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Corman mss. III, 1943-2004

Papers, 1943-2004, of Cid Corman at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Electronic finding aid encoded by Ryan K. Lee.

Summary Information

Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)
Indiana University
1200 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-5500
Phone: 812-855-2452
Fax: 812-855-3143

Corman, Cid.

Corman mss. III,1943-2004

Collection No.
LMC 2514

ca. 102,000 items

Materials are in English.

Consists of the papers of poet, translator and editor Cid Corman, 1924-2004.

Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research.

Biographical Note

Named Sidney, Corman was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts. He received his B.A. from Tufts University in 1945 and did graduate work at the Universities of Michigan and North Carolina. In 1949 Corman created "This is Poetry" a radio program airing on WMEX in Boston which ran for three years. His next venture was a poetry magazine, Origin which featured and sometimes debuted such poets as Robert Creeley, William Bronk, Denise Levertov, Lorine Niedecker, Charles Olson, and Louis Zukofsky. Corman later established Origin Press, publishing some of these same authors as well as his own works. In the late 1950s he moved to Kyoto, Japan where he found work as a private teacher of English and poetry. He married Shizumi Konishi in 1965 and opened C.C.'s, a coffee and dessert shop that also served as a venue for poetry readings. He lived in the States several times over the years, but in 1982 moved permanently to Kyoto where he remained until his death in March 2004. His published works include over 100 books and pamphlets of poetry, translations of French, Italian and Japanese poets, and several volumes of essays.


The collection is organized into the following series: I. Correspondents/Authors; II. Writings; III. Origin; IV. Photographs; and, V. Miscellaneous. Detailed lists of each series are available.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of the papers of poet, translator and editor Cid Corman, 1924-2004. The Correspondents/Authors series contains chiefly correspondence, but writings by authors other than Corman are also present. The Writings series contains Corman's journals and memoirs, poetry, prose, translations, and worksheets. The series on Origin pertains to the publication of the magazine. The Photographs series includes three photographs of Corman taken by poet Allen Ginsberg, as well as a number of photographs of Corman and his wife Shizumi. Most of the photographs, however, are snapshots of friends and colleagues, and a few were taken at Corman's dessert shop. Among the items in the Miscellaneous series are hundreds of clippings, reflecting Corman's many interests from art and astronomy to medicine and the Noh theatre.

Related Material

Corman mss. Also located at; Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Corman mss. II ; Also located at; Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information
Purchase. 2005.
Usage Restrictions
Prior arrangements are not necessary before coming to the Library, however, patrons from out of town are encouraged to communicate with the Library in advance of their visits to ascertain availability of materials.

Photocopying permitted only with permission of the Curator of Manuscripts, Lilly Library.

Preferred Citation
[Item], Corman mss. III, Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Series: Correspondents/Authors

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent and/or author. Year or range of years of the correspondence follows each name, followed by writings or other materials if present. Letters or faxes from Corman are filed with the recipient. Writings may be with the letter in which they were enclosed, though longer, often complete works may be filed in separate folders following the correspondence of the individual and may or may not include a letter. One folder per name unless otherwise indicated.

Box 1 Aaron, Richard. 2000-2003 

Abbott, Steve. 1987-1988 

Abrams, Bud.

(5 folders)

Writings: Overture: A Book of Letters From a Brother to a Brother

Ackroyd, Graham. 1981,   1984 

Adams, Dobree. 1993,   1998 

See also: Greene, Jonathan

Adams, Robert. 1976,   1978 

Agamben, Giorgio. 1986 

Ahearn, Barry. 1977 

Akiyoshi, Kaoru. 1985 

Akiyoshi, Keiji (Akiyoshi Printing). 1985,   1990 

Albrecht-Carrie, Else.

See: New Directions

Alcopley, L. 1973-1976 

Alexander, D. 1964 

Allen, Don. 1966-1973 

Allen, Penny. 1996 

Alma, Nasira. 1997 

American Academy of Arts and Letters. 2000 

Anderson, Jack. 1961 

Anderson, Martin L. 1983 

Anderson, Gordon. 1983 

Andrews, Nin. 2000 

Antin, David. 1964 

Archer, Cynthia. 2002 

Arendt, Hannah. 1973 

Argüelles, Ivan. Writings: Miscellaneous, 1972-1984 

Arima, Eizo. 1983 

Arnold, Bob. 1982-1993 

(16 folders)

Box 2 Arnold, Bob. 1994-2003 

(24 folders)

Arnold, Bob. Writings

(4 folders)

  • American Train Letters. Autumn 1993
  • Beautiful Summers
  • Darling Companion
  • Engine Trouble
  • On Stone
  • This Romance

Box 3 Arnold, Bob. Writings (3 folders)
  • Yankee Ways
  • Miscellaneous untitled writings

Arnold, Bob. Miscellaneous.

Mostly printed material pertaining to Longhouse Publishers & Booksellers

Arnold, Ferdinand. 1986-1990 

Arnold, Susan.

See: Arnold, Bob

Aron-Bergin, Edith. 1981 

Artenstein, Sylvia (Corman), Corman's sister. 1984-1995 

Asano, Takeji. 1965,   1971-1974,   1978 

Ashton, Lisa, daughter of Sylvia (Corman) Artenstein. 1982-1988,   2001 

Augustine, Jane. 1991 

Ayoub, Jean-Claude. Letter from Corman, 1987 

Babusci, Pamela A. 1998 

Bahadur, Lal. 1965 

Bailey, Kevin. 1992 

Baker, Dick. 1970 

Baker, Ed. 1998-2004 

(10 folders)

Writings: Shrike: A Love Poem

Baker, Mark Allen. 1983 

Baker, Tony. 1987-1989 

Balfour, Lady Eve. 1953 

Baraka, Imamu Amiri. 1961-1963 

Baratier, David. 1999 

Barley, Kevin.

See: The Haiku Quarterly

Barnett, Anthony. 1986 

Barnstone, Aliki. 1999-2000 

Barone, Dennis. 1980-1981 

Barragato, Ruth Klein. undated 

Bartlett, Jennifer. 1997 

Bayen, Bruno. 1996 

Beal, George.

See: Tufts University Library

Beam, Jeffrey. 1997-2001 

(4 folders)

Miscellaneous printed

Beam, Kathryn L.

See: University of Michigan. University Library

Beard, Carole. 1990 

Beck, Barbara. 1995 

Beck, Camilla. 2001 

Bedford, Dr. R. C. undated 

Beining, Guy R. 1987-1990 

Bell, Edward J. 1992-1993 

Bell, Marvin. 1969 

Beltrametti, Franco. 1967-1977 

(11 folders)

Box 4 Beltrametti, Franco. 1978-2000 

(28 folders)

Writings: Agosto Agosto (1984), Tot (1984); Miscellaneous

Bender, M. Jan. 1981-2003 

(8 folders)

Writings: The Middle of the journey

Bender, Sue. 1989-1995 

Box 5 Benson, Joyce. 1969 

Benveniste, Asa. 1989 

Bergé, Carol. 1961,   1970-1971 

Beriger-Ambrosi, Christoph and Rosanna Ambrosi Beriger. 1997 

Bernen, Robert. 1982,   1984 

Berry, Wendell. 1982 

Bertholf, Robert J. 1981-2003 

(4 folders)

Bianchi, Mauro. 1998 

Bienias, Ignatius M. 1991-1992 

Birch Brook Press. 1995-1996 

Birchard, Guy. 1983-1985,   1991 

Black Sparrow Press. 1977-1998,   2001 

Blank, Gary. 1990-1995 

Blank, Martin. 1993 

Blaser, Robin. 1963 

Blunden, Frances. 1968 

Bonham, Hilda. Letter from Corman, 1976 

Bonheim, Helmut.

Booth, Martin. 1973-1996 

(2 folders)

Booth, Philip. 1950 

Borel, Marie. 1991-1992 

Boston Public Library. 1990 

Botsford, Keith. 1969 

Bowen, Kevin. 2002 

Bower, John. 1950 

Bowering, George. 1983-2002 

Brady, Penelope and Bob Brady. 1975 

Brakhage, Jane. 1987-1994 

Brakhage, Stan. 1967,   1984 

Writings: Miscellaneous.

Brandeis University Library. 1972 

Bratton, Daniel. 2003 

Breeden, David. 1984 

Brennan, William J., Jr. 1987 

Breslin, Glenna. 1984-1989 

Bricker, Charles.

See: Le Monde

Briet, Philippe. 1992-2000 

(4 folders)

Exhibition announcement with poem by Corman

Bridwell, Gene.

See: W.A.C. Bennett Library, Simon Fraser University

Broderick, Vince A. 1982 

Broken Moon Press. 1989-1994 

(2 folders)

Bromige, David. 1963 

Bronk, William. 1963-1998 

(2 folders of photocopies)

Miscellaneous, including poems, two letters to Leonard Corman dated 1974, one letter from Cid Corman, 1975, two photographs of Bronk and For All We Know , 1998

Browar, Lisa.

See: New York Public Library

Brown University Library. 1979,   2000 

Bryant, Linda. 1982 

Buchler, Beatrice. 1952 

Buck, Paul. 1977 

Buckeye, Robert.

See: Starr Library, Middlebury College

Bunting, Basil. 1968-1984 

(2 folders)

Miscellaneous materials

Burford, William Skelly. 1961 

Burns, Avery E.D. 1997 

Burns, Richard. 1981 

Bush, Rebecca. Copy of Complete W/Tongue , by Charles Mehrhoff. 1995  

Buske-Zainal, Patricia M.

