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Newsom, H.D. mss., ca. 1950-1970

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Newsom, Herschel Davis, 1905-1970.

Newsom, H.D. mss., ca. 1950-1970

Collection No.
LMC 1915

ca. 50,000 items

Materials are in English

The Newsom, H.D. mss., ca. 1950-1970, consist of the papers of National Grange Master and U.S. Tariff Commissioner Herschel Davis Newsom, 1905-1970.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Herschel Davis Newsom, 1905-1970, was the National Grange Master and U.S. Tariff Commissioner.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Subjects; II. Speeches and statements; III. Correspondence; and IV. Printed.

Scope and Content Note

The Newsom, H.D. mss., ca. 1950-1970, consist of the papers of National Grange Master and U.S. Tariff Commissioner Herschel Davis Newsom, 1905-1970. The files include correspondence relating to Indiana state and national Grange affairs; the National Grange Master's office files, 1950-1968, concerning grange activities and programs; copies of grange newsletters, legislative positions and annual session reports. Though somewhat intermixed, the latter part of the collection is primarily U.S. Tariff Commission materials, including correspondence and research data relating to matters coming before the Commission, 1968-1970. Included also are some files of Newsom's personal correspondence as well as copies of speeches, statements and legislative testimony given by him over the years. Materials of Blanche H. Newsom, who carried on many of her husband's activities following his death, complete the collection.

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    • Names
    • National Grange.
    • Indiana State Grange.
    • United States Tariff Commission.
    • United States Tariff Commission.
    • National Grange.
    • Newsom, Herschel Davis, 1905-1970.
    • Newsom, Blanche H.
    • Topics
    • Agriculture--Societies, etc.
    • Tariff--United States.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Gift. 1976
Usage Restrictions
Photocopying permitted only with the permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.
Preferred Citation
[Item], Newsom, H. D. mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Box 1 Subjects

The files are arranged alphabetically by folder label within the divisions of Grange and U.S. Tariff Commission.

Address - CBB State Departments of Agriculture

Agriculture Act of 1961

(2 folders)

Agriculture Act of 1962

Agricultural Adjustment Act

Agricultural Division

(2 folders)

Agricultural Economics, 1959-1963

Agricultural Hall of Fame, 1964-1967

Agricultural Relations Council

Agricultural Research Policy Committee

Agway, 1962-1964



American Assembly

American Bankers Association, 1962-1964

American Farm Bureau Federation, 1955-1961

(3 folders)

American Institute of Cooperation

American Meat Institute

American Medical Association

American National Cattleman's Association

American Sheep Producers Council

Annual Session, 1965

Annual Session, 1968

Area Re-Development Admin., 1961-1965

Associated Country Women of the World

Box 2 Automotive Safety Foundation


(3 folders)

Awards Congressional Fellowship

Awards Arthur S. Fleming

Awards Justice Tom. C. Clark

Awards Federal Woman's Rockefeller Public Service

Banking Contest

Beautiful Rural

Blue Cross

(3 folders)

Boy Scouts of America

Brake, Williams, 1962-1968


California "Trail" 1956

Caton, Harry A. Quarterly Report (old)

Catskill Area Project

Centennial Year

Chemicals Division

(2 folders)

Citizens Committee for International Development

Citizens Committee for Tax Reduction and Revision 1963

Clear Channel Broadcasting, 1950-1954

Clear Channel Broadcasting Service 1956

Clinton Davidson (orders)


Commission Meetings: Minutes


Commission on National Goals

Box 3 Committee for Economic Development

Committee on Foreign Granges

Commodity Committees

Common Market

CPP Bulk Mailings, [1965]

CPP Bulk Mailings Prior to 1965


Community Progress Program

Community Service

Community Service Contest

Community Service June 12th Meeting

CSC Tour and Judging, 1956

Conference on Aging, 1961

Conference of National Organizations

Congressional Letters


Box 4 Co-Op Taxes


Corn Feed-Grain

Corp. Taxation

Cotton, 1956-1964

Current Speech Notes

Dairy NAR Studies, 1955

Dairy, 1955-1965

(9 folders)

Dairy N.Y. State - R. Curtis - 3/20/63

Dairy Letter to Senator Ellender, May 2, 1962

Dairy Letter to Pomona Masters, March 6, 1962

Dairy Subcommittee - L. Alton Denslow, 3/20/63

Dairyman's Class

Davis, C. Jerome

(2 folders)



Dept. of State

Deputy letter


Box 5 East (Roger G.) Memorial Fund

Eastman, Robert

Economics Division, 1969-1970

Economics Report of the President Denslow, February 8, 1962

Economics Report of the Pres. Joint Econ. Committee, February 15, 1963

Editorial Material


ECOP-Grange Conference, 1960-1963

European Fair Trade Association, 1970

Extracts from hearings

Family Farm Bill, May 1960

Farm Bill, 1956

F - 1962-1965

Farm Credit Administration, 1946-1964

(4 folders)

Farm Credit General, 1958-1964

Farmer, James C.

