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Volwiler mss., 1898-1958

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
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Volwiler, Albert T., 1888-1957

Volwiler mss., 1898-1958

Collection No.
LMC 2425

3648 items.

Materials are in English.

The Volwiler mss., 1898-1958, consists of material collected by Albert Tangeman Volwiler, 1888-1957, historian, on Benjamin Harrison, president of the United States from 1889-1893 for a biography.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Volwiler taught history at Wittenberg College in Springfield, Ohio in the 1920's, taking a leave from 1925-1926 to teach at Indiana University. In 1934 he was appointed professor of history at Ohio University and was head of that department from 1947-1955. He was the author of George Croghan and the Westward Movement, 1741-1782 and The Correspondence Between Benjamin Harrison and James G. Blaine, 1882-1893 among other books . He pursued his research for the Harrison biography for many summers, but died in 1957 before completing the work.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. Research and notes; III. Drafts; IV. Miscellaneous.

Scope and Content Note

The Volwiler mss., 1898-1958, consists of material collected by Albert Tangeman Volwiler, 1888-1957, historian, on Benjamin Harrison, president of the United States from 1889-1893 for a biography. The correspondence includes Volwiler's concerning his research and copies of Harrison's letters. There are also eight original letters, 1898-1899, from Harrison to his clerk Everard F. Tibbott (see: II. Research and notes. Subjects. Venezuela. Correspondence)

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Acquired 1967, 1991.
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
Volwiler mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Box 1 I. Correspondence

Volwiler's correspondence, 1926-1954, arranged in alphabetical order, followed by transcripts and calendars of Harrison's letters, 1851-1901. Additional correspondence may be found throughout the collection. The correspondence has not been indexed.

A - Harrison, Mary (Lord), 1926

Box 2 Harrison, Mary (Lord), 1927  - Martin, Thomas P.

Box 3 Mas-V

Box 4 W-Z

Harrison, Benjamin, 1851, May-1886, Apr. 11

(41 folders)

Box 5 Harrison, Benjamin, 1886, Apr. 12-1893, Apr.

Box 6 Harrison, Benjamin, 1893, May-1899

Box 7 Harrison, Benjamin, 1900-1901, Mar

Calendar of Harrison's letters.

(Alphabetically arranged)

Calendar of Harrison's letters.1851, May 9-1900, June 15

(Chronologically arranged)

"The Correspondence Between Benjamin Harrison and James G. Blaine, 1882-1893," by Volwiler.

(Proof sheets)

Platt, Thomas Collier. "Thomas Collier Platt: An Account of the Political Life of T.C. Platt," term paper by Rex Koons, Aug. 28, 1939

Platt, Thomas Collier. Calendar of Letters Among the Benj. Harrison Papers covering primarily cabinet making in 1888 and 1889 and dealing chiefly with "Boss" Platt....

(2 copies)

Series: Box 8 II. Research and notes

Large and small envelopes are arranged numerically by their original assigned numbers.

Subseries: Large envelopes, Nos. 1-62

Guide to Large Envelopes, Nos. 1-181

1. Map studies of Indiana, 1870-1888

1a. Ancestry. Miami. Volwiler correspondence, 1928-1934. Draft of Chapter I. Harrison genealogy and speeches

1b. John Anderson Letters, 1853-1868. Typescripts

1c. John Scott Harrison. Three school papers; calendar, printed pieces

1d. Wm. H. Harrison Funeral

2. Politics 1850's. Volwiler correspondence, 1931-1932. School paper, and notes.

2a. Pen Portrait of Benjamin Harrison

3. Civil War - Indianapolis Journal articles. Clark paper [Indiana University Seminar paper]

5. Civil War - White Letters [James White]

9. Lawyer. 1. John B. Elam's Paper; 2. Ferdinand Winter's statement, Mar. 10, 1927 to Volwiler; 3. Wm. D. Foulke's statement, Morrison Will Case, 1893, Indianapolis St. Railway Case, 1897; 4. Harrison's Argument in Nancy Clem Murder Case

11. Harrison Before U.S. Supreme Court. Two school papers

15. Treason exposed & Democratic Party [1886]

17.1874, 1876, 1878 Campaign Speeches

19.1876 Burnett's paper. Published in Indiana Magazine of History

20.1877 Railroad Strike. Three term papers

21. Mississippi River Com. Letter to Volwiler, Mar. 1928

30. Term paper and printed.

23. Personnel of 47, 48, 49, 51, & 52 Congress

25. Senate Votes.

[Includes 29-page typed copy: "Yea and Nay Votes Cast by Hon. Benjamin Harrison, A Senator from Indiana, arranged in chronological and alphabetical order, showing the date when cast and page of Congressional Record where found" ]

