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Gilder mss., 1781-1984

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Gilder, Richard Watson, 1844-1909

Gilder mss., 1781-1984

Collection No.
LMC 2345

ca. 23,000 items

Materials are in English

Consists of correspondence and papers of poet, editor Richard Watson Gilder and his wife, the artist Helena de Kay Gilder, and their family.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Richard Watson Gilder, 1844–1909, was born in Bordentown, New Jersey. Among Richard Gilder's books of poetry are The New Day (1875), Poems and Inscriptions (1901), and A Book of Music (1906). With Newton Crane, he founded the Newark Register and he edited Scribner's Monthly (later The Century Magazine), a post he held until his death. His brother William Henry Gilder was managing editor of the Register, but is most well–known for his Arctic expeditions. He was second in command on the Eothen in search of Sir John Franklin's lost expedition to discover the North Pole and wrote several books about the Arctic. In 1883 he was a war correspondent in Tonking during the French–Annamese War. Richard's sister Jeannette Leonard Gilder was co–founder and joint editor with another brother Joseph Benson Gilder of The Critic, a literary magazine.

His wife, Helena, 1846–1916, was born in New York City. She was a painter, founder of the Art Students league and co–founder of the Society of American Artists. She studied with Winslow Homer and John La Farge, as well as at the Cooper Union Institute and the National Academy of Design. Together Richard and Helena had seven children. Their son Rodman was an author and married Comfort Tiffany, daughter of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Their daughter Dorothea had a brief stage career, while Rosamond, the youngest, also became a writer. She was the author of Enter the Actress: the First Woman in the Theatre and the editor of Letters of Richard Watson Gilder and an unpublished volume of letters between her mother and Mary Hallock Foote, tentatively titled Dialogue.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. Writings; III. Artwork; IV. Diaries/Journals; V. Legal; VI. Photographs; VII. Miscellaneous.

Scope and Content Note

The Gilder mss., 1781–1984, consist of correspondence and papers of poet, editor Richard Watson Gilder and his wife, the artist Helena de Kay Gilder, and their family. In addition to family members, the correspondence reflects the many friends and acquaintances who visited the Gilders at their Tyringham, Massachusetts home, as well as their private salon in New York. These include artists, musicians, writers, poets, scientists and politicians, such as August Saint–Gaudens, Winslow Homer, Mark Twain, and Nicola Tesla. There is extensive correspondence with Frances Folsom Cleveland (Mrs. Grover Cleveland), artist Cecilia Beaux and writer Mary Hallock Foote. The Writings series contains works of Richard and Helena, as well as many other writers and poets, including Phyllis de Kay Wheelock who wrote about the De Kay family, and extensive files of Rosamond Gilder's writings and research. Writings by William Henry Gilder (1838–1900) include articles on the Arctic and a description of his encounter with pirates. Many pencil and watercolor sketches and sketchbooks of Helena may be found in the Artwork series. A few other artists are represented, mostly family members, but include a few sketches by Mary Hallock Foote. An interesting joint diary of Helena and Richard, dated 1874–1888, may be found in the Diaries/Journals series. The Legal materials mostly concern estates and properties. Formal portraits of the Gilder family, friends and acquaintances, as well as snapshots taken on their various travels make up the Photographs series.

The Miscellaneous series contains military–related items, including a report to Headquarters by surgeon Reuben Gilder concerning the dead and wounded from the Battle of Cowpens in 1781, a group of letters picked up from several Civil War battlefields by Richard's father William Henry Gilder, and paperwork reimbursing Richard's brother William Henry Gilder for the death of his horse at the Petersburg fight in 1864. From Richard's brother William Henry's Arctic explorations is a list of provisions, list of backers, map, and various printed items. There is extensive ephemera in the Miscellaneous series: concert and lecture programs, invitations to various events, brochures, maps, and menus. Realia of interest include: a lock of Helena's hair, dried flowers from John Keats' grave picked in 1884, a pencil used by Walt Whitman, and dried leaves collected in 1863 from the Bull Run battlefield.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Acquired: 1999
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Gilder mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: I. Correspondence. Box 1

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Individual names with significant number of letters may have separate folders and are filed immediately after the folder in which they would have been included. Names in the "General" folders are not listed. Most of the letters are written to Richard Watson Gilder, Helena de Kay Gilder and members of their immediate family. Filed under some correspondents' names are letters written to them specifically and are designated as such. Year or range of years of the correspondence follows each name. One folder per name unless otherwise indicated. Additional correspondence may be found throughout the collection.

A — General

Abbott, Lawrence. 1918

Abbott, Lyman. undated

Aldrich, Lilian. 1908

Alexander, John W. 1887

Allen, Mary. 1883-1906

Aman–Jean, Edmond. 1903

American National Institute. 1895

Appleton, Mary R. 1890

Aus der Ohe, Adele. 1887-1910,

including two stanzas of music (2 folders)

Austin, Mary. 1907

Avellana, Lamberto Vera. 1969

B — General

Babcock, Sally Harwood. 1864-1909

(4 folders)

Bagg, Lenora L. S. 1916-1924

Beaux, Cecilia.

To Gilder, George. 1906

To Gilder, Helena de Kay. 1897-1916

(7 folders)

To Gilder, Richard Watson. 1892-1909

(3 folders)

To Gilder, Rodman Drake. 1896-1928

To Gilder, Rosamond. 1915

Beckwith, J(ames) Carroll. 1914

Bennett, Joseph Hastings. 1924

Bishop, H. S. 1884-1893

Bishop, J. B. 1894

Bishop, W. H. 1897-1899

Bispham, David. 1907-1911

Blanc, Marie–Thérèse. 1895-1907

Blashfield, Edwin Howland. 1898

Bliss, Harriet. 1910-1912

Bloede, Katie and Marie. 1868-1875

(2 folders)

Blouët, Paul. 1887-1902

Boehm, Joseph Edgar, Sir. 1871

Boutet de Manvel, L(ouis) M(aurice). 1850-1913

Boyesen, Hjahman H. 1874-1894

Bradford, George P. 1867-1886

Briesen, Arthur von. 1905

Bronson, Katharina Coleman de Kay. 1855-1890

Brooks, Phillips. 1890

Brown, Horatio F. 1896

Brownell, William Crary. 1902

Bryce, James and E. Marion. 1886-1913

Buel, Clarence C. and Alice. 1885-1894, 1916

Bunner, Henry Cuyler. 1894

Burnaby, Caroline M. 1888

Burnett, Frances Hodgson. 1906-1926

Burnett, Ruth (1862–1942). 1897

Burroughs, John. 1877-1912

Butler, Harry. 1898-1899


Cable, George Washington. 1880-1917

Calve, Emma. 1906

(2 folders). Includes notebook of miscellaneous material related to tours and loose items removed from notebook.

Campbell, William Wilfred. 1891

Carman, Bliss. 1910

Carnegie, Andrew and Louise W. 1908-1916

Carter, Susan N. 1895-1897

Castaigne, Andre. 1896

The Century Co. and Century Magazine. 1881-1923

(5 folders). Includes related materials such as contracts, receipts, agreements, programs, etc. See also: Buel, Clarence C. and Alice; Johnson, Robert Underwood.

Champney, Elizabeth Williams. undated

Choate, Joseph Hodges. 1911-1913

Cholmeley–Jones, Elmira Gambault Gilder. 1886-1909

Cholmeley–Jones, Jeannette. 1908

Cholmeley–Jones, Nigel. 1903-1920

Cholmeley–Jones, Richard Gilder. 1877-1914

Cholmeley–Jones, Roy. 1897-1907

Churchill, Winston (1871–1947). 1900-1901

Clark, John. 1865

Clemens, Samuel L. and Olivia. 1899-1904

Box 2 Cleveland, Frances Folsom.

To Gilder, Helena de Kay and Richard Watson. 1887, June 1905

(51 folders)

Box 3 Cleveland, Frances Folsom.

To Gilder, Helena de Kay and Richard Watson. 1906-1916

(14 folders)

To Gilder, Rosamond. 1946 [?]

To McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 1900-1915

Cleveland, Marion. 1907-1908

Cleveland, Grover. 1891-1907

Coates, Florence Earle. 1902

Coffin, William Anderson. 1889-1898

Cole, Timothy. 1916

Conant, Cornelia W. 1897

Cone, Helen Gray. 1887-1910

Cook, Clarence (1828–1900). 1876

Cook, Clarence (1828–1900). 1876

Cook, Frederick Albert

To Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900). 1894

Cox, Kenyon. 1886

Craigie, Pearl Mary Teresa. 1906

Crane, Charles Richard. 1907

Crawford, Francis Marion. 1894

Curtis, George William. 1872-1892

Curzon, Mary Leiter, Baroness Curzon of Kedleston. undated


Davenport, Jack Alfred and M. W. 1864-1874, 1901

Daviess, Maria Thompson. 1913

Davis, Richard Harding. 1906

Dawes, Anna L. 1902-1906

De Kay, Charles A. 1871-1909

(2 folders)

De Kay, Edwalyn. 1896

De Kay, Helena (niece of Helena and Richard). 1913-1919

De Kay, Janet Halleck Drake. 1862-1886

De Kay, Joseph Rodman Drake. 1860-1886

De Kay, Julia. 1879-1912

De Kay, Sidney and Minna. 1864-1890

De Kay, Sidney Gilder. 1915-1927

Deland, Ellen Douglas. 1908

Deland, Margaret. 1889-1890

De Rosales, Louise

Dewey, Byrd Spilman. 1930

Dewing, Maria R. Oakey. 1876-1916

Dix, Edwin Asa and Marion Alcott. 1904 [?]

Dobson, Austin. 1880-1909

Dodge, Mary E. 1864-1868

Dodge, Mary Mapes. 1887

Drake, Edith True and A. W. 1890-1911

Drinker, Ernesta. 1920

Dunn, Julia E. 1875

Dunning, William Archibald. 1876


Eaton, Edward Dwight. 1912

Eaton, Wyatt and Louise. 1880-1887

Egan, Maurice F. 1879-1909

Eggleston, Edward. 1880-1884

Evans, Elizabeth G. 1903-1916

Evans, Florence Wilkinson. 1906,  1910


Fairchild, Charles Stebbins. 1905, 1910

Farnam, Henry W. 1903

Ferrero, Guglielmo and Gina Lombroso. 1908-1909

Field, Isobel (Strong Osbourne). 1914, 1879-1893

Fields, Annie. 1895-1901

Finck, Henry T. and Abbie H. C. 1898-1903

Folsom, Emma C. 1887-1897

Foote, Mary Hallock

To Gilder, Helena de Kay. 1879-1916

To Gilder, Richard Watson. 1872-1909

(3 folders)

To Gilder, Rodman Drake. 1902-1921

To Gilder, Rosamond. 1915-1932

(3 folders)

To McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 1904-1919

To Palmer, Francesca Gilder. 1917

Ford, Paul Leicester. 1897

Ford, M. B. 1909-1910

French, Daniel Chester. 1904-1906

Froude, James Anthony. 1879


Gabrilovitch, Ossip. 1905-1907

Gay, S. M. and Elizabeth. 1890

Gelat, Antoine Thomas. 1906

Gericke, Wilhelm. 1893

Gérôme, Jean–Léon. 1869

Box 4 Gibson, Charles Dana. undated

Gifford, Robert Swain. 1889-1898

Gilbert, Charlotte Gilder. 1911-1920

Gilder, Alma E. 1884-1885

Gilder, Christine (Mrs. Robert F. G.) 1931-1950

Gilder, Comfort Tiffany.

To Gilder, Helena de Kay. 1911-1915

To Gilder, Rosamond. 1911-1958

To McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 1911

Gilder, George de Kay.

To Helena de Kay and Richard Watson Gilder. 1890-1913

(8 folders)

To Rodman Drake Gilder. 1906

To Rosamond Gilder. 1897, 1910

To Dorothea Gilder McGrew. 1898-1918

Letters from various correspondents. 1915

Gilder, Harry M. 1891-1902

Gilder, Helena de Kay.

To Bagg, Leonora S. 1900-1914

To Bliss, Harriet. 1910

To Cleveland, Francis Folsom. 1887-1909

(20 folders). Includes letters from or jointly with Richard Watson Gilder.

To De Kay, Charles. 1863-1897

To De Kay, Edwalyn. 1888-1898

To De Kay, Janet Hallock Drake. 1879–1886

To De Kay, Julia. 1900-1911

To De Kay, Katarina Coleman (for infant Marion Gilder). 1876

To De Kay, Minna Craven. 1885

To De Kay siblings. 1869-1892

To De Rosales, Louise. 1915-1916

To Foote, Mary Hallock. 1869-1897

(10 folders) (see also: Writings. Gilder, Rosamond de Kay. Dialogue)

Box 5 Gilder, Helena de Kay

To Foote, Mary Hallock. 1898-1916

(5 folders)

To Gilder children. 1896-1913

(8 folders)

To Gilder, George. 1897-1917

(11 folders)

To Gilder, Jane Nutt. 1880

To Gilder, Richard Watson. 1873-1909

(9 folders)

To Gilder, Rodman Drake. 1885-1894

(4 folders)

Box 6 Gilder, Helena de Kay

To Gilder, Rodman Drake. 1895-1915

(24 folders)

To Gilder Rosamond. 1907-1915

(5 folders)

To Harwood, Elizabeth F. 1885

To James, Henry. undated

To Janvier, Catharine and Thomas. 1890-1915

(3 folders)

To Johnson, Robert Underwood. undated

To LaFarge, John. 1891

To McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 1895-1900

(3 folders)

Box 7 Gilder, Helena de Kay

To McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 1901-1915

(12 folders)

To Morris, Edmund. undated

To Morse, Anne G. (Nannie). 1895-1915

To Nutt, Maria H. 1874-1879

To Palmer, Francesca Gilder. 1902-1913

To Puron, Martina Pintard Gilder. 1879

To Roosevelt, Eleanor. undated

To Saint–Gaudens, Augustus. 1877

To Sedgwick, Anne Douglas. 1915

To various members of family from Europe. 1911

To various correspondents, mostly unidentified.

Gilder, Rev. J. Leonard. 1833,  1880

Gilder, Jane Nutt

To Gilder, Helena de Kay and Richard Watson. 1861-1890

To Nutt, Maria H. 1840-1885

(5 folders)

To various correspondents.

From various correspondents.

Gilder, Jeannette Leonard

To Gilder, Helena de Kay and Richard Watson. 1873-1914

To Gilder, Rodman Drake. 1895-1913

To Nutt, Maria H. 1879-1896

To various correspondents.

From various correspondents.

Gilder, John (1786–1855) and Sarah Leonard.

From various correspondents. 1835-1836, 1845

Gilder, John Francis (Frank).

To family members. 1853-1907

From various correspondents. 1865-1880

Gilder, Joseph Benson and Gwendolyn.

To family members. 1873-1938

(3 folders)

Gilder, Percy. 1898-1899, 1940

Gilder, Richard Watson

To Allen, Joseph. 1862

To Bagg, Leonora S. and Louise E. 1900-1905

To Browne, F.F. 1893-1896

To Cleveland, Grover. 1896

To De Kay, Janel Hallock. 1873

To De Kay, Minna Craven. 1890

To Dewey, Mrs. F.S. (Lady Ben Travato). 1904-1912

To family and friends (circular letter). 1904

To Foote, Mary Hallock. 1872-1909

To Gilder, George de Kay. 1898-1903

(2 folders)

Box 8 Gilder, Richard Watson

To Gilder, George de Kay. 1904-1908

(3 folders)

To Gilder, Helena de Kay. 1872-1909

(31 folders)

Box 9 Gilder, Richard Watson

To Gilder, Jane Nutt. 1872-1882

To Gilder, Jane Nutt and Maria Nutt, jointly. 1852-1882

(4 folders)

To Gilder, Jeannette Leonard. 1879-1893

To Gilder, Joseph Benson. 1852-1886

To Gilder, Robert Fletcher. 1875

To Gilder, Rodman. 1885-1909

(9 folders)

To Gilder, William Henry (1812–1864). 1864

To Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900). 1890-1894

To Grant, Hugh J. 1889

To Hay, John Milton. 1900-1902

To James, Henry. 1885


To Janvier, Thomas A. 1882, 1896

To Johnson, Robert Underwood. 1883-1896

(4 folders)

To La Farge, John. 1875-1908

To Lyttle, Sarah (Mrs. Robert E.). 1863–1902

To McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 1888–1909

(2 folders)

To Nutt, Maria. 1861–1889

To Procter, John R. 1900–1903

To Puron, Juan. 1895

To Saint–Gaudens, Augustus. 1877

To Schurz, Carl. 1903–1906

To Smith, Roswell. 1884–1894

To various correspondents.