Farm Message, 1959

Farm Organizations Conference on Wheat Legislation

(2 folders)

Farm Program - 2 price plan, 1955-1960

(3 folders)

Farm Vacation

Farmers and Traders Live Insurance Company

(3 folders)

Farmers Insurance Group

Farmers and Traders Pamphlets

Farmers and Traders 50th Anniversary meeting

Farmers and Traders tax status

Farmers and World Affairs, 1955-1964

(3 folders)

Box 6 Federal City Council, 1957-1958

Federal Highway Program

Feed-grain, 1957-1964

(2 folders)

FHA, 1948, June - 1949, July

Finances and Friends

Finances and Friends, 1970

Food and Drug

Food for Peace, 1961-1966

(4 folders)

Food Group - Washington, D.C.

Foreign Agricultural Trade Statistics Advisory Committee

Foundation for American Agriculture 1956

Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade "Five Year Outlook"

4-H Club

Freedom from Hunger Foundation

(2 folders)

Freedom Speeches - Ft. Wayne, Paris, Portland

Friends Service Committee on Radio

Box 7 Foundation for American Agriculture

Future Farmers of America

(4 folders)

FFA - Star Farmer of America


(2 folders)

General Counsel

Government Reorganization, IN, 1950, Jan.

Graham, Harry L.

Grain Advisory Commission - N.S.D.A.

Grange, 1966-1968

Grange Cooperative Wholesale, 1963

Grange Foundation, 1960

Grange History

Grange Insurance

(3 folders)

Grange Leaders Conference, 1956

Grange Letters

Grange Mutual Life Co.

(2 folders)

Grange Clip Sheet

Grange News - 1956, 1958, 1961-1962

Grange Promotion

Box 8 Grange Promotion

Grange Publications

(2 folders)

Grange Reps. on Various Boards

Great Plains Inter-Agency Group, 1956-1957

Grocery Manufacturers of America, 1953-1965

(3 folders)

Handicapped - Presidents Comm., 1965-1968

(3 folders)

Hawes, L. Roy

Health Committee

Herbert, Cora


Highway Legislation


HEC Mailings, 1964

HEC Programs

Hope, Clifford

Hospitals - Bartholomew County



Index of Files - Peg's Office, Mrs. Newsom's Materials


Indiana University

(2 folders)

Indiana Banker's Letters, Jan.-Mar., 1965

Insurance Claim Agents

Box 9 Insurance Taxation

Insurance Misc. Companies

Interamerican Comm. NPA

Interim Committee on Foreign Granges

Internal Revenue Act, 1916

International Cooperation Adm.

International Development Advisory Board

(2 folders)

International Trade Advisory Committee, 1953-1954

International Co-op year in the U.S., 1965

I.F.A.P. Rome Meeting - November 19, 1965

(2 folders)

I.F.A.P., 1949-1954 1962-1970

(5 folders)

Box 10 I.F.A.P. Reports of General Meetings

I.F.A.P. 20th Anniversary Celebration London, May 2-23, 1966


(6 folders)

I.F.A.P. Executive Committee Meeting

I.F.A.P. 13th General Conference - Bray

I.F.A.P. General Conference

I.F.A.P. General Correspondence

I.F.A.P. Joint N. America to Europe meeting

I.F.A.P. Personnel

I.F.A.P. President Address, 1963

I.F.A.P. Printed

(2 folders)

Box 11 I.F.A.P. Printed

I.F.A.P. Secretary General

Inter-office staff memos, 1962

Inter-office, 1956

Inter-office memos

Intercession Committees

Interstate Training Service, 1959


Jansen, Leonard F.

Joint Economic Committee

Keep America Beautiful, 1956

Kelly Farm


Land Grant Colleges

Lecturer Materials, 1956

Legislation, 1952-1968

Legislation, 1960

Legislation, 1962

(2 folders)

Legislation, 1967

Legislation, 1967-1968

(4 folders)

