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Epstein mss., 1944-1970

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Epstein, Fritz T. 1898-1979.

Epstein mss., 1944-1970

Collection No.
LMC 1374

ca. 16,500 items

Materials are in English

Consists of the correspondence, teaching files, and writings of Fritz Theodor Epstein, 1898-1979, historian.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Fritz Theodor Epstein, 1898-1979, was a historian. Epstein was born in Saargemuend, Germany in 1898, received a PhD in history from the University of Berlin in 1924 and moved to London in 1933, then the United States in 1936 to escape Nazi persecution. He served as a faculty member at Harvard University, 1937-1943, worked for the U.S. State Department for a time, became Curator of the Central European and Slavic Collections at Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and in 1962 joined the faculty of Indiana University as professor and curator of the Slavic collections. Epstein retired in 1969 and returned to Germany to live.


Organized alphabetically in files as Epstein had them labeled.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of the correspondence, teaching files, and writings of Fritz Theodor Epstein, 1898-1979, historian. The collection contains his correspondence with many historians, academic journals, and institutions relating to research for his own writings and on behalf of the Indiana University Libraries collections; files relating to professional meetings, organizations, and publications; materials from his teaching years at Harvard, from his State Department work, from his years at the Hoover Institution, and relating to his summer exchange courses at Hamburg University during the late 1960's.

Correspondents in the collection include:
  • Gustave Alef
  • Norbert Angermann
  • Margret A. Boveri
  • Robert Francis Byrnes
  • Gordon Alexander Craig
  • Alexander Dallin
  • Eugene Arthur Davidson
  • Charles Floyd Delzell
  • Chester Verne Easum
  • Georg Eckert
  • Fritz Theodore Epstein
  • Fritz Fischer
  • George Fischer
  • Willard Allen Fletcher
  • Hans Wilhelm Gatzke
  • Jacques Grunewald
  • Oron James Hale
  • George Wolfgang Felix Hallgarten
  • Erwin Hoelzle Hajo Holborn
  • Walther Hubatsch
  • Milan Ivsic
  • Hans Adolf Jacobsen
  • Barbara Brightfield Jelavich
  • Charles Jelavich
  • Yeshayahu Andrew Jelinek
  • Louis de Jong
  • Harro Kieser
  • Walther Kirchner
  • Robert Lewis Koehl
  • Walter Lipgens
  • Alma Maria Luckau
  • Werner Markert
  • Klaus Mehnert
  • Freidrich Meinecke
  • Boris Meissner
  • Henry Cord Meyer
  • Henri Jules Michel
  • Wolfgang Mitter
  • Guenther Moltmann
  • Charles Morley
  • Philip Edward Mosely
  • George Bernard Noble
  • Dagmar Horna Perman
  • Werner Philipp
  • Georg von Rauch
  • Kurt Rheindorf
  • Gotthold Rhode
  • Hans Rothfels
  • Radmila R. Savic
  • Hildegard Schaeder
  • Peter Scheibert
  • Otto Ernst Schüddenkopf
  • Klaus Schwabe
  • William Lawrence Shirer
  • John Leslie Snell
  • Raymond James Sontag
  • Bertold Spuler
  • Paul Robinson Sweet
  • Annelise Thimme
  • Johannes Ullrich
  • Klemens von Klemperer
  • Gerhard Ludwig Weinberg
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    • Names
    • Indiana University --Faculty --Archives.
    • Epstein, Fritz T. (Fritz Theodor), 1898-1979 --Correspondence.
    • Alef, Gustave.
    • Boveri, Margret, 1900-1975.
    • Byrnes, Robert Francis.
    • Craig, Gordon Alexander, 1913-
    • Eckert, Georg, 1912-
    • Holborn, Hajo, 1902-1969.
    • Jelavich, Barbara, 1923-
    • Jelavich, Charles.
    • Jelinek, Yeshayahu A.
    • Meinecke, Friedrich, 1862-1954.
    • Mosely, Philip E. (Philip Edward), 1905-1972.
    • Philipp, Werner, 1908-
    • Thimme, Annelise, 1918-
    • Von Klemperer, Klemens, 1916-
    • Topics
    • Historians --Indiana --Bloomington --Archives.
    • Historians --Correspondence.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Transferred from Main Library, Indiana University, Bloomington. 1978
Usage Restrictions
Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.
Preferred Citation
[Item], Epstein mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Box 1 Alphabetical Files

