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Dodd, Mead mss., 1855-1992

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Dodd, Mead & Company

Dodd, Mead mss., 1855-1992

Collection No.
LMC 2415

ca. 26,000
(36.5 linear ft.)

Materials are in English

Consists chiefly of author/translator agreements, correspondence and copyright statements of publisher Dodd, Mead & Company.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

In 1839 Moses W. Dodd purchased an interest in a New York publishing firm established by John S. Taylor. The following year he severed his connection with Taylor and continued alone until his retirement in 1870. He was succeeded by his son, Frank H. Dodd, who, with his cousin Edward S. Mead, formed the firm Dodd & Mead. A retail department was added to the firm and in 1876 Bleecker Van Wagnen was taken as a partner. The firm was then renamed Dodd, Mead & Company.


The collection is organized in the following series: I. Authors, Publishers, and Other Correspondents; II. Miscellaneous. Series I is arranged in alphabetical order by author, illustrator, translator, or book series that involve multiple authors. Some materials are filed under the name of the printer, agent or publisher other than Dodd, Mead when a single author cannot be established.

Scope and Content Note

The Dodd, Mead mss., ca. 1855-1992, is chiefly composed of author/translator agreements, correspondence, copyright statements, bills, and receipts of publisher Dodd, Mead & Company. Completing the collection is a group of miscellaneous materials including articles on the firm's centenary (1839-1939), printed catalogs, miscellaneous correspondence, and brief printed histories of the firm.

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    • Names
    • Dodd, Mead & Company.
    • Dodd & Mead.
    • Dodd & Mead.
    • Dodd, Moses Woodruff, 1813-1899 --Correspondence.
    • Dodd, Frank H. --Correspondence.
    • Mead, Edward S. --Correspondence.
    • Van Wagnen, Bleecker --Correspondence.
    • Dodd, Moses Woodruff, 1813-1899.
    • Dodd, Frank H.
    • Mead, Edward S.
    • Van Wagnen, Bleecker.
    • Topics
    • Publishers and publishing --United States --19th century.
    • Publishers and publishing --United States --20th century.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Purchase. 1993.
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library; however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Dodd, Mead mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Box 1 Authors, Publishers, and Other Correspondents

A. & S. Lyons, Inc.

Correspondence, 1950-1951

A.L. Burt Company

Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1908-1937

A.P. Watt & Son

Correspondence, 1900,  1934

A.S. Barnes & Co. Inc.

Agreements, advertisement, 1947

Abbot, Willis J.

American Merchant Ships and Sailors, 1902 

Blue Jackets of '76, 1888 

Blue Jackets of 1812, 1886 

Blue Jackets of '91, 1886 

Blue Jackets of '98, 1899 

Carter Henry Harrison, 1893,  1895 

The Naval History of the United States, 1898,  1903 

The Story of Our Army, 1916 

The Story of Our Navy, 1916 

Abbott, Eleanor Hallowell

The Ne'er-Do-Much, 1917-1918 

Abbott, John S.C.

Ferdinand De Soto, 1900-1901 

Abbott, Lyman, 1835-1922

Family Worship, 1882-1883 

The Life That Really Is, 1900 

Problems of Life, Selections from the Writings of Rev. Lyman Abbott, D.D., selected by Sara Truslow Dickinson, 1899-1900, 1909

Soul's Quest After God, 1899-1900 

Abdy, H. Bennett

On the Ohio, 1921 

Ace Books, Inc.

Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1953-1961, 1971

Adam, Robert B.

Robert Burns and Mrs. Dunlop, 1898,  1926 

Adams, Elizabeth Livingston

see: Steele, Frances Mary and Elizabeth Livingston Steele Adams

Adams, Evangeline, 1872?-1932

Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1926-1981, pertaining to the following titles:

Astrology for Everyone

Astrology: Your Place in the Sun

Astrology: Your Place Among the Stars

Autobiography of Evangeline Adams

Bowl of Heaven

Adams, Georgiana

see: Gibbs, Blanche L. and Georgiana Adams

Adamson, Hans Christian

Aviation Today, 1935 

Addis, Hugh

Dark Voyage, 1944 

Night Over the Wood, 1943 

Ade, George, 1866-1944

Artie, 1896 

Doci Horne, 1899 

Fable in Slang, 1899 

More Fables in Slang, 1900 

Pink Marsh, 1897 

Adler, Alfred, 1870-1937

The Neurotic Constitution, 1916,  1925-1954 

Aiken, Ednah

The Hinges of Custom, 1922-1923 

If Today Be Sweet, 1923 

Akeley, Carl and Mary L. Jobe

Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1927-1963, pertaining to the following titles:

Adventures in the African Jungle

Carl Akeley's Africa

Congo Eden

Lions, Gorillas and Their Neighbors

Rumble of a Distant Drum

The Wilderness Lives Again

Albright, Horace M.

Oh, Ranger! 1946 

Aldrich, Donald Bradshaw, 1892-1961

The Golden Book of Prayer, 1940-1941,  1949,  1954 

Alec-Tweedie, Mrs. (Ethel), d. 1940

Porfirio Diaz, Seven Times President of Mexico, 1906 

Alexander, Mrs., 1825-1902

The Yellow Fiend, 1901 

Alexander, Charles D., 1897-1962

Bobbie: A Great Collie, 1925-1973 

Alexander, Lillie M.

Candy, 1932-1934 


see: Baker, Louie Alien, Mrs., 1858-

Allen, C. K.

The Judgment of Paris, 1925 

Allen, Grant, 1848-1899

The European Tour, 1899,  1927 

Allen, Irving R.

The Money Maker, 1918 

The Sinners, 1918 

Allen, Richard

Miss Eaton's Romance, 1890 

Allen, Robert Porter

Captain Gardiner, 1916 

The Flame Birds, 1947,  1975 

Allen, Thomas

The Outline of Christianity, 1925-1930 

Allen, Warner

Italy From End to End, 1927 

Allen, William Harvey, 1874-

Efficient Democracy, 1907 

Woman's Part in Government, 1911,  1916 

Allerton, Mark

The Lady of St. Luke's, 1917 

Almat Publishing Corp.

Agreements, 1956,  1959

Alsop, Reese Fell, 1913-

George and His Horse, Bill, 1948 

George and His Horse Go West, 1952 

Ambitious mother

The Highroad, 1904 

American Artists Group, Inc.

Correspondence, bill, 1939

American Book Exchange

Letter and agreement, 1879

The American Girl Prize Contest

Correspondence, 1949

Flyer concerning prize competition with Boy's Life, 1950

Flyer concerning the American Girl Prize Competition, 1950

American News Company

Correspondence, 1985-1896

American Philosophical Society

Sullivan's Journal; Facsimile of the first printed edition of the Declaration of Independence, 1903 

American Political Leaders series

Agreements, correspondence, etc. pertaining to the following titles:

Abraham Lincoln

The Life of Chester A. Arthur

The Life of Elihu Root

The Life of Grover Cleveland

The Life of James G. Blaine

The Life of James Garfield

The Life of John Hay

The Life of John Quincy Adams

The Life of Samuel J. Tilden

The Life of Ulysses S. Grant

Lincoln : The Liberal Statesman

Lincoln the President, vols. 1 & 2: Springfield to Gettysburg

Lincoln the President, vol. 3: Midstream

Lincoln the President, vol. 4: The Last Full Measure

Lincoln the President

Mr. Lincoln

William E. Chandler, Republican


Ames, Evelyn, 1908-1990

The Hawk from Heaven, 1957 

My Brother Bird (with William Pene du Bois), 1954 

Only the Loving, 1952 

Ames, Evelyn, 1908-1990 and William Pene duBois

My Brother Bird, 1954 

Ammers-Kèuller, Jo van, 1884-1966

The Apple and Eve, 1933 

Anderson, A.J.

The Last of the Traceys, 1913 

Anderson, Alice Sloane, 1888-1961

Our Garden Heritage, 1960 

Anderson, Isabel (Mrs. Larz)

Odd Corners, 1917 

Anderson, Roger Charles, 1883-1976

The Sailing Ship: Six Thousand Years of Sailing, 1947-1948 

Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941

Marching Men, 1942 

Mid-American Chants, 1942 

Windy McPherson's Son, 1942 

Andrew Melrose Ltd.