Gilder, Robert Fletcher

To Gilder, Jeannette Leonard. 1905

To Gilder, Joseph Benson. 1872–1875

To Gilder, Richard Watson. 1885–1907

To Gilder, Rodman. 1909–1940

To McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 1909

To ____, Mary (cousin). undated

From various correspondents.

Gilder, Rodman Drake

To Gilder, George. 1906

To Gilder, Helena and Richard Watson. 1881–1897

(5 folders)

Box 10 Gilder, Rodman Drake

To Gilder, Helena and Richard Watson. 1898–1914

(12 folders)

To Gilder, Rosamond. 1913–1949

To McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 1894–1917

(2 folders)

To various correspondents

From various correspondents

Gilder, Rosamond

To family. 1892–1920

To Gilder, Rodman Drake. 1903–1938

To and from various correspondents. 1911–1977

(2 folders)

To and from various correspondents concerning research for Dialogue. 1911–1977

(4 folders)

Gilder, Wm. Howard. 1907-1908

Gilder, Wilbur F. 1893, 1902

Gilder, William Henry (1812–1864)

To family. 1852–1864

(4 folders)

To Gilder, Jane Nutt. 1835–1862

(13 folders)

Box 11 Gilder, William Henry (1812–1864)

To Gilder, Jane Nutt. 1863–1864

(6 folders)

To Nutt, Maria. 1833–1853

From various correspondents. 1862

Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900)

To family. 1860–1899

(6 folders)

From various correspondents. 1862–1892

Gladden, Washington. 1893

Glenny, Alice R. 1903-1914

(2 folders)

Glenny, Aline. 1904-1910

Glenny, Joan. 1907

Gosse, Edmund. 1891–1892

Grant, Percy Stickney. 1914–1916

Gras, Félix and Angèle. 1878–1901

Gray, David. 1910–1914

Greene, Rosalind Huidekoper. 1907

Greenslet, Faris

To Gilder, Rosamond. 1911-1920

Gréville, Madame Henry. 1886

Gross, Richard. undated

Guiney, Louise Imogen. 1886


Hake, Thomas Gordon. undated

Hale, Susan (1833–1910). undated

Hamilton, Edith. 1923–1925

Harrison, Constance Cary. undated

Harwood, Andrew. 1867–1877

Harwood, Elizabeth F.

To Gilder Helena de Kay and Richard Watson. 1864–1892

(2 folders)

To Nutt, Maria H. 1849–1889

(3 folders)

Harwood, Marian de Kay. undated

Hastings, Thomas. 1899

Hawthorne, Hildegarde. 1913

Hazard, Caroline. 1902–1903

Henschel, George. 1907

Henschel, Lillian B. undated

Higginson, Henry Lee. 1895–1908

Higginson, Ida Agassiz. 1893–1903

(2 folders)

Hobson, Richard Pearson. 1898–1902

Hoeber, Arthur. 1908

Holford, Alberta and Florence

To Gilder, Rosamond. 1953–1959

Holland, Josiah Gilbert. 1874–1882

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr. 1894

Holt, Roland. 1900

Homer, Winslow. 1872–1886

Horton, Samuel Dana. 1869–1874

Howe, Julia Ward. 1866–1869

Howells, William Dean. 1893–1912

Hughes, Sarah F. 1897–1907

Hughes, W. Hastings. 1893–1906

Hulst, Nelson P. 1896, 1916

Hunt, Alfred William, Margaret Raine and Isobel Violet. undated

Huss, Henry Holden. 1881



Jackson, Helen Hunt. 1870–1881

Jacobs, Sister Clarissa. 1893

Includes calling card with photograph.

James, Henry. 1880–1914

(2 folders)

James, William. 1893–1910

Jandrier, Jeanne. 1903–1906

Janvier, Catharine A. 1885–1899

(3 folders)

Box 12 Janvier, Catharine A. 1900–1920

(3 folders)

Janvier, Thomas A.

To Gilder, Helena de Kay and Richard Watson. 1888–1913

(4 folders)

From various correspondents. 1893–1900

Jefferson, Sarah A. 1904–1905

Jewett, Sarah Orne. 1897

Johnson, Bessie W. 1871–1880

Johnson, Laura Winthrop. undated

Johnson, Robert Underwood. 1879–1924

Johnson, Rossiter. undated

Jones, Amanda T. 1887


Kakuzo, Okakura. 1887–1911

Kane, Florence Bayard. 1908

Kellogg, Clara Louise and Carl Strakosch. 1879, 1916

Kendall, William Sergeant. 1897–1908

Keith, Dora Wheeler. undated

Kimball, Elizabeth. 1915–1917

King, Janet. 1892–1895

King, Pauline. 1899–1903

Kipling, Rudyard and Caroline. 1899–1904

Korbay, Francis. 1894


La Farge, John. 1871–1909

Lane, John. 1909

Lanier, Mary Day. 1910

Lansdale, Edward V. 1871–1916

Lansdale, Eliza M. 1905–1920

Lansdale, Maria. 1893–1917

(3 folders)

Lathrop, Francis. 1899

Lathrop, Rose Hawthorne. 1916

Lazarus, Emma, Josephine and Annie. 1881

Le Gallienne, Richard. 1910

Lemaire, Gaston. 1904

Leonowens, Anna Harriette. 1908–1910

Lewis, Agnes Smith. 1903

Lillie, Lucy Cecil. undated

Lincoln, Robert Todd. 1909

Linton, Williams James. 1891

Lockwood, Florence. undated

Lodge, Mary G. 1888

Low, Wilett. 1888–1911

Lowben, Charlotte B. 1908

Lowell, James Russell. 1875–1891

(2 folders)

Lowell, Josephine Shaw. 1890–1904

Lungren, Fernand. undated

Lyttle, Sarah Gilder. 1867–1894


McAneny, George. 1913–1914

MacDowell, Edward Alexander. 1895–1897

MacDonald, Greville. 1913, 1923

McGrew, Dallas

To McGrew, Elizabeth L. 1903, 1920

To McGrew, Mrs. G. H. 1916-1926

To McGrew family. December 1916, 1917

From various correspondents. 1920

McGrew, Dorothea Gilder

To Evening Post, editor. 1909

To Gilder family. 1917

To Gilder, George de Kay. 1904–1917

To Gilder, Helena de Kay and Richard Watson. 1880s–1901

(3 folders)

Box 13 McGrew, Dorothea Gilder

To Gilder, Helena de Kay and Richard Watson. 1902–1909

(7 folders)

To Gilder, Helena de Kay. 1910–1916

(5 folders)

To Gilder, Rodman Drake and Comfort Tiffany. 1897–1918

To Gilder, Rosamond. 1910–1916

To Gilder, Rosamond and Francesca Gilder Palmer. 1918–1919

To Kimball, Elizabeth L. 1916–1919

To McGrew, Dallas. 1911

To McGrew, Mrs. (Dallas's mother). 1915–1919

(3 folders)

To Nadal, E. S. 1918

To Palmer, Francesca Gilder. 1906–1917

From various correspondents.

