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Hahn mss. III, 1925/1998

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Hahn, Emily, 1905-1997.

Hahn mss. III, 1925/1998

Collection No.
LMC 1440

ca. 10,000 items

Materials are in English

Consists of the papers of author Emily Hahn, 1905-1997.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Hahn was born in St. Louis and lived there until her family moved to Chicago during her high school years. She later attended the University of Wisconsin and in 1926 received the first mining engineering degree awarded to a female student. Following graduation, until the spring of 1927, she worked for an engineering firm in St. Louis and then as a company courier for that firm in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Returning to the East during the summer, she attended Columbia University for graduate work, taught geology during the 1927/28 academic year, and then headed for Europe on her first overseas tour. After living in Florence and London, she returned home briefly in 1929 before going to the Congo and two years' residence there. In 1932 she began further travels, finally settling in Shanghai in 1935 where she taught English for three years.

All during this decade of travel and adventure Hahn wrote almost continually - articles, stories, letters - and many of her pieces were printed in The New Yorker, as well as five full-length books being published. The Sino-Japanese conflict eventually caused Hahn to leave Shanghai for Hong Kong, where she was later forced to remain after the Japanese took over that area in 1941. She was finally repatriated in 1943 and proceeded to produce two books concerning those years: China to Me and Hong Kong Holiday. In 1945 Hahn married British Major Charles Ralph Boxer, 1904-2000, whom she had met in Hong Kong prior to his internment as a POW, and following the war they moved to his family home in England. She continued to write short fiction, articles for magazine publication, particularly The New Yorker, and a remarkable number of books. During the 1950's she ventured into the juvenile field with some fiction, juvenile biographies, and descriptions of some of the countries in which she had traveled or lived. Other publications include biographies of Aphra Behn, James Brooke, Fanny Burney, Chiang kai-shek, D.H. Lawrence, and Mabel Dodge Luhan; a description of the diamond business; four books on zoos and animals; histories of China, Ireland, women; and several autobiographical accounts.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Correspondence; II. Writings; III. Financial; IV. Photographs; V. Miscellaneous; VI. Printed.

Scope and Content Note

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    • Hahn, Emily, 1905-1997 --Correspondence.
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    • Authors, American --Correspondence.

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Gift; Emily Hahn. 1979.

Purchase; Emily Hahn estate. 2000.

Usage Restrictions
Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.
Preferred Citation
[Item], Hahn mss. III, Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Correspondence

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent, followed by letters from Emily Hahn, mostly written to family members. Individual names with significant number of letters may have separate folders and are filed immediately after the folder in which they would have been included. Publishers' files also contain contracts and other related papers.