See: Zainal, Patricia M.

Butcher, Gretchen. 1949 

Butler, Frank A. 1961 

Butler, James G. 1991-1996 

Butterick, George. 1972-1987 

(2 folders)

Byrnie, Matthew.

See: Wesleyan University Press

Box 6 Caddel, Richard. 1977-1991,   2000 

The Café Review. 1991-2001 

Cahen, Didier. 1992-2003 

(4 folders)


Cairnes, Gordon. 1960,   1962 

Calcagno, Lawrence. 1956 

Calderón, Hugo. 1982-2003 

(6 folders)

Copyright certificates for musical compositions written with Corman; Manuscript of musical composition "No Use."

Caldiero, Alex.

(9 folders)


  • The Hunger for an Unknown Food
  • Our Private Wording
  • Poems 98
  • Poems 99
  • X-ing the Calendar

Caldwell, Chris. 1999-2003 

Cambon, Glauco. 1963 

Campbell, Myles. 1988-2001 

(2 folders)

Candido, Tony. 1969-2000 

(4 folders)

Cappuccio, Richard. 1996,   1998 

Box 7 Carduff, Christopher.

See: Black Sparrow Books

Carey, Seán. 1997-1998 

Cariès François. 1990 

Carlson, Jehanne Salinger. 1960 

Carlson, Michael. 1983-1998 

(4 folders)

Carpathios, Neil. 1985 

Carroll, Paul. 1960-1961,   1964,   1978 

Carruth, Hayden. 1965-1984 

(4 folders)

Castellin, Philippe. 1990-1991 

Castlebury, John. Letter from Corman, 1992 

Cattan, Ted R. 1997 

(3 folders)

Writings: Eratology Or, The Study of Inspired Desire; A Small Town America.

Caws, Mary Ann. 1979,   1990-1991 

Chaberek, Ed. 1989 

Chapman, Tom.

See: Winds (The Inflight Magazine of Japan Airlines)

Char, Rene. 1955,   1966-1967,   1972,   1990 

Charters, Ann. 1979 

Chirot, Dave Baptiste. 1985-1988,   1997 

(2 folders)

Chomsky, Noam. 1969-1970,   1975 

Chorlton, David. 1993-1994 

Choudhury, Malay Roy. 1964 

Christensen, Thomas.

See: North Point Press

Christian, Robert. 1984,   1989-2003 

(4 folders)


Church, Frank (Senator). 1975 

Ciardi, John. 1960 

Cifelli, Edward. 1993 

Claasen, Lynda Corey.

See: University of California, San Diego. University Library

Claes, Astrid. 1955-1956 

Clark, Susan.

See: The Raddle Moon

Clark, Thomas, 1941- . 1964-1965 

Clark, Thomas A., 1944- . 1974 

Clarke, Adrian. 1989 

Coffee House Press. 1984-2001 

Coffey, Michael.

See: Station Hill Press

Coffield, Glen. 1950 

Coffin, Harold T. Letter from Corman, 1996 

Cohen, Marcel. 1986-2003 

(2 folders)

Cohen, Mel. 1944 

Cole, Peter. 1984-1996 

(11 folders)

Cole, Peter. Writings:
  • Awl
  • The Object and Its Edge: Rothko, Oppen, Zukofsky, and Newman
  • Rift and Other Poems

Coleman, Victor. 1966 

Box 8 Cone, Jon. 1991-2000 

(2 folders)


See: Morrow, Bradford

Connor, Kyle. 2000 

Conover, Roger L.

See: The Jargon Society

Conrad, C.A. 2000 

Cook, Gordon. 1962-1967,   1985 

Cooley, Mary E. 1960-1963 

Cooney, Seamus. 1975-1976 

The Cooper Union. 1988 

Copley, Alfred L.

See: Alcopley, L.

Copley, Una Dora. 1992-1993 

Copper Canyon Press. 1987 

Corman, Celia (Kravitz), Corman's mother. 1964-1965 

Corman, Cis, wife of Corman's brother Harvey. 1987,   1999-2003 

Corman, Harvey H., Corman's brother. 1982-1997 

(17 folders)

See also: Brandeis University Library

Corman, Leonard, Corman's brother. 1966,   1977,   1983-1994 

(7 folders)

See also: Brandeis University Library

Box 9 Corman, Leonard,... 1987, Aug.-1994 

(31 folders)

Box 10 Corman, Leonard. Writings

Corman, Leonard. Clippings. Enclosures to letters, arranged chronologically by date of letter, 1985-1994 

(5 folders)

Corman, Richard and Patricia Saraceni. 1997 

Corman, Sheila, Leonard Corman's wife. 1998 

Corman, Shizumi, Cid Corman's wife. 1979,   1982 

Corman, Tony, Leonard Corman's son. 1993 

Corwin, Arlene. 2003 

Costley, Bill. 1979 

Coulson, Joseph. 1983 

Cox, Kenneth. 1969 

Crase, Douglas. 1992 

Creeley, Robert. 1982,   1995,   2000-2001 

Crews, Judson. Writings: Like I Say: Street Poems of Lusaka

Cronin, David.

See: New York Public Library

Cuddihy, Michael.

See: Ironwood

Cullen, Rosemary L.

See: Brown University Library

Curnow, Wystan. 1983 

Czury, Craig. 1984-1999 

(4 folders)

Writings: Floating Dust, Notes from the Riverlight.

D'Agostino, Nemi. 1950-1952 

Daive, Jean. 1967-1968,   1979,   1985 

Daniel, Darrin. 1994-2000 

(3 folders)

Davenport, Guy. 1982 

David J. Holmes, Autographs. 1996-2000 

David R. Godine, Publisher, Inc. 1985-1990,   2003 

Davidson, Michael. 1977-1978 

Davies, Jordan.

See: Jordan Davies - Books

Dawson, Fielding. 1974 

Dean, Harry. 1984-1985 

Deemer, Bill. 1974,   1997 

Degli Esposti, Rita. 1986-1998 

(2 folders)

Degnan, June Oppen. 1962,   1964 

DeGruttola, Raffael.

See: The Haiku Society of America

Delaney, Beauford. 1956 

Delio, Thomas. 1990-1991 

Denis, Philippe. 1978-2003 

(10 folders)

Box 11 Denis, Philippe. Writings: Dans l'epaisseur, Nugae and miscellaneous.

(4 folders)

Dent, Peter. 1979-1994 

(2 folders)

DeVries, Dan. 1984 

Dicker, Harold. 1955 

Dickey, James. 1971 

di Prima, Diane. 1963,   1975 

Dominique, François. 1989-1990 

Donahoe, Patsel. 1973,   1985 

Donohoe, Wade. 1961 

(2 folders)

Dorfman, Elsa. 1965,   1970 

Doris, Stacy.

Writings only

Dorman, Kim. 1997 

Dorn, Ed. 1961-1963 

Dorset, Gerald. 1985 

Doyle, Charles. 1967-1980,   1996-2002 

(2 folders)

Doyle, Kegan. 1996-2001 

Doyle, Mike.

See: Doyle, Charles

Dreyer, Carl Th. 1956 

Du Bouchet, Andre. 1966,   1973-1990 

(4 folders)

Writings: Postponement

Dubroff, Susanne. 2003 

Ducros, Franc. 1987 

Duer, David.

See: The Toothpaste Press

Dugger, Elizabeth L. undated

Duke University Press. 1983-1985 

Dunlop, Lane. 1971 

Dunne, Gregory. 1990-2003 

(5 folders)

DuPlessis, Rachel Blau. 1981-1991 

Dwight Foster Public Library. 1992-1995 

See also: Niedecker, Lorine

Eberhart, Richard. 1949,   1981 

Echavarria, Andy. 1979-1982 

(2 folders)

Eckman, Martha C. 1997-2000 

Eckman, Frederick. 1962 

Egan, Desmond. 1986 

Eigner, Larry. 1983,   1986,   1991-1996 

Einarsen, John.

See: Kyoto Journal

Einhorn, Richard. Letter from Corman, 1996 

El-e-phant Books.

See: Fahrni, Peter

Eliot, T.S. 1955 

(per secretary)

The Elizabeth Press.

See: Weil, James L.

Emmerich, Karen and Michael Emmerich. 1995,   1997 

Endo, Miyuki (Miyo). 2000-2001 

Enslin, Theodore. 1963,   1982-2004 

(6 folders)

Enslin, Theodore. Writings:

(3 folders)

  • Flora
  • Littoral
  • Quid Me Vexare?
  • Terrain, Tree-Watching
  • Wood
  • untitled work

Eplar, Barbara.

See: New Directions

Box 12 Eshleman, Clayton. 1960-1991 

(8 folders)

Eshleman, Clayton. To Will Petersen. 1962-1972,   1991 

(2 folders)

Eshleman, Clayton. Writings: Mexico & North, miscellaneous writings

(2 folders)

Eshleman, Clayton. Printed

Evanoff, Richard. 1986-1990 

Evans, George. 1978-2003 

(19 folders)

Miscellaneous reviews, etc.