McGrew, J.L. and George H. 1916–1921

McKinley, William. 1899


Mabie, Hamilton Wright. 1905–1906

Mailliard, Annie Ward and Loullie M. 1867–1876

Mansfield, Richard. 1891

Manship, Paul Howard. 1931

Markoe, Matilda. undated

Marlowe, Julia. undated

Marsh, Henry and Sophronia Oakes. 1882–1888

Martin, Homer D. 1878

Mason, Alfred Bishop. undated

Mason, Mary Murdoch. 1911

Mason, William (1829–1908). 1893, 1895

Matthews, Brander. 1894–1914

Matthison, Edith Wynne. 1903

Merington, Marguerite. 1901–1913

Merritt, Anne Lee. 1887–1903

Mitchell, Lucy M. 1885–1886

Mitchell, Silas Weir. 1906

Modjeska, Helena. 1899

Moody, William Vaughn. 1905–1908

Morse, Nannie. 1879–1915

(3 folders

Moulton, Helen (Contesse de Hatzfeldt). 1863


Nadal, E. S. 1876–1915

Nemes, Dezso and Melitta. 1907

Nevin, Alice Paul (Mrs. Ethelbert). undated

New York Herald. 1894–1895

Newman, Helena McGrew.


From various correspondents. re: death of Helena Newman. 1978–1979

Nicholls, Francis and Josephine. 1889–1890

Nicolay, Helen. 1901

Nussey, Ellen (1817–1897). 1871

(includes a French verse in Charlotte Bronte's hand)

Nutt, Maria H.

To various correspondents. 1841–1890

(2 folders)

From Fraser, William. 1860–1862

(2 folders)

From Mackie, Moura. 1859–1861

From Potts, Sarah P. 1859–1886

From various correspondents. 1836–1879

(4 folders)

Box 14 Nutt, Maria H.

From various correspondents. 1880–1888

(3 folders)


Osborne, Duffield. 1914

Osborne, Lloyd. 1902

Paderewski, Ignace Jan and Helena. undated

Palmer, Bertha Matilde Honoré. undated

Palmer, Francesca Gilder. 1892–1919

Palmer family. 1860–1920

(2 folders)

Pearson, Molly. 1911–1917

Pennell, Joseph. 1894–1908

Pennington, Harper. 1898

Perdicaris, Ion. 1905

Perrine, Van Derring. undated

Pleadwell, Frank Lester. 1929–1945

Porter, Bruce. undated

Potter, Henry Codman. 1902

Preston, Frances F. Cleveland. 1915–1918

Proctor, Anne B. 1883

Puron, Martina Pintard Gilder. 1884–1912, 1920

(2 folders)


Ralph, Julian. 1890

Reid, Doris Fielding. 1921–1933

(4 folders)

Richards, Laura Elizabeth Howe. undated

Riggs, Kate Douglas. 1895, 1916

Riis, Jacob A. and Mary Phillips. 1898–1916

Riley, James Whitcomb. 1890

Rimmer, Alfred. 1880

Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt. 1898–1916

Robinson, Edwin Arlington. 1905–1913

Roosevelt, Theodore. 1892–1913 (copies); 1916

Root, Elihu. 1914

Roumanille, Eirise. 1888–1902

Royce, Josiah. 1890

Rucellai, Edith and family. 1886–1923, 1966–1976

(3 folders)

Runkle, L. G. 1902

Ryder, Albert P. 1887–1903


Saint–Gaudens, Augustus. 1881–1888

(including gallery lay–out sketches)

Sands, Dorothy. 1931–1939

Sartain, William. 1903

Schauffler, Robert Haven. 1907

Schayer, Julia. 1892–1894

Schubin, Ossip (Aloisia Kirschner). 1900

Schurz, Carl and Marianne. 1894–1906

Schuyler, Georgina and Louisa Lee. 1886–1916

Scott, Lucy P. 1897, 1916

Sedgwick, Anne Douglas. 1902–1906

Seidl, Anton. 1898

Serrao, Teodoro. undated

Seton, Ernest Thompson. undated

Sever, Anne. undated

Seward, Theodore Frelinghuysen. 1887–1890

Sharp, William (1855–1905). undated

Shaw, Sarah B. 1891–1898

Sherman, Bessie Foote. 1886–1891

Sherman, F. D. 1892

Siddons, Mary Frances Scott. 1892

Sill, Louise Morgan. 1911

Sinclair, May. 1908–1911

Sloane, William M. 1899–1911

Smith, Logan Pearsall. 1888

Smith, Marion C. 1909

Sothern, Edward Hugh. 1911

Speyer, Leonora von Stosch Howland. 1892–1911

Stedman, Edmund Clarence. 1873–1908

Stevenson, Burton E.

To Gilder, Joseph B. 1911

Stickney, Albert and Elizabeth W. (Bess). 1882–1914

Stillman, Lisa. 1881–1889

(2 folders)

Stillman, Marie. 1879–1916

Stillman, William James. 1883

Stockard, Henry Jerome. 1889

Stockton, Frank R. and Marian E. 1876–1902

Stojowski, Sigismond. undated

Strong, Austin. 1904–1919

Sweeney, Mildred McNeal. 1906

Swift, Betty Foote. 1903–1946

Svecenski, Louis. 1865–1916

Box 15 T—General

Temple, Mary. 1862–1869

Tesla, Nicola. 1895–1901

Thaxter, Celia. 1877–1892.

Includes pressed seaweed for use as illustrations

Thayer, Abbot H. 1914–1917

Thayer, Hattie. 1867

Thayer, Katie B. 1876–1882

Thayer, Mary. 1867–1868

Thayer, William Roscoe. 1916

Thierry, James Francis. 1910

Thomas, Edith M. 1886–1916

Thomas, M. Carey. 1935

Tiffany, Caroline Chase. 1890

Tissot, James. 1898

Train, Charles J. 1864–1874

Twain, Mark (see: Clemens, Samuel L. and Olivia. 1899-1904)

Tweedie, Ethel Brilliana. 1904


Vanderbilt, George Washington, II. 1892–1894

Van Dyke, Henry. 1898–1912

Van Rensselaer, Mariana Griswold. 1889–1920

(4 folders)

Van Wagenen, Katherine H. 1916

Vedder, Elihu. 1909

Varese, Vera. 1903

Viereck, George Sylvester. 1906

Villard, Oswald Garrison. 1912–1914

Von Seckendorff, Adolf. 1861–1862.

Includes letters from various "Dresden friends"


Waddington, Mary Alsop King. 1905

Wang, Frank H. 1917–1921

Ward, Anna H. B. 1879–1897

Ward, Mary Augusta. 1895–1900

Ward, Olivia. 1903

Ward, Samuel. 1888–1894

Warner, Charles Dudley. 1893

Washington, Booker T. 1908

Weaver, Isabel E. 1919

Webster, Jean. 1914

Welldon, Samuel A. 1909

Wharton, Edith. undated

Wheeler, Candace. 1894

Wheelock, Mary. 1918

Whitehead, Gerrard Irvine. 1895–1898

Whiting, Arthur. undated

Whitney, Adeline Dutton Train. 1867–1869

Williams, Eliott. 1890–1916

Williams, Sophia Wells Royce (Mrs. Talcott Williams). 1892–1906

Wilson, Francis. 1909–1916

Williamson, Clifton P. 1918–1919

Winslow, Erving. 1917

Withington, Paul R. 1917–1918

Wood, Frances Fisher. 1894

Woodberry, George Edward. 1891–1917

Young, Bethea. 1887–1904

(2 folders)


Series: II. Writings. Box 15

Arranged alphabetically by author. Dates given where known. Additional writings, particularly clippings and tear sheets, may be found under series VII. Miscellaneous

Beaux, Cecilia.

