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Wilson mss., 1891-1983

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Lilly Library
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Wilson, William Edward, 1906-

Wilson mss., 1891-1983

Collection No.
LMC 2327

1,535 items

Materials are in English.

The Wilson mss., 1891-1983, consists of the papers of William Edward Wilson, 1906-1988, Indiana University James A. Work Professor of English at Bloomington, Indiana, author, and newspaperman.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Born in Evansville, Indiana, Wilson received his education at Harvard University and holds honorary degrees from the University of Evansville, Indiana University, and Indiana State University. During World War II Wilson served in the Navy and taught at the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. Other teaching positions were at Brown University, Rhode Island School of Design, Johns Hopkins University, University of Colorado, University of Aix-Marseille, and Indiana University. As a newspaperman Wilson reported for The Evansville Press, The New Bedford (Mass.) Standard, and The Evening Sun of Baltimore, as well as serving as a free-lance journalist for a number of other newspapers.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Biographical; II. Correspondence; III. Financial; IV. Indiana University; V. Photographs; VI. Speeches; VII. Writings; VIII. Printed.

Scope and Content Note

The Wilson mss., 1891-1983, consists of the papers of William Edward Wilson, 1906-1988, Indiana University James A. Work Professor of English at Bloomington, Indiana, author, and newspaperman. Includes Indiana University faculty reports; class outlines and lectures for 20th Century American fiction course; articles; short stories; a novel and a play; reviews of Wilson's work; magazine and newspaper clippings; and photographs of family, friends and graduate writing class at Indiana University, 1955.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Acquired 1968, 1978, 1983
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
Wilson mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Box 1 I. Biographical

Emmart, Adolphus Dunan

Leich, Charles Francis

Wilson, Douglas Cook

Wilson, Ellen Janet (Cameron)

Wilson, William Edward, 1870-1948 and Nettie (Cook) Wilson

Wilson, William Edward, 1906-1988

(8 folders)

Includes address book; biographical sketches; certificates and awards, 1959-1973; new items, 1939-1973; Sagas yearbook, 1923; miscellaneous items, 1916-1948

