2 drafts of Book I, typescript; draft of Book II, typescript. ca. 1960

A Night; or Burlesque Downtown [story].

Typescript with autograph corrections. 21 leaves

Night Reel [poem].

Typescript. 1 leave

Night Reel-Night Real [poem].

Typescript with autograph corrections. ca. 1970

Night-Light Texts [poem].

Typescript. Mar. 12, 1970. 2 leaves

Notes on Melville.

Typescript of notes for a projected essay

Once Upon a Time.

Incomplete draft of television play, typescript

Box 8 P-T

Parents, Children and Things [story].

Typescript. June 12, 1955


See Carla

The Peace That Frees/ The Dead is Life [poem].

Typescript with autograph corrections. May 5, 1958. 31 leaves

Peter Le Blancâ [biographical sketch].

6 drafts, typescript. 7 leaves

Pinball [story].

Typescript drafts. 13 leaves

Poems at San Francisco.

Typescript drafts. ca. 1968-1969

Poems 1957.

Typescripts of most Meltzer poems published in Poems by David Meltzer and Donald Schenker, 1957

Poems, January 1959.

Typescripts in tan binder. 40 leaves

Poetry: 1951-1953 (New York) vol. 1.

Typescripts in white binder. ca. 125 leaves

Poetry: 1952-1953 (California) vol. 2.

Typescripts in orange binder. ca. 125 leaves

Poetry: 1954.

Typescripts in red binder. ca. 100 leaves

Poetry Primer.

5 drafts, typescript , of p. 10 of introduction

The Prickbook of Rosy Thorns [poem].

Typescript. Sept. 1959. 11 leaves

The Process.

Notes and typescript drafts of poems. ca. 200 leaves (2 folders)

Prose 1951-1953.

Typescript drafts of short stories and essays in grey binder. ca. 130 leaves

Ragas/1-25 [poems].

Typescripts in tan binder. Jan. 13-16, 1959

Rain Poem.

3 drafts, typescript. 18 leaves

Randall the Artist [outline for novel].

3 leaves

Randall, The Artist; or, Portrait of the Artist as a Trembling Image [novel].

Typescript in brown binder. Aug.-Sept. 1955. 329 leaves

Resurface [introduction to re-issue of San Francisco Poets].

2 drafts, typescript; bibliography. Feb. 22, 1975

Revolution [essay].

Typescript drafts. 5 leaves

Saga [novel].

Typescript of beginning. Sept. 12, 1954. 42 leaves. [ Epic]

Séance [poem].

Typescript. 7 leaves

Short Stories: 1954 (Volume One).

Typescript drafts in tan binder

Short Stories: 1954 (Volume Two).

Typescript drafts in black binder

Sister Dear [story].

Typescript. 7 leaves


Typescript and autograph drafts of songs for Sperent Power

Songs of David Dog the Lion [poem].

Carbon typescript drafts. 9 leaves

Sound Movie.

Autograph notes for sound track. 1 leave

The Stage [poem].

Typescript. 2 leaves (appears to lack p. 15, 18)

State Grant [poem].

Several drafts, typescript and carbon. ca. 1971. (Also titled: Well-Fair Stage)

Summer Poems.

Typescript. July-Aug. 1955

Ten Acts, or Vaudeville, A Play.

Typescript and carbon drafts

The Ten Lost Books of the Ten Lost Prophets.

2 incomplete drafts, carbon typescript. (Some of the material later appeared in Yesod)

Thanitopsis In Drag [poem].

Carbon typescript. Oct. 11, 1952. 70 leaves

Tools [poem].

Autograph draft. 1 leave

Tree [prose poem].

Carbon typescript. 4 leaves

Box 9 Vampire Poems - Z

Vampire Poems; October 16th, 1959. 

Typescript. 7 leaves

VAV [poem].

Several drafts, typescript. ca. 1972

Waiting [novel].

Carbon typescript in blue binder. Jan 28-Sept. 5, 1953. 130p.

Waiting Again.

Incomplete draft, typescript.May 12, 1955. 7 leaves

War-Song; A Monologue [story].

Typescript. 7 leaves

We haven't learned to see [poem].

Carbon typescript. 1971. 2 leaves

Well-Fair Stage.

See State Grant

A Womb With A View [story].

Typescript. 9 leaves

The World of John Foley [novel].

3 typescript drafts and excerpts from drafts. ca. 1955

Yesod . Carbon typescript.

See also: Ten Lost Books and Ten Lost Prophets

YHShWH (Davka).