4 poems

Bienenstock, Jennifer. Article: "The Career of Helena de Kay Gilder, 1874–1886" 1979

Bronson, Katherine C. de Kay. 2 volumes of poetry: "Leaves from my Journal from Venice to Algiers" and "Recollections of My First Decade" 1943

(2 folders)

Brownell, Henry Howard. 2 poems: "The Bay Fight" and "The River Fight" written in HdeKG's hand

Butler, Ellis Parker. Story: "Lamp Chimneys Out of Old Bottles"

Cornaro, C. Article: "A Venetian Infant Asylum"

Cleveland, Grover. Article on Venezuela for The Century Magazine; speech at the Fellowcraft Club during the presidency of RWG

De Kay, Charles. Articles: "Joseph Rodman Drake: A Sketch of His Life," "On a Bronze Buddha in the U.S. National Museum" (reprint, 1891), and "Sea Fights on the Spanish Main" (reprint, 1918); volume of poetry: "Season Poems" and various miscellaneous poems

De Kay, James Elsworth. Book: "The Book of the Children of De Kay" 1838

D., M. M. [Mary Mapes Dodge?] Poems: "At Last" and "A Warning to Young People"

Fitzpatrick, Sister Martha Ann. Book: "Richard Watson Gilder: Genteel Reformer"

Foote, Mary Hallock. Articles: "Browning in Venice" (reprint) and "The Harshaw Bride" Idaho Yesterdays, vol. 20, no. 2, Summer 1976;  various poems

Box 16 Gilder, Helena de Kay

Talk: "Caricature" Given to Wednesday Afternoon Club

Talk: "The Complications of Modern Society"

Poem: "Hilda"

Talk: "Joseph Jefferson" Given to Wednesday Afternoon Club

Article: "A Letter on Women's Suffrage." Pamphlet and reprint, includes additional writings on women's suffrage

Article: "Mary Hallock Foote" for The Book Buyer, Aug. 1894

Prose and sketches: "The Pansy Book, made by Helena De Kay for Mary Hallock"

Article: "R[obert] Lincoln" 1913

Poem: "Shakspere vs. Bacon" With note: "Delivered before the Prof. of Yale in reply to Ignatius Donelly's [sic] Criptogram"

Talk: "Shelley" Given to Wednesday Afternoon Club

Book: concerning Theodore Rousseau

Notebook of poetry and prose

Notes after Richard W. Gilder's death

Miscellaneous untitled writings and notes

Gilder, Jeannette. Articles: "Literary Critics of New York Newspapers, 1882" and "Miss Fanny Parnell at Bordentown" ; poems: "Way Back to the Old Place and Sit Down" and "My Creed"

Gilder, Joseph Benson. Various poems and articles including the poem "What Means The Century to You?" and the article "Was Captain Kidd a Pirate?"

Gilder, Richard Watson

Lists of writings. Includes lists of unsigned contributions to The Century. Includes lists of unsigned contributions to The Century

Autobiographical notes

(2 folders)

Poem: "Avignon 1879"

Poem: "Bards" Printing plate

Poem: "Bianca"

Address: "Christian Citizenship" Given to the Presbyterian Social Union of Philadelphia, Feb. 26, 1905. Reprint

Book of poetry: "A Christmas Wreath" Table of contents only

Article: "Eureka: The barber takes care of the flowers"

Early poems, 1893

Book of poetry: "For the Country" Table of contents, preface, notes

Article: "The Funeral Train" For the Newark Advertiser , Apr. 24, 1865. Also includes correspondence, drawing, clippings and photograph of Lincoln

Article: "Holy Week in Jerusalem" Also includes pressed flowers "Calvary 27 March 1896"

Humorous verses, 1897-1910

(2 folders)

Address: "Ideals of Life" Commencement speech, Wellesley College, June 23, 1903

Article: "The Kindergarten: An Uplifting Social Influence in the Home and the District" Charities, vol. XI, no. 5, Aug. 1, 1903, Union League Club, Chicago

Newspaper: The Leaflet, no. 1–16, 1860, edited by RWG

Tribute volume: "The Memorial Meeting at Springfield" A Memorial of Josiah Gilbert Holland, Discourses and Tributes, called forth by his death, October 12, 1881. Printed, not published. Edited and introduction by RWG

Book of poetry: The New Day: A Poem in Songs and Sonnets . Poems, a review and related material

(4 folders)

"Notes on Letter Books I, II, III, and part of IV, 1880 to 1890"

Notes on letters received by RWG

Article: "On the Reading of Poetry"

"Poems 1893, for H de K and no one else"

Poems — drafts and fragments

(2 folders)

Poems "not included in A New Day... Nov. 29, 1894"

Poems "unpublished"

Poems and Inscriptions. "Dummy" and book jacket, 1901

Poems and prose, drafts and incomplete

(2 folders)

Box 17 Gilder, Richard Watson

Book of poetry: "The Poet and his Work" Printer's copy

Letter to the Editor of the New York Times: "President Cleveland's True Character" and book jacket, Dec. 12, 1888. Proof and notes

"Report of the Tenement–House Committee of 1894"

Tribute volume: "Robert Collyer" Edited by RWG

Memorandum: "Rodman Gilder from his father 1897"

Newspaper: St. Thomas Register, Vol. 1, no. 1–3, edited by RWG

Book of poetry: "Times and Seasons: Poems by Richard Watson Gilder" Bound, Dec. 1880–May 1885

Music: "To Thee, Eternal Soul, Be Praise!" Music by Arne Oldberg, lyrics by RWG

Article: World's Fair, Paris, 1900

Gilder, Robert Fletcher. Article: "Excavation of Earth–Lodge Ruins in Eastern Nebraska" Reprint, American Anthropologist, Vol. 11, no. 1, Jan.–Mar, 1909

Gilder, Rodman Drake

Article: "Notes for Around Gramercy Park." 1915

Newspaper: "The Chimney–Seat" An illustrated paper. No. 1,Dec. 1889, first and second editions; No. 1, Summer series, incomplete, undated

Newspaper: "Mark Twain in New York, Brief Outline of an Illustrated Book" 1938

untitled materials

Gilder, Rosamond de Kay

Book: Dialogue. Unpublished book of letters between Helena de Kay Gilder and Mary Hallock Foote. Includes index, outline, National Endowment for the Humanities grant application, various drafts and extensive file of copies of letters between HdeKG and MHF

(31 folders)

Box 18 Gilder, Rosamond de Kay

Book: Dialogue, cont.

(12 folders)

Book: Letters of Richard Watson Gilder. Includes "Archives" notebook, advertisement, notes, list of illustrations, some illustrations, and an extensive file of copies of letters to and from RWG, many from The Century Magazine files

(24 folders)

Gilder, William Henry (1812–1864). Notebook on various topics, 1833; sermons

Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900).

Book: Untitled Arctic book for boys. Outline, chapter one and notes

Article: "Fall of Santoy" Rough draft

Article: "Fur Seals at Home" Draft

Article: "On a Chinese Gunboat After Pirates" Draft

Article: "Wauker" Incomplete draft concerning Ivan Coudron

Incomplete/untitled articles

Harwood, Elizabeth Foote. Articles: "All the Fools are not Dead Yet" Oct. 13, 1874;  "Santymoty or St. Timothé" and "Trips and Things"

Higginson, Henry Lee. Talk: "Students of Harvard University and Men of the Grand Army of the Republic!"

Howe, Julia Ward. Poem: "A Visit to C.H."

Box 19 Janvier, Catharine. Short bio of Richard Watson Gilder, 1911; poems: "The Sequel" and "The Tortoiseshell Cat" 1914

Janvier, Thomas A. Short bio of Cecilia Beaux; poems: "Li nouvèn Troubadour," "Avignoun 1879" and "Les Troubadours"

Johnson, Lee Ann. Book: Mary Hallock Foote (Twayne U.S. Authors Series). Working copy, Feb. 14, 1979

Latta, Caroline J. Dodge. Article: "The Lady is a Critic"

MacDonald, George. Various poems

McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. Poems, notes

Nadal, E.S. Article: "R.W.G. & H.deK.G."

