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Ralston, G. Mss., 1916-1949

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Ralston, Glenn

Ralston, G. Mss., 1916-1949

Collection No.
LMC 2184

770 items

Materials are in English

The Ralston, G. mss., 1916-1949, consists primarily of lantern slides collected by Glenn Ralston.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Glenn Ralston was an artist from Indiana who spent most of his professional life in New York City. During the 1970s and 1980s he was associated with the historic Astoria Studios. Ralston was also co-founder and trustee emeritus of the American Museum of the Moving Image.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Motion pictures; II. Advertisements; III. Miscellaneous.

Scope and Content Note

The Ralston, G. mss., 1916-1949, consists primarily of lantern slides collected by Glenn Ralston. Most of these slides were produced to be used in movie theatres to announce coming attractions and to advertise various products and services. A few informational slides are included, such as "Silence," "Children of Europe Need Your Help," "Let Us Stand By President Wilson," and several offer song lyrics. In addition, there are 63 lantern slides pertaining to homeopathy. A sheet music cover and its copper printing plate for an unknown piece from the film The Emperor Waltz starring Bing Crosby and Joan Fontaine complete the collection.

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    • Topics
    • Lantern slides --Specimens.
    • Advertising --United States.
    • Advertising --Motion pictures.
    • Homeopathy.
    • Popular music.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Gift. 2002, 2003
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library; however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Ralston, G. Mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Box 1 Motion Pictures

One slide for each title, unless otherwise indicated.

