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Laves mss., 1924-1980

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Laves, Walter H. C. 1902-

Laves mss., 1924-1980

Collection No.
LMC 3006

9,401 items

Materials are in English

Consists of the papers of Indiana University professor Walter Herman Carl Laves, 1902-1983.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Walter Herman Carl Laves, 1902-1983, was an Indiana University professor. A native of Chicago, he received his degrees from the University of Chicago and held positions first at Hamilton College and then at the University of Chicago before coming to Indiana University. He served as chairman of the Department of Political Science from 1954 to 1966, was honored as the first holder of the Wendell L. Willkie Professorship in Political Science, and retired from the University in 1972.

In the interval between his positions at Chicago and Indiana, during World War II and later, Laves had a career in public service. He served successively in the Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, the Office of Civilian Defense, and from 1943 to 1947, in the Bureau of the Budget as consultant in international affairs. He was present at the founding conferences of the United Nations and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and served in advisory capacity to the American delegation at the initial session of the United Nations in London. From 1947 to 1950 Laves was the Deputy Director General of UNESCO in Paris. Subsequently, he was twice a member of the United States delegation to the UNESCO general conference and chairman of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO.

He was the co-author with Charles Alexander Thomson of UNESCO: Purpose, Progress and Prospects which in 1958 won an Indiana Author's Day citation. He also authored Cultural Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy, published in 1963, in addition to many articles for journals.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Biographical; II. Correspondence; III. Diaries; IV. Financial; V. Indiana University; VI. Photographs; VII. Subjects; VIII. Writings; IX. Printed; X. Memorabilia.

Scope and Content Note

The Laves mss., 1924-1980, consists of the papers of Indiana University professor Walter Herman Carl Laves, 1902-1983. The collection includes biographical material, correspondence, diaries, financial materials, materials related to Indiana University, photographs, subject files, writings, printed materials, and memorabilia.

The Subjects series contain materials related to his many activities and interests, such as community development, the Office of Civil Defense, his many trips abroad, and various meetings and conferences.

Printed materials include tear sheets and reprints of his publications in various journals, clippings related to Laves' activities. Also present are publications by his father, Kurt Laves, 1866-1944, professor of astronomy at the University of Chicago.

Memorabilia consists mostly of award certificates and citations. There are also insignia and medals awarded to Laves from the government of Thailand. Completing this section is a Thai temple rubbing depicting a scene from the Ramakien legend.

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    • Indiana University. Dept. of Political Science.
    • Indiana University --Faculty --Archives.
    • Laves, Walter H. C. (Walter Herman Carl), 1902-
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    • Political scientists--Indiana--Bloomington--Correspondence.
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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Gift. 1982
Usage Restrictions
Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.
Preferred Citation
[Item], Laves mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Box 1 Biographical

(4 folders)

Includes address book and passports.

Series: Correspondence

Additional correspondence may be found throughout the collection. Consult the Manuscripts Index in the Library for dates of letters of individual correspondents.


Arranged chronologically.

Box 1 1924, May 28 - 1947 

Box 2 1948 - 1952, Aug. 

Box 3 1952, Sept. - 1955 

Box 4 1956 - 1969, June 

Box 5 1969, July - 1977  

Series: Diaries

Both loose leaf and bound. Includes aide memoirs and memoranda.


Arranged chronologically.

Box 5 1936 - 1942 

Box 6 1942 (cont.) - 1947 

Box 7 1947 (cont.) - 1953 

Box 8 1954 - 1976 

Series: Financial

Grant: United Nations Assistance in Political Development

Box 8 Finances, 1963-1967

Proposal drafts, 1963-1965

(4 folders)

Report to Carnegie, July 1, 1965

Receipts, 1947-1950, 1956-1957.