The Real Kaiser, 1914 

Andrews, William Loring, 1837-1920

Copyright notices, correspondence, etc., 1895-1906, for the following titles:

Bibliopegy in the United States and Kindred Subjects

An English Nineteenth Century Sportsman Bibliophile and Binder of Angling Books

An Essay on the Portraiture of the American Revolution

James Lyne's Survey (The Bradford Map)

New Amsterdam, New Orange, New York

The Old Booksellers of New York and Other Papers

A Prospect of the Colleges in Cambridge in New England

A Trio of 18th Century French Engravers of Portraits in Miniature

Anet, Claude, 1868-1931

Idyll's End, 1949 

Annin, Robert Edward

Woodrow Wilson, A Character Study, 1921-1925,  1935-1936 

Anson, Charles Lyman

see: MacMillan, Donald B. and Charles Lyman Anson

Anster, John

Goethe's Faust, 1888,  1894 

Anstruther, E.H.

Five in Family, 1924 

Appell, George C., 1914-

Quick on the Shoot, 1954-1955 

Appleton-Century-Crofts, Inc.

Correspondence, 1949

Arbuckle, Dorothy Fry

The After-Harvest Festival, 1955 

Archbald, Anna

see: Jones, Georgina and Anna Archbald

Arditi, Luigi

My Reminiscences, 1896 

Arlen, Michael

A London Venture, 1919,  1924 

The Romantic Lady, 1921,  1924 

Armstrong, James I., 1919-2002

Introduction to Homer's Odyssey, 1959

Armstrong, Margaret

Pippa Passes, 1901 

Armstrong, Walter, Sir, 1850-1918

Sir Henry Raeburn, 1901 

Army and Navy series

Letter, 1917

Arnold, William Harris, 1854-1923

First Report Of A Book-Collector: A Brief Answer To The Frequent Question "Why First Editions?" 1898

Manhattan in 1628, by Jonas Michaelius, or Arnold's Michaelius Letter, 1904 

Miscellaneous, 1901

Arnov, Boris, 1926-

see also: Mather-Smith, Helen Mindlin and Boris Arnov, Jr, 1926-

1001 Questions Answered About the Ocean, 1957-1958 

Ashley, Ellen

see: Seifert, Elizabeth, 1897-1983

Ashton, Helen, 1891-1958

Footman in Powder, 1954 

The Half-Crown House, 1955-1956 

The Hedge of Thorns, 1958-1959 

Letty Landon, 1951 

The Lost Captain, 1948 

Parson Austen's Daughter, 1949 

Return to Cheltenham, 1958 

Association of the Bar of the City of New York

Freedom to Travel, 1958 

Report of the Special Committee on the Federal Loyalty-Security Program, 1956-1974 

Children and Families in the Courts of the City of New York, 1954-1955 

Freedom to Travel, 1958 

Report of the Special Committee on the Federal Loyalty-Security Program of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1956 

Atherton, Gertrude

American Wives and English Husbands, 1898,  1919 

The Aristocrats, 1928 

A Daughter of the Vine, 1926 

The Valiant Runaways, 1898,  1918 

Miscellaneous, 1922

Atteridge, A. Hilliard

see: Longstaff, F. V. (Frederick Victor), 1879-1961 and A. Hilliard Atteridge

Audio Archives Enterprises, Inc.

Correspondence, bill, 1952

Audsley, George A.

The Organ of the Twentieth Century, 1919-1920 

Augustine, Mildred

see: Wirt, Mildred A. (Mildred Augustine), 1905-2002

Ault, Norman

Dreamland Shores, 1920 

Ault, Phillip Halliday, 1914-2001

How to Live in California, 1960 

News Around the Clock, 1959,  1962 

This is the Desert, 1959 

Ault, Phillip Halliday, 1914-2001 and Edwin Emery, 1914-1993

Reporting the News, 1957-1962 

Austin, Bertram and W. Francis Lloyd

The Secret of High Wages, 1926 

Austin, Frank

see: Brand, Max, 1892-1944?

Avon Books

Agreements, correspondence, 1952-1961, 1971

Ayd, Joseph D., 1923-1999

Tomorrow's Memories, 1951-1952,  1957 

Aymar, Gordon C.

Bird Flight, 1934-1936,  1946-1947,  1950 

Yacht Racing Rules and Tactics, 1948 

Ayme, Marcel

The Hollow Field, 1932 

Ayvazian, L. Fred

Much Ado About Murder, 1954-1957 

B.T. Batsford, Ltd.

Correspondence, 1947

Baba, Meher, 1894-1969

God Speaks, 1955-1956 

Listen, Humanity, 1957 

Babcock, Winnifred Eaton, Mrs., 1879-

The Love of Azalea, 1904,  1907 

Bach, Marcus

Strange Sects and Curious Cults, 1960,  1976,  1979 

Backus, Louise Laidlaw

Traveler of Earth, 1936,  1950 

Bacon, Albion Fellows

Beauty for Ashes, 1914-1915,  1929 

Bacon, Edward L.

The Fighting Mascot, 1918-1919 

Bacon, Josephine Dodge Daskam, 1876-1961

An Idyll of All Fool's Day, 1907-1915 

Margarita's Soul, 1923 

Badley, John Haden, 1865-1967

The Will to Live, 1931 

Bailes, Fredrick W.

Your Mind Can Heal You, 1940-1943,  1949 

Bailey, Bernadine Freeman, 1901-1995

Carol Carson, 1956 

Bailey, Margaret

Untitled Connecticut novel, 1928,  1936

Baird, Charles W. (Charles Washington), 1828-1887

History of the Huguenot Emigration to America, 1884-1885 

Baker, Beth Ellis

The Fair Moon of Bath, 1909 

The King's Spy, 1910 

Baker, George Pierce, 1866-1935

Augustus: the Golden Age of Rome, 1937 

A Book of Battles; Being a Description of Fifteen Battles that Determined the Course of Civilization, Together with some Accounts of the Men who Fought them and the Women who Influenced them, 1935 

Charlemagne and the United States of Europe, 1932,  1937 

Constantine the Great and the Christian Revolution, 1930 

The Fighting Kings of Wesse, 1930 

Justinian, 1931,  1936 

Life of Hannibal, 1929-1930,  1936 

Tiberius Caesar: Emperor of Rome, 1928-1929 

Twelve Centuries of Rome (753B.C.-A.D. 478), 1946 

Baker, La Reine Helen

Race Improvement or Eugenics, 1912 

Baker, Louie Alien, Mrs., 1858-

In Golden Shackles, 1896 

The Majesty of Man, 1896 

Baker, Margaret, 1890- and Mary Baker

Assignment of all rights to the authors, 1978

The Black Cats and the Tinker's Wife, 1951 

Lady Arabella's Birthday Party, 1962 

Mrs. Bobbity's Crust, 1964 

Peacock Egg, 1959 

Pollie Who Did as She Was Told, 1962 

Tell Them Again Tales, 1962 

Three for an Acorn, 1963 

Tinker Tailor and Other Nonsense Tales, 1970 

Tomson's Hallowe'en, 1956 

Victoria Josephine, 1964 

The Water Elf and the Miller's Child, 1956 

Baker, Mary

see: Baker, Margaret, 1890- and Mary Baker

Baker, Olaf, 1870-1964

Bengey [and the Beast], 1945,  1947,  1954 

Buffalo Barty, 1932 

Dusty Star, 1922,  1950 

Panther Magic, 1928,  1958 

Peter in Process, 1925 

Shasta and Gimmery, 1958 

Shasta of the Wolve, 1918,  1920,  1951-1956 

Thunder Boy, 1924-1940 

Box 2 Balch, Elizabeth, 1845-1890

Mustard Leaves, or a Glimpse of London Society, 1885 

Baldwin, Charles C.

The Life of Stanford White, 1930-1931 

The Men Who Make Our Novels, 1924 

Ballard, Colin

Kitchener, 1930 

Balmer, Edwin

Fidelia, 1923 

That Royle Girl, 1925 

The Torn Letter, 1941 

Banai, Margalit

see: Russcol, Margalit Banai, 1928-

Bandelier, Adolf Francis, 1840-1914

The Delight Makers, 1890-1925 

Banks, Elizabeth L., 1870-1938

The Autobiography of a "Newspaper Girl," 1902  

Bannister, Roger

The Four Minute Mile, 1955-1966 

Bantam Books, Inc.

Agreements, 1946-1961

Miscellaneous, 1947-1971

Barber, Thomas H.

Along the Road, 1924 

Barbette, Jay

see: Spicer, Bart

Bardin, John Franklin, 1916-1981

The Deadly Percheron, 1946,  1971 

The Last of Philip Banter, 1947 

Baring-Gould, S. (Sabine), 1834-1924

Kitty Alone, 1894 

Barker, Mrs. A.S.

see: Maxwell, Ellen Blackmar

Barker, Raymond Charles, 1911-1988

New book, 1957

The Science of Successful Living, 1959 

Barlow, Jane, 1857?-1917

At the Back of Beyond, 1902 

The Founding of Fortunes, 1902 

From the Land of the Shamrock, 1900 

Irish Idylls, 1893,  1897 

Kenigan's Quality, 1894 

Strangers at Lisconnel, 1895 

Barlow, Ruth

Lisbeth Holly, 1947,  1975 

Barnard, Allan

The Harlot Killer: The Story of Jack the Ripper, 1953 

Barnes, James A.

