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Juster mss., 1961-2007

Papers, ca. 1961-2007, of Norton Juster at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Electronic finding aid encoded by Donald C. Force.

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
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Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
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Juster, Norton, 1929-

Juster mss.,1961-2007

Collection No.
LMC 2455

575 items

Materials are in English.

The Juster mss., ca. 1961–2007, consists of the personal papers of author Norton Juster.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Juster received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1952. Juster taught at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and holds the title of Professor Emeritus of Design from the latter. As an architect, he practiced in various firms, including one that he established, from 1960 to 1999. While Juster has retired from architecture, he continues to write and is the author of several acclaimed novels, primarily for children.

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Acquisition Information
Acquired: 2004, 2010
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Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Juster mss., Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Scope and Content Note

The collection is arranged into the following series: I. Biographical Information; II. Writings; and III. Audio/Visual Materials. Biographical information details Juster's education, early works in writing, and career in architecture. Writings are arranged in subseries alphabetically by book title: Alberic the Wise and Other Journeys (1965), a grouping of three fantastical stories in a medieval setting; As: A Surfeit of Similes (1989), an exploration of the simile in a rhyming narrative; The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics (1963), a small picture book containing the tale of a line who falls in love with a dot (adapted into an Academy Award winning animated short film in 1965); The Hello, Goodbye Window (2005), the story of the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, told from the perspective of a little girl and her magical getaway at her grandparent's house; Otter Nonsense (1982), issued in two different editions, a collection of puns on animal names; The Phantom Tollbooth (1961), Juster's most acclaimed piece, about young Milo's adventures in The Lands Beyond (adapted into an animated full-length feature film in 1970, as well as, by Juster himself, a libretto for an opera production in 1995); and Stark Naked (1969), another small-format book set up as a register of the citizens of the town of Emotional Heights, all of whom have names that match either their jobs or their characters.

The Writings series includes notes and outlines during various stages of Juster's works, drafts with corresponding illustrations, mock-ups of final products for each title, book reviews, and correspondence between the author and various publishers, illustrators and fans. Correspondence has been kept with the title to which it pertains. Original artwork by Eric Carle, Chris Raschka and Jules Feiffer can be found in the Otter Nonsense, The Hello, Goodbye Window and The Phantom Tollbooth sections, respectively.

Materials include autograph and typed documents as well as photocopies.


Organized into the following series: I. Biographical Information; II. Writings; and III. Audio/Visual Materials.

Series: I. Biographical

Box 1
Folder 1

Biographical information

Series: II. Writings

Subseries arranged alphabetically by book title.

Note: A.D. is an "Autographed Document," a handwritten manuscript; T.D. is a "Typed Document."

Subseries: Alberic the Wise and Other Journeys (New York: Pantheon Books, 1965 )

Folders 2–3 Alberic the Wise (title story): notes and plot set–ups

Folders 4–6 Alberic the Wise (title story): first drafts, 1964, undated.

A.Ds and T.Ds.

Folders 7–8 Alberic the Wise (title story): second drafts.

A.Ds and T.Ds.

Folders 9–13 Alberic the Wise (title story): TV adaptation. Suggestions for adaptation, synopses, scenes, outline, etc.

Folder 14 Two Kings: notes and drafts

Folders 15–16 Two Kings: drafts.

A.Ds and T.Ds.

Folder 17 She Cries No More: notes.


Folders 18–20 She Cries No More: first drafts and revisions

Folder 21 Final draft.


Folder 22 First typed draft

Folder 23 Revised typed draft

Subseries: As: Surfeit of Similes (New York: Morrow, 1989 )

Folders 24–25 Notes, plot synopses, scenes, and outlines, 1987, undated.


Folder 26 Examples of similes written by students.


Folder 27 Possible introductory verse.


Folders 28–36 Early text drafts, 1988, undated.

Photocopies and T.Ds.

Folders 37–39 Later drafts with revisions, 1988, undated.

Photocopies and T.Ds.

Folder 40 Sample artwork by David Small, 1987

Folders 41–42 Illustration examples and drafts.

Photocopies and A.D.

Folder 43 Norton Juster's notes on illustrations

Folder 44 Pen and ink sketches

Folders 45–46 Complete manuscript dummies.

Photocopies and A.D.

Folder 47 Illustrations (two sets).


Folders 48–49 Printer's manuscripts.