(3 folders)

Mostly from hotels and restaurants

Series: Box 9 Indiana University

Government Department

Correspondence (inter-departmental), 1964-1966

Class materials for G 417, 1969

Class materials for G 623 (International Organization), 1965/66

(4 folders)

Class notes for G 669, 1968

Development, 1956-1966

(3 folders)

Executive Committee Minutes, 1964-1966

Faculty, 1961-1966

Notes, 1963-1966

International Relations Research Center. 1962

John Watson Foster Project, undated

Latin American Studies

Mini-University lecture, June 25, 1976. Notes

Non-Western Areas in Indiana Undergraduate Education: Bloomington Conference, Sept. 18-20, 1958

Social Studies Development Center, 1968

Sub-Committee on Governmental Contracts, May 16, 1960

Series: Photographs

Box 9 Huxley, Julian Sorell, 1948

Laves, Ruth (Wilson), undated

Laves, Walter Herman Carl, 1943-1973.

Includes group photographs.

Thailand, 1955.

Thailand, 1964.

(2 folders)

Includes album, additional loose photographs and clippings.

UN Exhibit, 1943

Series: Box 9 Subjects

Subject headings were assigned by Laves and are arranged alphabetically.

African Trip, 1966-1967

Itinerary and Personal expenses

(2 folders)

Summary and Activities

(3 folders)




(2 folders)


(3 folders)

Box 10 Ethiopia (cont.)



(2 folders)


Ivory Coast


(3 folders)




(2 folders)



(2 folders)




American Council on Education Conference, 1965

American Society for Public Administration, 1963-1967

Asian Trip, 1959

Community Development

Analysis of potential contribution of community development to political development. Draft, undated

Community Development Research model, 1969

Cooperative, 1966-1967

The Development of the Colonial Small Community, 1953

Forward Look in Community Development, 1965-1966

Horn, Donna. Two papers on Community Development, 1965-1966

International Development Center, 1964-1965

Materials, 1956-1966

Valsan, E.H. Two papers on Community Development, 1963

Training for Basic Democracy in Pakistan, 1960

Dag Hammarskjold Conference, Denver

(2 folders)

Box 11 Dag Hammarskjold Conference, Denver (cont.)

(2 folders)

Division of Inter-American Activities in the United States, 1942

(2 folders)

Exchange of professional, scholarly and scientific persons. Princeton Conference, Dec. 2-4, 1954

Food and Agriculture Organization. Interviews, 1963-1964; notes, 1966-1967

(4 folders)

Government Organization for Foreign Relations (State Department), 1944-1946

(4 folders)

Human Rights, 1967-1968

(2 folders)

India, 1957, 1966

(2 folders)

International Development, 1975-1980

International Development Seminar, Honolulu, Aug. 9-Sept. 3, 1965

(9 folders)

Box 12 International Development Seminar, Honolulu, Aug. 9-Sept. 3, 1965

(2 folders)

International Education Program, 1965

International Labor Organization

Geneva, 1967

(2 folders)

Africa, 1966

Interviews, 1963

Inventory, 1966

Working Party Reports, 1964-1966

International Political Science Association, Brussels Conference, Sept. 18-23, 1967

(2 folders)

International Studies Association, 1971-1975

(4 folders)

Interregional Expert Meeting on Social Welfare Organization and Administration, Geneva, Aug. 7-18, 1967

(2 folders)

Interviews in relation to project, 1963-1965

Kabul University, 1972-1973

(2 folders)

Korean Trip, 1968

(4 folders)

Lagos Conference, 1971

(4 folders)

Land Reform, 1965-1968

Land Reform by Shaedal, 1965-1969

Box 13 League of Nations Association. Mid-West Office, 1936-1939 (4 folders)

London, 1963

Malaysia, 1964-1966

Moscow/Kiev, 1973 (3 folders)

Murphy Report (American Legion), 1955-1956 (2 folders)

Mutual and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (Fulbright Act), 1960-1961

National Association for Foreign Students Affairs, 1973

Office of Civilian Defense

1942-1943. General

(2 folders)

Office of War Information, 1943

(3 folders)

Victory Speakers Directors Meeting, Mar. 12-13, 1943

Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, 1941-1942

(4 folders)