Rucellai, Nannina Fossi. Book: "'Cousin Edith' by Her Daughter" Jan. 1968.  Contains original photographs

(2 folders)

Sechendorff, Adolf von. Various poems

Smith, Herbert F. Abstract: "The Editorial Influence of Richard Watson Gilder, 1870–1909"

(2 folders)

Sovereign, Mary E. Article: "The Power of Music" Mar. 16, 1847

Stoddard, Richard Henry. Various poems

Thomas, Edith Matilda. Play script: "Madame Mistletoe or The Christmas Music–Box" ; Article: "Shelley: A Study of Temperament in Poetry" ; various poems

Townsend, Amy. Article: "Social Doings in Penn's Metropolis"

Warner, Charles Dudley. Article: "Calvin: A Study of Character"

Wheelock, Phyllis de Kay.

Article: "Admiral William Brown: Father of the Argentine Navy" The Recorder, vol. 17, Apr. 1955

Article: "An American Commodore in the Argentine Navy" The American Neptune, vol. 6, no. 1, Jan. 1946

Article: "Commodore George De Kay and the Voyage of Macedonian to Ireland" The American Neptune, vol. 13, no. 4, Oct. 1953

Article: "Levant Journal" Lands East, vol. 1, no. 9, Nov. 1956

Article: "The Levant Journal of Capt. George C. De Kay" Lands East, vol. 1, no. 10, Dec. 1956

Williams, Mary Ellen. Article: "Angle of Repose and the Writings of Mary Hallock Foote: A Source Study" 1980

Various authors. Volume of poems: "Poems to a Poet: Presented by his Friends the Poets to the Wife of Richard Watson Gilder" Bound. 1910

Various authors. "Richard Watson Gilder's Record of Friendship" Bound. 1852–1853

Various authors. Writings about Richard Watson Gilder

(2 folders)

Various authors. Individual poems arranged alphabetically by author. Includes Kenyon Cox, Rudyard Kipling, and Celia Thaxter

Various authors. Poems dedicated to Richard Watson Gilder and Helena de Kay Gilder

Various authors. Mostly extracts from articles mentioning Richard Watson Gilder

Unknown authors.

(3 folders)

Series: III. Artwork. Box 19

Arranged alphabetically by artist. Dates given where known.

Foote, Mary Hallock. Pencil drawings (7 original and 1 photographic copy)

Gilder, Helena de Kay

Oil painting on canvas

Oil paintings on wood boards (10 and 2 fragments)

(3 folders)

Pencil drawings.

(8 leaves)


"Sketches in Europe & on the Nile & Syria for Book" 1896 (46)

Sketches, "1875-1896?"  (61, some with pencil sketches on versos)

(2 folders)

Box 20 Gilder, Helena de Kay

Sketchbooks: 1867; 1896, Beirut, Lebanon; 1896, Egypt; 1897-1898; 11 undated volumes

(11 folders)

Gilder, Joseph Benson. 2 pen and ink drawings, Winter 1875; 1 undated pen and ink drawing

Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900). 14 pencil drawings; 1 pen and ink drawing; 1 watercolor; portion of sketchbook with 2 pencil drawings and 1 small pencil sketch

Glenny, Alice. Pencil sketch and small detail of book cover design for RWG's A Book of Music

unknown artists. Sketches in pencil, pen and ink, and watercolor

(13 leaves)

Box 31: Oversize Photographs, etchings, etc. of artwork. Mostly unarranged. Contains copies of artwork by Helena de Kay Gilder and Cecilia Beaux

Box 36: Oversize Photographs, etchings, etc. of artwork (cont.)

Series: IV. Diaries/Journals. Box 19

Arranged alphabetically by author.

Box 20 Foote, Mary Hallock. 1867?

Gilder, Helena de Kay


Dresden. Includes 8 photographs of Dresden, 1 photograph of HdeKG and notes


Commonplace book


Joint diary with RWG, contains sketches and poetry.

Box 21 Gilder, Helena de Kay


Joint diary with RWG, contains sketches and poetry. Transcript






29 volumes

Gilder, Jeanette Leonard. 1868

Gilder, Richard Watson. Transcripts of selected pages from diaries, 1884–1906

Gilder, William Henry (1812–1864). 1835–1836

McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 1895–1896, 1898–1900  (with some gaps). 7 volumes

Box 22 McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 1904–1909.  6 volumes

Nutt, Maria H. 1849, 1852, 1853–1868, 1863, 1875–1889.  19 volumes

Series: V. Legal.

Organized into three subseries: Estate, Property and Miscellaneous.

Estate. Consist of financial papers, wills, legal documents, correspondence and other materials. Arranged by name of person, followed by approximate dates of materials with little to no arrangement within each folder. One folder per subject unless otherwise indicated.

Box 22 Bronson, Katharine de Kay. 1927–1928

De Kay, Janet Hallock. 1881–1908

De Kay, Julia. 1911–1921

Gilder, George de Kay. 1928–1932

Gilder, Helena de Kay. 1880–1919

Gilder, Jeannette Leonard. 1913–1949

(8 folders)

Box 23 Gilder, John. 1808–1845, 1903

Gilder — Joint (Helena de Kay and Richard Watson Gilder). 1910–1935

Gilder, Richard Watson. 1901–1910

Gilder, William Henry (1812–1864). 1848–1868, 1934

Lyttle, Robert E and Gilder, Sarah M. 1851, 1858

Nutt family. 1797–1891

Palmer family. 1863–1917

Pearson, Arthur Rutledge and Isabella Owsley. 1906–1910

Rogers, Samuel. 1802, 1839

Property. Consists of deeds, contracts, correspondence and other related materials, such tax and insurance papers. Arranged by city. One folder per address unless otherwise indicated.

Box 23 Bordentown, New Jersey

(3 folders)

Flushing, New York. Flushing Female Institute

(2 folders)

Marion, Massachusetts

(3 folders)

New York, New York, 24 Gramercy Park, Inc.

(4 folders)

New York, New York, Gramercy Park Association and Gramercy Neighborhood Associates

(2 folders)

New York, New York, 13 E. 8th St.

Tyringham, Massachusetts. Four Brooks Farm

Miscellaneous legal papers, 1795-1915

Series: VI. Photographs.

The photographs are arranged by persons, places, scrapbooks and miscellaneous. The persons subseries is generally portraits, either cabinet or calling cards. Individuals also appear in the places subseries and in the scrapbooks, though they are not identified in this list. The number of images is given after the name or place, if there is more than one. The number may include duplicates. Mostly undated. Date given where known.

Box 23 Persons. Arranged alphabetically. See also: Boxes 32, 35 and 36.

Alden, Henry Mills, 1906

Allen, Joe

Allen, Mary

Ashe, Elizabeth, 1918

Aus der Ohe, Adèle. 2

Beaux, Cecilia. 11, and 37 negatives "R.G.& C. Beaux Paris 1921?"

Boissière, Térèse. 2

Bronson, Kate C. de Kay, 1864, 1874. 4.

Brooks, Charles J., 1866

Brooks, Phillips. 2

Brown, John (1810–1882)

Browning, Robert, 1872

Bryant, William Cullen

Burnell, Kate Mapes

Burling, W.R.

Burlingham, Dick, 1942

Burnett, Lionel, 1878

Burnett, Vivian, 1878

Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1872

Burroughs, John. 1, and 7 snapshots, some with RWG taken near Slabsides, Milton, NY, ca. 1900

Charnley, Catharine

Choate, Joseph Hodges

Cholmeley–Jones, Richard Gilder, 1915.  2, and 2 photographs "Headquarters base Sec. #2, Bordeaux, Gironde, France"

Clarke, Capt. John, 1862

Clemens, Clara, 1904, 1906.  3, and 5 snapshots of her wedding, 1909, some with her husband Ossip Gabrilowitz and her father Samuel L. Clemens and 2 negatives

Cleveland, Frances Foote, 1887, 1888. 12 portraits including one with her mother and her children, and 13 snapshots, and one photograph of the White House

Cleveland, Grover. 11 snapshots of GC, et al. "Trip to Otis mill," in 1901, 11 snapshots of GC fishing with RWG, 1 group snapshot with GC, RWG, Joseph and Charlie Jefferson

Cleveland, Richard, 1900.  2

Cleveland, Ruth, 1895

Clymer, Ella Dietz, 1873. 5, and 1 of Edward Manuel Clymer

Condit, Alice. 1 and 1 of her unnamed sister

Cromwell, E.G.