Evans, George. Writings:

(3 folders)

  • Charles Olson & Cid Corman: The Complete Correspondence, 1950-1964
  • Earth's Mirror
  • In Asia

Box 13 Evans, George. Writings:

(5 folders)

  • Is War
  • Nightvision (reviews only)
  • A Working Boy's Whitman
  • A Year Without Sleep
  • Miscellaneous poetry

Evans, John. 1987-1988 

Evans, Robert. 2000 

Everse, Johannes. Letter from Corman, 1978 

Faas, Ekbert and Sabrina Reed. 1985 

Faber and Faber Ltd. 1963 

Facchin, Bruno and Elvira Facchin. 1957,   1960-1965,   1995-2003 

Fahrni, Peter. 1992 

Fang, Achilles. 1955-1972 

Fang, Ilse M. 1987-2004 

Faranda, Lisa Pater. 1980-1984 

(3 folders)

Faranda, Lisa Pater. Writings:
  • Between Your House and Mine: The Letters of Lorine Niedecker to Cid Corman, 1960 to 1970. 1st draft and final (4 folders)
  • Lorine Niedecker, 1903-1970

Fass, Deborah. 1984-1990 

Fattal, Simone. 1988-1990 

Faure, Henri Simon. 1995 

Faust, Clive. 1970-1989 

(17 folders)

Box 14 Faust, Clive. 1990-2003 

(20 folders)

Faust, Clive. Writings - Poetry:
  • Leavetakings
  • Miscellaneous poems (4 folders)

Faust, Clive. Writings - Prose:

(1 folder)

  • Baudrillard and Post-Structuralist Compulsion
  • Grünwald's Isenheim Altarpiece and Sacrificial Deaths in the Human
  • Meaning in Syllable, and the Possibilities of a Mimamsa
  • Postmodernism's Nothing-New or Old
  • Some Presuppositions and Practices, and a Prolegomena
  • Time and Eternity in Frank Samperi's Letters

Faust, Clive. Empty envelopes with inscribed notes

(2 folders)

Box 15 Faust, Leo. 1998 

Faust, Seymour. 1963-1977 

(12 folders)


Featherston, Dan. 1998-2003 

(2 folders)

Felland, Kirstie. 1990 

Fellini, Federico. 1957? 

Ferenczi, George. 2001 

Ferguson, Joanne.

See: Duke University Press

Ferlinghetti, Laurence. 1962,   1997 

Ferrari, Eric. 1998-2003 

(3 folders)


Ferrini, Henry. 1983,   2002 

Ferrini, Owen. 1987 

Ferrini, Vincent. 1962-1970,   1992 

Ferriss, Les.

See: The Lapis Press

Field, Edward. 1977-1979 

Fields, LeAnn. 1989 

Films in Review. 1953 

Filreis, Al. 2001 

Finlay, Alec. 1988-2002 

(4 folders)

Finlay, Ian Hamilton. 1961-1996 

(2 folders)

Fischer, Rüdiger. 1995-2003 

(2 folders)

Fisher, Allen. 1982 

Fisher, Roy. 1961,   1963,   1979-1980 

Fitterman, Robert. 1983-1995 

(6 folders)

Box 16 Fitterman, Robert. 1990-1995 

(4 folders)

Writings: Leases; Miscellaneous poetry

Fitzsimmons, Thomas. 1984-1992 

Fixel, Lawrence. 1985-2003 

(5 folders)

Fixel, Lawrence. Writings:
  • The Knock
  • The Leopards/The Temple

Flynn, Keith. 1999 

Fontana, Gian Pio. 1986-1999 

Forché, Carolyn. 1992 

Forrester, Stanford M. 2002-2003 

Forster, Stephen. 1990-1992 

Forth, Steven. 1986-1993 

(7 folders)

Writings: Forty-one Glyphs.

Foss, Jack. 1962 

Foster, Ed. 1990,   1999 

Fourcade, Dominique. 1983-1989 

Fox, Malcolm. 1991-1992 

(2 folders)

Musical composition: "Ten Thousand Years Goodbye."

Fox, Peggy L.

See: New Directions

Fox, Siv Cedering. 1971 

Francis, Margaret (Mrs. Sam Francis). 1995 

Franco, Michael. 1985-1992 

(5 folders)

Fraser, Kathleen. 1983-1984 

Frazer, Tony. 1979-2002 

Freeman, John. 1985-1986 

Fremlin, Kristina. 1987 

French, Helen. 1950 

Friedlander, Ben. 1988-1990 

Frise, Geraldine. 1955,   1961-1962,   1970-1993 

(5 folders)

Frise, Geraldine. Two letters to Clayton H. Derstine; Two notes to Corman from Derstine, 1956,   undated 

Frym, Gloria. 1983 

Box 17 Gach, Gary. 1997,   2003 

Galassi, Jonathan.

See: Random House, Inc.

Galbraith, John Kenneth. 1964,   1973,   1975 

Gale Research Co. 1984-1997 

(2 folders)

Galler, David. 1952 

Gander, Forest. 1986,   1990 

Ganick, Peter. 1984-1988 

Gansz, David. 1986-1990 

(2 folders)

Gardner, James L. 1983-1984 

Gargan, Carol. 1982-1983 

(2 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous photocopied papers.

Gatenby, Greg.

See: Harbourfront Corporation

Gates, Mary.

See: Dwight Foster Public Library

Gaul, Erhard Manfred. 1953 

Geddes, Gary. 1985-1986 

Geraetz, John. 1995 

Ghiselin, Brewster. 1960 

Giannini, David. 1981-2001 

(21 folders)

Box 18 Giannini, David. 2002-2003 

(2 folders)

Gibbons, Reginald.

See: TriQuarterly

Gibson, Morgan. 1983-1998 

(3 folders)

Writings: Flying Around to Find Me.

Gifford, Barry. 1975-1976 

Gilbert, Jack. 1974 

Gill, Stephen. 1996-2003 

Gilmore, Lyman G. 1999-2003 

Gilonis, Harry. 1988-2003 

Ginsberg, Allen. 1980-1983 

(Letters concerning Ginsberg)

Giraudon, Liliane. 1987-1990 

Gitin, David. 1984,   1989,   1994 

Givens, Stephen. 1984-2003 

Glass, Jesse. 1986-2000 

Glazier, Lyle. 1981-1995, July 

(19 folders)

Box 19 Glazier, Lyle. 1995, Aug.-1998 

(8 folders)

Writings: Green Mountain Boys.

Glenn Horowitz, Bookseller. 1982-1996 

Glenn, Jerry. 1982-1983 

Gnomon Press. 1964-2003 

(8 folders)

Goacher, Denis. 1968-1998 

(16 folders)

Writings: Miscellaneous.

Box 20 Godine, David R.

See: David R. Godine, Publisher, Inc.

Goldberger, Paul. 1983 

Goldblatt, Eli. 1981-1995 

Goldensohn, Barry. 1985-1986 

(2 folders)

Writings: The Marrano.

Golding, Alan. 1988-1991 

Goodbody, Roland.

See: University of New Hampshire. University Library

Goodman, Peter.

See: Stone Bridge Press

Goodman, Ryah Tumarkin. 1985 

Gordon, David M. 1984-2000 

(12 folders)

Writings: The Great Digest: A Pattern; Repairs, Part II of a Long Poem.

Gordon, Jerry. 1997 

Gotlieb, Eli. 1990-2002 

(2 folders)

Gotlieb, Howard B. 1979-1989 

Gottesman, Irving.

See: Shantih [magazine]

Gould, Elliott and Barbra Streisand. 1968 

Grasso, Elio. 1978-2002 

(2 folders)

Graves, Tom. 1983 

Green, Paul. 1984-1989 

Green, Sam. 1997 

Greene, Jonathan.

See: Gnomon Press

The Grenfell Press. 1986 

Gresser, Sy. 2000 

Gribble, John. 1996,   2000 

Griffiths, David. 1994-1995 

Grisel, Laurent. 1994-2003 

(8 folders)

Writings: An Anthology; Miscellaneous writings.

Grolier Book Shop. 1980 

Gross, Arnold. 1967 

Gross, Jim. 1984-1985 

Grossman Publishers. 1972 

Gryphon [poetry journal]. 1950 

Guerini, Giampaolo. 1983 

Guglielmi, Joseph. 1986 

Guillen, Jorge. 1971 

Gunn, Doug. 1991-1992 

Gurga, Lee.

See: Modern Haiku

Gurnis, Peter. 1986 

Box 21 Hackett, Philip. 1986-1987,   1997 

(5 folders)

Hadfield, Charles. 2002 

Hädrich, Rolf. 1953 

The Haiku Quarterly. 1992 

The Haiku Society of America. 1994 

Hall, Donald. 1961,   1993-1995 

(2 folders)

Hallmark Cards, Inc. Letter from Corman, 1998 

Halpern, Stacha. 1956-1968 

Halpern, Stacha (family). 1969,   1971,   1986,   1989 

Hamalian, Linda. 1988 

Hamburger, Michael. 1970-1973 

Hamill, Sam.

See: Copper Canyon Press

Hammer, Jonathan. 1987 

Hansen, Ken. 1961-1962 

Hanson, Polly. 1951-1995 

Hapenny, Paul. 1990-1993 

See also: Rosenberg, Beth

Hapenny, Paul. Writings:

(4 folders)

  • Christmas Story
  • Sacrament
  • Streets of Honor
  • Vig

Hara, Michiko. 1984 

Harbourfront Corporation. 1985 

Harris, Mary Emma. 1998 

Harris, Troy. 1984 

Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (University of Texas-Austin). 1974,   1984-2000 

(2 folders)

Hart, Gary (Senator). 1983 

Hart, Henry.