Carbon typescript of poem and commentary.

Miscellaneous-drafts, fragments, etc.


24 volumes containing poetry, trip notes, drawings, etc.

1955-1956: The Black Book.

1958, March-October: 9 numbered, 3 spiral bound notebooks.

1959-1960: orange spiral bound notebook.

1961: Black bound volume.

1961-1966: Black bound volume.

1962: [1st line] cables, bands threads, cardsâ

1963: [1st line] They are outside.

1964: [1st line] NEVER NO MOE.

1964: [1st line] driving car dream.

1964: [1st line] Chein-Hexagram (cont.)

1966: Theogony.

1970: [1st line] ladder from large airplane.

1971-1972: Small looseleaf volume, unbound.

n.d.: 3 spiral bound volumes.

Box 10 Tree Books; Tree journal

Catalog (mss.) of Tree publications.


Codrescu, Andrei. For Max Jacob. [1971]

Typescript, 16 leaves

Tree Books

Brandi, John. Desde Alla. [1971].

Typescript draft, 74 leaves; galleys, 21 leaves

Drachler, Rose. Burrowing in, Digging Out. Berkeley, 1974

Xerox of ms.; Xerox of galleys, corrected; page proofs; sample cover. 88 leaves

Fishman, Charles. Aurora. Berkeley, 1974

Xerox of page proofs, corrected; ms.; photocopy and typescript; paste-up. 50 leaves

Hirschman, Jack. Aur Sea. Berkeley, 1974

Ms.; Xerox of galleys; graphics; page proof; sample cover. 113 leaves

Hirschman, Jack. Scintilla. [1971].

Ms.; 2 sets of galleys, corrected. 94 leaves

Jabes, Edmond. Elya. [1973].

Xerox of ms., 105 leaves; 2 xeroxes of paste-up, corrected, 9 leaves; 2 paste-ups 187 leaves.; page proof, 99 leaves (4 folders)

Kruglick, Lewis. Unknown Angel. [1970].

2 Xeroxes of ms,. 34 leaves graphics; page proof, 6 leaves

Rothenberg, Jerome. A Book of Testimony.

Cover designs; ms,. 27 leaves; 2 sets of galley proof, 9 leaves each

Rothenberg, Jerome. Fragments form the Pirke Abot of Rabbi Eleazer & the Pearl. Berkeley, 1974

Xerox of ms., 16 leaves

Tarn, Nathaniel. Section: The Artemision from the Lyrics From the Bride of God. 1973

Xerox of ms., 21 leaves; galleys, 9 leaves; graphics

Tarn, Nathaniel. Section: Dutch Artemis or the Holland Bride from the Lyrics From the Bride of God.

Photocopy of ms., 9 leaves [unpublished?]

Tree Books

1. The Book of Noah.

Trans. By Jack Hirschman. Xerox of ms., 8 leaves

2. Eleazor of Worms. Tree Tracts.

Trans. By Alexander Altman and Jack Hirschman. 1974. Xerox and holograph, 26 leaves

Tree (journal)

Tree 1. Winter 1970

Art work

Galley proofs


Page proofs

Tree 2. Summer 1971

Art work

Galley proofs


Box 11 Page proofs


Tree 3. Winter 1972

Art work


(3 folders)


Material omitted

Tree 4. Winter 1974


Page proof - Xerox

Unbound sheets; table of contents; graphics

Tree 5. Summer 1975


Series: Box 11 Writings by others

(All are poems unless otherwise identified)

Box 11
Folder 1


Branaman, Beth. Recipe

Brent, John. Chemical Blues; Letter, n.d.

Floris, A

Stuffy Surroundings.

(Carbon typescript)



Hartman, Robert. For Me

Hoyem, Andrew. In a corner squats [1st line]

Box 11
Folder 2

Detro, Gene

Footnote to a Dedication/For Jennifer Love Meltxer [essay].

(Carbon typescript).

Box 11
Folder 3

Haselwood, Dave L.



Slack Poem.


Box 11
Folder 4


Kandel, Lenore. I thought Id give up [1st line].


Kupferberg, Tuli. I Say.

(Carbon typescript)

Lippincott, Bruce. Girl From Froggy Bottom.


Margolis, Martin. First Generation.

(Carbon typescript).

O'Connell, Walter.

Return of the Explorer.




Raworth, Tom. Cinema 1.


Reed, John. The beast [1st line].


Rudolf, Anthony. Yael and Elya by Edmond Jabes [book review].