Among the correspondents in the collection are:
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  • A.P. Watt & Son
  • Abeel, Daphne see: Houghton Mifflin Company
  • ACME Newspictures, Inc.
  • Adomeit, Ruth E.
  • Agostinho, José
  • Aisenberg, Nadya
  • Alexander, Stella
  • Alfred A. Knopf Inc.
  • Allen, Mary E.
  • Allison, Robert see: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
  • Alsop, Joseph Wright
  • American Academy of Arts and Letters
  • American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums
  • American Heritage
  • The American Mercury
  • The American Red Cross
  • Ames, Mary (Mrs. John Ames)
  • Andriola, Alfred
  • Anglo American Corporation of South Africa, Limited
  • Appleton, Myra see: Cosmopolitan
  • Armat, Virginia
  • Armstrong, Rex
  • Arthur, Josephine "Dauphine" (Hahn)
  • Arthur, Maxwell see: Arthur, Josephine "Dauphine" Hahn
  • Arya, Jitendra
  • Asbury, Herbert
  • The Asia Society, Inc.
  • Aswell, Ed C. see: Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.
  • Atkins, Elisha
  • Aubrey, May
  • Augustine, James Patrick
  • Austen, Margaret
  • Bader, Robert S.
  • Bader, Rosemary
  • Baer, Howard F.
  • Baer, Isabel (Aloe) (Mrs. Howard F. Baer)
  • Baird, Judy
  • Baker, Carlos
  • Baker, Dorothy
  • Balk, Robert
  • Bamberger, J. David
  • Bantam Books, Inc.
  • Barker, Lee see: Doubleday & Company Inc.
  • Barneveld, H.W.P. v.
  • Baron, Stanley see: Thames and Hudson Ltd.
  • Barringer, Dorothy (Mrs. J. Paul Barringer)
  • Bauman,Paul
  • Baumgarten, Sylvia Bernice see: Brandt & Brandt
  • Beckett, Hilary
  • Beckett, William R.
  • Begos, Kevin
  • Beneš, Barton
  • Benét, Rosemary (Carr) (Mrs. Stephen Vincent Benét)
  • Bennett, Meelea
  • Bentsen, Calvin R.
  • Bergman, B.A.
  • Bergman, Michael
  • Berson, Barbara see: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
  • Besch, Betty Ann
  • Best, Marshall Ayres
  • Bien, Gloria
  • Black, Virginia
  • Blanshard, Roberta (Yerkes) (Mrs. Brand Blanshard)
  • Bliven, Bruce see: The New Yorker
  • Bliven, Naomi see: The New Yorker
  • Blumenfeld, Harold see: ACME Newspictures, Inc.
  • Bode, Loreli
  • Bonura, Ruth
  • Bowers, Aki
  • Bowers, John Z.
  • Boxer, Amanda
  • Boxer, Anne
  • Boxer, Charles Ralph
  • Boxer, H. Steve
  • Boxer, Myles
  • Bradford, Mary Rose (Mrs. Roark Bradford)
  • Braker, William P. see: American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums
  • Brandt & Brandt
  • Brandt, Carl D. see: Brandt & Brandt
  • Brandt, Carol see: Brandt & Brandt
  • Breazeale, Nita Sims (Mrs. H. Payne)
  • Brewer, Joseph
  • Brinsen, Joan W.
  • Bristol, Barbara K. see: Alfred A. Knopf Inc.
  • The British Library
  • Broadcast Music, Inc.
  • Bronson, David B.
  • Brown, Hazel Elizabeth
  • Brown, Terry
  • Bruch, Hilde
  • Bryan, Guy
  • Brysac, Shareen Blair
  • Bryson, Lyman see: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
  • Buchman, Alexander H.
  • Bundi, Maharaja of (Bahadur Singh)
  • Burger, Knox
  • Burger, Otis Kidwell
  • Buss, Frances see: Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
  • Caffery, John M.
  • Cagle, William R. see: Lilly Library
  • Cain, James M.
  • Calisher, Hortense
  • Cameron, Peg see: Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.
  • Camões Center
  • Canfield, Cass
  • Caniff, Milton Arthur
  • Caniff, Summer (Smith) "Bunny" see: Caniff, Milton
  • Cannan, Jean
  • Canning, Enid
  • Cardozo, Manoel
  • Carlos, Peter Vincent
  • Carroll, Carroll
  • Carter, Thomas M.
  • Chadbourne, William M.
  • Chan, Sou
  • Chandler, David
  • Chanler, Mary (Mrs. L. Stuyvesant Chanler)
  • Chapman, Helen R. (Mrs. Chanler A. Chapman)
  • The Charleston Gazette
  • Chiang, Nelson Y.
  • Chih Meng
  • Childs, Bid Prentiss
  • Childs, Mark W.
  • Chilton, W.E. see; The Charleston Gazette
  • The China Society of American
  • Chinese News Service
  • Chip, William W.
  • Churchill, Judith Chase
  • Clark, Margaret (Mrs. Kenneth Sutherland Clark)
  • Clark, Miles
  • Clarkson, Sidney
  • Cochran, Tom
  • Cohen, Joan Lebold
  • Cohen, Lucian A. (Mrs. B. Bernard Cohen)
  • Cole, Irene E. "Renie"
  • Collar, Helen Hoffman (Mrs. George Collar)
  • Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
  • Conaway, C.H.
  • Conklin, Harold C.
  • Cook, Katharine (Mrs. Philip L. Cook)
  • Coolidge, Harold Jefferson
  • Cooper, Arthur
  • Cooper, Thomas V.
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Costa Marques, Joyce
  • Cottrell, Robert D.
  • Cousins, Norman see: The Saturday Review of Literature
  • Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, Inc. Publishers
  • Cowles, Linn
  • Cox, Carolyn (Mrs. J. Raffles Cox)
  • Cox, Fletcher
  • Crane, Clare B.
  • Crawford, Cheryl
  • Crisler, Dick
  • Crow, C. Patrick see: The New Yorker
  • Crowley, Ralph M.
  • Cummins, James Sylvester
  • Curran, Charles
  • Curran, Paul E.
  • Curtis Publishing Company
  • Curtis, Lawrence and Marilyn
  • Cuthbertson, Ken
  • Cvijak, Gutavo
  • Czankus, Ruth L.
  • The Daily News
  • Dasburg, Alfred V.
  • Daubney, David B.
  • Davis, George A.
  • Dawidoff, Robert
  • Dawson, Gregory
  • Dawson. Includes letters from: Mitchell, Rose (Hahn), Hope, Louis, George and Eva
  • de Castro, Marley
  • De Fina, Anthony W. see: Brandt & Brandt
  • de la Medina, Enrique see: Leonardt, Carl
  • de Spoelberch, Jacques see: Houghton Mifflin Company
  • de Waal Malefijt, A.
  • Deevey, E. S.
  • Dell, Floyd
  • Dennis, William H.
  • Denny-Brown, Derek
  • The Dick Cavett Show
  • Damon, Virgil G.
  • Dibrell, John
  • Dillon, Wilton S. see: Smithsonian Institution, Office of Smithsonian Symposia and Seminars
  • Disch, Lizann
  • Dobell, Byron see: American Heritage
  • Doubleday & Company Inc.
  • Edkins, Lola
  • Ehrlich, Daphne A. see: Houghton Mifflin Company
  • Eley, Mary Elizabeth see: Reveille
  • Elisseeff, Serge see: Harvard-Yenching Institute
  • Elliott, John T. see: Leland Hayward, Inc. Agency
  • Elliott, Mollie
  • Ellis, Norma Millay
  • Elwell, Richard R.
  • Emmet, Christopher
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica
  • Evans, Ray
  • Felix, Alfonso, Jr.
  • Fergusson, Harvey
  • Fernandez, Sybil. See also: Gordon, Marian L.
  • Fischer, Louis
  • FitzGerald, Rosemary
  • Flender, Harold
  • Fogg, John M., Jr.
  • Foley, Martha see: Houghton Mifflin Company
  • Ford, Matthew Cuchulain "Henry"
  • Ford, Therese M. and Hugh
  • Fossey, Dian
  • Foster, Jane (Mrs. Eugene A. Foster)
  • Foster, Joseph
  • Fox, Monica F. "Monnie" (Mrs. Arthur Lawrence Fox)
  • Franklin Watts, Inc., Book Publishers
  • Fraser, Sheila see: The New Yorker
  • Freidus, Ella
  • Fritz, Bernardine (Szold)
  • Fritz, Jo see: Primate Foundation of Arizona
  • Fritz, Paul see: Primate Foundation of Arizona
  • Fukuoka, Kimi
  • G.P. Putnam's Sons
  • Gabey, Virginia L.
  • Gabin, Jane S.
  • Galassi, Jonathan see: Houghton Mifflin Company
  • Galdikas, Barute
  • Gallin, Edward M. see: United China Relief, Inc.
  • Gallup, Donald
  • Garrison, Ron see: San Diego Zoo
  • Gebhard, Paul H.
  • General Electric Co.
  • Gerdy, Robert S.
  • Gershgorn, John
  • Gilbert, Dorothy
  • Gill, Louise M. "Billie"
  • Gisborne, Eve
  • Gleason, Ralph J.
  • Glick, Linda see: Houghton Mifflin Company
  • Glinka, Walter
  • Goddard, Frances
  • Goldberger, Paul see: The New York Times
  • Good Morning America/ABC Entertainment
  • Goodall, Jane
  • Goodman, Wendy K. Marie
  • Goodwin, John B.L.
  • Gopnik, Adam see: Alfred A. Knopf Inc.
  • Gordon, Marian L.
  • Gordon, Michael
  • Goring, Violet
  • Gormly, George
  • Gotlieb, Howard Bernard
  • Gottlieb, Robert see: The New Yorker
  • Gould, Cynthia
  • Gould, Grace C.
  • Graham, Stefan H.
  • Gray, Christopher S.
  • Grayzel, Solomon
  • Green, Bill
  • Greenstein, Milton see: The New Yorker
  • Greis, William F.
  • Griffen, Martin
  • Grove Press, Inc.
  • Gunther, John
  • Gunther, Mary A.
  • Guth, Doty see: The New Yorker
  • Hahn, Charless
  • Hahn, Emanuel
  • Hahn, Hannah Schoen
  • Hahn, Harriet
  • Haight, Gordon Sherman and Mary
  • Hamburger, Philip
  • Hanson, Muriel and Donald P.
  • Hanssen, Léon
  • Harnack, Curtis Arthur see: Yaddo
  • Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.
  • Harris, Henriette
  • Harrisson, Barbara
  • Hartenberg, Richard S.
  • Harvard College Library
  • Harvard-Yenching Institute
  • Harvell, Bertha
  • Hauschka, Carola Spaeth
  • Hawkeye Zoological Society
  • Heatter, Merrill
  • Helms, Tim
  • Hendrix, Gertrude
  • Henning, Alison Peake
  • Herman, John see: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
  • Hewlett, John
  • Hicks, Vina
  • Hoe, Susanna
  • Hollomon, John H. see: General Electric Co.
  • Hopper, Dale C.
  • Horde, Merwyn
  • Horgan, Paul
  • Hosier, Margie
  • Houghton Mifflin Company
  • Howard, James Thomas
  • Hsia, C.L. see: Chinese News Service
  • Hsing sen, Yuan
  • Huang, Martha E.
  • Hudson, Lewis
  • Hulse, Ethel M. see: Doubleday & Company Inc.
  • Hutchinson, Red
  • Hutheesing, Krishna
  • Indiana University Press
  • Jenkins, Gladys
  • Johnson, George
  • Johnson, Malcolm see: Doubleday & Company Inc.