See: Films in Review

Hart, Matthew. 2002 

The Harvill Press. 1999 

Harwood, Lee. 1984 

Hasegawa, Rieko. 1998-2003 

Hatlen, Burt.

See: Paideuma

Hayakawa, Ikutada. 1965 

Hayden, Robert. 1961 

Hazelkorn, David. Letter from Corman, 1976 

Hefferman, Tom. 1992-1995 

Heicher, Ethan. 2003 

Heissenbüttel, Helmut. 1955 

Heller, Michael David. 1970-1993 

(7 folders)

Heller, Patrick. 2003 

Heman, Bob. 1986-1989 

Hemensley, Kris. 1983-1984 

Hemley, Elaine Gottlieb. 1975 

Henderson, Cathy.

See: Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center...

Henry, Edgar. 1998 

Henry, Liz. 2002 

Hentoff, Nat. 1956,   1999 

(1956 letter is from Corman)

Higginson, William J. 1968,   1971,   1982-1991 

Hilton, Jeremy. 1999 

Hine, Darryl. 1970 

Hirata Printing and Typing Co. 1989 

Hirota, Kenji. 1983 

Hirschman, Jack. 1962-1963 

Hitchcock, George. 1962 

Hocquard, Emmanuel. 1976-1978 

Hollander, Benjamin. 1986-1987 

Hollander, Gadi. 1997-1998 

Hollander, Gadi. Writings:
  • Benching with Virgil
  • Walserian Waltzes
  • miscellaneous

Box 22 Hollo, Anselm. 1960-1964 

Hollo, Anselm. Writings:
  • From: Borderland
  • Texts

Holmes, David J.

See: David J. Holmes, Autographs

Holmes, John. 1943-1961 

Hongo, Garrett Kaoru. 1975,   1986 

(2 folders)

Writings: Excursion

Hornick, Lita.

See: Kulchur

Horowitz, Glenn.

See: Glenn Horowitz, Bookseller

Hoskins, Katherine. 1949-1950 

Hotham, Gary. 1984-2003 

Houédard, Sylvester. 1963-1964 

Howe, Susan. 1986,   1991 

Hoy, Peter. 1969-1984 

Hoyt, Tom. 1996 

Hudak, John. 1996 

Hughes, Bob. 1983-1984 

Hughes, Sophie. 1987 

Hughes, Stephen E. 1987 

Husband, John.

See: New Mexico Quarterly

Hyner, Stefan. 1987-2003 

(10 folders)

Ibsen, Árni. 1996 

Ikeda, Takuro. 1994 

Imaizumi, Atsuo. 1967 

Imamura, Jane. To Will Petersen. 1957,   1985 

Inoue, Arikazu. 1972 

International Writing Program, University of Iowa. 1982 

Ironwood. 1985 

Ishii, Sachiko. 2003 

Iwai, Ippei and Yumiko. 1985,   1989 

J.M. Dent & Sons, Ltd. 1975 

Jaccohet, Philippe. 1968-1990 

Jaffe, James S.

See: James S. Jaffe Rare Books

Jakobson, Roman. 1967 

James S. Jaffe Rare Books. 1996 

The Japan Times, Ltd. 1976,   1983 

The Jargon Society. 1963-1986,   2003 

(3 folders)

Jarnot, Lisa. 1988-1991 

Jenkins, David. 1994-1996 

Jenkins, Grant. 1999 

Johnson, Joan. 1994 

(2 folders)

Writings: The Perfect Order: Lorine Niedecker's Poetry

Johnson, Kent and Craig Paulenich. 1988 

Johnson, Louis. 1955 

Johnson, Nicholas. 1995-1998 

Johnson, Scott. 1982 

Johnston, George. From Corman. 1963-1989 

(3 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Jolas, Tina. 1972 

Jonas, Steve.

Writings: miscellaneous

Jones, Alan. 1986-1994 

Jordan Davies - Books. 1985 

Joris, Pierre. 1974,   1978,   2003 

Joseph the Provider. 1980 

Kamaike, Susumu. 1960-1996 

Kanda, Sosuke. 1997-1999 

Kandel, Lenore. 1963 

Kao, Yili. 1999-2000 

Kaplan, Bonnie. 1983 

Box 23 Karlins, Mark. 1975-1984 

(2 folders)

Karmin, Jennifer. 1996-1998 

Karol, Pamala. 1991 

Kart, Lawrence. 1974 

Katz-Levine, Judith. 1991-2000 

(5 folders)

Katui, Kitasono. 1951 

Kazan, Elia. 1952 

Keller, Dean. 1982-2001 

(2 folders)

See also: Brandeis University Library

Kelly, Robert. 1962-2003 

Kemp, Lysander. 1955,   1985 

Kempton, Karl. 1988 

Kennedy, Edward M. 1973-1976 

Kennedy, X.J. 1969-1991 

Kenner, Hugh. 1963,   1978-1981 

Kent, David A. 1983 

Kent State University.

See: Keller, Dean

Kerr-Lawson, Angus. 1983-2002 

Kesarcodi-Watson, Ian. 1978-1983 

Kessler, Jascha. 1954,   1961 

Kessler, Milton. 1978 

The Key Reporter (The Phi Beta Kappa Society). 1996,   1999 

Keyes, Roger. 1995 

Kilburn, David. 1984 

Killian, Kevin. 1990-1995 

Kim, Inho. 2003 

Kimball, Jack. 1998-2000 

Kimmelman, Burt. 1988-2002 

(2 folders)

Writings: The Pond at Cape May Point

Kingsbury, Anne. 1996 

Kinnell, Galway. 1955 

Kinnett, Albert. 1983 

Kirchway, Freda. 1951 

Kirkup, James. 1967 

Kishi, Masatoyo. 1981 

Kizer, Carolyn. 1966 

Kleen, Leslie. 2001 

Kleinzahler, August. 1983-1984 

Knieger, Bernard. 1949,   1968,   1977-2003 

(7 folders)

Knobel, Paul. 1988 

Knott, Bill.

See: Ploughshares

Kociejowski, Marius. 1985 

Kocik, Robert. 1987 

Koller, James. 1966,   1988 

Kondo, Kris. 1997 

Kōno, Yoshio. 1976 

Kopitske, David. 2002 

Kornblum, Allan.

See: Coffee House Press

Kremsreiter, Paul. 1997 

Kulchur. 1961-1963,   1979 

Kunitz, Stanley. 1971 

Kuniya, Mark. 2003 

Kunz, Drew. 2001-2002 

Kusano, Shimpei. 1963,   1977-1985 

Related material, 1989 

Kyoto Journal. 1984-1998 

Labron-Johnson, Nicholas P.A. 1987,   1995 

Landes-Levi, Louise. 1984-1996 

(5 folders)

Box 24 Landes-Levi, Louise. 1997-2003 

(10 folders)

Landes-Levi, Louise. Writings:
  • Banana Baby or "O, You Too,"
  • Henri Michaux reading, translated by Landes-Levi
  • How I Came to Meet and Work With the Great French Poet Henri Michaux

Lange, Emilia.

See: Brandeis University Library

Lannan Foundation. 1989-2003 

Lansing, Gerrit. 1962 

The Lapis Press. 1986-1994 

(2 folders)

Laporte, Roger. 1983-2001 

(5 folders)

Miscellaneous writings and printed

Lau, Alan. 1967,   1975-2003 

(9 folders)

Laubies, René. 1953,   1985-1990 

Laudon, Karen. 1999-2003 

Laughlin, James.

See: New Directions

Lawrie, Doug. 1969-2002 

(3 folders)

Lax, Robert. 1978-1998 

Lea, Tom. 1949-1950 

Lease, Joseph. 1986 

Box 25 Lease, Joseph. 1987-1994 

(6 folders)

Writings: Political Games for May and miscellaneous writings

Leavitt, Dick. 1969 

Leed, Jacob. 1963 

Lehman, John.

See: Rosebud

Lehmann, Glenn A. 1953 

Leibowitz, Herb.

See: Parnassus: Poetry in Review

Leif, Irving P. 1982 

Lekakis, Michael. 1954-1984 

Leonardos Cabassa, Stella. 1963-1972 

(6 folders)

Letko, Ken.

See: Mid-American Review

Le Tord, Bijou. 1994 

Levensky, Charles and Charlotte Levensky. 1967-1971 

Lévi-Strauss, Claude. 1967-1968 

Levin, Henry. 1966-1981 

Levine, Jack. 1969 

Levitt, Peter. 1983-1993 

Levy, John. 1971-1989 

(15 folders)

Box 26 Levy, John. 1990-2000 

(2 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Lewis, Diane H.

See: The Cooper Union

The Lilly Library, Indiana University. 1961 

Lindsay, Graham. 1980-2003 

(4 folders)

Writings: Return to Earth

Link, Lesley.

See: Broken Moon Press

Linkert, Nicolas. 1993-2002 

(13 folders)

Linkert, Nicolas. Writings:

(2 folders)

  • "Poems"
  • The Law of the Oak Leaf: Die Lyrik von Lorine Niedecker - Untersuchungen zur Motivik und Ästhetik (June 1995)

Loeb, Michael A.

See: Grossman Publishers

Lombardo, Gian. 1991-2003 

Loney, Alan. 1977-1983 

Longville, Tim. 1970-1978 

Lorch, Else B.

See: New Directions

Lovelady, Bill.