John G. Carlisle, 1931,  1965,  1971 

Barnes-Grundy, Mabel

Patricia Plays a Part, 1913 

Barnet, Edith

A Champion in the Seventies, 1898 

Barnett, Ada

The Man on the Other Side, 1921 

Barr, Amelia Edith, 1831-1919

Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1885-1937, pertaining to the following titles:

The Beads of Tasmer

The Belle of Bowling Green


Between Two Loves

The Black Shilling

A Border Shepherdess: A Romance of Eskdale

Cecilia's Lovers

A Daughter of Fife

Denas and Anasia or Denasia

Feet of Clay

Friend Olivia

The Hands of Compulsion

The Heart of Jessy Laurie

The House on Cherry St.

The Household of McNeil

I, Thou, and The Other One: A Love Story

Jan Vedder's Wife

The King's Highway

A Knight of the Nets

The Last of the Macallisters

The Lion's Whelp: A Story of Cromwell's Time

The Lone House

Love For an Hour is Love Forever or Francesca

The Maid of Maiden Lane

A Maid of Old New York: a Romance of Peter Stuyvesant's Time

Maids, Wives, and Bachelors

Master of His Fate

Paul and Christina

A Reconstructed Marriage

Remember the Alamo

A Rose of a Hundred Leaves: A Love Story

She Loved a Sailor

Sheila Vedder

A Singer from the Sea

A Sister to Esau

A Song of a Single Note: A Love Story

Souls of Passage

The Squire of Sandal Side

The Strawberry Handkerchief

Trinity Bells

Accounts and correspondence concerning movie rights for Bow of Orange Ribbon, Friend Olivia, The Heart of Jessy Laurie, King's Highway, and The Maid of Maiden Lane

Barrett, Anne, 1911-1987

Stolen Summer, 1952-1953 

Barrett, Leila

Pirate Prey, 1958-1959 

Barrett, Sarah Louise

Silver Blades, 1950 

A Leaf of Gold, 1952 

Barron, Elwyn, 1855-1929

Marcel Levignet, 1906 

Barry, William

The Dayspring, 1903 

Barse & Hopkins, publishers

Correspondence, 1910-1911

Bass, Frank

see: Peeples, Samuel A.

Basset, William R.

The Organization of Modern Business, 1921,  1927 

Battershall, Fletcher Williams, 1866-1929

A Daughter of This World, 1893,  1915 

Mists, 1894 

Baudouin, Charles

Suggestion and Auto-Suggestion, 1920,  1948-1949,  1951 

Studies in Psychoanalysis, 1922,  1948-1949 

Psycho-Analysis and Aesthetics, 1922,  1951 

The Power Within Us, 1923 

The Mind of the Child, 1932 

Baume, Eric

I'll Always Be With You, 1946 

Ponty Galler, 1947 

Devil Lord's Daughter, 1948 

Baxter, George Owen

see: Brand, Max, 1892-1944?

Baxter, James Phinney, 1831-1921

Jacques Cartier, 1904-1907 

Bayless, Marguerite F.

The Splendid and Renowned Morgan Breed of Horses, 1949 

Summer and the Rose, a Novel, 1949 

Beale, Harriet S. Blaine, 1872-1958

Stories from the Old Testament for Children, 1898,  1907 

Beale, Harriet S. Blaine, 1872-1958and Anne W. Lane

To Walk With God, 1919 

Life in the Circles, 1920 

Beale, Howard K.

The Life of Theodore Roosevelt, 1934,  1960 

Beard, W. H. (William Holbrook), 1824-1900

Humor in Animals, 1895 

Beaufort, J. M.

Behind the German Veil, 1917-1918 

Beaumont, Gerald

Called on Account of Darkness, 1921 

The Crab, 1921 

Hearts and the Diamond, 1921 

His Honor the Umps, 1921 

Kerrigan's Kid, 1921 

Leave It To Angel Face, 1921 

Rainbow, 1921 

Tin Can Tommy and the Speed Pill, 1921 

With the Help of God and A Fast Outfield, 1921 

Beck, Bodog Felix, 1868-1942

Honey and Your Health; a Nutrimental Medicinal and Historical Commentary, 1938,  1943-1945,  1948,  1951,  1970 

Becke, Louis, 1855-1913 and Walter Jeffery

The Mystery of the Laughlin Islands, 1896 

Becker, May Lamberton, 1873-1958

Agreements, correspondence, 1927-1984, pertaining to the following titles:

Golden Tales of our America

Golden Tales of...

Introducing Charles Dickens

The Home Book of Christmas

The Home Book of Laughter

Presenting Miss Jane Austen

Beckhard, Arthur J.

Biography of Andrew Johnson, 1959 

Bedford, Jessie

see: Godfrey, Elizabeth

Bédier, Joseph

The Romance of Tristan and Iseult, 1927 

Beecher, Margaret

Some Truths and Wisdom of Christian Science, 1904 

Beecroft, John W.R.

Rocco Came In, 1959 

Beffel, John Nicholas

see: Pesotta, Rose and John Nicholas Beffel

Begbie, Harold, 1871-1921

The Invitation, 1905 

The Priest, 1907-1934 

Her Vigil, 1907 

Begbie, Joan

Freelance the Pony, 1951-1952 

Beining, Tasha and Mircea Vasiliu

Our Miss Williams, 1957-1958 (originally: Yesterday's Children )

Belasco, David

The Girl of the Golden West, 1939 

The Music Master, 1903-1916 

The Return of Peter Grimm, 1911-1935 

Years of Discretion, 1913 

Bell, Adrian

Corduroy, 1931 

Silver Ley, 1931,  1942 

The Cherry Tree, 1932,  1942 

Bell, Bob

see: Bell, Elise and Bob Bell

Bell, Cora Hamilton, translator

The Life of Marie Antoinette, by Maxime de la Rocheterie, 1893 

Memoirs, by Marguerite Jeanne Cordier de Launay, baronne de Staal, 1891 

Bell, Elise and Bob Bell

Teamwork and Television, 1955 

Bell, Frank

see: Wirt, Mildred A. (Mildred Augustine), 1905-2002

Bell, Kensil, 1907-1987

Jim Steel of the Ice Patrol, 1936 

Coast Guard Cadets, 1941 

Watch Officer's Guide, 1941 

Always Ready! 1942,  1943 

Jersey Rebel, 1951,  1952,  1957 

Secret Mission for Valley Forge, 1954,  1955 

Danger on the Jersey Shore, 1958,  1959,  1961 

Bell, Lillian, 1867-1929

Why Men Remain Bachelors and Other Luxuries, 1906 

Bell, Neil, 1887-1964

Listen, Children! 1926 

Benediall, B.Y.

Blind Sight, 1915 

Benet, Laura, 1884-1979

Correspondence, agreements, etc., 1937-1965, pertaining to the following titles:

Barnum's First Circus and Other Stories

The Boy Shelley

Coleridge, Poet of Wild Enchantment

Come Slowly Eden: A Novel About Emily Dickinson

Enchanting Jenny Lind

Famous American Humorists

Famous American Poets

The Hidden Valley

Roxana Rampant

Thackeray of the Great Heart and Humorous Pen

Washington Irving, Explorer of American Legend

Young America and Allies

Young Edgar Allen Poe

Untitled work on Steven Benet

Benham, Charles

The Fourth Napoleon, 1897 

Benjamin, S. G. W. (Samuel Greene Wheeler), 1837-1914

A Group of Etchers, 1882 

Bennett, Helen Christine

American Women in Civic Work, 1914,  1919 

Bennett, Mildred R., 1909-1989

Early Stories of Willa Cather, 1957 

Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic), 1867-1940

The Weaker Vessel, 1912-1913 

Benson, Mildred Augustine Wirt

see: Wirt, Mildred A. (Mildred Augustine), 1905-2002

Benson, Robert Hugh, 1871-1914

Correspondence, agreements, etc., 1907-1930, pertaining to the following titles:

Lord of the World

Come Rack! Come Rope!




Bentley, Barbara

Hedge Against the Sun, 1943 

Bentley, John

Kill Me Again, 1947,  1975 

Benz, Francis E.