3 Jumps Ahead, 1923

7th Heaven, 1927

Ace of Cactus Range, 1924

The Actress, 1928

Adam and Evil, 1927

The Adventurer, 1928

The Adventures of Don Juan, 1949

The Adventures of Texas Jack, 1934

After the Bawl

Alias Julius Caesar, 1922

Alias Mary Flynn, 1925

All Around Frying Pan, 1925

All Washed Up

All Wet, 1922

Almost a Lady, 1926

America, 1924

Any Night, 1922

Anything Once, 1917

The Appearance of Evil, 1918

Ashes of Desire, 1918

At the Stage Door, 1921

The Auction Block, 1926

The Avalanche, 1919

Baby Mine, 1928

Bachelor Bait, 1934

Battling Butler, 1926

Becky, 1927

Behold My Wife, 1920

- 2 slides

The Belle of New York, 1919

The Better Wife, 1918

Beverly of Graustark, 1926

Beware of Bachelors, 1928

Beyond London's Lights, 1928

Beyond Price, 1921

The Big Broadcast of 1936, 1936

Big Pal, 1925

The Big Parade, 1925

Bigger than Barnum's, 1926

Billions, 1920

- 2 slides

The Bishop Murder Case, 1930

Bitter Apples, 1927

The Black Bird, 1926

Black Cyclone, 1925

The Black Pirate, 1926

Blarney, 1926


The Block Signal, 1926

Blood Will Tell, 1927

The Blue Streak, 1926

Body and Soul, 1927

The Bonded Woman, 1922

Borrowed Plumage, 1917

Boss Camp of 4, 1922

Box 2 Boston Blackie, 1923

The Boy Rider, 1927

Boys Will Be Boys, 1921

Brass Knuckles, 1927

Breed of The Sea, 1926

Bringing Up Father, 1928

Broadcasting, 1924

The Broken Melody, 1919

The Bugler of Algiers, 1916

Bumping into Broadway, 1919

Bungalow Bungle, 1915

The Burden of Proof, 1918

Burglar Proof, 1920

Burning Sands, 1922

The Bush Leaguer, 1927

Buttons, 1927

Cannibals of the South Seas, 1912

Captain Kidd's Kids, 1919

The Careless Age, 1929

Carolyn of the Corners, 1919

Caught in the Rapids

The Charleston in Six Lessons

The Charm School, 1921

The Cheater, 1920

Chicken a la King, 1928

Chinatown Squad, 1935

Cinderella's Twin, 1920

Circus Rookies, 1927

Clancy's Kosher Wedding, 1927

Coast Guard, 1939

The Cock Eyed World, 1929

The Cocoanuts, 1929

The Cohens and Kellys, 1926

Combat, 1926

Come Through, 1917

Common Property, 1919

Coney Island, 1928

The Cossacks, 1928

The Cost, 1920

The County Chairman, 1934

The Covered Wagon, 1923

The Coward, 1927

The Crackerjack, 1925

The Cradle of Courage, 1920

- 2 slides

Crooks Can't Win, 1928

Cry Wolf, 1947

Cupid's RoundUp

The Cyclone Rider, 1924

Daddy's GoneAHunting, 1925

The Dancer's Peril, 1917

Danger Lights, 1930

The Dangerous Age, 1923

The Dangerous Flirt, 1924

Box 3 Dante's Inferno, 1924

A Daughter of the Gods, 1916

Daughter's Strange Inheritance, 1915

The Dawn Patrol, 1938

Death Flies East, 1935

The DemiBride, 1927

The Desperate Hero, 1920

Detectives, 1928

The Deuce of Spades, 1922

The Devil's Circus, 1927

Devil's Island, 1926

Devil's Partner

Devotion, 1946

The Docks of New York, 1928

The Doctor and the Woman, 1918

Dog Justice, 1928

A Dog of the Regiment, 1927

A Dog's Life, 1918

Don Quixote, 1915

Don't Marry, 1928

Don't Slip

Dr. Christian Meets the Women, 1940

The Dub, 1919

Dust Be My Destiny, 1939

The Early Bird, 1925

Earthbound, 1920

East Side West Side, 1927

Easy to Wed, 1946

The Eleventh Commandment, 1918

Empty Hands, 1924

The Enchanted Hill, 1926

The Eternal Magdalene, 1919

Ethel Clayton, 1917

Eve's Lover, 1925

Exit Quietly

The Eyes of the World, 1917

Eyes of Youth, 1919

The Face on the Barroom Floor

The False Alarm, 1926

The False Faces, 1919

Fangs of the Wild, 1928

The Far Call, 1929

The Fatal Photo, 1923

Fatty in Coney Island, 1917

The Fighting Blade, 1923

The Fighting Lover, 1921

Fighting with Kit Carson, 1933

FindersKeepers, 1921

The Finger of Justice, 1918

The Fire Brigade, 1926

The Five Fifteen, 1923

The Flame of Life, 1923

Flaming Fury, 1926

Flesh & Blood, 1922

- 3 slides

Flower of Night, 1925

The Fog, 1923

A Fool There Was, 1922

Box 4 Fools and Riches, 1923

Footlights and Shadows, 1920

The Forbidden City, 1918

The Forgotten Woman, 1921

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, 1921

- 2 slides

From Headquarters, 1915

The Gallant Blade, 1948

The Gamblers, 1919

The Gay Lord Quex, 1919

The Gay Retreat, 1927

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1928

The Ghost in the Garret, 1921

Gigolo, 1926

The Girl from Chicago, 1927

A Girl of the Timber Claims, 1917

Glorious Betsy, 1928

The GoGetters

Gold Heels, 1924

Good Time Charley, 1927

Grand Old Girl, 1935

The Gray Towers Mystery, 1919

The Great Alone, 1922

Green Dolphin Street, 1947

The Green Years, 1946

The HalfBreed, 1916

Hard to Get, 1929

Hat, Coat and Glove, 1934

The Hazards of Helen

He Did and He Didn't

The Heart of Wetona, 1919

Hearts of the World, 1918

Heaven on Earth, 1927

Helen of Troy, N.Y.