The American Archivist, Dec. 1955-Oct 1964

American Bibliography of Russian and East European Studies, 1961-Apr. 1966

(2 folders)

American Bibliography, May 1965-Nov. 1967

American Historical Association, Oct. 1953-1963

(3 folders)

American Historical Association, Conference Group, Central European History, Nov. 1967-Apr. 1969

American Historical Review Articles, 1956-1960

American Historical Review Bibliography, 1960

American Historical Review, Dec. 1963-Nov. 1968

American Political Science Review, 1967

Amerika-Haeuser, 1961-1962

Amerika-Haus Hannover, 1962

Amerika-Haus Tuebingen, Apr.-Sept. 1962

Amerika-Haeuser, May-Oct. 1963

Amerika-Haus Berlin, Oct. 1963

Amerika-Haeuser, 1963-1965

Amerika-Haus, Summer 1964

"Amerika und der 20. Juli 1944:" speech in Essen and Celle, 1961-1962

"Amerika und der 20. Juli 1944:" speech drafts I-III

(3 folders)

Austrian History Yearbook, 1963-1968

Bibliography: East European, 1966

Bibliography: Russian and East European Studies, 1964

Bonn: Summer Research, 1965

Bonn: Personal Correspondence, 1962-May 1964

Box 2 Bonn: Personal Correspondence, Aug. 1964-1965

Bonn: Individuals' Correspondence, 1965-1969

Bonn University, 1966-1969

Bonn University: Miscellaneous, 1964-1966

Buchandlung, 1956-1962

Bundesarchiv, 1967-1968

Bureau of International Research: Germany and East Europe, 1939-1942

Canadian Journal of History, 1968

Central European History, Aug. 1967 - Oct. 1968

Clippings, 1965-1968: Publications and Education on the Nazi Era

Conference: Chicago Meeting, 1953

Conference: New York, 1963: Cocoseers Library Conference

Conference: Anglo-American Conference of Historians, London, 1964

Conference: Bloomington, 1964: Indiana Slavic Conference

Conference: Bloomington, 1965: Habsburg

Conference: Chicago, March 25-28, 1965

Conference: New York, 1966

Conference: Cambridge, Mass., 1967

Conference: Chicago, 1968: Foundation for Foreign Affairs

Conference: Claremont, 1968: Russian Medieval History

(2 folders)

Conference: Washington, 1968: National Archives

Conger Materials, 1953-1955

Conger Research Notes, 1955-1956

Conger Correspondence, 1955

Conger ms copy


Miscellaneous to 1960

(2 folders)

Nov. 1954-Oct.1956: Gooch and BBC, London

American Scholars, Re War Documents, Oct.-Dec. 1955

German Scholars, Re War Documents, Jul.-Dec. 1955

USA, A-J, 1959-1961

Box 3 USA, K-Z, 1959-1961

Deutschland, A-Z, 1960-1961

(2 folders)

USA, 1961-1963

Deutschland, A-Z, 1961-1962

(2 folders)

Deutschland, A-Z, Jan.-Oct. 1962

(2 folders)

USA, Oct. 1962-Oct. 1963

Germany, Oct. 1962-Oct. 1963

REEI Institute, Nov. 1962-Aug. 1966

1963, A-Z

(2 folders)

USA, A-Z, Sept. 1963-May 1964

(2 folders)

Non-US, A-M, Nov. 1963-Apr. 1964

Box 4 Non-US, N-Z, Sept. 1963-Apr. 1964

Germany, 1964

Europe, Jan.-Sept. 1964

USA, 1964

(2 folders)

Personal: Europe, 1964

General: A-Z, 1964-Apr. 1966

(5 folders)

Personal: USA, Jan.-Sept. 1965

Personal: Europe, Jan.-Nov. 1965

Personal: 1965-Spring, 1966

Summer 1965, Freiburg & Schweiz

1966, A-Z

(2 folders)