Folder 50 Author's Galley, 1988

Folder 51 Master galley corrected

Folder 52 Revised galley

Folder 53 Illustrations, revised, 1988

Folder 54 Final artwork and proofs, 1988

Folder 55 Final complete manuscript dummy with corrections

Folder 56 Dust jacket production materials

Folder 57 First advance sheets

Folders 58–59 Publicity notes and lists of review copy recipients, 1989, undated

Folders 60–62 Book Reviews with correspondence, ca. 1989–1993

Folder 63 Children's Books 1990 from William Morrow containing announcement for As: A Surfeit of Similes,1990

Subseries: The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics

Folders 64-66 Correspondence, 1963-2000

Subseries: The Dot and the Line:...First Edition (New York: Random House, 1963)

Folder 67 Notes


Folders 68-74 First edition early drafts, 1962, undated

A.Ds and T.Ds.

Box 2
Folders 1-3

First edition dummies

Folders 4–6 First edition illustrative materials

Folders 7–8 Dust jacket materials

Folder 9 First advance sheets

Subseries: The Dot and the Line:...Second Edition (New York: SeaStar Books, 2001)

Folder 10 Notes.


Folder 11 Draft storyboard

Folders 12–13 Miscellaneous materials for book mock-ups

Folder 14 Photocopy of first edition

Folder 15 Photocopies of artwork (used and unused) and some pages of first edition

Folder 16 Second edition dummy

Folder 17 Proof sheets

Folders 18–19 Mechanicals in color and black and white

Folder 20 Dust jacket materials

Folders 21–23 Reviews and publicity, 1963-1965, undated

Folder 24 Notes and storyboard for film, includes photocopies

Folder 25 Screen treatment

Subseries: The Hello, Goodbye Window (New York: Hyperion Books, 2005)

Folder 26 Correspondence, 1998–2006, undated

Folders 27–28 Notes, plot synopses, outlines, and revisions, 1997–2004, undated.

A.Ds. and T.D.

Folder 29 Typed text drafts.


Folder 30 Proposed revisions.


Folder 31 First sketches and illustrations by Chris Raschka

Folders 32–34 Corrected proofs, 2003, undated

Folder 35 Publicity and book reviews, 2005–2006.


Folder 36 Notes on related short stories, 1998, undated.


Folder 37 Handwritten text draft, 1997–1998, undated.


Folder 38 Typed text drafts, 1998–2000.


Folder 39 Revision for typed draft, Feb. 1998.


Folder 40 Corrected text draft, June 1999.


Folder 41 Submission copy, June 1999.


Folder 42 Revisions for text drafts, April 2000.

Folder 43 Corrected typed draft, July 2000.


Folder 44 Proposed cuts for text drafts, July 2002

Folder 45 Review in Publisher's Weekly, Feb. 2005

Folder 46 Review in Publisher's Weekly, April 2005

Folder 47 Review in School Library Journal, May 2005

Box 3
Folder 1

Review in The Recorder, May 12, 2005

Folder 2 Review in The New York Times Book Review , May 15, 2005

Folder 3 Review in The New York Times Book Review , June 19, 2005

Folder 4 Review in The Booklist, June 2005

Folder 5 Review in The Bulletin, June 2005

Folder 6 Review in The Daily Hampshire Gazette , July 9–10, 2005

Folder 7 Review in The Hornbook Magazine, July/Aug. 2005

Folder 8 Review in The Hornbook Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2005