Schenker, Don. The Alphabet Bird. August 10, 1972


Vermont, Charlie. The Last Jew in the Bronx.


Weishaus, Joel. Turning. Jan. 1971.

(Carbon typescript)

Wiater, Michael. Feel better in the Morning. July 4, 1971


Box 11
Folder 5

Kruglick, Lewis

A Letter From Brixton Prison [memoir].

(Xerox of typescript)

Box 11
Folder 6

Kruglick, Lewis


(Carbon typescript and Xerox of typescript of several poems)

Autumn Song

Awareness of intra-musculature [1st line]


Dream Song

The Groan [1st line]

Inside the body [1st line]

It's how the Kid's folks [1st line]

It's your transparence [1st line]

The Lizard in my Head


My Whore [1st line]

O your medieval childhood [1st line]

Painting by William Blake

Shrove Tuesday

The System

Well, there's just no further [1st line]

Your voice is house [1st line]

Box 11
Folder 7

Kruglick, Lewis


(Xerox of typescript)

Box 11
Folder 8

Korte, Mary Norbert

Beginning of Lines/Response to Albion Moonlight.


Poems to grow into.

(Autograph draft, signed, illustrated.)

Box 11
Folder 9

Lowenfels, Walter

Loving You In the Fall out (extracts).

(Photocopy of typescript)

Box 11
Folder 10

Malanga, Gerard


(Xerox of typescript)

Box 11
Folder 11

McMurtry, Larry

Breeding Darrell [story].


The Everlasting Arms [story].


There Will Be Peace in Korea [story].


Box 11
Folder 12

McMurtry, Larry

Contemporary American Poetry and Prose [speech].


Box 11
Folder 13

Nelville, Kris

Phil Kabolinsky-ex football [1st line, story].


Box 11
Folder 14

Olay, Lionel

Man in Space [story].

(Carbon typescript)

Box 11
Folder 15

Steiner, John

For David Meltxer. Nov. 7, 1970


Box 11
Folder 16

Tarlow, Idell


(Typescripts and carbons of 49 poems.)

Box 11
Folder 17

Whalen, Philip

Acacias: Rain.


Sad Song in the Antique Manner.






Box 11
Folder 18

Unidentified authors

& on the seventh day petals fell in Petaluma

and why [1st line] (by B.S.)

As the hats of [1st line}

Charcoal marks anoint the drawing board [1st line]

Dear david [1st line] (by___, Lee)

Drdvd -snotften tht I tak it upn misieff [1st line]

The flotsam on the water [1st line]

For David

for david Meltzer from sheila's dream of oct. 2. (by ____, Sheila)

for the good of the rose [1st line]

A group of people sit cross legged [1st line]

in the havoc room of old fame's custom [1st line]

lionel david tina & fam

poem to be recited by a young girl

Prophecy (by Jules Supervielle, trans. by Bob Stock)

Revelation at Courthouse Park

San Francisco Newsboy Cries

Scarlet Witch

shining discovery of a fink [1st line]

someday ill find that long sought [1st line]

stop talking [1st line]

A Strange Wild Song (by L.D.)

the golden child walks [1st line]

this is it: [1st line] (by i. [Idell Tarlow?)]

This One Summer

U.S. Highball

Waiting [1st line]

witty draining minds of slough [1st line]

You should always look over ther [1st line]

you gondie somdayanyounoit [1st line] (by ____, Robert)

Series: Box 11 Miscellaneous

Audio tape


(4 folders)

Box 12 Engraving block from "The Process"

Financial statements


Printed matter


Map case Miscellaneous artwork


Index entries

Abbot, Keith, 1944-

Ackerman, Forrest J., 1916-

(2 entries)

Allen, Donald Merriam, 1912-

Alpert, Barry, 1945-

Andre, Michael, 1946-

Austin, James Clayton, 1923-

Banks, Russel, 1940-

Bargad, Warren, 1940-

Barnett, Anthony, 1941-

Beck, Julian, 1925-1985

Bercholz, Samuel, 1947-

(2 entries)

Berry, Paul Lucien, 1921-

Bertolino, James, 1942-

Bierman, James Henry, 1942-

Bixby, Jerome Lewis, 1923-

Bloch, Chana Florence (Faerstein), 1940-

Blazek, Douglas, 1941-

Borregaard, Ebbe, 1933-

Brakhage, Stan, 1933-

Braman, Sandra, 1951-

(2 entries)

Brandi, John, 1943-

Briggs, Robert

Brilliant, Alan, 1936-

(4 entries)