Hell's Border, 1922

Hell's Oasis, 1920

Her Country's Call, 1917

Her Kingdom of Dreams, 1919

Her Lucky Night, 1945

Her Silent Sacrifice, 1917

Her Sister from Paris, 1925

Hey Rube, 1928

Hickville to Broadway, 1921

High and Dizzy, 1920

High Finance, 1917

His Secretary, 1925

His Wild Oats, 1916

Home, 1916

Honor Bound, 1920

The Honor System, 1917

Hook and Ladder No. 9, 1927

HoopLa, 1919

The Hostage, 1917

Hot Water, 1924

The Hottentot, 1922

Housewife, 1934

How's About It, 1943

Human Collateral, 1920

The Humming Bird, 1924

I Am The Man, 1924

Box 5 I Want My Man, 1925

The Idol Dancer, 1920

If You Believe It, It's So, 1922

I'm Goin to Plant Myself in My Old Plantation Home

The Impossible Mrs. Bellew, 1922

In Bad, 1918

In the Hollow of Her Hand, 1918

The Indestructible Wife, 1919

Innocents of Paris, 1929

The Invisible Bond, 1919

The Invisible Fear, 1921

- 2 slides

Irene, 1926

The Isle of Retribution, 1926

Jake the Plumber, 1927

Jaws of Steel, 1927

Jinx, 1919

Johnny Doughboy, 1942

The Judgment House, 1917

Just Pals, 1920

The Keys of the Righteous, 1918

King Kelly of the U. S. A., 1934

Kings Creek Law, 1923

Kismet, 1944

Kosher Kitty Kelly, 1926

- 2 slides

Ladies Must Dress, 1927

A Lady in Love, 1919

The Lady of the Dugout, 1918

A Lady's Name, 1918

The Lamb and the Lion, 1919

Laugh with Larry

Law for Tombstone, 1937

The Law of Snow Country, 1926

Legionnaires in Paris, 1927

Lend Me Your Husband, 1924

Let Freedom Ring, 1939

The Life of our Saviour

Life with Father, 1947

Little Accident, 1939

The Little Church Around the Corner, 1923

The Live Wire, 1925

- 2 slides

The Lone Wolf Returns, 1926

- 2 slides

The Long Riders

Look Out Below

Look Who's Laughing, 1941

The Lost Planet, 1953

The Lotus Eater, 1921

Love's Law, 1917

The Loves of Letty, 1919

Luck, 1923

Lucky Partners, 1940

Lucretia Lombard, 1923

Mademoiselle from Armentieres, 1926

The Magnificent Brute, 1936

The Man Between, 1923

A Man from Nowhere, 1920

Box 6 Man of the Forest, 1926

The Man on the Box, 1925

Mark of the Frog, 1928

Market of Vain Desire, 1916

Marquis Preferred, 1929

Marriage in Transit, 1925

Married in Hollywood, 1929

Mary's Ankle, 1920

The Master Mind, 1920

McFadden's Flats, 1927

Merry Go Round, 1922

The Message of Emile Coue

The Midnight Express, 1924

The Midnight Patrol, 1918

A Midnight Romance, 1919

The Midnight Taxi, 1928

Miss Brewster's Millions, 1926

Miss Jackie of the Army, 1917

M'Liss, 1936

The Model from Montmartre, 1926

The Mohican's Daughter, 1922

Molly Entangled, 1917

Money! Money! Money!, 1923

Moonlight Follies, 1921

Moonshine, 1917

Mother's Boy, 1929

Mountain Music

Music for Millions, 1944

Mutt and Jeff in Chinatown

My Lady of Whims, 1925

The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu, 1929

The Mysterious Miss Terry, 1917

The Mystery Squadron, 1933

Napoleon, 1927

The Narrow Trail, 1917

The Natural Law, 1917

Naughty, Naughty, 1918

Neal of the Navy, 1915

The New Moon, 1919

The News Parade, 1928

A Night in Honolulu

A Noise in Newboro, 1923

Not for Publication, 1927

Notoriety, 1922

The Nut Farm, 1935

Old Clothes, 1925

An Old Fashioned Boy

The Old Homestead, 1922

Omar the Tentmaker, 1922

On the Go, 1925

On the High Seas, 1922

One Man in a Million, 1921

- 2 slides

One Round Hogan, 1927

The One Woman, 1918

Box 7 The Orphan, 1920

- 2 slides

Our Alley, 1923

Paddy the Next Best Thing, 1923

Pardon Me, 1922

Paris, 1929

The Parson of Panamint, 1916

Partners Three, 1919

Pay Day, 1922

Pay Me, 1917

Pearl of the Army, 1916

- 2 slides

The Phantom Express, 1925

The Play Girl, 1928

Playing the Game, 1918

Poor but Honest, 1915

A Poor Fish, 1933

Poor Men's Wives, 1923

Pop Tuttle's Clever Catch

The Price Mark, 1917

The Price of a Good Time, 1917

The Price of Innocence, 1919

The Price of Silence, 1916

The Primal Law, 1921

The Prince of Pep, 1925

A Prince There Was, 1922

The Princess of New York, 1921

Prisoners of the Storm, 1926

A Private Scandal, 1921

Publicity Madness, 1927

- 2 slides

Quality Street, 1927

Quick Action, 1921

R.S.V.P., 1921

- 2 slides

The Racing Romeo, 1927

Rah! Rah! Rexie!