See: The Poet [Scottish magazine]

Lovelock, Yann. 1983 

Lowe, Mark. 1982-1986 

Lowenfels, Walter. 1974 

Lowenstein, Lena. 1949 

Lowitz, Leza. 1987-1996 

(2 folders)

Lowry, Stephen. 1988 

Lume, Charles Matson. 2002 

Luna, Judith.

See: Oxford University Press

Lunberry, Clark. 1999 

Luttrell, Steve.

See: The Café Review

Lutz, Jared. 2002 

Luzi, Mario. 1970-1971 

(2 folders)

Writings: Miscellaneous

Lyon, James K. 1983 

McCarey, Peter. 1997-1998 

McClelland, Bruce.

See: Station Hill Press

McClure, Michael. 1978 

McCorkle, Locke. 1962 

McCormick, W.F. 1956 

MacDonald, Barry Myles. 1989-2002 

(4 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Box 27 McFarlane, Jenny. 1986-1990 

McGilvery, Laurence. 1992-1996 

MacGowan, Robin. 1999 

MacGregor, Robert M.

See: New Directions

McInerney, Brian. 1969-1986 

(15 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

MacKay, Brent. 1983 

McKibben, Kazue and Joe McKibben. 1982-2000 

McKinney, Judith Wright.

See: Wright, Judith

MacLow, Jackson. 1980 

McNaughton, Duncan. 1985 

Madigan, Richard A. 1964 

Makin, Peter. 1984-2002 

(2 folders)

Malherbe, Alain. 1995-1998 

Maloney, Dennis. 1985-2003 

Mann, Michael. 2003 

Manson, Patrick A. 1983 

Marcelin, Pierre. 1950-1951 

Margolis, William. 1985-1986 

Marlatt, Daphne. 1968-1975,   2000 

(2 folders)

Marshall, James.

See: The New Hope Foundation, Inc.

Marshall, Tod. 1995-1996 

Martin, Frederick R.

See: New Directions

Martin, John.

See: Black Sparrow Press

Martone, John. 1987-1996 

(8 folders)

Box 28 Martone, John. 1997-2003 

(12 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Masuyama, Kenju. 1962 

Massey, Joseph. 1999-2002 

(3 folders)

Matthews, Sebastian. 2002 

Mattson, Francis O.

See: New York Public Library

Maylone, R. Russell.

See: Northwestern University Library

Mead, Matthew. 1963 

Mehrhoff, Charles. 1993-2003 

(12 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Meltzer, David. 1960-1972 

(2 folders)

Merrill, James. 1981 

Merwin, William S. 1961 

Messerli, Douglas.

See: Sun & Moon Press

Box 29 Mid-American Review. undated 

Middleton, Christopher. 1962-1964 

Middleton, Peter. 1998 

Mignon, Taylor. 1993-2003 

(5 folders).

Includes letters from Corman, 1993-2002

Miki, Roy. 1965,   1989,   1993 

Milazzo, Richard. 1997-1998 

Millen, Albert. 1971 

Miller, Christine.

See: Station Hill Press

Miller, David. 1973,   1977-2002 

(23 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Miller, Jeffrey. 1985-1993 

(3 folders)

Miller, Leslie.

See: The Grenfell Press

Miller, Sabine. 1998-2003 

Box 30 Mills, Barris. 1960-1962 

Mills, Billy and Catherine Mills. 1986-2001 

(5 folders)

Mills, Billy. Writings:

(2 folders)

  • The Stony Field
  • Triple Helix

Minkoff, George. 1984-1994 

Minn, Priscilla. 1982-1991 

The Missouri Review.

See: Hongo, Garrett Kaoru

Mitchell, Irene. Letter from Corman, 1983 

Miyatake, Shuko. 1996-2000 

(2 folders)

Modern Haiku. 2002 

Mokray, George P. 1972-1975 

(3 folders)

Le Monde. 1979 

Money, Peter. 1997-2003 

(6 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Monod, Jean. 1985-2002 

(2 folders)

Montale, Eugenio. 1966,   1976 

Montgovery, Stuart. 1965 

Moore, John Warner. 1964 

Moore, Marianne. 1998 

Moraff, Barbara. 1961-1966,   1977-1991 

(4 folders)

Morgan, Bill. 1986 

Morning Star Publications.

See: Finlay, Alec

Morrell, Patsy Nolan. 1949 

Morris, William and Mary Morris. 1977 

Morris, Wright. 1986-1996 

(5 folders)

Morrissey, Stephen. 1983-1985 

Morrison, Madison. 1997-1999 

Box 31 Morrison, Madison. 2000-2003 

(2 folders)

Morrow, Bradford. 1982-1994 

(2 folders)

Morse, Samuel French. 1952,   1970 

Morton, Leith. 1986-1990 

(3 folders)

Writings: Mt. Fuji: Selected Poems, 1943-1986, by Kusano Shinpei, translated by Morton, Introduction by Corman

Moses, Joshua. 1996-1999 

Mottram, Eric. 1964,   1972,   1990 

Muncaster, Maureen. 1983 

Murdoch, Iris. 1972 

Murray, Timothy D.

See: University of Delaware Library

Mycue, Edward. 1987 

Nadel, Ira. 1993 

Nagayasu, Yukio. 1988 

Nakajima, Masamitsu. 1986 

Nakamura, Tōru and Kikuko. 1985-1986 

Nakayama, Akemi. 1985 

The National Poetry Foundation.

See: Hatlen, Burt

Nazarea, Tina. 1973 

Nazareth, Peter. 1983,   1993 

Nelson, Ralph and Mitsuko Yoshida. undated  

New Directions. 1952-2003 

(11 folders)

Royalty statements

The New Hope Foundation, Inc. 1975 

New York Public Library. 1984-1994 

New Mexico Quarterly. 1954 

Newberry, S.D. 1961-1964 

(2 folders)

Nichols, Martha. Writings: Thoughts on Things, A Review of The Granite Pail: The Selected Poems of Lorine Niedecker (North Point Press, 1985) 

Nicholson, Norman. 1987 

Nichtern, Claire. 1969 

Niedecker, Lorine. 1969 

(8 folders)

Letters to Corman, 1969 

Letters to Jonathan Williams, 1957-1970 


Letters to various friends, 1940s-1989 

Writings: The Granite Pail, edited by Corman (proofs, notes, etc.), miscellaneous writings

Checklist of works

Lorine Niedecker: A Centenary Celebration, October 9-11, 2003, conference packet

Miscellaneous materials

Nims, John Frederick.

See: Poetry [magazine]

Nishiwaki, J. 1963-1964 

Nitschke, Gunter. 1969-1978 

North Point Press. 1971-1996 

(3 folders)

Northwestern University Library. 1982 

Notus. 1986-1989 

Nowak, Mark Andrew. 1991-1996 

Box 32 O'Brien, Michael. 1984-1988 

O'Connor, Sara. 1986-1990 

Oderman, Kevin. 1982-1990 

(8 folders)

Writings: Earth and Awe: The One Poetry of George Oppen; Lorine Niedecker: Houses Into Hoopla

Odlin, Reno W. 1973,   1983-1998 

(12 folders)

Writings: Notes on Artificial Space; Miscellaneous writings

Oelze, F.W. 1952-1953 

Offen, Ron. 1987 

Ogawa, Kiyoko. 1993 

Ohannessian, Griselda.

See: New Directions

Ohashi, Yukiko. 2003 

Okada, Hideo. 1981-1982 

O'Leary, Peter. 1996-1999 

(2 folders)

Olson, Charles. 1952 

(3 folders)

Writings: The Moon is the Number 18; Miscellaneous printed

Ono, Shigeru and Miyoko. 1988 

Oostdijk, Diederik. 1997 

Oppen, George. 1972-1991,   2000 

(2 folders)

Writings: Selections from George Oppen's Daybook


Oppen, Mary. 1979-1989 

Oppenheimer, Joel. 1979 

Osborn, Gavin D. 2003 

Ossman, David. 1961-1963 

Ostriker, Alicia. 1979 

O'Sullivan, Johnn. 1983 

Oswald, Tom. 1999 

Ōta, Kazuo and Kiyomi. 1989 

Otchakovsky-Laurens, Paul. 1984 

Ott, Gil. 1979-1984 

(10 folders)

Box 33 Ott, Gil. 1985-2000 

(5 folders)

Owens, Mark. 1997-2000 

Owens, Richard. 2001-2003 

(5 folders)

Owens, Rochelle. 1963 

Oxford University Press. 1993 

P.E.N. American Center. 1979 

Paden, William. 1977,   1986,   1988 

Padgett, Ron. 1973 

Paideuma. 1982-1987,   1996 

(2 folders)

Palumbo, Franco. 1957,   1962-2003 

Parnassus: Poetry in Review. 1975,   1985,   1992 

Parsley, Jamie. 1993-1995 

(2 folders)

Paton, Alan. 1968-1971,   1982-1983 

Paul, Sherman. 1967,   1978,   1981-1987 

(8 folders)


Paulenich, Craig.