Talking Round the Earth: The Story of the Telephone, 1942 

Commodore Barry: Navy Hero, 1950 

Bercovici, Konrad

For a Song, 1930,  1933 

Beresford, Max

The Gods Arrive, 1897 

Great Lowlands, 1901 

Michael Ross, Minister, 1901 

The Valley of the Great Shadow, 1900 

Berrill, Jacquelyn Batsel, 1905-

see also: Berrill, Norman John, 1903-1996 and Jacquelyn Batsel Berrill, 1905-

Wonders of the Arctic, 1959 

Berrill, Norman John, 1903-1996

Journey into Wonder, 1952-1956 

The Living Tide, 1950-1956 

Sex and the Nature of Things, 1953-1958 

Apes, Men and Angels, 1955 

Man's Emerging Mind, 1955-1960 

Biology in Action, 1958 

You and the Universe, 1958-1960 

Berrill, Norman John, 1903-1996 and Jacquelyn Batsel Berrill, 1905-

1001 Questions Answered About the Seashore, 1956-1976 

Berry, Robert Elton

Sextant and Sails: The Story of Nathaniel Bowditch, 1943 

Besant, Walter

The Alabaster Box, 1899-1900 

Autobiography of Sir Walter Besant, 1901-1928 

The Lady of Lynn, 1900-1927 

The Orange Girl, 1898-1925 

The Only Way, 1901-1928 

Best, Ethel Hueston

Coasting Down East, 1923 

Best Plays series

Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1920-1973

(8 folders)

Betts, Lillian W.

The Leaven in a Great City, 1901-1902 

The Story of an East-Side Family, 1901-1903 

Box 3 Bickford, L.H. and R.S. Powell

Phyllis in Bohemia, 1897 

Bicknell, A.H.

Original Etchings, with an introduction and notes by William Howe Downes, 1887 

Biddle, Livingston L.

The Understanding Hills, 1916,  1918,  1921 

Bie, Oscar

Schubert, 1928 

Bigelow, Melville M.

Life of Chief-Justice Shaw, 1902 

Bingham, Edfrid A.

The Counsel for Defense, 1904 

Bingham, John, 1908-1988

Agreements, correspondence, 1951-1985, pertaining to the following titles:

My Name is Michael Sibley

Inspector Morgan's Dilemma.

Murder Off the Record

Murder Plan Six

Night's Black Agent

The Paton Street Case (GB); Inspector Morgan's Dilemma (U.S.)

The Tender Poisoner

The Third Skin.

Binns, Henry Bryan

November: Poems in War Time

Bird, Brandon

see: Evans, George Bird and Evans, Kay

Birstein, Ann

Star of Glass, 1951,  1955,  1967 

Bisland, Mary L.

see: Fenollosa, Mary McNeil, 1914-1919 and Mary L. Bisland

Bissell, Mary Taylor

Physical Development and Exercise for Women, 1891 

Blackington, Alton H., 1893-1963

More Yankee Yarns, 1956,  1962 

New Book of New England Stories, 1955-1956 

Yankee Yarns, 1954 

Blackmore, R. D. (Richard Doddridge), 1825-1900

Dariel: A Romance of Surrey, 1895-1897,  1923-1924 

Slain by the Doones, 1895,  1923-1924 

Miscellaneous, 1923-1924 

Black's Readers Service Company

Correspondence, 1952-1965 

Blakeman, Eleanore L.

see: Orr, Ellen

The Blakiston Company

Correspondence, 1944-1946 

Blanchard, Dorothy C. A.

Nantucket Landfall, 1956 

Blanchard, Fessenden Seaver, 1888-1963

Ghost Towns of New England, 1957-1960 

Where to Retire and How; a Comprehensive Guide: Planning, Jobs, Hobbies and Housing, Costs of Living, Climates, Places, 1950-1954 

Bland, Oliver

see: Pollard, Hugh B.C.

Blanding, Don Benson, -1957

Agreements, correspondence, 1928-1976, pertaining to the following titles:

Be With Us, Lord, In Times of Peace

Book of 32 Hawaiian Photographs, with Appropriate Verses Accompanying Each

Dreamer (lyrics to musical composition)

Drifter's Gold


A Grand Time Living

Hawaii Says Aloha

Hula Moons

Joy is an Inside Job

Let Us Dream

Memory Room

Mostly California

No Strings on Tomorrow

Pilot Bails Out

The Rest of the Road

Songs of the Seven Senses

Stowaways in Paradise

Today Is Here

Vagabond's House

Blankfort, Michael

Monkey Business, 1940 

Show Business, 1939 

Block, Louis James, 1851-1927

Many Moods and Many Minds, 1906 

Blossom, Henry M., Jr.

Checkers: A Hard-Luck Story, 1896,  1924 

Bloundelle-Burton, John

Across the Salt Seas, 1898 

The Year One, 1900-1901 

Blue Ribbon Books, Inc.

Correspondence and agreements, 1930-1934

Bodkin, M.M.

Recollections of an Irish Judge, 1915 

Bodsworth, C. Fred, 1918-

The Atonement of Ashley Morden, 1965 

Last of the Curlews, 1954-1977 

The Strange One, 1958-1959 

Bois, M. Jules

The Woman Who Killed, 1915,  1918 

Boissiere, Albert

The Missing Finger, 1919 

Bolt, Lee

see: Brand, Max, 1892-1944?

Boltar, Russell

see: Cinberg, Bernard L.

Book League of America, Inc.


Book of the Month Club

Royalties, 1940, 1948

Books Abridged, Inc.


Books, Inc.

Correspondence, 1953

Booth, Edward C.

Miss Parkworth, 1924 

The Treble Clef, 1924 

Booth, Louis F.

The Bank Vault Mystery, 1932-1933 

Brokers' End, 1934-1935 

Boothby, Guy

Long Live the King, 1900 

Booten, Catherine Kage

Place Of Shadows, 1958-1983 

The Troubled House, 1957-1972 

Booten, Kage

see: Booten, Catherine Kage

Borley, G. Colby

The Lost Horizon, 1921 

Borsodi, Ralph

The New Accounting, 1921,  1923 

Bosanquet, Mary

Saddlebags for Suitcases-Across Canada on Horseback, 1942-1944 

Bose, Irene Mott, 1899-1974

The Monkey Tree, 1955-1956 

Botelho, F.M.

A Survey of Japan, 1917 

Botsford, Helen Virginia

Ashes of Gold, 1942 

Boulter, B.C.

The Pilgrim Shrines of England, 1928 

Bowen, Marjorie, 1888-1952

The Netherlands Displayed, 1926-1927 

Bowie, Beverley M.

Operation Bughouse, 1947 

Bowie, W. Russell

Master of the Hill, 1917 

Boyce, Neith, 1872-1951

The Eternal Spring, 1906 

The Folly of Others, 1904 

The Forerunner, 1903 

Boyd, Albert Truman

Reba Durham, 1933 

Boys' Club of America

Manual of Boys' Club Operation, 1956 

Brace, Benjamin

see: McCutcheon, Benjamin F.

Brace, Timothy

see: Pratt, Theodore

Brada, 1850-1938

My Father & I: A Book For Daughters, by the Countess Puliga, 1899  1927-1928 

Bradford, Amory H.

The Art of Living Alone, 1899 

The Return to Christ, 1900 

Bradford, Gamaliel, 1863-1932

A Naturalist of Souls, 1924-1925 

Specimen Souls, 1916 

Unmade in Heaven, 1917 

Bradford, Gersham

A Glossary of Sea Terms, 1935-1960 

The Bradstreet Company

Agreements, 1886, 1888-1889

Brady, Cyrus Townsend, 1861-1920

Agreements, correspondence, 1905-1938, pertaining to the following titles:

The Better Man

Blue Ocean's Daughter

Bob Dashaway in the Frozen Seas

Bob Dashaway, Privateersman

Bob Dashaway, Treasure Hunter

The Chalice of Courage

The Fetters of Freedom

Hearts and the Highway

Indian Fights and Fighters

The Island of Hope

The Island of Regeneration

The Lady and the Bishopric

My Lady's Slipper

Midshipman in the Pacific

An Opposite Ends of the Chain

The Patriots (The Lee Novel)

Richard the Brazen

The Sword Hand of Napoleon

Miscellaneous, 1907-1909, 1924

Braithewaite, William Stanley

Pilgrim Tercentenary Anthology, 1916 

Branch, Zelda

see: Earle, Olive and Zelda Branch

Brand, C.E.

see: Masters, David

Brand, Max, 1892-1944?