Series: Box 1 II. Correspondence
The correspondents include:
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  • Earl Henry Antes
  • Philip Dean Appleman
  • John William Ashton
  • Edward Campbell Aswell
  • J. Robert Atkinson
  • David Sweet Ballou
  • Helen Ballou
  • Richard Elwell Banta
  • Cesar Lombardi Barber
  • Walter Jackson Bate
  • Pierre Baubaut
  • Yvonne Baubaut
  • Morris Bishop
  • Lurton Blassingame
  • Odette E. Bornand
  • James Oliver Brown
  • John Mason Brown
  • Edwin Harrison Cady
  • Frank Michael Calabria
  • William Edward March Campbell
  • Roberta (Murray) Capers
  • Paul Jefferson Carter
  • John Orville Chewning
  • Thomas Dionysius Clark
  • Diane Cleaver
  • James Lowry Clifford
  • Ralph Leonard Collins
  • Henry Steele Commager
  • Richard Albert Cordell
  • George Washington Corner
  • Savington Crampton
  • George Michael Cuomo
  • Burke Davis
  • Kenneth S. Davis
  • Ralph Otis Davis
  • Thomas J. Davis
  • George Deaux
  • Anne (Folger) Decker
  • William Butterfield Decker
  • James Frank Dobie
  • John Richard Dodds
  • Scott Donaldson
  • Denis Joseph Dooley
  • Vera Dreiser
  • Electa Duncan
  • Marilyn (Wall) Durham
  • Charles E. East
  • Lealdes M. Eaton
  • William Henry Edwards
  • Helen Elliott
  • Josephine Dorothea (Mirabella) Elliott
  • Agnes Elpers
  • Bergen Evans
  • Robert James Fair
  • Royal Bailey Farnum
  • Oliver Watkins Ferguson
  • Edward Lewis Ferman
  • Louis Filler
  • Aubrey Wray Fitch
  • Charles J. Foltz
  • Joseph Chamberlain Furnas
  • Mary Elizabeth Gaither
  • Lewis Stiles Gannett
  • John Champlin Gardner
  • Kellie Gardner
  • Elizabeth L. Gilman
  • Donald Gray
  • Arlette Grebel
  • Donald Jay Grout
  • Susanne (Ribeyre) Guenther
  • Roger C. Hackett
  • Margaret Halsey
  • Philip Hamburger
  • William Burnett Harvey
  • Stanley H. Haste
  • Walter Edwin Havighurst
  • Brian P. Hayes
  • Joseph Arnold Hayes
  • Marrijane (Johnston) Hayes
  • Louis H. Haynes
  • Will Harrison Hays
  • Stanislaw Helsztynski
  • Robert Henderson
  • Cecilia (Hennel) Hendricks
  • Ruth (Elliott) Hickam
  • Quentin Manning Hope
  • Hazel (Whiteleather) Hopper
  • David Stewart Hull
  • Haydn Huntley
  • Melvin Watson Hyde
  • Elizabeth (Stevenson) Ives
  • Ejler Jakobsson
  • Oliver Ormerod Jensen
  • Bess (Sellers) Johnson
  • Felix L. Johnson
  • Howard Mumford Jones
  • Matthew Josephson
  • Israel James Kapstein
  • Alfred Kazin
  • Elizabeth Hutchings (Zulauf) Kelemen
  • Michael Korda
  • Alexander Lemcke Leich
  • Charles Francis Leich
  • Lois Marie (Bauman) Leich
  • Roland Leich
  • Harry Guyer Leslie
  • Harry Tuchman Levin
  • Sonia Levinthal
  • Kenneth Dale McCormick
  • Kenneth Peva McCutchan
  • Elizabeth McCutcheon
  • Clarence H. MacLachlan
  • Archibald MacLeish
  • Claude A. Mahoney
  • John Phillips Marquand
  • John Bartlow Martin
  • Lynne Lionel Merritt
  • Ellen (Boyd) Milisen
  • Edith Ronald Mirrielees
  • Henry Allen Moe
  • Vardine (Russell) Moore
  • Malcolm Charles Moos
  • Herbert Joseph Muller
  • Jay Neugeboren
  • Jeannette (Covert) Nolan
  • Jane (Blaffer) Owen
  • Thomas L. Owen
  • Hamilton Owens
  • Katharine F. Pantzer
  • Edwards Park
  • Edd Winfield Parks
  • Isabel M. (Bowler) Paterson
  • Bernard Berenson Perry
  • Harrison Gray Platt
  • Murray Pollinger
  • David Ambrose Remley
  • Stanley Marshall Rinehart
  • John Albert Robbins
  • Martin Robbins
  • George Chambers Roberts
  • Betty J. Russell
  • John William Ryan
  • Mildred (Walker) Schemm
  • Mark Schorer
  • Dorothy (Stingle) Schrodt
  • John Franklin Schrodt
  • Charles Elbert Scoggins
  • Winfield Townley Scott
  • John Allen Selby
  • Karl Jay Shapiro
  • Louis Sheaffer
  • Edward Shenton
  • Constance Lindsay Skinner
  • Bernard Smith
  • Lillian Eugenia Smith
  • William Mode Spackman
  • Berry Spacks
  • Sara Spencer
  • Sharon (Dougherty) Spencer
  • Elvis Jacob Stahr
  • John Ernst Steinbeck
  • Miriam Joy (Meloy) Sturgeon
  • William Andrew Swanberg
  • Lorna LaVonne (Lutes) Sylvester
  • Gayle Thornbrough
  • Coles Trapnell
  • Erico Lopes Verissimo
  • James O'Shea Wade
  • Thomas Christopher Wallace
  • Edward Augustus Weeks
  • Herman B Wells
  • Matthew Empson Welsh
  • Jessamyn West
  • Harry Anthony White
  • Douglas Cook Wilson
  • Ellen Janet (Cameron) Wilson
  • Henry Cameron Wilson
  • Howard Aaron Wilson
  • William Edward Wilson, 1906-1988
  • William Edward Wilson, 1934-
  • Sophus Keith Winther
  • Mirian S. Wood
  • Lawrence Counselman Wroth
  • Thelma Louise (Sherrill) Wynn
  • Samuel Yellen
  • Lela Ann (Ives) Zacharias.

Consult the Manuscripts Index in the Library for dates of letters of Individual correspondents.


(30 folders)

Box 2 1967-1977 

(26 folders)

Series: Box 2 III. Financial

Includes receipts and account statements, 1941-1973.

Series: Box 2 IV. Indiana University

Faculty reports. Wilson to English Department, 1950-1971

L358, 20th century American fiction, 1954-1959 Course outlines and lectures

(26 folders)

Series: Box 3 V. Photographs

Wilson, W.E.; Ellen Wilson and sons, family and friends, 1891-1983

(4 folders)

Congressional junket, 1924, Dec.

(5 photographs)

Congressional tree planting, 1923, Mar.