Box 24 Persons, cont.

De Kay, Adrian, 1896

De Kay, Charles, 1876

De Kay, Drake. 2

De Kay, Edwalyn. 2

De Kay, George C., 1862

De Kay, Commodore George Coleman

De Kay, Janet Hallock Drake, 1865. 10

De Kay, Sidney, 1885. 2

De Rosales, Louise Bagg. 4

Dix, John Adams

Douglas, David

Drinker, Ernesta, 1907. 3

Dufous, Bessie

Eaton, Wyatt

Egan, General

Egan, Maurice Francis, 1889

Eggleston, Edward

Elliott, Maud Howe

Eugénie de Montijo, empress, with the Prince Imperiale

Farley, Pvt. Morgan, 1942. 2

Field, Kate

Foote, Mary Hallock and family, 1877–1901. 17

Foxcroft, Frank

Gamble, Jan, 1953

Garland, Hamlin

Gelston, Clain, 1916–1919. 5

Geylin, Peggy Marks, 1915

Gilder, George de Kay. 2

Gilder, Helena de Kay, 1862–1908. 25

Gilder, Helena de Kay and Richard Watson Gilder. 5

Gilder, Jane Nutt and sister Maria Nutt

Gilder, Jeannette Leonard, 1874. 3

Gilder, John Francis, 1856. 9

Gilder, Joseph Benson, 1848–1909.

Gilder, Richard Watson. 26

Gilder, Robert Fletcher. 2

Gilder, Rodman Drake, 1879–1899. 4

Gilder, Rosamond, 1966, 1975. 4, and 3 related snapshots

Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900). 5, and 3 portraits taken with an Eskimo female, 1of an Eskimo child, 5 calling or cabinet cards of 5 men given to WHG during his 1883 trip to the far east, including 1 from Col. Carreau taken in Saigon, Vietnam

Greely, Adolphus and family

Gréville, H.

Guiney, Louise Imogen

Guizot, [François?]

Harwood family. 8, including 3 of RWG and Elizabeth F. Harwood

Hazard, Caroline, 1903

Herter, Polly, 1917–1918. 3

Howarth, E.C. (aka Clementine). 3

Holland, Dr. J.G.

Hughes, Arthur

Hunt family of Bordentown, NJ. 4

Ingersoll, Nan

James, William and family

Janvier, Thomas A.

Jefferson, Joseph, 1889

Johnson, Robert Underwood, 1902

Kammerer, Olivia

Lansdale family, 1899–1909. 6, including two with RWG

Lazarus, Sarah

Leland, Charles Godfrey, 1865

Liszt, Franz

Logan, Sidney

Lowell, James Russell, 1882, 1889. 5

Loyson, M. Hyacinthe

Lucas, June (Richardson), 1912, 1923. 4, includes 1 with her nephew Harold Richardson

Lucas, W.P., 1923

Lyttle, Sarah M. Gilder, 1898. 4

McDonald, George

McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 8

Maillard, Louise. 2

Marryat, Florence

Mason, McDonell

Miller, May, 1862

Mitchell, Weir

Modjeska, Helena

Moore, Mrs. Lucien B.

Moore, Nellie Nelson and Richard

Morse, A.G.

Murphy, Alec

Murphy, J.B.

Nicholls, Francis F.

Nicholls, Frank N.

Nickerson, Albert

North, Marjorie

Paderewski, Ignacy Jan

Palmer, Francesca de Kay Gilder

Palmer, George W. 2

Puron, Martina Pintard Gilder. 2

Pearson, Elizabeth Borden. 2

Perkins, Louise

Reid family — Doris and Dorian. 6

Roumanille, Joseph. 2

Rucellai family and residences, 1885–1951. 22

Saint–Gaudens, Augustus, 1901

Sand, George

Smith, Roswell

Stedman, Edmund Clarence

Stickney, Elizabeth W.

Stillman family

Sully, Thomas. 2

Thaxter, Celia

Thayer, Mary, 1870

Thayer, Abbott

Turner, Hetty

van Rensselaer, Mariana Griswold (Mrs. Schuyler). 2

von Schweden, Max Stricky, 1861

von Seckendorff, Adolf, 1861

von Stosch, Leonora. 2

Walker, Almira

Ward, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, 1892

Ward, Olivia Sullivan. 2

Waugh, Ida

Waugh, Samuel Bell

Weiss, Henri, Marie–Claude and wife, 1932. 2

West, Fanny

Whittier, John Greenleaf

Wilkins, Mary E.

Wilson, Robert Burns

Withington, Paul, 1918

Unidentified persons

(3 folders)

Box 25 Groups. Includes family and friends. 37

Box 32: Oversize Alden, Henry Mills

Cleveland, Grover. Miscellaneous, including photograph of house, will, and plaque from room where GC was born. 5

Gilder, Helena de Kay. 2

Gilder, Richard. 2

Harwood, Elizabeth

McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. 6 formal wedding photographs

Nadal, E.S.

Palmer, Francesca Gilder

Reid, Doris

Speyer, Leonora and family

Groups. Including one of RWG, Stanford White and William Stewart atop the Washington Memorial Arch in New York City. 3

Unidentified. 2

Box 35: Oversize Cleveland, Grover. Framed portrait with signature

Box 36: Folio Mitchell, Weir

Box 25 Places. Arranged alphabetically. See also: Box 34

Avignon, France. Felix Gras, et al. 12

Bordentown, New Jersey. Mostly of Belle Vue, includes 2 of Natale, RWG manservant. 12

Bordentown, New Jersey. Belle Vue. 10

Bordentown, New Jersey. Belle Vue. 4

Bordentown, New Jersey. Gravestones of RWG and Dorothea Gilder McGrew. 11

England and Paris, France. Includes snapshots of George Darwin's family and Paris Exposition. 1910. 61

Europe. 1910. 38

Europe. RWG, HdeKG and children. 41

Hickory Farm, Tyringham, Massachusetts. 7

Marion, Massachusetts.

(5 folders)

New York City, New York. No. 55 Clinton Place (13 E. 8th St.). 4

New York City, New York. 103 E. 15th St. Gilder residence. 9

New York City, New York. View from Century Office (33 E. 17th St.). 2

New York City, New York. Washington Memorial Arch. 2

Pine Hill, New Jersey. 14

Redding Center, Connecticut. Methodist Federation Church. 4

Tyringham, Massachusetts. Hickory Farm. 7

Venice, Italy. Venetian infant asylum. 5

Miscellaneous. 14

Box 25 Scrapbooks

"Dorothea Gilder Her Book" Dismantled scrapbook

"Photographs" Probably put together by Dorothea Gilder McGrew. Some loose photographs inserted

Box 34 New York City, New York. No. 55 Clinton Place (13 E. 8th St.). Large scrapbook of photographs: family portraits, rooms, copies of paintings, etc.

Box 32: Oversize Miscellaneous. Includes photographs of monuments, scenery, interiors, etc. 7, and 5 negatives

Box 25 "Stage for Memorial Meeting for R.W. Gilder"

Box 33 Glass negatives. Various subjects. 18

Series: Box 25 VII. Miscellaneous.

Arranged alphabetically by person or subject, followed by the scrapbooks and oversize materials. One folder per person or subject unless otherwise indicated.