See: Johnson, Kent and Craig Paulenich

Pearson, Norman Holmes. 1963-1975 

Pearson, Ted. 1980-1984 

(2 folders)

Penberthy, Jenny Lynn. 1982-2003 

(4 folders)

Writings: Lorine Niedecker and Louis Zukofsky: Her Poems and Letters (1985) 

Pentagram Press. 1978 

Penzi, James. 1981 

Perchik, Simon. 1962,   1985 

(2 folders)

Writings: Poems, 1983-1984

Perkoff, Stuart Z. 1955,   1995 

Box 34 Perlman, John. 1969-1991 

(8 folders)

Writings: Swath, Three Years Rings, and miscellaneous

Perlzweig, Judith. 1951-1978,   1993 

(15 folders)

Perlzweig, Judith. From Corman, 1955-1978 

(8 folders)

Perron, Lee. 1993 

Persimmon Press. 1998-1999 

(2 folders)

Pete, Ami. 1958 

Peters, Margot. 2003 

Peters, Robert. 1994 

Petersen, Will. 1958-1961 

(5 folders)

Box 35 Petersen, Will. 1962-2002 

(10 folders)

Petersen, Will. From Corman, 1959-1994 

(2 folders)

Petersen, Will. Writings

(3 folders)

Petersen, Will. Biographical materials, notes and miscellaneous

Philips, Daniel. 1981 

Phillips, John. 1998-2001 

(18 folders)

Box 36 Phillips, John. 2002-2003 

(10 folders)

Pickard, Tom. 1964-1965 

Pindar, Ian.

See: The Harvill Press

Pines, Paul A. 2000 

Piper, Paul S. 1982 

Ploughshares. 1987 

The Poet [magazine]. 1953-1954 

Poetry [magazine]. 1950-1965,   1982 

Pollet, Sylvester. 1995-2003 

(4 folders)

Polshek, Ellyn.

See: Grossman Publishers

Ponge, Francis. 1958,   1963,   1969-1970,   1975 

Pornoff, Horrah.

See: Eshleman, Clayton

Porter, Bern. 1990 

Poston, Ron. 1986 

Potter, Nancy. 1964,   1981-1997 

Pound, Omar. 1983-1985 

Pounds, Wayne. 1983 

Presfield, Christopher. 2000-2001 

(4 folders)

Prynne, Jeremy. 1961,   1986 

Pryor, William. 1979 

Pucci, Umberto and Adriana. 1959 

Puette, Gill. 1982-1989 

Pullman, Philip. Letter from Corman, 2001 

Purpura, Lia.

See: Parnassus: Poetry in Review

Quartermain, Peter. 1972-1994 

(2 folders)

Quasha, George.

See: Station Hill Press

Quélen, Dominique. 1987-1992 

(4 folders)

Writings: Tributes to Corman by Sanesi

Quignand, Pascal. 1983-1987,   1998 

(2 folders)


Quillén, Jorge. 1953 

Quinn, Sister Bernetta. 1977-1978 

Rachewiltz, Mary de. 1961-1964,   1972 

Rachewiltz, Siefried Walter de. 1970 

Radeloff, Heinrich Johann. 1973 

(postcard with original watercolor)

The Raddle Moon. 1988 

Radford, Michele. 1990-1998 

(3 folders)

Writings: The Human Bond: The Mother/Daughter Archetype in the Poetics of Lorine Niedecker & Anne Sexton, Feb. 1993 

Rafal, Nancy F. 1998-1999 

Box 37 Rafal, Nancy F. 2000-2003 

(2 folders)

Rago, Henry. See: Poetry [magazine]

Rahmy, Philippe. 2001-2003 

Raiziss, Sonia. 1955 

Rakosi, Carl. 1975-1990 

Randall, David A.

See: The Lilly Library, Indiana University

Randall, Margaret. 1963-1969 

Random House, Inc. 1985 

Rannit, Aleksis. 1970-1985 

(5 folders)

Writings: Donum Etonicum

Ransford, Tessa. 1989-1990 

Rapaport, Herman. 1995 

Raphals, Lisa. 1989-1993 

(3 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Rapp & Whiting Ltd. 1970 

(2 folders)

Royalty statements

Rapp, Georg.

See: Rapp & Whiting Ltd.

Rathert, Karin. 1997 

Ratner, Rochelle. 1977-1979 

Raworth, Tom. 1962,   1964,   2001 

Ray, David and Judy Ray. 1996 

Rayner, Betty P. Letter from Corman, 1993 

Re, G.B., Monsignor. 1985 

Read, Herbert. 1963 

Reagan, Ronald. 1980 

Reames, Mark. 1979-1997 

(2 folders)

Reck, Mike. 1966-1967 

Reddan, Jerry. 1999-2003 

(2 folders)

Reed, James F., IV. 1996 

Reed, Sabrina.

See: Faas, Ekbert and Sabrina Reed

Regan, Max. 1994-1995 

Rehder, Robert. 2003 

Reiser, Anton.

Writings: Albert Einstein: A Biographical Portrait (photocopy of book, 1930) 

Reisman, Jerry. 1986-1991,   1999 

Renaudie, Marie-José. 1983-1984 

Reniker, Sherry. 1989-1996 

(3 folders)

Rexroth, Kenneth. 1962,   1964 

Reynolds, Tim. 1975,   1981 

Rhodes, Daniel. 1963 

Rice, Stan. 1985 

Richardson, Carrol. 2000 

Rissin, Rhoda.

See: New Directions

Robinett, Jane. 1977-1981 

Robinson, Ian. undated 

Rockwell, Warren Ayres, III. 1994 

(2 folders)

Writings: Ballads of Collagé

Roddan, Brooks. 1987-2000 

(3 folders)

Rodney, Janet. 1984 

Rogers, Benjamin. 1996 

Rogow, Zack. 1986 

Box 38 Rosebud. 1998 

Writings: America's Greatest Unknown Poet, by John Lehman (photocopied reprint from Rosebud magazine)

Rosenberg, Beth.

Writings: miscellaneous. Includes Letter to Corman from Paul Hapenny, 1993 

Rosenblum, Martin Jack. 1986-2003 

(18 folders)

Writings and miscellaneous

Rosenow, Ce. 1996-2003 

Roth, Marie. 1989-1990 

Rothenberg, David. 1996 

Writings: The Blue Cliff Record

Rothenberg, Jerome. 1981-2003 

Roub, Gail and Bonnie Roub. 1977-1993 

(3 folders)

Rouzier, Pierre. 1985 

Rowan, Lou. 2002 

Royet-Journoud, Claude. 1970-1997 

(4 folders)

Rubenstein, Barnet. 1963,   1989 

Rubenstein, Ed. Excerpt of letter. 1955 

Rubenstein, Richard.

See: Gryphon

Rubinstein, Raphael. 1997 

Rudolf, Anthony. 1972,   1983,   1992-1993 

Russell, Bertrand. 1955 

Russell, Peter. 1970 

Box 39 Ryan, Francis P. 1992-2002 

(7 folders)

Ryan, Robert. 1949 

Sachs, Belinda.

See: Coffee House Press

Sackheim, Eric. 1963-1969,   1978-1999 

(3 folders)

Writings: MAMPy dans Le Bab

Salgues, Sylvie. 1970 

Salinas, Jaime. 1956 

Salomon, I.L. 1970 

Samperi, Claudia.

See: Warren, Claudia (Samperi)

Samperi, Frank. 1960-1991 

(15 folders)

Samperi, Frank. Writings:

(7 folders)

  • a Marte
  • The Bow Window
  • Dante Alighieri's Paradise (translation)
  • filii Heber
  • Habitudinem
  • Intact
  • Manifestatio
  • Miscellaneous

Sandy, Charles. 2002-2003 

Sandy, Stephen. 1966,   1979-1985 

Sanesi, Roberto. 1961-1975,   1985,   1997 

(5 folders)

Writings: Per esempio (translation of Corman's poem "As an example" ); Miscellaneous

Box 40 Sato, Hiroaki. 1977 

Savery, Pancho. 1986 

Savlov, John. 1997-1998 

Sawyer, Larry. 1997-2003 

Scalapino, Leslie. 1988,   1992,   2000 


See: Mehrhoff, Charles

Scheffel, Bill. 1995-2001 

Schelling, Andrew. 1984-2003 

(8 folders)

Writings: Jataka Mind and miscellaneous

Schiffer, Edwina Curtis. 1953-1954,   1982-1996 

(20 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Box 41 Schonbrun, Adam Bruce. 1982-2003 

(7 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Schwerner, Armand. 1979-1984 

Scroggins, Mark. 2002 

Scully, Maurice. 1986-1996 

(2 folders)

Scully, Maurice. Writings:

(4 folders)

  • The Basic Colours: A Watchman's Log
  • The Development of Wings
  • Five Freedoms of Movement
  • The Lyrics

Seaton, Jerome P. 1969,   1986-1988 

Seghers, Pierre. 1953 

Seidman, Hugh. 1963-1964,   1985-1991 

Selerie, Gavin. 1982 

Seligson, Fred Jeremy. 1980-2001 

(20 folders)

Box 42 Seligson, Fred Jeremy. 2002-2003 

(3 folders)

Seligson, Fred Jeremy. Writings:

(3 folders)

  • How to Make a Baby Buddha
  • Just Friends
  • Rice Cakes

Selland, Eric. Writings

Sewell, Sandra. 1982-1985 

Shakley, Tiffiny. 2000 

Shantih [magazine]. 1973 

Shapazian, Robert.

See: The Lapis Press

Shapiro, Karl.