Box 14 Pakistan trip, 1953

Pakistan, 1964-1966

Paris, 1963

Personnel potential, 1952

Philippines trip, 1953

Philippines, 1965-1966

Political and Economic Development Literature, 1962

Political Conditions in LDCs, 1975-1976

Political Development, various papers by Fraser, Haviland and Morse, 1966

Political Development Assistance by UN organizations, 1964-1972

(4 folders)

Rangoon Conference, Mar. 15-30, 1954

(2 folders)

Rome, 1967

Sweden, 1949


Thammasat University, 1955-1959, 1963-1964

(3 folders)

Miscellaneous, 1966-1968

United Nations Research Institute on Social Development, Geneva, 1964-1966

United Nations Inventory and Direct Assistance, 1966

UNESCO, 1946-1977

(7 folders)

Box 15 UNESCO, 1946-1977 (cont.)

(7 folders)

UNESCO Experts, 1951-1970

UNESCO Institute for Education, 1955

U.S. Advisory Commission on Education Exchange. 45th Meeting, 1960; 46th Meeting, 1960; 48th Meeting, 1961

(3 folders)

U.S. Relations to International Organization, 1944-1945

University of Michigan. Suggestions for Vandenberg Foreign Policy Center, 1951

Washington, 1966

World Bank, 1965

World Health Organization, 1963-1964

Series: Writings

Arranged into the following subseries: Writings by Laves, Speeches by Laves, and Writings by Others.

Additional writings by Laves and others may be found in the series Printed.

Subseries: Writings by Laves

Research and drafts of chapters for a book on international administration and cooperation completes this section.


Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 15 14 Questions and Answers about UNESCO, 1954

Civil and Political Rights in the Context of Development Assistance, a paper prepared for the International Conference on Human Rights, 1968

Community Development and the development of capacity for self-government--the role of the United Nations, 1966

Give Joe Doakes a Chance. 1945

Impact of ECA [Economic Cooperative Administration], 1951

(2 folders)

International Administration. 1953

(2 folders)

The Organization and Conduct of United States Foreign Service. 1946

Problems of Administration of the "Foreign Service Act of 1946." 1946

The Reorganization of the Department of State. 1946

Report of the West Indies - South America Administrative Survey Group, submitted May 26, 1945.

(2 folders)

The United Nations: Reorganizing the World's Governmental Institutions, 1945

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 1971. For The Encyclopedia of Education

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. "Statement prepared at the request of Mrs. Dana C. Backus for use as a forward for an issue of 'United Nations News for Women Broadcasters' a monthly radio clip-sheet," 1953

UNESCO: Center of Cultural Diplomacy, 1959. Chapter XX of Diplomacy in a Changing World, edited by Stephen D. Kertesz and M.A. Fitzsimmons (Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 1959). Page proofs

UNESCO: Purpose, Progress, Prospects (with Charles A. Thomson), 1957. Page proofs

The United States German Claims Settlement, 1925/26

Were in the UNO now, 1945

Miscellaneous writings by Laves

Reviews of books by other writers, 1958-1965

Notes on WHO, 1948

Writing projects. Undated notes

Untitled. re: ...some major problems of governmental organization to be faced by the United States after the war..., 1946

International administration and cooperation book

Box 16 Research

Box 17 Research (cont.)

Box 18 Research (cont.)

Box 19 Research (cont.)

(5 folders)

Box 20 Research (cont.)

Drafts of chapters

(36 folders)

Box 21 Drafts of chapters (cont.)

Box 22 Drafts of chapters (cont.)

(23 folders)

Subseries: Speeches

Includes press releases, radio interviews, and hearings in Congress.


Arranged chronologically.

A detailed list of the speeches is available in the Lilly Library.

Box 22 1936-1966 

(16 folders)

Box 23 1967-1968 

(2 folders)

Subseries: Writings by Others

Arranged alphabetically by author.