Ranger of the North, 1927

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, 1917

Received Payment, 1922

Reckless Romance, 1924

A Reckless Romeo, 1917

Reclaimed, 1919

The Recoil, 1921

The Recreation of Brian Kent, 1925

The Red Mill, 1927

Red Riders of Canada, 1928

Reggie Mixes In, 1916

Remedy for Riches, 1940

Remember, 1926

Renegade Trail, 1939

A Reno Divorce, 1927

The Restless Sex, 1920

Ride the Pink Horse, 1947

Riders of the Dark, 1928

Riders of the Purple Sage, 1931

Rinty of the Desert, 1928

The Road through the Dark, 1918

Robin Hood, 1922

Romance and Arabella, 1919

Romance Land, 1923

Romance of Rio Grande, 1929

The Romance of Tarzan, 1918

Romola, 1924

Rookies, 1927

RoseMarie, 1928

Rough Sailing

Box 8 The Royal Bed, 1931

The Safety Curtain, 1918

Sailor Made Man, 1921

Sandy, 1926

The Sawmill, 1922; double billed with: I Do

Sealed Hearts, 1919

The Secret Kingdom, 1916

Serenade, 1921

Seven Days, 1925

Shackles of Gold, 1922

Shadow of a Doubt, 1943

The Shadow of Rosalie Byrnes, 1920

Shadows, 1922

Shadows of the Past, 1914

Shadows of the Tiger

Shamrock and the Rose, 1927

Shanghaied, 1927

She Couldn't Take It, 1935

Shirley Kaye, 1917

Shoulder Arms, 1918

The Silent Accuser, 1924

The Silent Call, 1921

The Silent Man, 1917

Silk Legs, 1927

Silver Wings, 1922

Silvery Valley, 1927

Singed, 1927

The Sins of the Mothers, 1915

Sister Against Sister, 1917

A Six Shootin' Romance, 1926

The Slave Market, 1917

Slide Kelly Slide, 1927

Slightly Used, 1927

Slippy McGee, 1923

The Smart Set, 1928

Smilin' Jim, 1922

Smilin' Through, 1932

The Snail, 1918

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 1937

Snowed In, 1926

A Social Error, 1922

Something in the Wind, 1947

The Son of the Sheik, 1926

The Son of the Wolf, 1922

Sorrell and Son, 1927

Soul Mates, 1925

South Sea Rose, 1929

Box 9 Sowing the Wind, 1921

The Spark Divine, 1919

The Spite Bride, 1919

The Splendid Road, 1925

Sporting Life, 1925

Spotlight, Sadie, 1919

Spring Fever, 1927

Spring is Here, 1930

A Stage Romance, 1922

Stand By for Action, 1943

Stepping Out, 1919

The Storm, 1938

Straight From the Farm

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1920

The Studio Girl, 1918

Surging Seas, 1924

Sweet Rosie O'Grady, 1926

Sweethearts and Wives, 1930

Sweetie, 1923

A Tale of Two Worlds, 1921

Tempered Steel, 1918

Temptation, 1923

Ten Nights in a Barroom

The Terrible People, 1929

Texas Jack, 1935

That's That, 1928

Their Day of Rest

There's Always Tomorrow, 1934

They Just Had to Get Married, 1933

A Thief in the Dark, 1928

Thin Ice, 1919

This Love of Ours, 1945

This Man's Navy, 1945

Thunderbolt, 1929

The Thunderbolt, 1919

The Tiger's Trail, 1919

The Timid Terror, 1926

Tin Hats, 1926

To a Finish, 1926

Todd of the Times, 1919

The Tolls of the Sea, 1922

Tom Sawyer, 1917

Tough Luck, 1921

The Trail of the Octopus, 1919

Transient Lady, 1935

The Triumph of an Emperor

Tucker's Top Hand, 1924

Twelve Miles Out, 1927

Two Girls Wanted, 1927

Two Minutes To Go, 1921

Under False Colors, 1917

Under the Black Eagle, 1928

The Understudy, 1922