Agreements, correspondence, 1933-1974, pertaining to the following titles:

Alcatraz, the Wild Stallion

Ambush at Torture Canyon

The Bandit of the Black Hills

The Big Trail

Black Jack

Blood on the Trail

Border Guns

The Border Kid

Brothers on the Trail

Calling Dr. Kildare


Dan Barry's Daughter

Danger Trail

Dead or Alive,

Desert Showdown (Trouble Trail)

Destry Rides Again

Dr. Kildare's Crisis

Dr. Kildare's Search

Dr. Kildare's Series

Dr. Kildare Takes Charge

Dr. Kildare's Trial

The False Rider

The Fighting Fool

The Fighting Four

Fire Brain

Flaming Irons

The Galloping Broncos

The Gambler

The Garden of Eden

The Gentle Gunman

Golden Lightning,

The Gun Tamer

Gunman's Gold

The Guns of Dorking Hollow

The Hair-Trigger Kid

The Happy Valley


Hired Guns

Hunted Riders

The Invisible Outlaw

The Jackson Trail

King of the Range

Law of the Gun (The Seven of Diamonds) and Outlaw Rider (Happy Jack)

Larramee's Ranch

The Long Chase

The Longhorn Feud

The Luck of the Spindrift

Lucky Larribee

Mighty Lobo

Mystery Ranch

The Night Horseman

On the Trail of Four

The Outlaw

Outlaw Breed

Pleasant Jim

The Rancher's Revenge

Ride the Wild Trail

Rippon Rides Double

Rustlers of Beacon Creek

Return of the Rancher

The Secret of Dr. Kildare

7 Trails

The Seventh Man

The Sheriff Rides

Silvertip's Chase

Silvertip's Strike,

Singing Guns

Single Jack

Smiling Desperado

South of the Rio Grande


Steve Train's Ordeal

The Stingaree

The Stolen Stallion

The Stranger

The Streak

Tamer of the Wild

The Tenderfoot

Thunder Moon

Timber Gulch Trail

Torture Trail

Tragedy Trail

Trail Partners


Trouble Kidd

The Untamed

Valley of Vanishing Men

Valley Thieves

Valley Vultures

Vengeance Trail

The White Cheyenne

The White Wolf

Brande, Dorothea, agent

Letter, Dec. 5, 1934

Brandes, George Morris Cohen, 1842-1927

On Reading an Essay, 1906 

Reminiscences of My Childhood and Youth, 1906 

Brandon, William

The Dangerous Dead, 1946,  1949,  1955 

Brandt & Brandt, pub.

The Forest of the Railway, 1956-1957 

Brann, Henry A.

Most Reverend John Hughes, First Archbishop of New York, 1892 

Brennan, Joseph, 1903-2000

Heart of the Sea, 1958 

Tuna Clipper Challenge, 1957 

Brenneman, G.W., et al.

Favorite Folk-Ballads, 1888 

The Brett Lithographic Co.

The Lady of Shalott, 1881 

Breuer, Marcel

Sun and Shadow, 1955 

Bridge, Norman, 1844-1925

House Health and Other Papers, 1907 

Bridge Headquarters, Inc.

The Standardized Code of Contract Bridge Bidding, 1937 

Bridges, T.C.

Wardens of the Wild, 1937-1938 

Brindze, Ruth

Boating is Fun, 1949 

Brininstool, E.A.

Trail Dust of a Maverick, 1933 

Brinnin, John Malcolm, 1916-

No Arch, No Triumph, 1951 

The Sorrows of Cold Stone, 1950-1951,  1955,  1958 

Brisbane, Coutts

Here Come Swords, 1926 

Briscoe, Margaret Sutton, b. 1864

Links in a Chain, 1893,  1898-1899 

Perchance to Dream, 1892 

The British Drama League

The Players Library, 1950-1952 

Brooke, Emma Frances

The Engrafted Rose, 1900 

Sir Elyot of the Woods, 1907 

Brooke, Stopford Augustus, 1832-1916

Book of Ruth, 1896 

The Old Testament and Modern Life, 1896 

Brookes, Ewart

The Curse of the Trawler Charon, 1957 

Proud Waters, 1957 

To Endless Night, 1957 

Brookes, Dame Mabel

St. Helena Story, 1961 

Brooks, Robert C., 1918

Corruption In American Politics And Life, 1910,  1918 

Brophy, Arnold E.

Sky Sentry: A SAC Crewman In Service, 1958-1959 

Space Sentry, 1959-1960 

Brosnac, Ethel

How To Make Money in Commercial Art, 1948 

Broster, D.K.

The Flight of the Heron, 1926-1929 

The Light in the North, 1927 

Broun, Maurice

Hawks Aloft, 1949 

Brower, Charles D.

Fifty Years Below Zero: A Lifetime of Adventure in the Far North, 1942 

Brown, Andrew Cassels

Dr. Glazebrook's Revenge, 1928 

Josselin Takes a Hand, 1927 

Brown, Ashley

Sicily Present and Past, 1928 

Brown, Delwin F.

The Master and His Friends in Art and Song, 1878 

Brown, Francis, 1903-

Edmund Niles Huyck, 1935 

Brown, John Mason

Insides Out: Being the Saga of a Drama Critic Who Attended His Own Opening, 1942 

Brown, Lilian

Bring 'em Back Petrified, 1956 

Cleopatra Slept Here, 1951 

I Married a Dinosaur, 1950 

Brown, Mary Elizabeth, 1842-1917

Musical Instruments and Their Homes, 1888 

Brown, Paul Desmond, illustrator

Papers concerning estate, 1959-1960

Brown, Robert Carlton, 1886-1959

Nomadness, 1930,  1946 

Brown, T. Allston

A History of the New York Stage, From the First Performance in 1732 to 1901, 1901-1903,  1915,  1930 

Browne, William Hand

George Calvert and Cecilius Calvert, Barons Baltimore, 1890,  1918 

Browning, Robert

Selections from the Poetry of Robert Browning, with an introduction by Richard Grant White, 1883 

Bruce, H. Addington

Handicaps of Childhood, 1916 

Psychology and Parenthood, 1915,  1917,  1923 

Bruce, Henry

Life of General Houston, 1793-1863, 1891 

Life of General Oglethorpe, 1890 

Bruce, Marjory

The Book of Craftsmen, 1936 

Brunet, Paul Martin

Master Meditations, 1950-1951 

Bryan, Dorothy M., 1896?-1984, illustrations by A. Marguerite Bryan

Bobby Wanted a Pony, 1937 

Friendly Little Jonathan, 1939,  1944,  1947,  1950,  1951,  1954 

Frisky, 1937 

Frisky Finding a Home, 1950 

Fun With Michael, 1953 

Just Tammie! 1951, 1963,  1964,  1972 

Michael and Patsy, 1953-1959 

Michael and Patsy on the Golf Links, 1953 

Michael Who Missed His Train, 1953,  1959 

Tammie and That Puppy, 1936,  1950,  1960 

There Was Tammie, 1935,  1944,  1962 

Bryan, Michael, 1757-1820

Bryan's Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, 1882 

Bryant, Alice Franklin, 1900-1977

Religion for the Hardheaded, 1953 

Bryant, Lorinda Munson, 1855-1933

Pictures and Their Painters, 1907 

Brynes, Asher

Government Against the People, 1946,  1974 

Buck, Albert H. (Albert Henry), 1842-1922

Pioneers and Patriots, 1898 

Buddy, Lewis, III (agent?)

Collectanea: Thomas Carlyle

A History of the Cambridge Press

Modern Gardening, by Horace Walpole

Bugbee, Emma

Peggy Covers the Clipper, A Story of a Young Newspaper Woman, 1941 

Peggy Goes Overseas, 1945 

Bullivant, Cecil H.

A Daughter of the Sands,1922, 1928 

Bülow, Bernhard, Fürst von, 1849-1929

Imperial Germany, 1914 

Bunce, Louise W.

see: Owen, Esther Sargent Dixwell, b.1843 and Louise W. Bunce

Bunker, J.

Whistling Boy (poem), 1943 

Burbank, Covelle Newcomb, 1908-

The Broken Sword, 1947 

Brother Zero, 1956,  1980 

Running Waters, 1946,  1952,  1954,  1956,  1960 

The Secret Door, 1943,  1946,  1954 

Burbank, Emily M.

Be Your Own Decorator, 1922 

Home Decoration for Small Incomes, 1922 

How to Dress, 1925 

Woman as Decoration, 1917; later: The Smartly Dressed Woman, 1925

Burch, Gladys

Agreements, correspondence, 1941-1958, pertaining to the following titles:

A Book of Modern Composers for Young People

Famous Pianists for Boys and Girls

Famous Violinists for Young People

Burch, Gladys and John Wolcott

A Child's Book of Famous Composers, 1938-1939,  1951-1955 

Burdick, Francis M.

Life of Judge Story, 1904 

Burge, Milward Rodon Kennedy

The Scornful Corpse, 1936-1937, 1950 (British title: Sic Transit Gloria )

Burgess, Helen, 1906-1987

Death Will Find Me, 1947,  1975 

Burne, F.S. Janet

In a Silent World, 1896 

Burr, L.G.