27. Senator 1880-1885. Lacy, Indiana University paper

29. Sen. Harrison - 47th Congress, 1st & 2nd Sessions

31. 48 Congress, 1st Session. Miss Galt's, Miss McClintock's term papers

33. 49 Congress, 1st Session. Sittler & Sweetland's papers

35. Senator Harrison in 2nd Session of 49th Congress. By Karl Smith, Penn, 1928 Arthur Neal, 49th & Reelection

37. Harrison: Agriculture Problems, 1881-1887. Mr. Kretschman, term paper

39. Senator & Territories. Five term papers

41. Senator Harrison & Bankruptcy Legislation. Term paper

43. Chinese Exclusion. Three term papers

45. Civil Service. Senator Harrison: Civil Service Reform, 1881-1887. Miss Bowers, Wittenberg Pro Seminar, 1930; Miss Morrow, Wittenberg, Pro Seminar 1932; Mr. Kretschman

47. Sen. Harrison - the Blair Education Bill. Wittenberg, Miss Faries, 1930; Educational Problems in 47, 48th & 49th, Miss Lowergrund, Pennsylvania

49. Schrope: Eulogies of Ben. H. Wittenberg, 1932

51. Senator & Internal Improvements. Davey's papers

53. Senator & Indian Affairs, Carmean's Thesis. Two term papers.

55. Senator Harrison & Labor, 1881-1887, McCulloh's seminar paper; Liquor Problem, 1881-1887, Mr. Frederick

57. Sen. Harrison & Maricopa Co., Arizona. Letter to Volwiler, Mar. 7, 1932; Term paper

59. Senator Harrison & National Parks. Bowers' paper

61. Senator & Pensions. Five term papers

62. Personal sketch as revealed by Congressional Record. Erma Leonard, Wittenberg, 1932

Subseries: Box 9 Large envelopes, Nos. 63-133

63. Senator Harrison & Railroads. Wm. Avery, Wittenberg, 1930; Marshall Moore, Wittenberg, 1928

65. Senator, Presidential Succession. Miss Schafer's Seminar Paper - Presidential Succession Act

67. Senator - Tariff. Lenhart's paper

69. Schrope: H. Voorhees & Indiana. Wittenberg, 1932

71. H.L.P.A. [Holy League of Peers of America]. Letter to Volwiler, Mar. 6, 1945; and papers

73. Delegate, l880, 1884 Term paper

75.1886 Senatorial Election. W. S. Garber's manuscript

77.1888 Nomination of Harrison. Seminar paper by Clyde Ferguson, Indiana; paper by Edmund D. Washington, Indiana; comments by Louis T. Michener