Folder 9 Review in The Recorder, Nov. 10, 2005

Folder 10 Review in The New York Times Children's Book Review , Nov. 13, 2005

Folder 11 Review in The Daily Hampshire Gazette , Nov. 26–27, 2005

Folder 12 Review in The Amherst Bulletin, Dec. 2, 2005

Folder 13 Review in The New York Times Book Review , Dec. 4, 2005

Folder 14 Review in The School Library Journal, Dec. 2005

Folder 15 Review in The Best Children's Books of 2005

Folder 16 Review in Child Magazine, Dec./Jan. 2006

Folder 17 Review in Nick Jr. Magazine, Dec./Jan. 2006

Folder 18 Review in Parenting Magazine, Dec./Jan. 2006

Folder 19 Review in the American Library Association Cognote , Jan. 23, 2006

Folder 20 Review in Publisher's Weekly, Jan. 2006

Folder 21 Review in The Hornbook Magazine, Jan./Feb. 2006

Folder 22 Review in The New York Times Book Review , Feb. 12, 2006

Folder 23 Review in The New York Times Book Review , Mar. 12, 2006

Folder 24 Review in Publisher's Weekly, Mar. 2006

Folder 25 Review in The New York Times Book Review , April 9, 2006

Folder 26 Review in The Republican, April 13, 2006

Folder 27 Review in Publisher's Weekly, April 2006

Folder 28 Review in Cooperative Children's Book Center , 2006

Folder 29 Announcements of book signings, 2005–2006, undated

Folder 30 Awards information, 2005–2006

Folder 31 Bestseller lists, Feb. 2006

Folder 32 Photographs of Norton Juster's granddaughter

Box 4 (Oversize) The Hello, Goodbye Window: Corrected proofs

Box 12 (Oversize) The Hello, Goodbye Window: Final proof

Box 13 (Oversize) The Hello, Goodbye Window: First edition mock up, 2005

Box 14 (Oversize) The Hello, Goodbye Window: Final draft mock up, 2005

Subseries: Box 5 Otter Nonsense

Folders 1-4 Correspondence, 1969-2000

Subseries: Otter Nonsense First Edition (Philomel Books, 1982)

Folder 5 Notes.

T.D. and A.Ds.

Folder 6 Draft.


Folders 7–9 Drafts.


Folder 10 Printed profiles by Eric Carle

Folders 11–15 Dummies

Folders 16–18 Original Artwork by Eric Carle: "Oxidentally on Porpoise" ; "Roofus, Walrus, and Floorus;" "Ant" (not published in book)

Folder 19 Author's galleys, 1982

Folder 20 Drafts of jacket copy

Folder 21 Clippings, reviews, publicity, 1979-1981

Folders 22–23 Publisher catalogs, 1982-1983

Subseries: Otter Nonsense. Second Edition (New York: Morrow Junior Books, 1994)

Folder 24 Notes.


Folder 25 Sample artwork

(pen and ink original, artist unknown)

Folder 26 Color illustrations with notes

Folder 27 Rejects and duplicate illustrations

Folder 28 Miscellaneous illustrations, color copies by Michael Witte

Folder 29 Dummy – notes, color illustrations, and text

Folder 30 Author's galleys, 1993

Folder 31 Dust jacket front cover samples

Folder 32 First advance sheets with dust jacket

Folder 33 Clippings, reviews, and publicity, 1994

Subseries: The Phantom Tollbooth (New York: Epstein & Carroll, dist. by Random House, 1961)

Folders 34–36 Notes, ideas, and lists of characters.


Folders 37–46 Text rejects arranged by chapter.


Folders 47–55 Complete draft.


Folders 56–62 Complete draft.


Folder 63 First draft submitted to publisher – Chapters 1–7 and plot synopsis of remaining chapters.

2 copies, A.D. and T.D.

Folder 64 Final draft.


Folder 65 Book synopsis


Folders 66–67 Galleys

Folders 68–69 Original artwork by Jules Feiffer: miner from Number Mines outside Digitopolis; and, figure from Dictionopolis market (not published in book)

Box 6 (Oversize) Original artwork by Jules Feiffer: Tock

Box 7
Folder 1

Publishing and performance history

Folder 2 Reviews and comments, 1961–2002

Folder 3 Educational uses and responses, 1980–2001

Folder 4 Educational uses and responses: Ms. Jendrysik Melrose Middle School Team 7A, MA, 2001

Folder 5 Educational uses and responses: Ms. Quinlan's 5th grade class, Ambrose School, Winchester, MA, 2001

Folder 6 Educational uses and responses: Ms. Scagel's 4th grade class, Maple Street School, East Hampton, MA, 2001

Folder 7 Educational uses and responses: Mrs. Walnoha's class, Margaret White School, Blythe, CA, 1998

Folder 8 Educational uses and responses: Mrs. Walnoha's class, Margaret White School, Blythe, CA, 2002

Folder 9 Theatrical adaptations and productions, 1964–1996

Folder 10 Academic citations and award information, 2001

Folder 11 Cultural presence, 1961

Folder 12 Miscellany, student drawings for Norton Juster, 1997–2003, undated

Subseries: The Phantom Tollbooth Opera Materials

Folder 13 Correspondence, 1990–2003, undated

Folder 14 Musical adaptation information, 1992–1993.

Folders 15–17 Notes, plot synopses, outlines, etc., 1993-1998, undated.


Folder 18 Commonwealth audition information, 1997–1998

Folder 19 Opera Brochure, 1998

Folder 20 Various theatrical agents, 1998–1999

Folder 21 Opera promotion for Peter Brosius, 1999

Folder 22 Opera promotion for Linda Hartzell, 1999

Folder 23 Permission of use for Seattle Repertory Theatre, 1999

Folder 24 Music Theater International contract, 2002

Folders 25–26 Opera reviews and publicity, 1989–1998, undated.


Folder 27 The Phantom Tollbooth logo

Box 8
Folder 1

The Phantom Tollbooth images

Folder 2 Demo tape labels

Folder 3 Opera review title labels

Folder 4 Cover stock

Folder 5 Opera and other scripts, 1977, undated.