The Unholy Three, 1925

The Unknown, 1921

The Unsuspected, 1947

Up in the Air

Box 10 The Vamp, 1918

Vampire Ambrose, 1916

The Vanishing American, 1925

Vanishing Trails, 1920

Very Confidential, 1927

A Village Sleuth, 1920

A Virgin Paradise, 1921

- 2 slides

The Virginian, 1929

Virtuous Wives, 1918

The Walls of Jericho, 1948

The Waning Sex, 1926

War Paint, 1926

Watch Your Wife, 1926

Way Down East, 1920

Wedding Present, 1936

Welcome Danger, 1929

Welcome Granger...The Pacemakers

We're in the Navy Now, 1926

West is West, 1920

West of The Alamo

West of the Pecos, 1935

Westbound Mail, 1937

Western Fate, 1924

What an Eye, 1924

What Every Girl Should Know, 1927

What Every Woman Wants, 1919

What Love Will Do, 1921

What's Your Hurry?, 1920

The Wheel of Life, 1929

When a Dog Loves, 1927

When a Man Loves, 1919

When a Man's a Man, 1935

When the Door Opened, 1925

When You're in Love, 1937

Where Lights are Low, 1921

Where Men Are Men, 1921

Where the North Begins, 1923

Why Girls Leave Home

Why Smith Left Home, 1919

Wild West, 1925

Without Compromise, 1922

The Wizard, 1927

The Wolf Dog, 1933

Wolf Fangs, 1927

Wolf Lowry, 1917

The Wolf, 1919

Wolves of the Rail, 1918

The Woman Game, 1920

The Woman God Sent, 1920

The Woman in White, 1917

Woman Wise, 1928

The World for Sale, 1918

The World to Live in, 1919

Box 11 Yankee Doodle Jr., 1920

Yellow Fingers, 1926

- 2 slides

The Yosemite Trail, 1922

The Young Painter, 1922

Youth's Endearing Charm, 1916

Zaza, 1923

Series: Advertisements

One slide each, unless otherwise indicated

Subseries: Automotive

Box 11 Firestone tires, Clyde Harvey & Son, Hillsdale, N. Y.

Metz "22" Roadster

Subseries: Banking & Finance

Box 11 Hartford Savings Bank and Trust Company

J.D. Westlake, law office (realty)

Victory Liberty Loan

Subseries: Clothing & Tailoring

Box 11 Adler Collegian shaped-to-the-form suit, Houlton Grange Store

Balmacaan, Wear the Swagger

Bon Marche Fashions

Ed Brown [tailoring]

Ed Brown [tailoring] Custom Service

Everfast Fabrics

Hart Schaffner & Marx (clothing)

Strauss Brothers Master Tailors

Subseries: Cosmetics

Box 11 Flash hand cleaner

Hotpoint Boudoir Set (Electric Iron and Curling-tongs Heater)

Jonteel cold cream

Subseries: Electronics & Appliances

Box 11 C.W. Nunamaker's Big Radio Store, Absopure Frigerator

-2 slides

C.W. Nunamaker's Big Radio Store, "Are you shackled by wash day? Buy our washer"

C.W. Nunamaker's Big Radio Store, electric washer

C.W. Nunamaker's Big Radio Store, radio repair

-3 slides

C.W. Nunamaker's Big Radio Store, Sparton Radio

-3 slides

C.W. Nunamaker's Big Radio Store, "Wishing you all a Happy New Year"

Crane automatic water systems

Majestic Range, Kelly Hardware

Nesco Oil Cook Stoves

Radiola III

Sterno canned heat and cooking devices, Charles Vallee drug store, Westbrook, ME.

Thor 32 Electric Washer

Subseries: Entertainment

Box 11 Bay State Circuit Races, Sturbridge, Mass.

Dance at the Spider Palace

Kodaks and Supplies, Norman A. Burke, 34 South Broadway, NYACK, N.Y.

- 3 slides

Sheet music: Some day you'll want me back. Maybe I won't want you.