See: Poetry [magazine]

Sharp, Tom. 1979 

Shayer, Michael. 1961 

Shekeloff, Brian. 1965 

Sherlock, Frank. 1995-2002 

(2 folders)

Sherman, Bill. 1988-2003 

(8 folders)

Writings: Tourist Poems

Shiffert, Edith. 1955,   1963,   1979,   1982 

Shimoda, Minoru and Nobuko. 1987 

Shiode, Sanae. 1997 

Shively, Bill. 1989-1990 

Shively, Charley. 1983 

Shoemaker, Jack.

See: North Point Press

Sikelianos, Elení. 1991-1992 

Silberberg, Yaron. 1990 

Silliman, Ron. 1969,   1982-1985 

Silverstein, David. 1986 

Simas, Joseph. 1984-1992 

(7 folders)

Simas, Joseph. Writings:

(3 folders)

  • Easy Lessons in Reading, Or, Our Son Was a Tree
  • The Longer Sentiments of Middle
  • Miscellaneous

Simpson, Steve. 1997-2003 

(3 folders)

Šindolić, Vojo. 2000-2001 

Singh, Ram Krishna. 1998 

Sipper, Ralph Bruno.

See: Joseph the Provider

Skelt, Yasmin. 1988 

Box 43 Sladits, Lola.

See: New York Public Library

Smaldone, Jerry. 1995 

Smith, Charles. 1995 

Smith, Gerard M. 1988-1996 

(4 folders)

Smith, Lari. 1998 

Smith, Marla.

See: Notus

Smith, Pat.

See: Notus

Snell, Roger O. 1996-2003 

(5 folders)

Snyder, Gary. 1956,   1984 

Snyder, Kirtland. 1983-1993 

(2 folders)

Soai College (Osaka, Japan). 1996 

Soar, Geoffrey. 1984 

Sokolowski, Michael. 2003 

Solt, Mary Ellen. 1960-1974 

(4 folders)

Somlyó György. 1982-1984 

(2 folders)

Sorrentino, Gilbert.

See: Kulchur

Souster, Ray. 1975,   1982 

Sparrow Press.

See: Stefanile, Felix

Spence, Alan. 1996 

Spina, Vincent. 1986 

Stanley, Kim. Letter from Corman, 1972 

Starr Library, Middlebury College. 1986-1987,   1994 

Station Hill Press. 1968,   1980-1985 

(2 folders)

A Catalogue of Books, 1979 

Stefanile, Felix. 1960-1961,   1969,   1984 

Stepanchev, Stephen. 1986 

Stephan, Ruth. 1963 

Stephenson, Gregory. 1983 

Stephenson, Holly (Stevens).

See: Stevens, Holly

Stettner, Irving. To Scott Watson. 1996 

Steuding, Bob. 1984 

Stevens, Holly. 1955,   1964-1977 

Stevens, Wallace.

See: Stevens, Holly

Stewart, Becky. 1991 

Stickney, Charles. 1985 

Stokes, Adrian. 1961 

Stone Bridge Press. 1996 

Stout, Glenn.

See: Boston Public Library

Strauss, Mordechai. 2003 

Streisand, Barbra.

See: Gould, Elliott and Barbra Streisand

Strusinski, Evan. 1996-2003 

(2 folders)

Sturgeon, Tandy. 1988,   1994 

Sun & Moon Press. 1994-1998 

Suzuki, Ruriko. 2001 

Swallow, Alan. 1960 

Sweeney, James Johnson. 1967 

Sweeney, John L. 1948,   1960-1973 

Swiger, Burt. 1949 

Sykes, Laurel. 1994-1997 

(2 folders)

Sypher, Wylie. 1965 

Sze, Arthur. 1990-1991 

Szelényi, Anna. 1981 

Box 44 Tabios, Eileen. 1999 

Taggart, John. 1967-1974 

(8 folders)

Writings: To Go Down To Go Into and Miscellaneous

Tagliabue, John. 1982 

Taguchi, Tetsuya. 1992-1993 

Takiguchi, Shuzo. 1963 

Tanaka, Noritsura and Shizue. 1966 

Tanemura, Kenneth. 1999 

Tarachow, Michael.

See: Pentagram Press

Tarlin, Bertram J. 1954,   1985-2003 

(3 folders)

Writings: untitled

Tarlo, Harriet. 1995 

Tarn, Nathaniel. 1963-1964,   1972 

Tarr, Fred. 1978 

Taylor, Mary C.

See: Persimmon Press

Taylor, James R.

See: Persimmon Press

Taylor, Priscilla.

See: The Key Reporter (The Phi Beta Kappa Society)

Taylor, Thomas. 1993 

Tedlock, Dennis. 1977 

Writings: Toward an Oral Poetics (reprint, 1977) and critique of reprint by Corman

Tellermann, Esther. 1993-1996 

(2 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Templeton, Mil. 1985 

Terrell, Carroll F.

See: Paideuma

Teter, Park. 1994 

Thatcher, Kristine. 1985-1989 

(3 folders)

Writings: Niedecker

Thayler, Carl. 1962-1970 

Thilleman, Tod. 1998 

Thoby-Marcelin, (Emile) Philippe and Eva Thoby-Marcelin. 1951 

Writings: Miscellaneous

Thurman, Eva. 1954 

Tolnay, Tom.

See: Birch Brook Press

Tomlinson, Charles. 1963,   1965,   1972 

Tomlinson, Jerry. 1998-2000 

Toothpaste Press. 1982-1983 

Torra, Joseph. 1989-1993 

(3 folders)

Treharne, Mark. 1977 

Triem, Eve. 1979,   1981 

Tripi, Vincent. 2001-2003 

TriQuarterly. 1988 

Trufelli, Mario. 1963 

Tsuji, Shindo. 1961 

Tsutaka, Waichi. 1973-1979 

Tufts University Library. 1971 

Turnbull, Gael. 1981-2003 

(6 folders)

Uchima, Toshiko. 1975 

Uchiyama, Tohru. 1992 

Uda, Kiyoshi and Taeko. 1987 

University of California, San Diego, Library. 1991 

University of California Press. 1976 

University of Delaware Library. 1982,   2001 

University of Iowa. 1981 

University of Michigan Library. 1995 

University of New Hampshire Library. 1998 

Box 45 Vallejo, Georgette de. 1975 

Van Haardt, Georges. 1960-1978 

(2 folders)

Vasquez, Leopoldo. 1962 

Vega, Janine Pommy. 1997 

Veinstein, Alain. 1974 

Venkatesh, Krishnan. 1981,   1983 

Ventura, Michael. 1989 

Venuti, Lawrence. 1991 

Vickers, Brian. 1990 

Vidal, Jean Pierre. 1981 

Vieira, John. 1986-2003 

(6 folders)

W.A.C. Bennett Library, Simon Fraser University. 1984-2000 

Waanders, Hans. 1995-1996 

Wagner-Martin, Linda. 1997-1998 

Wain, John. 1976 

Wakao, Kazumaro. 1965-1966,   1987 

Waldman, Anne. 1971,   1980,   1996 

Waldrop, Keith. 1984-1986 

(2 folders)

Writings: translation of État, by Anne-Marie Albiach

Waldrop, Rosmarie. 1993-2001 

Walker, Johnnie. Letter from Corman, 2000 

Walsh, Catherine. 1994 

Walsh, Frank D., Jr. 2003 

Walsh, Phyllis. 1986-2002 

(6 folders)

Walsh, William. 1967 

Walter, Gaspari. 1977-1991 

(4 folders)

Writings: miscellaneous

Wang, David Rafael. 1966 

Wangmo, Tsering. 1996-2003 

(5 folders)

Writings: Rules of the House

Warren, Claudia (Samperi) and Eric Warren. 1991-1999 

Box 46 Watson, Craig. 1981-2002 

(3 folders)

Watson, Craig. Writings:
  • Fluency
  • Picture of the Picture of the Image in the Glass
  • XWorld

Watson, Scott. 1990-2003 

(26 folders)

Writings: Miscellaneous

Box 47 Weil, James L. 1969-2003 

(25 folders)

Printed materials pertaining to The Elizabeth Press

See also: Brandeis University Library

Box 48 Weiland, Andreas. 1985-1987,   1992-2003 

(8 folders)

Writings and translations: The End of the Century, translation of Next to Nothing, and miscellaneous

Weinberg, Steven. 1983-1986 

Weinberger, Eric. 1975,   1981,   1992 

Weinstein, Norman. 1983 

Weiss, Jason. 1984 

Weiss, Theodore. 1976,   1978 

Weissbort, Daniel. 1993-1994 

Welch, Michael Dylan. 1998,   2002 

Wenning, Henry. 1962 

Wentworth, Don. 1996-2003 

Wesleyan University Press. 1999 

Wesling, Donald.

See: Coffee House Press

Whigham, Peter. 1969-1971 

White Pine Press.

See: Dennis Maloney

Whiteman, Bruce. 1982,   1990,   1993 

Whiting, Nathan. 1987 

Whiting, Ronald.

See: Rapp & Whiting Ltd.

Whittington, Jont. 1995 

Widershien, Marc. 1977 

Wieck, David. 1953 

Wiegers, Michael L.

See: Coffee House Press

Wieners, John. 1957 

Wiest, Steve. 1967,   1974 

Wilcox, Annette. 1956-1957 

Wilding, Michael. 1976-1977 

Wilk, David. 1982-1987 

Williams, Jonathan.

See: The Jargon Society

Williams, Loring. 1969 

Williams, William Carlos. 1961 


Wilmarth, Richard. 1999 

Wilson, Joanne. 1996-2003 

(3 folders)

Wilson, John. 1974-1975 

Wilson, Keith C. 1961-1998 

(2 folders)

Wilson, Lari.