Folder 6 Music Theater International production of Annie, 1978


Folder 7 Working copy Act I, 1994


Folder 8 Working copy Act II, 1994


Folder 9 Working copy with notes, 1994


Folder 10 Adaptation for musical theater with notes, 1994

A.D. and T.D.

Folder 11 Opera books including photographs of original production, 1994

Folder 12 Original photos of OperaDelaware production, 1995

Folder 13 Production guide from Music Theater International, 1995

Folder 14 Production notes, 1995–1996, undated.


Folders 15–18 Copies of the adaptation for musical theater, revised 1995.


Folder 19 Proposed cuts for school version, 1995

Folder 20 Script example of Afternoon of the Elves, 1996


Folder 21 Short version, June 1996.


Folder 22 Short version with revisions, revised 1996.


Folders 23–26 Copies of school version, revised 1996.


Folder 27 Adaptation for musical theater, revised 1996.


Box 9
Folders 1-2

Copies of adaptation for musical theater, revised 1996.


Folder 3 Revisions for short and full scripts, July 1996.

Folder 4 Scripts from Dick Rescia, July 1996.


Folder 5 Script from Li Ciaglo, revised 1996.


Folder 6 Revised plot synopsis, 1998

Folders 7–10 Copies of adaptation for musical theater, revised 1998.


Folder 11 School version, revised 1999.


Folder 12 School version and revisions, revised 1999.


Folder 13 School version, revised 1999.


Folder 14 School version and revisions, revised 2001.


Folder 15 School version, 2001.


Folder 16 Full version revisions for act I, 2001

Folder 17 Full version revisions for act II, 2001

Folders 18–19 Copies of adaptation for musical theater, revised 2001.


Folder 20 Harwich Junior Theater materials, 2001–2002

Folder 21 School version revised pages, revised Jan. 2002

Folder 22 Music Theater International script, Oct. 2002.


Folders 23–24 Copies of final school version for Music Theater International, revised 2002.


Folders 25–26 Copies of school version, 2002


Folder 27 School version with notes, June 2002.


Folder 28 School version, Sept. 2002.


Box 10
Folder 1

Short version, Nov. 2002.


Folder 2 Piano/Vocal score for short version, revised 2002

Folder 3 Full version revisions, revised Feb. 2002.


Folders 4–5 Complete piano/vocal score, revised 2002

Folder 6 Contract with Music Theater International, 2003

Folder 7 Short version, revised 2003.


Folder 8 Complete copy of full and short version, revised 2003.


Folder 9 Adaptation for musical theater, revised 2003.


Folder 10 Script for Northlight Theater adaptation, revised 2005.


Folder 11 Revisions and script for Northlight Theater, Nov. 2005.


Folder 12 Adaptation for OperaDelaware, revised 2006.


Folder 13 Adaptation for musical theater, revised 2006.


Folders 14–16 Adaptation for Kennedy Center, revised 2007.


Folder 17 Musical adaption.


Folder 18 Corrected copy of musical adaptation.


Folder 19 Musical suite and notes

Subseries: Stark Naked: A Paranomastic Odyssey, First Edition (New York: Random House, 1969)

Folder 20 Correspondence, 1968–1997

Folders 21–23 Notes. Includes lists for illustrations, names, etc.

A.Ds and T.Ds.

Folder 24 Draft


Folders 25–28 Dummies, various stages

Folder 29 Photocopy of finished book

Subseries: Stark Naked:...Proposed second edition, with title changed to Emotional Heights

Folder 30 Notes, name lists, outlines, etc., 1996, undated.


Folder 31 Notes on illustrations.


Folder 32 Alternative titles.


Folders 33–39 Narrative outline, 1997, undated

A.Ds. and T.Ds.

Folder 40 Name lists.


Folder 41 Second edition proposal.


Folders 42–45 Drafts.

A.D. and T.Ds.

Series: Box 11 III. Audio/Visual Materials

Box 11 The Phantom Tollbooth Opera

VHS Tape of the Commonwealth Opera: Phantom Tollbooth, Sat., May 9, 1998 at the North Hampton High School

(1 copy)

Commonwealth Opera presentation of The Phantom Tollbooth on CD, 1998

(2 copies)

The Phantom Tollbooth Opera demo on CD

(2 copies)

Adaptation for the Musical Theater of Norton Juster's novel The Phantom Tollbooth on CD

(4 copies)

The Phantom Tollbooth demo on cassette

(1 copy)

Presentation of The Phantom Tollbooth an Opera based on the novel by Norton Juster

(2 copies)