  • Johnson, Marion (Mrs. Byrnes Johnson)
  • Johnson, Peter see: Cowles, Linn
  • Johnson, Willard W. "Spud"
  • Jordan, Fred see: Grove Press, Inc.
  • Joseph Marie, Sister, S.S.N.D.
  • Judd, Walter H.
  • Kahn, E.J., Jr. see: The New Yorker
  • Kalter, Gloria and Sy
  • Kan, Ah
  • Kanon, Joseph see: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan, Inc. Publishers
  • Kaplan, Martha see: The New Yorker
  • Kawata, Ken
  • Kelly, Diane see: Time-Life
  • Kennedy, Margaret E.
  • Ker-Seymer, Barbara
  • Kingsland, Sharon
  • Kiser, Henry
  • Klein, Paul
  • Knaplund, Dorothy K. (Mrs. Paul Knaplund)
  • Knapp, William see: The New Yorker
  • Knox-Peebles, Ron
  • Knulst, C.
  • Kogan, Herman
  • Kogan, Marilew see: Doubleday & Company Inc.
  • Krasno, Rena
  • Krautter, Betty
  • K'ung, H.H.
  • Kunkel, Thomas
  • Kupcinet, Irv
  • Lane, Frances M.
  • Lang, Cecil Y.
  • LaRocque, Marilyn R.
  • Larsen, Dorothy (Hahn)
  • Lauria, Josephine D.
  • Leahy, Daniel J. see: Ulster County Chapter N.Y.S., Association for Retarded Children, Inc.
  • Leeds, Nan
  • Lefort, Gene
  • Lehmann, David
  • Leland Hayward, Inc. Agency
  • Lemmon, William B (per sec'y)
  • Leonardt, Carl and Enrique de la Medina
  • Lescher, Robert see: Brandt & Brandt
  • Levy, Daniel S.
  • Lewis, Winston G.
  • The Lilly Library
  • The Lincoln Park Zoological Society
  • Lindholm, Josef H., III
  • Lippincott & Crowell, Publishers
  • Livingston, Jay see: Evans, Ray
  • Lo, Irving Yucheng see: Indiana University Press
  • Lo, Ruth Earnshaw
  • London, Ivan Daniel and Miriam
  • Longland, Jean R.
  • Loth, David
  • Lovejoy, Thomas E., III see: World Wildlife Fund-U.S.
  • Loveman, Amy see: The Saturday Review of Literature
  • Lowe Chuan-hua
  • Lü Mingzhuo
  • Luberger, Jean see: Doubleday & Company Inc.
  • Luhan, Mabel Dodge
  • Lynch, Warren see: Horgan, Paul
  • McAdams, Suzan
  • McCann, Pauline R. see: The Lincoln Park Zoological Society
  • McCormick, Kenneth
  • McGraw, Ginger G. see: Marshall Public Library
  • McKelvey, David and Linda T.
  • McKenna, Pat (Mrs. W.B. McKenna)
  • Ma Shih-yu
  • Magee, David
  • Marshall Public Library
  • Martin, Frank X.
  • Masland, Robert P., III
  • Masters, Alison
  • Maverick, Terrellita
  • Maxwell, William see: The New Yorker
  • Mellecker, Judy
  • Merchant, Jane C.
  • Merwin, Philip
  • Meyer, Walter see: The Dick Cavett Show
  • Mezger, Sharon
  • Miller, Dorothy Raper. See also: verso of letter to Herbert Asbury, Sept. 19, 1929
  • Mistry, S.P.
  • Montagna, William see: Oregon Regional Primate Research Center
  • Moses, Robert
  • Moyer, Ruth E.
  • Moynihan, Daniel Patrick
  • Moyse, Rosalie (Mrs. Hermann Moyse)
  • Munro, Eleanor
  • Murphy, Mae
  • Myers, William Allen
  • Nace, George W.
  • Nakazawa, Chikanori "Chick"
  • Neckowitz, Katie
  • Nelson, Gwen
  • Nerbonne, Joseph J.
  • Netzorg, Jock
  • Neville, Nik
  • The New American Library
  • New China Publishing Company
  • The New York Times
  • New York Zoological Society
  • The New Yorker
  • Nicholas, Nancy see: Alfred A. Knopf Inc.
  • Niebuhr, Reinhold
  • Noell, Mae and Robert
  • Nosanow, Barbara Shissler
  • O'Brien, Marie (Mrs. A.J. O'Brien)
  • O'Brien, Obie and Peter
  • O'Connell, Maurice R.
  • Ogilvie, Gordon F.
  • Ogilvie, Lucie and Phil
  • Ogilvie, M
  • O'Leary, James E.
  • Oliver, Edith
  • O'Meara, Patrick
  • Oppenheimer, Sir Ernest (per sec'y)
  • Oregon Regional Primate Research Center
  • Oruska, Sheila
  • Osgood, C.
  • Owen, Norman G.
  • Page, Susan
  • Parton, James see: American Heritage
  • Paterson, Marjorie (Mrs. J.J. Paterson)
  • Patterson, Francine (per sec'y)
  • Pawle, Frederick S.
  • Pawlowski, Gareth L.
  • Perabo, Ida
  • Perkins, Carol (Mrs. R. Marlin Perkins)
  • Pertinez, Clover
  • Phelan, John L.
  • Phipps, Frances
  • Pietsch, Paul
  • Pisani, J.N.G.
  • Plant, Richard see: Tomorrow
  • Potter, Nathan S., III
  • Prentice-Hall, Inc.
  • Presson, Robert
  • Primate Foundation of Arizona
  • Prior, Moody E.
  • Pryor, Karen
  • Purcell, John
  • Purdie, Howard
  • Purdy, Donald M.
  • Purdy, G.R.H.
  • Putnam, Patrick T.L.
  • Pyo, Sunsook
  • Querina, Sylvia
  • Ranschburg, Otto H.
  • Rattner, Muriel R. see: This Week
  • Rawson, Hugh see: Lippincott & Crowell, Publishers; Thomas Y. Crowell Company, Inc.
  • Reischauer, Joan see: Houghton Mifflin Company
  • Reuther, Ronald T. see: San Francisco Zoological Gardens
  • Reveille
  • Reynolds, Mary
  • Reynolds, Robbin see: Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc.
  • Richmond, Sylvia B.
  • Riehmer, Horst C.