My Silent Voice, 1911 

Burrell, Caroline Benedict

Gala-Day Luncheons, 1900 

Busby, Hamilton

Recollections of Men and Horses, 1907 

Butler, Beverly

The Fur Lodge, 1958-1959 

The Lion And The Otter, 1956 

The Silver Key, 1960 

Song of the Voyageur, 1955,  1969 

Butler, Walter C.

see: Brand, Max, 1892-1944?

Caffin, Caroline and Charles H. Caffin

Book on dancing (untitled), 1912

Caffin, Charles H.

see: Caffin, Caroline and Charles H. Caffin

Caidin, Martin

The Long Night, 1955,  1984 

Caine, Nathan R.

Individual Income Taxes. Federal and New York State, 1942 

Individual Income Taxes, 1943 

Calkins, F.W.

The Cougar-Tamer, 1899 

Callaway, Frances B.

Charm and Courtesy in Conversation, 1904 

Charm and Courtesy in Letter Writing, 1895,  1907 

Calmettes, Fernand, 1846-1914

A Fisher Girl of France, 1892 

Camp, Charles Wadsworth

The Coquina House, 1914 

Sinister Island, 1917 

War's Dark Frame, 1917-1918 

Campbell, Gerald

Of True Experience, 1947 

Campbell, Glenn H.

The Campbells Are Coming, 1947,  1975 

Campbell, Mrs. Patrick

My Life and Some Letters, 1921-1922 

Campbell, Rev. R.J.

The Life of Livingston, 1927-1930 

The War and the Soul, 1916 

Campbell, Virginia C.

Unexpected Verdict. 1957,  1959 

Canton, William

The Invisible Playmate and W.V. Her Book, 1898,  1926 

W.V. Her Book, 1896-1898 

W.V.'s Golden Legend, 1898,  1926 

Miscellaneous, 1926

Canty, Charlotte

The Whimsy Girl, 1913,  1927 

Box 4 Capes, Bernard Edward Joseph, d. 1918

Adventures of the Comte de la Muette During the Reign of Terror, 1897-1898 

Our Lady of Darkness, 1899

Cardozo, Lois Duncan, 1934-

Debutante Hill, 1958,  1964,  1974 

The Middle Sister, 1959,  1971 

Cardozo, Lois Duncan, 1934- and Suzanne Larsen, 1930-

The Littlest One In The Family, 1959-1960 

Carey, Charles

The Van Suyden Sapphires, 1919 

Carey, Martha Ward, b. 1837, translator

Désirée, Queen of Sweden and Norway, by Baron Hochschild, 1890 

Iermola, by Jâozef Ignacy Kraszewski, 1891 

Prison Journals During the French Revolution, by the Duchesse de Duras, née Noailles, 1891-1892 

Carl Crow, Inc.

The Handbook for China, 1921,  1928 

Carleton, Henry Guy, 1856-1910

Lectures Before the Thompson Street Poker Club, 1889 

Carnahan, Marjorie R.

see: McFadden, Dorothy L., 1902- and Marjorie R. Carnahan

Carpenter, Boyd

Forty Days of the Risen Life, 1898 

Carruth, Frances Weston

The Way of Belinda, 1900-1901 

Carter, Charles Frederick, 1863-1939

The Wedding Day in Literature and Art, 1900 

Carter, Marion Hamilton

The Woman With the Empty Hands, 1913 

Casper, Rebecca Insley

Intimacies of Court and Society, 1912 

Casteel, Homer, Jr.

The Running Of The Bulls, 1952-1953,  1970 

Castle, Egerton, 1908-1936

Diamond Cut Paste, 1908,  1910,  1936 

Marshfield the Observer, 1900 

Castle, William R., Jr.

The Green Vase, 1911,  1915,  1920 

Hawaii, Past and Present, 1916 

The Pillar of Sand, 1913,  1915 

Wake Up, America, 1916 

Catherwood, Mary Hartwell

Spanish Peggy, A Story of Young Illinois, 1899 

Caudwell, Christopher

The Crisis in Physics, 1950 

The Further Studies in a Dying Culture, 1950,  1958,  1964 

Studies in a Dying Culture, 1949-1950,  1958,  1964 

Cave, Hugh B.

see also: Miller Norman M. and Hugh B. Cave

Fishermen Four: An Outdoor Adventure Story, 1941-1942 

Long Were the Nights: The Saga of PT Squadron "X" in the Solomons, 1943-1944,  1979 

Wings Across the World: The Story of the Air Transport Command, 1944-1945 

Cecil, Rachel

Theresa's Choice, 1958,  1963 

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616

Don Quixote, 1891,  1895,  1924,  1953,  1961-1962 

Challis, George

see: Brand, Max, 1892-1944?

Chamberlain, Elinor

Manila Hemp, 1947 

Snare for Witches, 1948 

Chamberlain, Marion

The Leaf Shall Be Green, 1948 

Chambers, Ltd.

Chambers Encyclopedia, Aug. 7, 1906 

Chambers, Oswald

If Ye Shall Ask..., 1938-1939 

My Utmost for His Highest, 1935-1936,  1941,  1943-1944,  1962-1963,  1978 

Place to Help, 1935-1936,  1982-1983 

Under the Bay Tree, 1934 

Workmen of God, 1938-1939 

Champney, Elizabeth W.

A Daughter of the Hugenots, 1901 

Chandler, Caroline A., 1906-1979

Dr. Kay Winthrop, Intern, 1946-1947,  1952,  1956,  1958 

Famous Men of Medicine, 1949-1950,  1955-1956,  1966 

Susie Stuart, Children's Doctor, 1957 

Susie Stuart, Home Front Doctor, 1942-1943,  1948 

Susie Stuart, M.D. A Story of a Young Woman Doctor, 1941,  1948,  1951,  1956 

Chandler, Izora C. (Izora Cecilia)

A Dog of Constantinople, 1896-1897 

Chantepleure, Guy

Fiancee d'Avril, 1910 

Chapin, Anna Alice

The Everyday Fairy Book, 1919 

The Heart of Music, 1920-1921 

Kitty Love Book, 1911 

Masters of Music, 1901 

Masters of Song, 1904 

The Nowadays Fairy Book, 1913-1914 

Old Greenwich Village, 1917,  1920,  1922 

The Story of the Violin, 1904 

Chapman, Mariston

Clue of the Cipher Key, 1941,  1956-1957 

Blue Smoke Mystery (orig. title: Etheridge Acres Adventure), 1942, 1956-1957

Green Garnet Mystery, 1945,  1947,  1956-1957 

Mystery of Horseshoe Caves, 1946,  1948,  1956-1957 

Mystery of the Hectic Holidays (orig. title: The Haunted Holidays), 1943, 1947, 1956-1957

Mystery of the Jasper Jewel Case, 1940,  1947,  1956-1957 

Treasure Box Mystery, 1948,  1956-1957 

Chappell, Richard Lee, 1938-

Antarctic Scout, 1959 

Chase, Arthur M.

Peril at the Spy Nest, 1943 

Chase, Geneviev

Four Young Teachers, 1947,  1975 

Chatfield-Taylor, H.C. (Hobart Chatfield), 1865-1945

The Crimson Wing, 1902 

Fame's Pathway. A Romance of a Genius, 1909 

The Idle Born, 1900 

The Land of the Castanet, 1896 

Moliere: A Biography, 1906 

The Vice of Fools, 1897 

Chay, Marie (copyright holder)


Chester, Eliza

see: Paine, Harriet E. (Harriet Eliza), 1845-1910

Chesterton, Gilbert Keith, 1874-1936

The Man Who Was Thursday, 1921-1925,  1930-1932 

Orthodoxy, 1908,  1935 

Cheyney, Peter, 1896-1951

Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1942-1971, pertaining to the following titles:

Can Ladies Kill?

Dames Don't Care

Dance Without Music

Dark Bahama

Dark Duet

Dark Hero

Dark Interlude

Dark Street

Dark Street Murders

Dark Wanton

Don't Get Me Wrong

I'll Say She Does

Ladies Won't Wait

Lady, Behave

Lady, Beware

The Man is Dangerous

The Man Nobody Saw (British title: You Can Call It a Day )

One of Those Things

Sinister Errand

The Stars are Dark

They Never Say When

This Man is Dangerous

Try Anything Twice

Uneasy Terms

The Urgent Hangman

You Can't Keep the Change

Chittenden, L.E. (Lucius Eugene), 1824-1900

Personal Reminiscences, 1892,  1894 

An Unknown Heroine, 1893-1894 

Cholmondeley, Mary, 1859-1925

The Hand on the Latch, 1909,  1948-1949 

Moth & Rust, 1901-1902 

Prisoners, 1904-1908 

The Romance of His Life, 1921 

Miscellaneous, 1930 

Christ-Janer, Albert

George Caleb Bingham, 1939 

Book on the Work of Grant Wood,

Christian Herald's Family Book Shelf (book club)


Christian, W.E.