Brit, Alan William, 1950-

Bromige, David Mansfield, 1933-

Broughton, James, 1913-

Burton, Phillip, 1926-

Cameron, Elsa Sue, 1939-

Cargas, Harry James, 1932-

Carroll, Paul, 1927-

Castro, Michael, 1945-

Chance, John Newton, 1911-

Chandonnet, Ann (Fox), 1943-

Charny, Carmi, 1925-

Charters, Samuel Barclay, 1929-

Clothier, Peter Dean, 1936-

Cloutier, David Edward, 1951-

Codrescu, Andrei, 1946-

Cohen, Marty, 1947-

Cohn, Marguerite (Arnold), 1897-1984

(2 entries)

Coll, John Daniel, 1934-

Collom, Jack, 1931-

Coolidge, Clark, 1939-

Corman, Sidney, 1924-

Cranston, Alan, 1914-

Crawford, Max, 1938-

Dawson, Fielding, 1930-

DeLoach, Allen, 1939-

Derleth, August William, 1909-1971

Detro, Gene, 1935-

Dienst, Rolf Gunter, 1939-

Drachler, Rose (Kaplowitz), 1911-

Durand, Robert, 1944-

Eisenstein, Samuel Abraham, 1932-

Elder, Muldoon, 1935-

Eshleman, Clayton, 1935-

Eulert, Donald Dean, 1935-

Everson, William Oliver, 1912-

Federman, Raymond, 1928-

Fein, Cheri

Ferlinghetti, Lawrence, 1919-

(2 entries)

Field, Patti

Fishman, Charles Munro, 1942-

Fles, John

Fowlie, Wallace, 1908-

Fram, Michael L.

Fredman, Stephen, 1948-

Gach, Gary, 1947-

Gallup, Dick, 1941-

Gardner, Geoffrey, 1943-

Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-

(2 entries)

Gitin, David Daniel, 1941-

Gizzi, Michael, 1949-

Gleason, Ralph Joseph, 1917-1975

Glicksman, Hal, 1937-

Gold, Herbert, 1924-

(2 entries)

Grantier, John Robert, 1937-

Greene, Jonathon Edward, 1943-

Griffin, Walter, 1937-

Griffith, E.V., 1927-

Grossinger, Richard, 1944-

Grossman, Martin, 1943-

Hacket, Philip, 1941-

Halpern, Daniel, 1945-

Hanson, Kenneth O 1922-

Harper, Michael Steven, 1938-

Harrold, William Eugene, 1936-

Haselwood, Dave

Hausman, Gerald, 1945-

Hawley, Robert L

(3 entries)

Hejinian, Lyn, 1941-

(2 entries)

Herms, George, 1935-

(2 entries)

Higgins, Richard Carter, 1938-

(2 entries)

Hirschman, Jack, 1933-

Hite, Robert Ernest, 1943-

Hollo, Anselm, 1934-

Hopps, Walter

Hornick, Lita R., 1927-

Hough, Lindy Downer, 1944-

Howard, Peter Brigham, 1938-

(2 entries)

Hoyem, Andrew, 1935-

(2 entries)

Jardine, Jack, 1931-

Johnson, Karl Bernard, 1942-

Johnson, Raymond Edward, 1927-

(4 entries)

Jones, Jeanetta L, 1947-

Kaplan, Jean Caryl (Korn), 1926-

Kelly, Robert, 1935-

Kennedy, Richard, 1932-

Kherdian, David, 1931-

Kienholz, Edward, 1927-

Kessler, Jascha Frederick, 1929-

Kimberly, Nick

Kirby, Brian

(2 entries)

Kissam, Edward, 1943-

Klenk, Richard George, 1907-

Kleyman, Paul, 1945-

Koerte, Mary Norbert, 1934-

Koran, Dennis Howard, 1947-

Kremen, Kathryn R, 1943-

Kruchkow, Diane, 1947-

Kruglick, Lewis

Laderman, Paul Samuel, 1934-

Larsen, Carl, 1934-

Laughlin, James, 1914-

(2 entries)

LaVigne, Robert Clair, 1928-

Lawless, Gary Cameron, 1951-

Legman, Gershon, 1917-

Lerner, Arthur, 1915-

Levertov, Denise, 1923-

Lewis, Grover Virgil, 1934-

Linenthal, Mark

Lowenfels, Walter, 1897-1976

(2 entries)

Lowry, Robert, 1919-

McClure, Michael, 1932-

(2 entries)