  • Rietz, Edward G.
  • Rissanen, Charles
  • Robertson, Nan
  • Robeson, Lynn
  • Robinson, Kathryn
  • Rockwell, Jeanne
  • Rodevitch, Maya
  • Rogers, Mary-Alice
  • Rohr, Michael
  • Rolland, Rebecca (Mrs. Charles L. Rolland)
  • Rollyson, Carl
  • Rongren, Beverly see: Hawkeye Zoological Society
  • Rosanova, Michael Joseph
  • Rosholt, Malcolm
  • Rossin, Alice (Mrs. Edgar L. Rossin)
  • Rouse, Rolla
  • Rudd, John
  • Rumbaugh, Duane M. see: Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center
  • Russell, Kathlyn
  • Russell, Peter E.
  • Russhon, Charles
  • San Diego Zoo
  • San Francisco Zoological Gardens
  • Sanders, Sol W.
  • Sands, Shänne
  • Sansom, Katharine
  • Sarell, Nan (Mrs. R.I.A. Sarell)
  • Sassoon, Evelyn Barnes
  • Sassoon, Sir Victor
  • The Saturday Review of Literature
  • Saunders, Sallie T.
  • Sayre, Nora
  • Schlessiger, Charles see: Brandt & Brandt
  • Schlessiger, Hilary Dawson
  • Schneebaum, Tobias
  • Schorer, Mark
  • Schubert, Virginia
  • Schwartz, Robin
  • Scott, Winifred (Mrs. Douglas M.)
  • Searcy, Lucile
  • Sebeok, Thomas A.
  • Sergeant, Harriet
  • Sexton, Claire
  • Shane, Harold G.
  • Shao, Xiao-hong
  • Sharp, Ann
  • Shawn, William see: The New Yorker
  • Sheridan, Philip
  • Sherman, Tom
  • Shimizu, K.
  • Shirlaw, Leon
  • Shively, George J. see: Doubleday & Company Inc.
  • Sibley, Gladys B.
  • Siegel, Ada see: This Month
  • Simmons, Dawn Langley
  • Sims, Esther Crawford
  • Skinner, Frank D.
  • Smeed, Thelma (Mrs. H.W. Smeed)
  • Smeeton, Beryl (Boxer) and Miles Smeeton
  • Smeeton, Clio see: Sonamara, Clio (Smeeton)
  • Smith, Helen (Hahn) and Y. Kenley Smith
  • Smith, I. Norman
  • Smith, Richard Rushton
  • Smith, Warren Allen
  • Smithsonian Institution, Office of Smithsonian Symposia and Seminars
  • Snow, Edgar
  • Solberg, Carl
  • Solley
  • Sonamara, Clio (Smeeton)
  • Spasek, Edward
  • Spelman, Hoyt
  • Spivak, Lawrence E. see: The American Mercury
  • Springer, David Edward
  • Stanton, Ann Lawton
  • Stanton, Jos K. (Mrs. Edwin F. Stanton)
  • Stearn, A. E.
  • Stearn, Noel H.
  • Stephenson, Steve
  • Stowasser, Lois P.
  • Sumihara, Heiichi
  • Sutker, Phyllis Twery
  • Tan, Agnes
  • Tan Hock Seng
  • Tang, Elizabeth
  • Taylor, John D.
  • Taylor, L.L.
  • Taylor, Saundra see: Lilly Library
  • Thames and Hudson Ltd.
  • Thayer, Peter J.
  • This Month
  • This Week
  • Thomas Y. Crowell Company, Inc.
  • Thompson, Nicolas see: Weidenfeld & Nicolson
  • Thwin, Maureen Aung see: The Asia Society, Inc.
  • Tiberghien, Susan (Mrs. P.Y. Tiberghien)
  • Time
  • Time-Life
  • Toeg, Lorraine Murray
  • Tomorrow
  • Tressler, Irving
  • Truax, R. Hawley see: The New Yorker
  • Tulman-Hancock, Eleanor
  • Turner, Mia see: Camões Center
  • Ulster County Chapter N.Y.S., Association for Retarded Children, Inc.
  • United China Relief, Inc.
  • University of California Press
  • Updike, John
  • Van Alstine, Carl, D.V.M.
  • Van Vechten, Carl
  • Van Wagenen, G.
  • Vecchio, Carola (Boxer)
  • Vecchio, Sophia C.
  • Visser, Dorothy
  • Vogt, David A.
  • Wade, Clint
  • Waley, Daniel, P. see: The British Library
  • Walkup, Martha N. (Mrs. David W. Walkup)
  • Wallace, Alfia (Vecchio)
  • Wang Chi-Yuan
  • Warner, Signe see: Houghton Mifflin Company
  • Watt, Peter see: A.P. Watt & Son
  • Watts, Franklin see: Franklin Watts, Inc., Book Publishers
  • Watts, Helen Hoke
  • Weeks, Madeline
  • Weidenfeld & Nicolson
  • Weier, Ruth
  • Weil, John M.
  • Wellenkamp, Paul G.
  • Wells, Oliver D.
  • Wells, Valerie
  • Wesner, John A.
  • West, Rebecca
  • Wheeler, Kenneth W.
  • White, Katharine S. (Mrs. E.B. White)
  • Whitman, Fred B.
  • Wilder, Isabel
  • Wildlife Conservation Society
  • Williams, Elaine
  • Williamson, Jane
  • Willis, Olive M.
  • Wills, John E., Jr.
  • Wilson, Gilbert
  • Wilson, Geoffrey
  • Wilson, Jeremy
  • Winfield Best Communications
  • Winks, Robin W.
  • Winterich, John T. see: The Saturday Review of Literature
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  • Women's Institute
  • Woodward, Elsie (Mrs. William Woodward)
  • Woodward, Kirk
  • Worcester, George
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  • Wright, Pat
  • The Wylie Agency see: Wylie, Aitken & Stone
  • Wylie, Aitken & Stone
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  • Yaddo
  • Yale University
  • Yan, Peng
  • Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center
  • Yoken, Mel
  • Young, Genevieve see: Lippincott & Crowell, Publishers
  • Zeehandelaar, Mrs. Fred J.
  • Zierold, Norman J.