Invitations, Sept. 1966-Apr. 1968

(2 folders)

Personal, Sept. 1966-Apr. 1969

Box 5 Europe, and Summer Travel, 1966-1968

A-Z, 1967-1968

(10 folders)

1969-1970, Germany

1969-1970, Indiana

Miscellaneous: Aug 1964-1970

Book Dealers, A-Z

(2 folders)

Davidson: The Trial of the Germans, 1964-1966

De Gruyter Verlag, 1961-1962

De Gruyter Verlag: von Stade, 1963-Oct. 1964

De Gruyter Verlag: von Staden Review, 1964-1967

Deutsche Botschaft, 1955-1961

Deutsche Editorengruppe

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Bad Godesberg, Germany)

Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Auswaertige Politik

Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Osteuropa Kunde

Deutsche Pressforschung

Documents Center c/o Weinberg, 1952-1960

Box 6 East European Quarterly

Encyclopedia Britannica



Exchange with Soviet Libraries, 1959-1963

(4 folders)

Exchange with Eastern European Countries in Soviet Hemisphere, 1960-1963

Fulbright Commission, 1966

Gesellschaft fuer Deutsche Pressforschung, Bremen

Geselschaft Wissenschaftliche Informationen

Guggenheim Foundation

Hamburg, Kiel, Muenchen: June-Aug. 1965

Hamburg, Universitaet, 1966

(2 folders)

"Hamburg und Osteuropa: Zum Gedaechtnis von R. Salomon:" 17. V. 66

"Hamburg und Osteuropa:" Drafts

"Hamburg und Osteuropa:" Correspondence Re

"Hamburg und Osteuropa:" R. Salomon Research (2ff.)

Hamburg, 1966: Gasthaus

Hamburg, Sommer, 1966: Miscellaneous

Hamburg, 1967-1968

(2 folders)

Hamburg, Sommer, 1968

Hamburg, Correspondence, 1967-1969

(2 folders)

Harvard University: Russian Research Center

Heiber: MS of Book Review, 1967

Heidelberg: ASTA

Herder Verlag, 1963-1964

Box 7 Herder Verlag, 1965-1966

Historische Zeitschrifte. History and Theory

Hoover Institute: Russian History Course Notes: Spring 1951

(2 folders)

Hoover Institute: Correspondence

Indiana University, 1962-1963

(3 folder)

I.U. Faculty, 1962-1966

(2 folders)

Indiana-Hamburg, Summer 1968

Indiana University, 1970

I.U. German Institute

I.U. History Department: Executive Committee

I.U. Students, 1970

Institut fuer Europaeische Geschichte

Institut fuer Zeitgeschichte, 1950-1969

(3 folders)

"Intervention:" MS for Institute of Historical Research

(2 folders)

Jahrbuch fuer Geschichte Mittel-und Ost Deutschland

Jahrbuecher fuer Geschichte Osteneuropas, 1955-1967

(4 folders)

Box 8 Jahrbuecher fuer Geschichte Osteneuropas: Hamond Review, 1965

Jahrbuecher fuer Geschichte Osteneuropas: "Neue Literatur" MS, Dec. 1965

Jahrbuecher fuer Geschichte Osteneuropas: 1968.

Journal of Central European Affairs: H. Thomson, 1948-Apr. 1964

(2 folders)

Journal of Modern History

Kernig's Visit, Oct. 18-19, 1966

Kiepenheuer & Witsch New Year's Posters

Koblenz Archives, 1956-1962

Lecture on Sources of Hitler Period Documents

Library of Congress, 1955-1969

(4 folders)

Marburg-Herder Institut, 1950-1953

Micro-Photo, Inc., Cleveland

Micro-Project: Travel 1951

Micro-Project: Documents Committee, 1955-1958

(2 folders)

Micro-Project: 1958-1959,  and Hoover Institute Guide to Documents

Micro-Project: 1959-1960

Micro-Project: Carroll, 1948-1958

Micro-Project: Case, Dec. 1956-1960

Micro-Project: Hale, Dec. 1957-Apr. 1960

Micro-Project: New York Office: Hallgarten, Kohn, and Wallach

Micro-Project: Phelps, Oct. 1953-June 1962

Micro-Project: Shafer, Nov. 1957-Nov. 1959

Miscellaneous, 1966-1968

Miscellaneous Notes and Drafts

(3 folders)