79.1889-1891. Harrison & the 51st Congress. Miss Wright's paper, Indiana

81. Bering Sea. Scholl, 1932

82. Harrison to Elkins. Typescripts

83. Patrick Egan. Thesis by W. F. Beck, 1933

85. Catholic Influence & the Election of '92. Term paper

87. Chilean Crisis. Miss Buzby's and Miss Wiedinmyer's papers, Penn, 1932

88. Chilean Letters. Typescripts

89. Cholera, 1892 Muscalus, Penn, 1932

91. Hawaii, 1891-1893. Winch, Penn, 1932

93. Canadian Relations, 1889-1893. Boyer, Penn, 1932

95. Financial Situation of the U.S.,1893 Ehrhart, Penn, 1932

97. Mafia Incident. Larimer, Pro-seminar Wittenberg, 1931; letter to Volwiler, December 14, 1941

98. Executive - Legislative Relations under Harrison and Cleveland. Dennis Porter's thesis

99. Restrictions on American Pork. Ruth Taylor, Penn, 1932

101. Post Office Dept., 1889-1893. Leatherman, 1932

105. Reciprocity. Cassell, 1932

107. Samoa, 1889 Agee, Penn, 1932

108. Oklahoma

109. Threatened Panic, 1890 Preston, Penn, 1932

111. Vetoes of Pres. Harrison. Louise Moser, Wittenberg, 1930

113. Allison correspondence, 1891-1892. Typescripts

114. Platt. Correspondence, 1888-1900. Typescripts

115. Carnegie Letters. Typescripts

116. Catholic Indian School Controversy. Typescripts

119. Clarkson political letters, 1890-1892. Typescripts

121. Eccentric letters. Typescripts

123. Fishback-Hay [W. P. Fishback and Eugene Hay]. Articles on Harrison

125. Halford-Tibbott Diaries. Typescripts

127. Halford's letters, 1889-1895. Typescripts

127a. Halford's letters. Typescripts

128. Halford's Leslie Articles. Photostats, printed and typescripts

129. Homestead documents. Typescripts

130. Mrs. Isabella de la Hunt, post office at Cannelton, Indiana. Typescripts

133. Louis T. Michener. Eighteen articles, 1927

Subseries: Box 10 Large envelopes, Nos. 134-173

134. Mormons. Copy of Woodruff-Clarkson letter of July 11, 1894; six term papers

134a. Mormons. Copy of Woodruff-Clarkson letter of July 11, 1894

134b. Mormons. Woodruff-Clarkson letter of July 11, 1894

135. Levi P. Morton. Letters, 1888-1892. Typescripts

137. Regarding Charles F. Murchison letters. Typescripts

139. Indiana Politics, 1891 Mason-Edson letters. Typescripts

141. Ocean Mail, 1891-1892. Typescripts

143. Quay & Patronage, 1889 Two term papers by Brunhouse

145. B. F. Tracy. Three addresses, 1891

147. Silver Letters, 1890-1892. Typescripts

148. Family letters and others to Harrison, 1850-1892. Typescripts

150. Letters from Harrison's Private letter book, 1880-1888. Typescripts

151. Harrison's Letters to 1888 Photostats and typescripts

153. Harrison's Letters, 1888-1901. Photostats and typescripts

154. Harrison-Blaine Letters. Photostats

155. Dictionary of American Biography article. Drafts

155a-b. Letters for No. 155. Typescripts

162. Venezuela Arbitration. Papers by Volwiler

162a. Venezuela Arbitration. Letters to Volwiler, 1929-1931, and drafts

162b. Venezuela Arbitration. Drafts 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th

162c. Venezuela Arbitration. Letter to Volwiler, 1929 and notes.