Box 1 A - B

Box 2 C - Hd

Box 3 He - Ph

Box 4 Pi - V

Box 5 W - Z

Hahn, Emily, 1940-1991

(7 folders)

Unidentified correspondents

(5 folders)

Series: Writings

Organized into the following sections: Major Writings, Short Prose, Reviews, "Short Stories I," Talks, Miscellaneous Writings and Writings by Others. Includes holographs, typescripts, carbon typescripts, drafts and research materials.

Subseries: Major Writings

Arranged alphabetically

Box 5 Africa to Me: Person to Person

(6 folders)

All But Blind

(7 folders)

Box 6 Animal Gardens

(21 folders)

Box 7 Around the World With Nellie Bly

(3 folders)

The Book, the Boat, the Bridge

(2 folders)

Breath of God: A Book about Angels, Demons, Familiars, Elementals and Spirits

(3 folders)

Chiang Kai-Shek: An Unauthorized Biography

(7 folders)

China Only Yesterday, 1850-1950

(5 folders)

Box 8 China Only Yesterday, 1850-1950

(10 folders)

The Cooking of China

(5 folders)

Diamond: The Spectacular Story of Earth's Rarest Treasure and Man's Great Greed

(6 folders)

Eve and the Apes

(3 folders)

Box 9 Eve and the Apes

(3 folders)

Feral Children

(2 folders)

Fractured Emerald: Ireland

(3 folders)

Getting Through


(6 folders)

Green Peace see: A Reporter at Large


(2 folders)

Hong Kong Holiday

Hutchinson Profile: The Ecological Niche

(1 folder)

Box 10 Hutchinson Profile: The Ecological Niche

(2 folders)


(6 folders)

The Islands

(9 folders)

Kissing Cousins

Look Who's Talking? New Discoveries in Animal Communication

(1 folder)

Box 11 Look Who's Talking? New Discoveries in Animal Communication

(4 folders)

Lorenzo: D.H. Lawrence and the Women Who Loved Him

(4 folders)

Love of Gold

(2 folders)

Mabel: A Biography of Mabel Dodge Luhan

(17 folders)

Mr. Pan

(2 folders)

Box 12 On the Side of Apes

(15 folders)


(2 folders)

A Reporter at Large: Doing What They Can

(4 folders)

Romantic Rebels: An Informal History of Bohemianism in America

(3 folders)

Box 13 Romantic Rebels: An Informal History of Bohemianism in America

(15 folders)