Box 23 LePawsky, Albert Agenda for International Training. 1962 (proof)

Lindesmith, Gertrude W. The Individual Needs and Adjustments of The Participant Graduate Student. 1967

(2 folders)

Schaffner, Joseph Halle, et al. Report (summary) of the Africa-Middle East Survey Group on the Administrative Level of the Foreign Service. Copy D. 1945

Silvert, Karl and Frank Bonilla. Education and the social meaning of Development. 1961

Van Vorys, Karl. [Pakistan] 1961

Warfield, Ethelbert, et al. Report of the European Administrative Survey Group. Copy D. 1945

Series: Printed

Arranged by materials written by or relating to Laves (writings, Congressional hearing testimonies, and programs and announcements for his speeches and lectures), miscellaneous reprints and articles by other writers, including writings by Laves' father Kurt Laves, and clippings.

Laves, Walter Herman Carl

Box 23 Writings, 1926-1952.

(14 folders)

Contains mostly journals and reprints from journals.

Box 24 Writings, 1953-1975

(14 folders)

Congressional hearing testimonies, 1942-1957

(4 folders)

Box 25 Congressional hearing testimonies, 1958-1961

(2 folders)

Programs and announcements for speeches and lectures by WHCL

(2 folders)

Writings by Others

Box 25 Laves, Kurt. Various papers, mostly relating to astronomy and memorial service programs

(3 folders)

Pocket-sized copies: Covenant of the League of Nations, ca. 1930 and Charter of the United Nations and Statute of the International Court of Justice, undated

Miscellaneous writers, 1937-1964

(11 folders)

Box 26 Miscellaneous writers, 1965-1976

(4 folders)

Clippings concerning Laves


(7 folders)

1937-1938. Scrapbook

Clippings concerning miscellaneous topics, 1931-1971

(4 folders)

Series: Memorabilia


Box 26 Thailand. Order of the Crown insignia. In blue velvet case

Thailand. Order of the White Elephant insignia. In red velvet case

Thailand. Two hand-made, replica Thai swords. ca. 7 inches in length. In light-blue and gold box.

Unidentified pin with crossed machetes

Awards, citations, etc.

Arranged chronologically.

1952, Nov. 12. Department of State. Appointment as U.S. representative and vice chairman of delegation, 7th Session of General Conference of UNESCO, Paris

1958, Apr. 20. Indiana University Writers Conference Award for work on World Affairs by Indiana author: UNESCO: Purpose, Progress, Prospects, by Laves and Charles A. Thomas

1964, Oct. 8. Indiana University sends felicitations...conveyed by Walter Laves to Thammasat University in Thailand

1964, Oct. 8. Order of the Crown. Conferred by the King of Thailand. In English and Thai

1964, Oct. 17. The President of the United States. Appointment as alternate representative to the 13th Session of UNESCO. Signed by Lyndon Johnson and Dean Rusk

1968, Mar. 11. Order of the White Elephant. Conferred by the King of Thailand. In English and Thai. Accompanied by instructions for wearing the insignia

1970, June 19. Indiana University, Century-And-A-Half Club

1971, July 6. Department of State. Appointment as member of the U.S. Commission for UNESCO. Signed by William P. Rogers

1972, May 2.  Indiana University. Recognition of 18 years of service upon retirement from teaching

1972, May 13. Indiana University. Membership in the Emeritus Club

1973, June. University of Chicago, Emeritus Club. 50th anniversary of graduation

1973, Nov. 17. U.S. National Commission for UNESCO. In appreciation as vice-chairman

1974, Mar. 20. International Society for Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Interchanges. First annual award

1974, May 17. International Studies Association. In appreciation for support in Take-The-Pledge Campaign

1975, June 20. Indiana University, Mini-University. In appreciation for having taught courses

1975, June 25. Indiana University, Mini-University. In appreciation for having taught courses

Undated.  Encyclopedia Britannica. Welcomes Laves as one of its contributors


Folio Dag Hammarskjold. Black and white stylized print by Olav S. Matheisen. ca 1961.

(4 copies)

Box 28

Temple rubbing from Thailand. Black on rice paper