Addresses. One volume and additional lists of names and addresses

Art and artists. Tear sheets concerning art and artists

The Art Students League. Exhibition catalogue, 1925

Autographs. Aldine Club, May 20, 1895  program signed by attendees (2 copies) and additional lists of names

Beaux, Cecilia. Includes materials pertaining to exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1977; exhibition catalogs

(2 folders)

Belle Vue. Book plates, guest book, "Bellevue Log, 1905–1911"

(4 folders)

Calendars (wall). 1897–1909

(8 folders)

Calling cards

Cholmeley–Jones, Nigel. Clippings about NC–J

Cholmeley–Jones, Richard Gilder. Includes program for banquet in his honor, Mar. 3, 1921; biographical; materials related to The War Risk Insurance Bureau; clippings

Civil War. Clippings from The New York Times, Jan. 17, 1861 concerning secession

Clemens, Clara. Invitation and programs for her various recitals; clippings

Cleveland, Grover. Steel engraving of the White House, 3 copies; reprints of various speeches; tear sheet from George F. Parker's A Life of Grover Cleveland

Clubs, societies, etc. Including member list for the Thursday Evening Club, 1884, 1890–1891, 1893; programs for The Fortnightly Club

De Kay, Charles Augustus. Program for dinner in his honor, Aug. 30, 1894; materials concerning The National Arts Club; biographical; copies of clippings

De Kay, George C. "School of the Air of the Americas..." Script, aired on CBS, Mar. 19, 1942; "...pocketbook used during the war"

(2 folders)

Drake, Joseph Rodman. Program for a memorial celebration for JRD; clippings concerning JRD

Drake Park. Materials concerning renovation of Joseph Rodman Drake Monument, 1891-1909

Foote, Mary Hallock. Articles by and about MHF

Friday Evening Club. Guests lists, 1899–1905

Genealogy. Includes correspondence; charts for Gilder and De Kay families; Gilder children birth and christening record; Palmer–Walker family, including 49th Massachusetts regiment re–union ribbons, 1893, 1902, 1904, 1912; Pintard–Gambault family; Rucellai–Bronson family

(14 folders)

Box 27 Genealogy. Miscellany

(3 folders)

Gilder, George de Kay. Includes school grades from Milton Academy; stationery

Gilder, Gwendolyn. Clippings of articles by GG

Gilder, Helena de Kay. American Art Association minutes, June 1 and 7, 1877; dried flowers, including those from her wedding bouquet; engagement book, 1879-1880s; lock of hair; notebooks; "Notes on Art Anatomy Lectures..." ; tombstone memorial; clippings by and about HdeKG; miscellany

(10 folders)

Gilder, Jeannette Leonard. Playbill for "Quits" comedy written by JLG, clippings

Gilder, John Francis. Address book; programs for various concerts; medical procedure description; clippings

Gilder, Joseph Benson. Plan to increase circulation of a Sunday newspaper; clippings by and about JBG

Gilder, Joseph Rodman Drake. Leaves collected from Bull Run battlefield, Oct. 21, 1863

Gilder, Reuben. Report of RG as surgeon to Headquarters, Hicks Creek, Jan. 24, 1781 concerning the Battle of Cowpens; membership certificate for medical society of Philadelphia, Jan. 14, 1874; papers concerning induction into the Society of the Cincinnati

(2 folders)

Gilder, Richard Watson. Book s – advertisements, book jacket, clippings; calling cards; childhood — writing copy books, temperance pledge, missionary book; Citizen's Union, 1897; Civil War – discharge document and Army of the Potomac certificate; Committee of the City Club on the Preservation of the City Hall, 1894; Committee on the Erection of the Washington Memorial; death – obituary copy, etc.; financial — accounts, 1874, 1899–1909 and cancelled checks, 1906-1909; New York Kindergarten Association, 1889–1895; Newark Morning Register and Gilder & Crane firm; programs, menus etc. for tribute dinners, events, speaking engagements, memorial; Tyringham, Mass. — social service examinations; poetry and writings – clippings and tear sheets by and about RWG; miscellany

(31 folders) (see also: Scrapbooks)

Box 28 Gilder, Robert Fletcher. Biographical; clippings

(2 folders)

Gilder, Rodman Drake. Death — biographical, sympathy letters to Rosamond Gilder, prayer at memorial service; financial — account book, 1904 and receipts, 1896-1899; Harvard University — programs for Hasty Pudding Club theatricals, stage directions for Hasty Pudding Club initiation, 1931, notes for Fine Arts 4; clippings of articles by and about RDG; miscellany

(8 folders)

Gilder, Rosamond. Articles about RG, theatre program (see also: Scrapbooks)

Gilder, William Henry (1812–1864). Biographical – letters from acquaintances; Belle–vue Female Seminary and Flushing Female College – catalog, brochure, etc.; Civil War — passes, leave of absence, letters retrieved from various battlefields; sundial at William and Mary College dedicated to WHG; miscellany

(5 folders) (see also: Scrapbooks)

Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900). Arctic exploration (Franklin expedition search party, 1879 and discovery of north magnetic pole, 1890) — list of provisions, list of backers, cost estimates, map, copies of letters backing 1890 expedition, printed, clippings; military service — special orders, correspondence concerning reimbursement for horse killed on Petersburg battlefield in 1864, veterans' associations materials

(5 folders)

Gilder family. Clippings

Gilder homes. Clippings

Invitations. For dinners, receptions, etc.

Keats, John. Dried flowers from grave, picked Apr. 19, 1884

McGrew, Dallas. Application for construction or engineering position in tropics, miscellaneous receipts

McGrew, Dorothea Gilder. Medical records, letters, etc. concerning birth of Helena Dorothea McGrew; theatrical performances — programs, playbills, contract, clippings; trip to Orient with Dallas McGrew, 1917-1918 – printed ship brochure/agenda, menus, receipts, clippings; wedding — invitation, list of gifts, calling cards, letters, clippings; copper plate of invitation designed by Tiffany & Co.

(6 folders)

Maps. Various parts of the world, including the Arctic, Antarctic. U.S. maps, mostly for New England and specifically Massachusetts, including geological surveys

(5 folders)

Box 29 Maps, cont.

(15 folders)

Menus. For formal dinners

Music and theatre. Mostly programs

(2 folders)

The Music Club. Invitation to join, invitations to events, programs

Nutt, Maria H. Financial — notebooks of expenses, including letters sent, 1872, 1873, 1880, 1886; receipts, ledger page; realia — pressed leaf, hair, "3 hairs from Araby's [horse] tail" "; printed; miscellany

(6 folders)

Obituaries. Clippings, concerning family members

Pintard, John. Ship manifest for "Sche Thorne," June 21, 1815

Rucellai family. Poetry; reprint "Le Cappelle Rucellai in San Pancrazio" 1899

Travel. Europe, 1879-1880. Museum and gallery passes, concert program, menu for dinner in honor of Richard Watson Gilder

Volk, Leonard W. Materials concerning molds of life mask and hands of Abraham Lincoln, including letter from son Douglas Volk, 1891

Whitman, Walt. Pencil used by WW, received from John Burroughs, 1 April 1892

Women's suffrage. Pamphlets and writings

Miscellany. Clippings, tear sheets, pamphlets, catalogs, etc.

(4 folders)

Box 30: Scrapbooks Gilder, Richard Watson

"Public Speeches, Poems, etc. 1877–1903" Mostly clippings, contains one pamphlet written 1904

"PSpeeches & Poems" Printed: clippings, pamphlets, reprints, etc. Loose items removed to separate folder

untitled scrapbook. Letters and poems dedicated to RWG, 1909-1910. All items removed to separate folder

Gilder, Rosamond

"The Literary Career of Rosamond Gilder, 1916 to started Sept. 1916 by Rodman Gilder" Spine: "Letter of R.W.G..." Mostly clippings, 1916-1925. Loose items removed to separate folder

Gilder, William Henry (1812–1864)

Untitled scrapbook. Mostly clippings concerning Flushing Female College, 1838–1858. Loose items removed to separate folder

Box 36: Oversize Gilder, Richard Watson

(2 folders)

Certificate: Representative at the National Conference on Trusts and Combinations in Chicago, Illinois, beginning Oct. 22, 1907, appointed by Governor Charles E. Hughes of New York

Certificate: Member of the Tenement Investigation Committee by state of New York, appointed May 4, 1894

U.S. passports, two issued May 24, 1895 and Feb. 20, 1879

Sketch of tombstone inscription

Poetry and writings: clipping and tear sheets by and about RWG

Miscellany. Mostly copies of certificates, theatre poster

Box 37: Folio Gilder, William Henry (1838–1900)

Certificate: Assistant Adjutant General of Volunteers, Oct. 7, 1864, presidential appointment signed by Andrew Johnson