Times and Places

Subseries: Short Prose

Arranged by title

Box 13 A - C

Box 14 D - P

Box 15 Q - Z

List of short prose titles:
  • View All (210)
  • "Aisle K."
  • "The Allergy"
  • "Amerasia"
  • "Anenomes"
  • "Apaches All"
  • "Are You Sure?"
  • "Aunt Alice's Ghost"
  • "The Austere Market"
  • "Australian in the Henhouse"
  • "Bananas"
  • "The Barrier"
  • "Bed and Breakfast"
  • "Before"
  • "Before Women's Lib"
  • "Big Game"
  • "Big Shot"
  • "Birthday Present"
  • "Case Worker"
  • "The Channel"
  • "Christmas With the Walkers"
  • "The Club"
  • "Coming From an Englishman"
  • "Company Manners"
  • "Confidante"
  • "The Congo Captain"
  • "Conscience and the Communist"
  • "Considered Lilies"
  • "Contrasts"
  • "Cooking Mexican Food the Organic Way, by EH and Enrique de la Medina"
  • "The Crumbling Sofa"
  • "The Cupboard"
  • "The Curator"
  • "Dar"
  • "Daughter Hates Mother"
  • "The Day of the Dog"
  • "The Dean"
  • "The Dear Old Club"
  • "A Demand for Fans"
  • "Detested Sport"
  • "Donald Parker Hanson"
  • "ESP"
  • "Eddy Chan"
  • "Emily Hahn Autobiography, 1905-"
  • "The Escape"
  • "Everyone Sang..."
  • "The Evidence"
  • "Exmoor of the Classics"
  • "The Explorer"
  • "The Fiasco"
  • "The First Bird"
  • "Fish and Guests"
  • "Focus for the Future"
  • "For a Foreigner"
  • "Fracas at the Fountain"
  • "Frogs"
  • "The Funny Little Thing"
  • "Goa"
  • "Gold-Digger of '26"
  • "Graves"
  • "Hahn, Emily: b. 1905, d. 1950"
  • "The Hair and the Harem"
  • "Happy New Year"
  • "Hard As Stone"
  • "He Got the Job"
  • "The He-Man"
  • "Heavy Parent"
  • "Henry the Inevitable"
  • "Hindu Women"
  • "Hong Kong, Dec. 22, 1940"
  • "The Hounds"
  • "Hummel"
  • "I Live in Hertfordshire"
  • "I Say This"
  • "An Ignorant Sort of Girl"
  • "I'm an American Citizen"
  • "Impressions of India"
  • "In Appreciation of Hortense Calisher"
  • "Incognito"
  • "Irwin Rose from Atatuck to Gursel: What Went Wrong in Turkey?"
  • "The Island"
  • "It Could Be Me"
  • "It Doesn't Mean Anything"
  • "I've Got the Flu"
  • "J. David Bamberger"
  • "The Japanese Occupation"
  • "Jason"
  • "Jodhpurs"
  • "Jogja"
  • "Josefa"
  • "Kathy, Not Me"
  • "Kato see: Tortoise"
  • "Kivu"
  • "Ku-Pika Chakula Africa. To Cook African Food, by EH and Enrique de la Medina"
  • "The Lawbreaker"
  • "Learning to Take"
  • "Legacy of Peter Rabbit"
  • "Less Fuss, Please"
  • "Lethe"
  • "Little America"
  • "Little Frog, Little Puddle"
  • "The Little Red Light"
  • "Little Toy Soldier"
  • "Lorna Was a Race Horse"
  • "Ludwig"
  • "Lysenko and the Jimshouse"
  • "Make Yourself At Home"
  • "Malacandra see: No Chimp is an Island"
  • "Man of the Forest"
  • "The Maroon"
  • "Men - And Pygmies"
  • "Michelle"
  • "Miss Manningham"
  • "Miss Tinne's Shampoo"
  • "Missed Contacts"
  • "Mohenjo-Daro"
  • "Money You Get That Way"
  • "Monkey Island"
  • "Moody Giant"
  • "A Morning Fraught"
  • "Mother's Pet"
  • "Move Your Shadow"
  • "Moving Day in Jackson Heights"
  • "Mr. Hsia"
  • "Mr. Wingcollar"
  • "Mrs. Professor"
  • "My Dear Selous..."
  • "My Sister Taddy Toe"
  • "My Teacher Says"
  • "New Styles in Shanghai"
  • "No Chimp is an Island"
  • "Not Our Standards"
  • "The Obvious Course"
  • "The Old People"
  • "On Line"
  • "Out of Season"
  • "Pan"
  • "Parks"
  • "Pawpaw Pie"
  • "La Petite"
  • "Pilgrim's Progress"
  • "The Pipe"
  • "A Point of Etiquette"
  • "Poor Mary"
  • "The Porcelain Nose"
  • "Primates and Protest see: Protest"
  • "Protest"
  • "Public Opinion"
  • "Puppy"
  • "Purpose of Visit"
  • "A Question of Change"
  • "A Question of Culture"
  • "Raymond"
  • "The Reading Room see: Aisle K"
  • "Renegade"
  • "Rice Around the World"
  • "Rosalind Reverts"
  • "Royal Wedding Day"
  • "Sailor's Holiday"
  • "Salonists and Chroniclers"
  • "Salt"
  • "The Scandal"
  • "The Scourge"
  • "Sea Change"
  • "The Secret"
  • "Shoestrings of the Past"
  • "Shanghai, Land of Plenty"
  • "Snubs to You"
  • "So We Went Bathing"
  • "Something Forgotten"
  • "Sounds of Bells"
  • "Special City"
  • "Stewart"
  • "Street Car Tragedy"
  • "Studies Abroad"
  • "Such is History"
  • "Surplus"
  • "The Surrounding Hills"
  • "The Taxi"
  • "Tea at Government House"
  • "Temperature-Temperament"
  • "That Housewife Again"
  • "That Tender Age"
  • "Theresa"
  • "They Never Kill the Bull"
  • "Third Dimension"
  • "Three Aunts"
  • "Three Dogs"
  • "The Tide Never Rises"
  • "Tigers"
  • "Till the Well Runs Dry"
  • "Timeline of China"
  • "Togetherness"
  • "Too Young"
  • "Tortoise"
  • "Tottering Into the Sunset"
  • "Townsend Harris"
  • "Traditional"
  • "Training Benson"
  • "Turkey"
  • "Twelve Miles Out"
  • "The Unemployed"
  • "U.S.S. Panay"
  • "Very Bad for China"
  • "What Could I Do?"
  • "Where Are Your Wolves and Bears?"
  • "Why Don't You Go to Bali?"
  • "Winceworthy Words or Idiotic Idioms"
  • "Wonderful America"
  • "Words, Words, Words"
  • "You Are Going to Sleep"


(1 folder)

Arranged by title and author of book reviewed by Hahn.

Life and Death in Shanghai, by Nien Cheng

A Mortal Flower, by Han Suyin

Our War With Spain and Our War With the Filipinos, by Henry B. Russell

A Question of Survival--A review of The Blind Watchmaker, by Richard Dawkins and The Great Dying, by Kenneth J. Hsu

Theatre, by Somerset Maugham

Walking the Dead Diamond River, by Edward Hoagland

Subseries: Short Stories I

(1 folder)

Box 15 "Russian: Child's Size"

"The Price of Poppies"

"Shanghai Letter"

"U.S.S. Panay"

"Dr. Baldwin"

"A Night to End All Nights"

"What Could I Do?"

"The Secret"

"Big Game"

"The Sporting Man"

"Big Shot"

Subseries: Talks

(4 folders)

Arranged alphabetically by title or subject of talk or lecture.