Rhymes of the Rookies, 1917,  1919 

Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976

Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1936-1962, pertaining to the following titles:

The A.B.C. Murders

Blood Will Tell

Body in the Library

The Boomerang Clue

Cards on the Table

Cat Among the Pigeons

Dead Man's Folly

Death Comes as the End

Death in the Air

Double Sin & Other Stories

Evil Under the Sun

Eye Witness to Murder

Funerals are Fatal

The Hollow

Make Mine Murder

Murder in Mesopotamia

Murder in the Calais Coach

Murder in Three Acts

Murder Preferred

Murder With Mirrors

Ordeal by Innocence

Peril at End House

Poiret Loses a Client

Seven Dials Mystery

So Many Steps to Death

There is a Tide, 1947 

They Came to Baghdad, 1951 

They Do It With Mirrors, 1952 

Thirteen at Dinner, 1936 

The Underdog & other Stories, 1951 

Christy, Gerald

From Mons to Ypres With French, 1916 

Christy, Howard Chandler, illustrator

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, 1897 

Chrysler, Walter P. and Boyden Sparkes

The Life of an American Workman, 1950-1958 

Cinberg, Bernard L., 1905-1979

The Operation, 1960 

Clark, Alfred Alexander Gordon

Tenant for Death, 1937 

Clark, Charles Upson

Greater Roumania, 1921 

United Roumania, 1931-1934 

Clark, Edson L.

The Races of European Turkey, Their History, Condition, and Prospects, 1878,  1883 

Clark, Harriet P.

Auction Bridge, 1911 

Royal Auction Bridge Up To Date, 1912 

Clark, Joan

see: Wirt, Mildred A. (Mildred Augustine), 1905-2002

Clark, Stanley

The Man Who Is France, 1959-1960 

Clark, Sydney (Aylmer), 1890-1975

Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1930-1972, pertaining to the following titles:

All the Best in Belgium and Luxembourg

All the Best in Caribbean

All the Best in Central America

All the Best in Cuba

All the Best in England

All the Best in Europe

All the Best in France

All the Best in Germany and Austria

All the Best in Hawaii

All the Best in Holland

All the Best in Italy

All the Best in Japan

All the Best in Mediterranean

All the Best in Mexico

All the Best in Scandinavia

All the Best in South Pacific

All the Best in Spain and Portugal

All the Best in Switzerland

East Coast of South America

Mexico: Magnetic Southland

Song of the Canaries

Travel Book on Central America

Travel Book on Cuba

Travel Book on Havana

West Coast of South America

Clarke, Joseph I.C.

Memoirs of Joseph I.C. Clarke, 1925 

Clarke, Mary Cowden, 1809-1898

My Long Life, 1896 

Claussen, W. Edmunds, d. 1974

Fight the Wild River, 1954 

Ride the Dark Hills, 1954 

Clawson, Marion, 1905-1998

Uncle Sam's Acres, 1950-1951 

Clayton, Muriel

The Print Collector, 1929 

Cleveland, Reginald M.

Fire Protection, 1912 

Clifford, Lucy Lane

see: Clifford, W. K., Mrs., d. 1929

Clifford, W. K., Mrs., d. 1929

The Dominant Note, 1895-1897 

Clinton, Henry L., Mrs.

Correspondence, 1901 

Clodd, Edward, 1840-1930

Thomas Henry Huxley, 1902 

Cloud, Dorothy M-P

The Culture of Perennials, 1924 

Cloud, Katharine M-P

The Cultivation of Shrubs, 1925 

Practical Flower Gardening, 1923 

Cluett, Sanford L.

The Log Book, 1938,  1940 

Clymer, Eleanor, 1906-2001

33 Bunn Street, 1951-1956 

Chester, 1954 

The Country Kittens, 1946,  1960 

Famous American Career Women, 1956-1974 

The Grocery Mouse, 1944,  1960 

Here Comes Pete, 1943,  1956,  1960 

Little Bear Island, 1944,  1960 

Mr. Piper's Bus, 1960,  1977 

The Stone House, 1949 

Tommy's Wonderful Airplane, 1950 

Treasure At First Base, 1954,  1958,  1967-1968 

Uncle Charlie's Little League, 1952 

A Yard for John, 1941,  1956,  1960 

Coan, Titus, 1801-1882

Adventures in Patagonia, 1880 

Cobb, Meta

Joan Chooses Occupational Therapy, 1944 

Cody, Al, 1899-

Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1946-1974, pertaining to the following titles:

The Big Corral

Bitter Creek

Disaster Trail

Empty Saddles

The Gun that Turned Men Killers

Hangman's Coulee

The Marshal of Deer Creek

Outpost Trail

West of the Law

Coffin, Julia H.

Vender of Dreams, 1917 

Coffman, Ramon P., 1896-1989.

The Child's Story of the human Race, 1924,  1926,  1942,  1948 

Famous Admirals and Generals for Boys and Girls, 1943-1944,  1953,  1956,  1958,  1961 

Famous Authors for Boys and Girls, 1942-1943,  1952-1953,  1960 

Famous Explorers for Boys and Girls, 1941-1942,  1952-1953 

Famous Kings and Queens for Young People, 1945,  1947,  1953,  1960 

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Adventure in the West

Adventures on a Hilltop

Hilltop House

I Have Been Little Too Long

If You Should Want To Write

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Joan Foster, Freshman

Joan Foster, Junior

Joan Foster, Senior

Joan Foster, Sophomore

Joan Foster in Europe

The Measure of the Years

A Modern Madonna

One Year of Love

Only Let Me Live

The Passionate Puritan

The Red-Headed Goddess

Sheila's Adventures Abroad

Strangers At Sea

The Substitute Lover

There is a Season

Three Loves

Where Goes the Heart

Where the Heart Goes

Wild Song


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Dr. Adriaan

Ecstasy: A Study of Happiness

The Hidden Force, A Story of Modern Java

The Inevitable

The Later Lives


Old People and the Things that Pass

Peace. Correspondence

Small Souls

The Tour, A Story of Ancient Egypt

The Twilight of Souls

Universal Peace

Xerxes of de Hoogmoed

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see: Cram, Mildred and Allan G. Cram

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The Amulet


The Dryad, The Bridge, The Precious Certitude

Exhibit "B"

The Gaudy Little Fish

Lotus Salad


Our New York

Stranger Things

The Tide

The Yellow One

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Ready-To-Wear, 1931 

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Abigail Adams: Leading Lady

The Adams's Leading Lady

Biography of Lafayette

Biography of Martha Jefferson

A Book of Saints

Don Pedro of Brazil

Isabella, Young Queen of Spain

Jefferson's Daughter

La Fayette: On the Heights of Freedom

Pocahontas, Young American Princess

Mary Stuart, Young Queen of Scots

Crockett, Samuel Rutherford

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The Black Douglas

Grey Galloway

Ione March, A Woman of Fortune

Joan of the Sword Hand

Love Idylls

The Loves of Miss Anne

Strong Mac

Tales of Our Coast

The White Plume

The Woman at Home

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The Cask

Circumstantial Evidence

Dark Journey

Death of a Train

Double Tragedy. An Inspector French Story

Enemy Unseen

Fear Comes to Chalfont

A Losing Game

Man Overboard!

Silence for the Murder

Young Robin Brand, Detective

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Animal Stories

Boys' Book of Airmen

Boys' Book of Arctic Exploration

Boys' Book of Coast Guards

Boys' Book of Cowboys

Boys' Book of Deep Sea Diver

Boys' Book of Firemen

Boys' Book of Fisheries

Boys' Book of Forest Rangers

Boys' Book of Policemen

Boys' Book of Railroads

Boys' Book of News Reel Hunters

Confessions of Conscript Number 2989

Dragon Bones in the Yellow Earth

Making Our Movies

Mog the Mound Builder

Og, of the Cave People

Our Airliners

Our Airways and Airports

Our Army Engineers

Our Commercial Aviation

Our Firemen

Our G-Men

Our National Park Ranger

Our Oil Hunters

Our Police

Our Secret Service

Our State Police

Our Streamlined Railroads

Our Tanker Fleet

Our United States Coast Guard Academy

Our United States Secret Service

Our United States Marines

Our U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point

Out of the Woods

Puppy Cubs

Satan's Playground

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The Deadly Climate

The Dreamer Cometh

The Face of the Tiger

Hours to Kill

The Iron Cobweb

Noonday Devil (serialized as: Looking for a Man)

Second Sickle

So Dies the Dreamer

The Stairway

Voice Out of Darkness

Widows Web

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Alexander Hamilton's Wife

Baltimore's Betsy Bonaparte

Bewitching Betsy Bonaparte

For Cross and King

Glamorous Dolly Madison

Martha Washington: Our First Lady

Soldier of the Sun

De Steuch, Mrs. Henry

see: Henry, Harriet

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Democratic Despotism, 1936 

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Atomic Energy in the Coming Era

Atomic Science, Bombs and Power

Medical Magic

The Story of Science

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Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1909-1936, pertaining to the following titles:

Awakening: A Study in Possibilities

Candles in the Wind

Captain Desmond, V.C.