McConnel, Frances Hunt Ruhlen, 1941-

McCord, Howard, 1932-

McFarland, Ronald Earl, 1942-

McNail, Stanley Duane, 1918-

Maimes, Steven L

Malanga, Gerard Joseph, 1943-

Marchman, Fred, 1941-

Margolis, William Julius, 1927-

Marlatt, Daphne (Buckle), 1942-

Martin, John Kenneth, 1930-

(2 entries)

Martino, Bill, 1933-

Matheson, William John, 1927-

Mayer, Gerda Kamilla (Stein), 1927-

Marlowe, Alan Stephen, 1937-

Meissner, William, 1948-

Meltzer, David, 1937-

(29 entries)

Mernit, Susan, 1953-

Metz, Jerred, 1943-

Meyer, Helen (Honig), 1907-

Miller, Rob Hollis, 1944-

Mintz, Jerome Richard, 1930-

Mirsky, Mark Jay, 1939-

Mitchell, Stephen

Moore, Richard Thomas, 1927-

Morris, James Ryan, 1933-

Moser, Norman Calvin, 1931-

Mycue, Edward, 1937-

(2 entries)

Nelson, Sharon H., 1948-

Neugroschel, Joachim

Neville, Kris, 1925-

Norris, Kathleen, 1947-

Norse, Harold, 1916-

Padgett, Ron, 1942-

Patchen, Kenneth, 1911-1972

(2 entries)

Patchen, Miriam (Oikemus)

(2 entries)

Pearlman, William Dennis, 1943-

Peck, John Frederick, 1941-

Perkins, Michael, 1942-

Phillips, William, 1907-

Pickering, Stephen, 1947-

Pillin, William, 1910-1985

Potts, Charles, 1943-

Randolph, Leonard Wray, 1926-

Raworth, Thomas Moore, 1938-

Rexroth, Kenneth, 1905-1982

(2 entries)

Reyes, Carlos, 1935-

Rice, Stan, 1942-

Rinzler, Alan, 1938-

Robertson, David Alan, 1937-

Robson, Jeremy, 1939-

Roditi, Edouard, 1910-1992

Roman, U Grant

(2 entries)

Rosenthal, Irving, 1912-

Rothenberg, Jerome, 1931-

Rudolph, Anthony, 1942-

Sanfield, Steve

Savory, Teo

Schell, Orville H, 1940-

Schenker, Donald, 1930-

Schwartz, Howard, 1945-

Shevin, David Avram, 1951-

Shoemaker, Jack

Silberman, James Henry, 1927-

Simckes, Lazarre Seymour, 1937-

Simon, John Oliver, 1942-

Sinclair, John, 1941?-

Solomon, Maynard Elliot, 1930-

Spahn, Theodore Jurgen, 1931-

Stern, Gerd, 1928-

Stettner, Irving, 1922-

Swann, Brian, 1940-

Taggart, John, 1942-

Tarlow, Idell Rose, 1932-

Tarn, Nathaniel, 1928-

Taylor, Alix, 1921-

Teiser, Ruth, 1915-

Thayler, Carl, 1933-

Tinker, Carol, 1940-

(3 entries)

Turner, Frederick, 1943-

Tussman, Malka (Heifetz), 1896-

Unger, Barbara (Frankel), 1932-

(2 entries)

Valaoritis, Nanos, 1921-

Vangelisti, Paul, 1945-

Van Newkirk, Allen, 1940-

Vas Dias, Robert, 1931-

Vincent, John Nathaniel, 1902-1977

Vincent, Stephen, 1941-

Vinson, James, 1933-

Voelcker, Hunce, 1940-

Waldman, Anne Lesley, 1945-

Waldrop, Rosmarie, 1935-

Warren, Eugene, 1941-

Warsh, Lewis, 1944-

Webb, Jon Edgar, 1905?-1971

Weil, James Lehman, 1929-

Weinstein, Norman Charles, 1948-

Weishaus, Joel, 1939-

Weiss, Ruth, 1928-

Wenning, Henry W

(2 entries)

Whalen, Philip Glenn, 1923-

White, William Anthony Parker, 1911-1968

Wiater, Michael

(2 entries)

Willems, James Rutherford, 1944-

Williams, Galen

Wilson, Keith, 1927-

Wilson, Robert Alfred Jump, 1922-

Winans, Allan Davis, 1936-

Witt-Diamant, Sophia Ruth, 1900-

Wynn, Dudley, 1904-

Young, Al, 1939-

Young, Noel, 1922-

Ziegler, Alan, 1947-

Zucker, Jack, 1935-