Sheet music: The Story of Two Floral Wreaths

South Bend Anti-Back-Lash Reel

Subseries: Box 12 Food & Drink

Apollo Chocolates

Brecht Chocolates

Delicious drinks, Meixsell's Drugstore

Quaker Oats

Schrafft's chocolate covered bars

Wrigley's Spearmint: Steadies the Nerves

Subseries: Home Improvement & Hardware

Box 12 Acme Quality house paints, John H. Kelly Winamac, Ind.

Acme Quality Paints, home decorating book, John H. Kelly, Winamac Ind.

Alfred Peats "Prize" Wall Papers

Chi-Namel Graining System, for sale by John H. Kelley

Clarence Lysdahl bathroom porcelain

Door mats & scrapers, J.C. Curtis hardware store

Dustbane, the Sanitary Sweeping Compound, Putman Hdw. Co.

Eveready flashlight

F.I. Webster Company: Better tools make better workman

F.I. Webster Company: Seeds that bring the glories of Spring-time to your own garden

Gilbert & Bennett Pearl Wire Cloth

Pearl wire cloth

-2 slides

Pittsburgh Perfect Fencing

Sargent floor and furniture enamel

Standard modern bathroom

Tirro Insulates, V. L. Robertson, Druggist

Upson Processed Board, John Watson & Co., Houlton, Me.

-2 slides

Vitralite enamel, for sale by John H. Kelly

Yale door check, John Schubert, 19 New Main St.

Subseries: Shoes

Box 12 Boardman Shoe

Dorothy Dodd Shoes

- 2 slides

Stanley's Walk-Over Boot Shop

- 6 slides

Walk Over Shoes

- 7 slides

Walk Over Shoes, Wellington Cross Co.

Subseries: Miscellaneous

Box 12 Heywood-Wakefield Sulky, Dunn Furniture Co.

Western Union Telegram

Series: Box 13 Miscellaneous

One slide each, unless otherwise indicated.

Children of Europe Need Your Help!; matinee fundraiser for the Owensboro Redd [sic] Cross

Coming attractions, Vod-a-Vil Movies

Coming To-morrow

Coming: Sousa and his band

Excelsior Moving Picture Company

First National Pictures film festival

Graphoscope Service Co. (film projection)

Gus Hill's Minstrels & George Evans' Minstrels

Harmony Eight Jazz Band

McDonald & Moran Song Girl Revue, at the Bleich

Make Your Dollars Work for You...Invest

Music is now one of the Big Features at this theater

Night in Japan...given by the Colonial Bells (Inc.)...Music by Kirk's...

Paramount-Artcraft Pictures

Pictures changed Mon., Wed., Fri.

Queensboro Athletic Club, Wills-Madden boxing match, film projection of

Select Pictures, Alice Brady (actress)


Song-hit slide: "Bet-ter trade your pret-ty / cas-tles up in the air..."

Song-hit slide: "Days and night full of daz-zling sights / You may see them yet be blind..."

Song-hit slide: "Good friends I have ga-lore / But I want some-thing more..."

Song-hit slide: "I will close my book of dreams / And seal it with a kiss..."

- 2 slides

Song-hit slide: "If I can't have you / All my love to share..."

- 2 slides

Song-hit slide: "If I can't have you / if you can't have me..."

Song-hit slide: "I'll keep lov-ing you / No one else will do..."

Song-hit slide: "Look-ing from a dis-tance / all the world seems gay..."

Song-hit slide: "Love is all that mat-ters / You'll find out some day..."

Song-hit slide: "Nev-er let il-lu-sion / car-ry you a-way..."

Song-hit slide: "The world has much to give / The lit-tle while we live..."

Spanuth's original vod-a-vil movies

Triangle Films, Douglas Fairbanks

Vaudeville, Felix Herman & Co., at the Bleich

We Cordially Invite Ladies & Children to Attend This Theatre

Woodrow Wilson: Let us stand by President Wilson

Woodrow Wilson: Listen to your President

[drawing of black woman and boy in baseball uniform]

[outdoor scene with man and woman]

[pilgrims at Plymouth Rock?]

[Times Square?]

Slides pertaining to homeopathy

- 12 slides

Box 14 Slides pertaining to homeopathy, continued

- 51 slides

Box 15 The Emperor Waltz copper printing plate

Box 16 The Emperor Waltz sheet music cover