Miscellaneous Organizations


Neue Deutsche Biographie

Neue Politische Literatur

Nuernberg Staatsarchiv

Box 9 Political Science Quarterly

Prentice-Hall: Textbook Correspondence, 1944

Princeton University Press I: Kennan and Freund, 1955-1961

Princeton University Press II, 1967-1968

Quadripartite Project, 1962-1964

(2 folders)

Renaissance Quarterly

Reports, Miscellaneous, 1956-1958

Review of Politics

Russian Review

Slavic and East European Journal

Slavic Review

Slavic Research and Bibliography Course, Correspondence, 1966

Soviet History and Foreign Relations since WWII: Notes and MSS

Stanford Behavioral Science Center

Stanford in Germany: Speech, 17 Apr. 1963

Studies in Comparative Communism

Suedosteuropa Gesellschaft

Suedost-Institut, Muenchen

Travel, 1965-1966

(2 folders)

University of Colorado: Speech, Mar. 3, 1963

U.S. Department of State

U.S. National Archives (Washington)

USA and Osteuropa, 1940-1965 MSS

Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

War Documents: Nazi Individuals' Reports, 1940-1943

War Documents: German Records Collection, Miscellaneous

War Documents: Russian Records Collection, Miscellaneous

War Documents: Records of the All-Union (Russian) Communist.

War Documents: Records of the Office of the Reich Commissioner for the Strengthening of Germandom.

War Documents: Records of the Organizations of the National Socialist German Labor Party

(3 folders)

War Documents: Records of the Reich Ministry of Economics

War Documents: Records of the Todt Organization

Die Welt als Geschichte

Western Political Quarterly

Wiener Library: Alfred Wiener

Wiener Library: London

Wiesbaden Speech, 11.IX.63: "America's Changing Picture of Europe."

Wisconsin: Marquette and U. of W. Speeches, Jan. 1963

World Politics

Yale Sourcebook for Russian History


Alef, Gustave

Angermann, Norbert

Boveri, Margaret

Byrnes, Robert

Craig, Gordon

Dallin, Alex

Davidson, Eugene

Delzell, Charles

Easum, Chester

Eckert, Georg

Eckert and Schaddenkopf

Fischer, Fritz

Fischer, George

Fletcher, Willard

Box 10 Gatzke, Hans: 1948-1962, 1967-1968 (2ff.)

Grunewald, Jacques

Hallgarten, George

Hale, Oron J

Hoelzle, Erwin

Holborn, Hajo

Hubatsch, Walther

Ivsic, Milan

Jacobsen, Hans-Adolf

Jelavich, Charles and Barbara

Jelinek, Yeshayahu

de Jong Louis

Kieser, Harro

Kirchner, Walther

(2 folders)

Koehl, Robert

Kroll, Vincent

Lipgens, Walter

Luckau, Alma

Markert, Werner

Mehnert, Klaus

Meinecke, Friederich

Meissner, Boris

Meyer, Henry Cord

Michel, Henri

Mitter, Wolfgang

Moltmann, Guenter

Morley, Charles

Mosely, Phil

Noble, G. Bernard

Perman, Dagmar: 1956-1960, 1967-1968

(2 folders)

Peters, F.W.: Buchhandlung

Philipp, Werner: 1946-1962, 1966-1969 (2ff.)

von Rauch, Georg

Rheindorf, Kurt

Rhode, Gotthold

Rothfels, Hans

Box 11 Savic, Radmilla

Schaeder, Hildegaard: 1946-1962, 1967

(2 folders)

Scheibert, Peter

Schwabe, Klaus

Shirer, William

Snell, John

Sontag, Ray

Spuler, Bertold

Stone, Isaac: Berlin Documents Center

Sweet, Paul

Thimme, Annelise

Ullrich, Johannes: Politisches Archiv des Auswaeltigen Amts, Bonn

Ullrich, Johannes

Von Klemperer, Klemens

Weinberg, Gerhard