Box 15 The Animals We Keep

Baby Shamu


Birds of Paradise


(2 copies)

[Creative Writing]

Drugs of the Deep

The Eighty-Ninth


The Explainers


Family Affair

Five Point Eight



Giant Crabs

The Largest Cockatoo

[Mabel Dodge Luhan]

Metaphor in New Guinea

Mighty Cat


Ninetieth Year


Perhaps Pandas


Red Ape

Snow in Tibet

[Society of Women Engineers]


Time to Change

[Writings as a Professional]

Subseries: Miscellaneous writings

Box 15 Untitled writings

(21 folders)

Box 16 Early writings and poetry

(3 folders)

Miscellaneous notes

Interviews with Emily Hahn

Research materials. Includes letter from Jackie Kennedy Onassis in the Mabel H. Brandon materials.

(5 folders)

49 Notebooks

(10 folders)

Subseries: Writings by Others

Arranged alphabetically by author.

Includes typescripts and holographs.

Box 16 Brooks, George E.

Collier, John

Corner, George W.

de la Roche, Sophie

Box 17 Hediger, H.

Jensen, Oliver

Katsin, Olga

Kingsland, Sharon Elizabeth

Lemmon, William B., et al.

Mayne, Peter

(3 folders)

Palmer, Aileen

Stearn, Noel

Suyin, Han

Series: Financial

Box 17 Royalties, 1943-1996. Includes royalty statements and correspondence from various publishing firms

(11 folders)

Miscellaneous, 1933-1958. Arranged chronologically. Includes: tax papers, retirement papers, rental agreements, bank and investment statements

(8 folders)

Box 18 Miscellaneous (cont.), 1959-1998.

(18 folders)

Six bank books, 1959-1982

Investment statements for Amanda Boxer, 1971-1974

Series: Photographs

Box 18 Hahn, Emily. Portraits -

103 photographs, 2 proof sheets (3 folders)

Hahn, Emily, daughters and Charles Boxer -

15 photographs

Hahn, Emily, friends and family -

106 photographs (3 folders)

Hahn, Emily with dolphins in Japan -

6 photographs, 20 duplicates

Hahn, Emily with primates -

35 photographs, 25 duplicates

Boxer, Amanda. Portraits -

7 photographs, 15 duplicates, 4 proof sheets

Vecchio, Carola (Boxer). Portraits -

20 photographs, 25 duplicates

Box 19 Vecchio, Carola (Boxer) -

29 photographs, 4 proof sheets

Family and friends -

291 photographs (6 folders)

Soong sisters -

4 photographs

Photograph album -

16 photographs

Artwork (photographs of various paintings, statues, etc.) -

36 photographs

Geological features, survey teams, etc.--Lake Placid, NY area and Western U.S. [?] -

100 photographs, includes photographs of Hahn

Africa -

14 photographs

China -

48 photographs, 21 duplicates,

India -

49 photographs, 11 duplicates

Indonesia -

9 photographs

Philippines -

31 photographs

Various countries -

138 photographs

Slides and transparencies -

11 photographs


(3 folders)

Box 24: Oversize Hahn, Emily, daughters and Charles Boxer -

1 photograph

China -

15 photographs

Series: Box 19 Miscellaneous

Biographical. Includes: biographical sketches, obituaries, copy of birth certificate, press pass, transcripts of grades, membership cards, key to the City of Baltimore, passports and travel papers, wills for both Hahn and Charles Boxer

(8 folders)

Box 20 Addresses. Five address books, addresses on loose fragments and calling cards

(2 folders)

Artwork. Various pencil sketches. Artist unknown


Programs, correspondence and other materials related to the following: 1) Society of Women Engineers, 1st International Conference, June 15-21, 1964; 2) San Diego Zoological Garden conference, Oct. 4-6, 1966; 3) Asia Society planning meeting, Dec. 14, 1979; 4) Smithsonian symposium on "How Humans Adapt: A Biocultural Odyssey," Nov. 8-12, 1981; 5) American Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums, North­eastern Regional Conference, May 4-6, 1986


Boxer, Charles. Divorce decree, fragments of writings, Saybrook College directory (1971-1972)

Vecchio, Carola. Copy of birth certificate, various documents pertaining to boarding schools: grades, itemized bills for fees and receipts, programs

Papers relating to Hahn's sister Helen Hahn Smith and sister Rose Hahn Dawson's family

Gorilla Foundation. Membership card, brochures and newsletters

New York Zoological Society. Membership card, pass books, brochures, 1984 annual meeting film script

Travel. Brochures, maps, programs, hotel receipts, airline ticket stubs, etc. for trips to China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, and elsewhere

(8 folders)

Box 22 Calendars















Box 23 Research audio tapes

(30 cassettes)

Series: Box 20 Printed

Candid Comment Monthly. Photocopy, Vol. l, No. 1, Sept. 1, 1938, edited and published by Hahn

A Christmas Commonplace Book from Emily Hahn and Alison Henning. 1976

"Gibbons in Interactions With Man in Domestic Settings," by Hahn. Reprinted from Gibbon and Siamang, vol. 1, pp. 250-260 (Karger, Basel 1972)

New Yorker. Tear sheets

Tear sheets and photocopies of articles by Hahn

Journals and magazines containing writings by Hahn

(2 folders)

Box 21 Miscellaneous printed magazines and journals

(6 folders)


Advertisements for several of Hahn's books

Articles about Hahn

(2 folders)

Reviews of Hahn's books

(21 folders)

Miscellaneous clippings, including articles about friends and colleagues

(2 folders)

Box 24: Oversize View of city of Llasa, 1916

Journals and magazines containing writings by Hahn

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