162d. Venezuela Arbitration. Mrs. Harrison's "Diary" letters, 1889

163. Pictures for Biography: 4 maps, 26 photos (includes political cartoons), 2 printed pictures, photos of 2 letters

l67. Indianapolis Journal references to Harrison: list of dates

169. Bibliography for Benjamin Harrison

171. Catalogue of Harrison's papers in Library of Congress

173. Calendar of Harrison letters

Subseries: Small envelopes, Nos. 1-4

1. Letters to Volwiler, 1945-1948; and notes

1a. Washington & New York. Notes and letters to Volwiler, 1928-1932

1b. Indianapolis. Letter to Volwiler, 1930; and notes

1c. Cincinnati. Letters to and regarding Volwiler, 1927-1936; maps and notes

1d. Chronology

1f. Prospective articles. Letter to Volwiler, 1932; and notes

1g. Indianapolis Journal references; list of Harrison-Hayes letters

2. Harrison speech. Notes

3. John Scott Harrison. Letter to Volwiler, Dec. 10, 1941; notes; and clipping

4. Ancestry and childhood. Notes

Subseries: Box 11 Small envelopes, Nos. 5-37

5. Youth, Cincinnati and Miami. Notes and letters to Volwiler, 1927-1928.

6. Lawyer, 1853-1862. Notes

9. Civil War I. Notes

10. Civil War II. Notes

12. Civil War III. Notes

13. Personal, 1865-1889. Notes

14. Personal, 1865-1888 (including Religion & Community). Notes

15. Politics, 1865-1880. Notes

17.1865-1878 Politics. Notes

19.1876 Campaign Politics. Notes

21. Railroad strike, 1877 Notes

23. Law, 1865-1888. Notes and letters to Volwiler, 1929 and 1940

25. Law, 1865-1888. Notes

27. Lawyer, Law, 1865-1888. Notes and letters to Volwiler, 1932

35. Senate. Notes and letters to Volwiler, 1930 and 1939

37. Senate. Notes

Subseries: Box 12 Small envelopes, Nos. 39-61

39. Senate. Notes; and letter to Volwiler, 1943

43.1884 Delegate & President. Notes, and Volwiler letter of 1931


45.1888 Nomination I. Notes

47.1888 Nomination. Miscellaneous notes

49.1888 Campaign. Notes and Volwiler correspondence of 1947

51.1888 Campaign. Notes

52. Original notes on Halford's Diary

53. Blaine I. notes

54. Blaine II. notes

55. Blaine III. notes

57. Cabinet. Notes

59.Nov. 1888-Mar. 4, 1889. Notes

61. Patronage, 1889-1893. Notes

Subseries: Box 13 Small envelopes, Nos. 63-97

63. Nepotism. Notes

65. Patronage. Notes

67. Civil Service. Notes

69. Civil Service. Printed reports

71. Civil Service Reform. Contemporary Documents from Foulke regarding 1889. Printed

73. Personal, 1889-1893. Notes.

75.1889-1893 Personal Miscellaneous. Notes and letter to Volwiler, 1928

77.1889-1893 Miscellaneous Tour. Notes and letters to Volwiler, 1928

79. 1st Session, 51st Congress. Notes

81. Panics; Finance. notes

83. Southern Question. Notes and letter to Volwiler, undated

85. Tanner, Lottery, Cholera. Notes

89. Catholic & Religious Schools Question. Notes and letters to Volwiler, 1931 & 1933

90. Mormons. Notes

91. Election of 1890 Notes

93. Navy, Imperialism. Notes

95. Chile, Hawaii. Notes

97. Bering Sea, Foreign Affairs. Notes and letters to Volwiler, 1940

Subseries: Box 14 Small envelopes, Nos. 99-121; Oklahoma

99.1891-1892. Notes

101.1891-1892. Notes

103. Re-nomination. Notes

105.1892 Campaign. Notes

107.1893-1895. Miscellaneous. Notes and letter to Volwiler, 1931

109.1893-1896. Notes & letters, 1928

111. Law, 1893-1901. Notes


115. Venezuela. Notes

117. Venezuela. Notes

119a-c. Venezuela, notes

121. Memorial pamphlet. Printed

Oklahoma. Research notes on Oklahoma, 1889-1891

(2 folders)

Subseries: Box 15 Subjects, A-Z

All the Republican National Conventions, 1856-1896, by Henry H. Smith. Printed.

Bayliff's notes. regarding silver and gold

33rd, 34th, 47th-49th Congresses. lists of members & votes

(blank forms)

"The Diaries of Elijah W. Halford and Everard F. Tibbott, private secretaries to President Benjamin Harrison." 65pp. Typescript

Halford & Tibbott. Correspondence regarding their deaths, 1927-1952

Illustrations. Photographs and negatives; plans for use of illustrations for frontispiece & endpapers

Late added notes for Harrison letters, corrected 1955 Copies of Harrison letters notes, printed material, and Volwiler correspondence, 1944 & 1957

Late additions of notes, miscellaneous material.

Michener, Louis T. Correspondence by and about Michener, 1927-1958

Michener, Louis T. Memos, prepared for Volwiler in 1932

Miscellaneous letters, 1888-1950. Typescripts

Miscellaneous notes, correspondence, 1833-1957. Photostats and typescripts

Miscellaneous notes 1, 2, 3

Miscellaneous notes, Harrison clippings

Relations between President & Congress. notes & papers

Use for quotes and notes

Venezuela. Documents 1 & 2

Venezuela. Correspondence. Harrison to Everard F. Tibbott: 1898, Apr. 4, June 17, June 21, July 2; 1899, Apr. 23, May 2, May 3, May 5. Tibbott to his wife, 1899, Sept. 21. Miscellaneous correspondence, 1899-1950

Venezuela. Chapter 21?

Weickselbaum, Norman. The Catholic Indian School Controversy, 1889-1891: A Conflict of Ideas. Chapters I-VIII and complete carbon transcript

Yellowstone Park and The First Forest Reserve, by Thomas G. Manning. Carbon, 10pp.

Box 18 Index cards, alphabetically arranged. Harrison documents and letters, with notes

(5 boxes)

Series: Box 16 III. Drafts


(6 folders)

Drafts marked by Hamilton

(3 folders)

Miscellaneous copies of chapters

(12 folders)

Old copies

(10 folders)

Printers copy

(12 folders)


(4 folders)

Series: Box 17 IV. Miscellaneous

Biographical materials

Financial materials

Carbon typescripts of theses

The Baltimore Incident, 1891-1892, by William F. Worthington, Aug. 1936

The Bering Sea Arbitration, 1889-1893, by Guy E. Saylor, Aug. 1935

The Proposed American Annexation of Hawaii, 1893-1894, by Harold S. Peters, May 1947

Senator Benjamin Harrison in the Forty-seventh Congress, by Florence I. Larimer, Aug. 1938

39 printed items

Box 18 Microfilm: "Ohio Co., vol. 1-2; Gratz - Croghan, vol. 1; Deeds, miscellaneous correspondence"

Holograph charts. American business activity, 1868-1936

(2 charts)

Photostat copy of Nashville, Tennessee, The Daily American, May 11, 1889, containing Commissioner Tanners speech in which he used phrase "God help the surplus"; The Daily American for May 12, 21, and 23, 1889, regarding the same