(4 photographs)

Graduate writing class party, May 13, 1955

(18 photographs)

Homes, 1918-1959

(4 photographs)

Houses in Evansville, Ind., 1952

(21 photographs)

People, identified

(3 photographs)


(49 photographs, 1 postcard)

Trip on the Gordon C. Greene, 1942

(47 photographs)

White, Harry A., 1970-1971

(6 photographs)

Series: Box 3 VI. Speeches

1965, Nov. 13. Society of Indiana Pioneers.

1965, Dec. 8. Vincennes Historical Society and Antiquarian Society.

1966, Apr. 28. Indiana Library Association, District V.

1966, May 11. IU Alumni at Evansville.

1966, July 7. Brown University N.D.E.A. Lectures.

1966, Aug. 1. Writer's Conference at Boulder, Colorado.

1966 Indiana University Women's Club.

1967, Sept. 29. Harmonie Associates, Evansville.

undated. Boulder, Colorado.

undated. English teachers club.

Series: Box 1 VII. Writings

The following are enclosed in correspondence:

Graduates of the U.S. Naval Academy

(enclosed June 23, 1945)

The Horse That Could Play the Calliope

(enclosed June 7, 1945)

The House on Audubon Street

(enclosed Aug. 22, 1952)

U.S. Naval Academy

(enclosed May 22, 1945)

Box 2 The following are enclosed in correspondence:

The Boatload of Knowledge

(enclosed Apr. 28, 1973)


(enclosed Feb. 14, 1976)

Book review

(enclosed Sept. 20, 1974)

Box 3 Kinnell, Galway

Poems, May 9, 1957, inscribed to Wilson

Wilson, William Edward, 1870-1948

Enjoy the present day, undated

(2 folders)

Wilson, William Edward, 1906-1988

Abe Lincoln of Pigeon Creek, a play

(3 folders)

The Angel and the Serpent

(4 folders)

Articles, 1938-1975

(3 folders)

Bailley's Wells or Déjà vu

(4 folders)

Bibliography, 1921-1977

Book Reviews, 1973-1975

Every Man is My Father

(8 folders)

Box 4 Hush-a-Bye, Indiana

(2 folders)

Indiana: A History

(4 folders)

Memo to Don Congdon regarding future books

Mirrors on the Road: short stories

(3 folders)

On His Being Arrived to the Age of Sixty-Three, or Out to Old Uncle Charlie's, Feb. 20, 1969 [poem]

On the Sunny Side of a One-Way Street, July 24, 1958

(5 folders)

Prudence Goodchild's Indian

The Raiders, 1954

(2 folders)

Saint Tropez [poem], Dec. 12, 1968

Short Stories, 1934-1973

Spain is a Fine Country: short stories

The Strangers, 1952

(9 folders)

We must all start sometime: short stories

(7 folders)

Miscellaneous notes, undated

Wilson, William Edward, 1934-

Me, Myself & I, 1949

Oversize 1 Abe Lincoln of Pigeon Creek, a novel, June 8, 1949. Bound. Master copy.

Oversize 2 The Raiders, Dec 16, 1954. Bound proof copy, signed by Wilson.

Oversize 3 On the Sunny Side of a One-Way Street, 1958 Galley D

Box 5 VIII. Printed

Articles, 1940-1982

(10 folders)

Poems, 1955


Abe Lincoln...novel, 1949-1962

(4 folders)

The Angel and the Serpent, 1963, Dec.-1965, Mar.

Big Knife, 1940, Aug.-1941, Feb.

Crescent City, 1947, Aug.-Dec.

Empty noon, 1953, Feb.

Every Man is my Father, 1973, Apr.-1974, Nov.

Indiana: A History, 1967-1975

Indiana: A State Portrait, 1950, June-July

On the Sunny Side…, 1959

The Raiders, 1955, Apr.-Dec.

Shooting Star, 1942, Mar.-July

Social Experiments on the Wabash, 1964

The Stranger, 1952, Aug.-1953, Feb.

The Wabash, 1940, Feb.-Mar.

(2 folders)

Yesterday's Son, 1941, July-1942, June

Reviews by W.E. Wilson, 1941-1977

(5 folders)

Short Stories

The Answer

Baby Lions

Beyond Darkness

Beyond the Loud Winds

Bird Roby's Sidewheeler

The Blue Boy

Class Report


End of a Voyage

Engagement Under Fire

The Girl Named Irene

Hoosier Hot Spell

In Some Far Corner

La Ley de Lynch

The Lone Pioneer


Mucho Calor

Off the Record

Paradise House

The Ship's Doctor

The Sign

The Trap

Where Now?

Wooden Funeral

Duplicate copies of articles and stories in Book Dept.

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