Captain Desmond's Daughter

Coombe Abbey

The Great Amulet

Siege Perilous


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A Little Girl in Old Detroit, 1902 

A Little Girl in Old New Orleans, 1901 

A Little Girl in Old New York, 1896 

A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia, 1899 

A Little Girl in Old St. Louis, 1903 

A Little Girl in Old Washington, 1900 

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The Mistress of Sherburne, 1896 

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A Sherburne Quest, 1902 

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South Wind, 1946,  1957,  1978 

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The Heir of Sherburne

Little Girl Series

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The Mistress of Sherburne

Sherburne Cousins

Sherburne House

A Sherburne Romance

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Army Mule, 1944,  1946,  1963 

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Black Fog

Book on the Alleghany River

The Circle of Death

The Clutching Hand

The Crooked Cross

Doves of Despair

Flying Clues

The House By the Road

Out of the Darkness

Saints and Sinners

The Samaritans of Molokai: The Story of the Lives and Work of Father Damien and Brother Dutton

The Second Bullet,

The Shadow of Evil

The Shadow of the Glass

Streaked With Crimson


The Underwood Mystery

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The Boyds of Black River (original title: Boyd House Stories)

Cadmus Henry

Corporal Bess

Death at the Dance

Hound Dog Moses and the Promised Land

Mr. Benedict's Lion

Tom Whipple

Two Logs Crossing: John Haskell's Story

Uncle Ben's Whale

Wilderness Clearing

Miscellaneous correspondence, etc.

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The Magic Tooth

South America's Story

Tales from the Amazon

Tales of Giants from Brazil

Tales of Enchantment from Spain

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Chesterton, G. K. "Honor of Israel Gow"

Christie, Agatha. "Triangle at Rhodes"

Freeman, R. Austin. "Phyllis Annesley's Peril"

Orczy, Baroness. "The Edinburgh Mystery."

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Boys' Book of Deep Sea Divers

Captain Paul

Cruise of the Jeannette

Divers and Diving

Far Shore

Hell on Ice

I Have Just Begun to Fight

Men Under the Sea

No Banners, No Bugles

Ocean Gold

On the Bottom

Passport for Jennifer

Pig Boats

S-54 and Other Stories

Santa Cruz

Spanish Ingots

Guerber, H. A. ßq (Hâeláene Adeline), ßd d. 1929

Submarine Treasure

Thirty Fathoms Deep

Treasure BelowUnder the Red Sea Sun

Submarine Treasure

Thirty Fathoms Deep

Treasure Below

Under the Red Sea Sun

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see: Ault, Phillip Halliday, 1914-2001 and Edwin Emery, 1914-1993

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The English Library

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Sailor Jim's Cave, 1951 

Erdman, Loula Grace, 1905-1976

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The Edge of Time

The Far Journey

The Good Land

Lest We Lose Our Eden

Lonely Passage

Many a Voyage

The Short Summer

Three at the Wedding

The Wide Horizon

The Wind Blows Free

The Years of the Locust

Ernest Benn Limited

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Actaeon and Other Poems, Dec. 1906

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Eye of the Beholder


The Inconstant Flame

Long Weekend

Eulalia, Infanta of Spain, 1864-1958

Court Life, 1915 

Courts and Countries After the War, 1925 

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see: Brand, Max, 1892-1944?

Evans, Evan

see: Brand, Max, 1892-1944?

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Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1949-1960, pertaining to the following titles:

Death in Four Colors

Downbeat for a Dirge

Hawk Watch

Never Wake a Dead Man

Pink Carrara

Theme in the Dark

Evans, Hubert

North to the Unknown, 1949 

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Interior Decoration, 1921 

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Famous Biographies for Young People

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The Tollivers, 1944 

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Concerning The Hon. Mr. Tawnish, 1907 

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see: Ganz, Marie and Nat J. Ferber


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Murder on the Marsh, 1930 

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Miscellaneous correspondence, 1941-1956.

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Correspondence concerning both authors, 1897

Findlater, Mary

see: Findlater, Jane Helen, 1866-1946 and Mary Findlater, 1865-

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see: Park, Brad and Stanley I. Fischler

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The Mediterranean, 1932 

Flint, Margaret

see: Jacobs, Margaret Flint

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Box 8 Foley, George F., 1919-

Sinbad of the Coast Guard, 1945-1948 

Take It on Two, 1949 

Foley, Rae, 1900-

Agreements, correspondence, etc., 1947-1978, pertaining to the following titles:

An Ape in Velvet

The Barclay Place

Bones of Contention

Dangerous to Me

Dark Corner [play]

Dark Intent

Death and Mr. Potter

Girl From Nowhere

The Hundredth Door

It's Murder, Mr. Potter

The Last Gamble (original title: Mister Bluebeard)

Madness in the Spring

The Man in the Shadow

No Tears for the Dead

Run For Your Life

Wake the Sleeping Wolf

Where is Mary Bostwick?

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see: Blankfort, Michael

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see: Ford, James L. (James Lauren), 1854-1928 and Mary K. Ford

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Revenge, 1960 

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God in the Straw Pen, 1931 

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Stone Daugherty, 1928-1929  (original title: The Third Enemy)

Fortescue, John

Wellington, 1925 

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Foster, Harry L.

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Combing the Caribbees, 1928 

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If You Go To South America, 1927,  1936-1939 

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Foster's Twenty-Point Mah Jong, 1924 

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Recitation From Memory, 1942 

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Fox, Norman Arnold, 1911-1960

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Cactus Cavalier, 1946,  1954 

Dead End Trail, 1946 

The Devil's Saddle, 1947,  1952,  1974 

The Feathered Sombrero, 1948,  1952 

Ghostly Hoofbeats, 1951,  1970 

The Hard Pursued, 1960,  1980 

Long Lightning, 1952,  1978 

Night Passage, 1955,  1961 

The Phantom Spur, 1950,  1952 

The Rawhide Years, 1953,  1967 

Reckoning at Rimbow, 1959,  1964 

The Rider from Yonder [paperback title: War on the Range], 1946-1956

Rope the Wind, 1958,  1978 

Roughshod, 1951,  1978 

Shadow on the Range, 1950,  1955 

Shadow on the Sombra, 1949 

Silent in the Saddle, 1944,  1955 

Stormy in the West, 1949, Dec. 5,  1955 

Stranger from Arizona, 1956,  1960,  1965 

Tall Man Riding, 1950,  1961 

The Thirsty Land, 1944,  1965 

Thorsen of Thunder Gulch, 1944-1945,  1949 

Thundering Trail, 1943,  1971 

The Trembling Hills, 1960,  1974 

The Valiant Ones, 1957,  1973 

The Valley of Vanishing Riders, 1945,  1973 

Correspondence regarding legal matters, 1950-1956

Correspondence regarding foreign royalties, 1949-1959

Agreements, domestic paperback rights for multiple titles, 1956-1974

Estate of Norman Fox

Letter and proof of executrix status for Fox's widow, 1960

Court order, royalty transfer, 1960

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The Dangerville Inheritance, 31 Oct. 1906 

The Finances of Sir John Kynnersley, 1907 

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Fox-Duffield Co.

Copyright agreements for The Thomas Mitchell Pierce Calendar for 1906

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Crainquebille, 1954 

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Penguin Island, 1936-1937 

Rabelais, 1927 

The Red Lily, 1950-1953 

The Revolt of the Angels, 1953-1962 

Under the Rose, 1926 

Stories appearing in The Golden Book (The Amethyst Ring or The Coming of Riquet, The Bride of Corinth, Come What May, Crainquebille, Madmoiselle de Doucine's New Year Present, Meditations of Riquet, Mother of Pearl, Our Lady's Juggler, Procurator of Judea, 1925-1928

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Frank, Mabel Livingston

see: Livingstone, Mabel

Frankau, Julia

see: Danby, Frank

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Bordelacqua, 1913 

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