Box 12 Legislation Printed

[Legislation] 1/15/65 HDN Statement (Senate) "Agricultural Workers" Labor

[Legislation] H.R. 4996 (ARA Act Amendment of 1963), Denslow, April 2, 1963

[Legislation] H.R. 10010-HDN Committee on Agriculture, Feb. 27, 1962

[Legislation] H.R. 8210 and similar bills - Communications HDN, Feb. 2, 1962

[Legislation] S. 2109 - Communications by Jack Jackson, Feb. 22, 1962

[Legislation] Cotton Testimony HDN, Jan. 28, 1964

[Legislation] H.R. 10060 - HDN Cropland Retirements Bill, Mar. 16, 1962

[Legislation] Farm Bill

[Legislation] Food and Agriculture Act of '62 HDN, Feb. 26-27, 1962

[Legislation] Dairy - L. Alton Denslow - S. 398, 900 & 953, 3/18/63

[Legislation] HDN Letters to Congressman and Senators H.R. 6196, 3/16/64

[Legislation] HDN - Poverty Bill H.R. 10440, 4/13/64

[Legislation] H.R. 4997 Statement of the Grange - Denslow, 5/6/63

[Legislation] HDN Tobacco Testimony, 1/31/64

[Legislation] H.R. 9900 Trade Expansion Act of 1962 HDN, 4/3/62

[Legislation] H.R. 11970 Trade Expansion Act HDN, 7/25/62

Lutheran Church 1953-1965



Master's File, 1966

Mastitis Council National, INC

McCartney, Frank


Milk Study

More Grange Members Program, 1961


Mutual Security Program

Box 13 National Agricultural Advisory Committee, 1953-1964

National Agricultural Advisory Committee, 1956

National Association of Food Chains

(3 folders)

National Association of Retail Grocers, 1953-1959

National Association of Soil Conservation Districts

National Association of Wheat Growers

National Beef Council

(2 folders)

National Citizens Committee of Ed. T.V.

National Committee

National Committee for Farm Society

National Committee for a Representative Congress


National Conference Foreign Aspect of National Security

National Conference on NATO, 1953-1954

National Council for Committee Improvement

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, 1959-1965

National Cotton Council

National Farm Electrification Conference

National Farm Organization

(2 folders)

National Farmers Union up to 1956

National Farmers Union, 1963

National Federation of Grange Mutual

National Fertilizer Association

National Food Conference

(3 folders)

National Food Conference Committee

National Fund for Medical Ed.

Box 14 National Grange, 1970

National Grange Monthly

National Grange Mutual Insurance Company

(2 folders)

National Grange Annual Reports

National Grange Regional Grange Leaders Meeting

National Grange Staff Itinerary, 1964-1968

National Grange Special Study Committee

National Grange Standing Committee

National Plan for Civil Defense

National Planning Association

National Potato Council

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

(4 folders)

National Service Corps- for Community and Individual Dev.

National Session, 1965

(2 folders)

National Thrift Committee

New Mexico

Newsom - About

Newsom Statements

Box 15 Newsom Statements

(2 folders)

Northwestern Rural Electric Cooperative Association Annual Meeting

Office of the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations


Oil Import Controls, 1970

Operation Forward, 1956-1962

(3 folders)

Parker and Denslow

Patrons Mutual Ins. Co.

PIK Payments, 1964

People to People Program

Photos and Biography


Potomac Grange

(2 folders)

Public Info. Program

Pure Milk Co-Op

Republican Platform

Republican Platform Statement

Republican Platform Committee

St. Joseph Conference

Sears-Roebuck Foundation

Selective Service

Sewing Contest, 1962

South Dakota

Radio Free Europe

Staff letters over HDN signature

Staff memos

Stigers, Lorena


Taber, Mr. and Mrs. L. J.


Tariff Commission

Box 16 Tariff Commission

(7 folders)

Tariff Commission - Investigations

(5 folders)

Tariff Commission - Rules of Practice and Procedure

Tobacco, 1955-1959

Trade Agreements or Foreign Trade

(2 folders)

Trade Bill, 1970

Trade Expansion Act of 1962

Traffic Safety Committee


Box 17 UNA-USA, 1965

U.S. Agriculture

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Army War College

Visit USA in '60

Wheat, 1950

Wheat, 1956-1959

(2 folders)

Wheat, 1960

Wheat, 1961

Wheat, 1962

Wheat, 1963

Wheat Referendum, 1963

World Food Congress, 1963

(2 folders)

World Food Crisis

World Food Crisis, 1963-1968

Series: Box 18 Speeches and Statements


(14 folders)

Series: Box 19 Correspondence

A-Y, 1955-1965

(35 folders)

General, 1948, 1949, 1952-1960

(2 folders)

Box 20 General, 1961 - 1970, May

(11 folders)


(13 folders)

Series: Box 21 Printed

The Green Letters, 1960-1965  and 1968

(2 folders)

Grange News, 1959-1960

(5 folders)

An Economic Program for the Americas, Miscellaneous

(9 folders)

Box 22 Master's letters, 1957-1966