See: Smith, Lari

Wind, Edgar. 1963 

Winds (The Inflight Magazine of Japan Airlines). 1986-1987 

Winter, Laura. 1998-2002 

Wiseman, Malcolm.

See: Stop Press

Witemeyer, Hugh. 1985 

Witt-Diamant, Ruth. 1960 

Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company. 1983 

Wodening, Jane.

See: Brakhage, Jane

Wolf, Howard. 1984 

Woodham, Jim. 1989-2002 

Woodward, John. 1989 

Woolf, Douglas. 1969-1970 

Wray, Ron. 1985 

Wright, David W. 1995-1999 

(2 folders)

Wright, James. 1972 

Wright, Judith. 1955 

Yaguchi, Yorifumi. 1982 

Yamada Art Gallery.

See: Yamada, T.

Yamada, T. 1967,   1973,   1989-1990 

(2 folders)

Miscellaneous materials

Yamamoto, Tatsuo. undated 

Yamanaka, John.

See: The Japan Times, Inc.

Yamano, Shigehiko. 1994 

Yamashita, Junko. 1985 

Yanai, Takeyuki. 2000 

Yanaihara, I. 1968 

Yashima, Mitsu. 1950 

Yoshida, Hirotake and Sachiyo. 1986 

Yoshida, Kazumoro. 2000 

Yoshikawa, Tsuneko. 1988-1990 

Young, Karl. 1988 

Writings: A Book of Nocturn

Yuichi, Inoue. 1970 

Zachary, Robert Y.

See: University of California Press

Zainal, Patricia M. 1994 

Zambaras, Vassilis. 1984-1988 

Zamir, Shamoon. 1989 

Zanelli, Laura Barile. 1969-1970 

Zanoni, Joe. 1985 

Box 49 Zukofsky, Celia. 1978-1980 

Zukofsky, Louis. 1944-1976 

(7 folders)

Photocopies and excerpts of correspondence with others; Writings: 80 flowers; Miscellaneous, mostly photocopies of printed writings

Zukofsky, Paul. 1985,   1996 


Series: Writings

Subseries: Journals/Memoirs


Box 49 1. 1993, Sept. 16-1994, July 4 

(3 folders).

Includes clippings removed from volume

2. 1995, July 1-21 

3. 2000, July 26-2001, Feb. 12 

(2 folders).

Includes items removed from volume

4. 2001, Feb. 13-Sept. 6 

(2 folders).

Includes clippings removed from volume

5. 2001, Sept. 7-2002, May 13 

(2 folders).

Includes clippings removed from volume

6. 2002, May 14-2003, Feb. 5 

(2 folders).

Includes clippings removed from volume

7. 2003, Feb. 6-Nov. 11 

(2 folders).

Includes items removed from volume

8. 2003, Oct. 8-14 

Box 98 Notes removed from Journals 3 thru 7

(1 card file box)


Box 49 I. 1965, May 17 

II. 1966, Apr. 11 

Box 50 III. 1967, Dec. 17 

(2 folders).

Includes items removed from volume

IV. undated 

V. undated 

Subseries: Poetry

Arranged by title of published or unpublished volume, though some folders may only include a few items related to a published work. One folder per title, unless otherwise indicated. Unsorted, individual poems follow.

Box 50 The Abettors.



(12 folders)

Box 51 Ado (cont.)

(17 folders)

Box 52 Aegis.

One poem, note and review only


All the Papyrus

And the Word.

Reviews only


(2 folders)

Anything Knows

The Apotheosis


As If

At This Point



Being Saigyō


(2 folders)

The Book of Nothing

Breath Works

But What Is Said


Buts II

Buts III

Box 53 Celan

The Conversations

The Descent From Daimonji.

Italian translations of several poems only

The Despairs

Earth Sensei

The Edge


The Enhancement

The Entr'acte

Essere Continuato.

Review and royalty statement only

The Exultations - in memory of Stella Makin

Field Notes

Figures of Speech

For All Time

For Instance

For the First Time

For the Silences

For the Silences II

For the Silences III

For Whom

Box 54 Getting Through


Give Away

Going Going

Good Guise


Two poems removed from published volume only

Having To




The Impossible

In Particular: Poems New and Selected.

Review only

In Payment

In the Clear

In Vain

Invitation to Primavera

Just Asking

A Language Without Words

Left Overs

Living Costs

Living Dying

Box 55 The Messages

The Mirror Makers

Next to Nothing

No Answer

No Choice

No News

No Shit.

One poem, review and ad only

Not To Digress

Not Without Reason

Nothing Doing

Nothing Doing

(3 folders)


Now Now


Of, Volumes 1-2

(8 folders)

Box 56 Of, Volume 3

(4 folders)

The Old Show

On the Sun

Once Again

Only Words


Out and Out.

Reviews, notes, several Portuguese translations only

The Package

The Pitch



One poem and contents page only


The Precisions





Root Song.

One poem only

Box 57 'S

Sez You

The Silences


So Much

Songs of Silence

So Far So Good

The Squeeze


To Be Continued

To Occupy a Space

(2 folders)


Title page only

Too Much






What More Is There?

What the Hell

What We Are

Where Its At

Words For Each Other.

Review only

Box 58 You Suckers!

Untitled volume

"Old Poems"

(2 folders)

Signed poems

Miscellaneous poetry

(12 folders)

Box 59 Miscellaneous poetry

(9 folders)

Subseries: Prose

Arranged alphabetically by title of essay or book-length work. Book reviews, a notebook of essays, film reviews, forewords, introductions and prefaces, fragments of works, and printed essays complete this section.

Box 59 Aesthetic Theory. 8/22/84 

27 p.

After Auschwitz. 7/22/83 

2 p.

Afterwards/Now. 2/28/79 

3 p.

The American in Japan. 10/21/89 

7 p.

And Yet. week of mid July 1984 

23 p.

Animal Behavior. 3/16-17/86 

17 p.

Another Look at Vermeer's "Painter in His Studio" 2/12/73 

8 p.

Aristotle's Pill. 5/15/94 

2 p.

The Art. 6/27/59 

[1 p.]

Art as Leisure. 11/21/84 

9 p.

The Art of Human Community. 8/11/73 

7 p.

Art/Religion. 10/7/73 

3 p.

As Against Darwin. 4/30/80 

[5 p.]

An Audience of One at Hamlet. 2/9/85 

360 p. (2 folders)


Backfield in Motion: Zukofsky's "The Old Poet Moves to a New Apartment 14 Times." 10/4-7/84 

28 p.

The Bath. 2/18/59 

2 p.

Beckett, Laporte & Van Velde. 7/27/84 

[8 p.]

Being Orestes. undated 

7 p.

Betwixt & Between. undated 

[5 p.]

Beyond Myth & Beyond Philosophy. 1/13/94 

2 p.

The Bios Bias. 3/8/84 

6 p.

The Blight of Man. 9/15/89 

3 p.

A Blue Night Beacon. 1985 

3 p.

Breath Works. undated 

2 p.

CO [Charles Olson]: New Man and Woman. 1975 

6 p.

Care Care and Dear Concern. 12/15/58 

8 p.

The Ceiling/in situ. 5/5/83 

3 p.

Chiaroscuro. 8/4/84 

20 p.

The Challenge of Lucidity or the Act of Darkness. undated 

[2 p.]


The Chicken & the Egg (Evolution Again). 6/8/84 

6 p.

Clive Bell's Art. 11/26/60 

3 p.

A Commentary of Hopkins' Notes on Poetic Structures. 6/17/59 

5 p.

A Commentary on "Imagination as Value." undated 

2 p.

The Conscience of Poetry. 1/12/87 

10 p.

The Criteria. 5/20/59 

>4 p.

The Death of a Wand. 3/12/90 

6 p.

The Dimension of a Language as Spiritual Event. 3/2/82 

6 p.

Dismembering Poets. undated 

12 p.

La Dolce Vita. 7/26/61 

4 p.

Don't Mind Me. 8/21/83 

20 p.

The Door. 3/1/67 

2 p.

Dreamery. 6/28-30/77 

36 p.

Drugs. 1/15/75 

3 p.

Durable Fire. undated 

11 p.

Dying Place. 12/5/84 

5 p.

Earth People/Sky People/People People: Essays of Edgar Anderson. 12/7/85 

13 p.

The Economics of Poetry. undated 

[2 p.]


The Edge of Silence: An Extended Reading of Ted Enslin's Ranger. 5/85 

288 p.

Eight Contemporary Poets, by Calvin Bedient (Oxford University Press, 1974). Book review. undated 


[25 p.]

The Ethno+Ecologist in His Laboratory. 4/15/59 

3 p.

The Evasions of one. 6/10/73 

8 p.

Evil. 7/29/88 

3 p.

The Experts Tell Us. Book review of Your Child is a Person, by Dr. Stella Chess, et al. undated 

16 p.

Fame is the Lure. 6/5/86 

2 p.

Family (film treatment). undated 

Photocopy. 4 p.

Finding the Word: A Study of "Pamphylian" (1951) in the Zukofsky Canon. 10/17-18/86 

8 p.

The Flowering. 11/15/85 

3 p.

For Ellen Zweig in Ann Arbor. 7/14/77 

4 p.

The Freudian Complexities. 1/4/96 

4 p.

The Futility of Life. 7/31/94 

2 p.

Facing Eden or Extinction. 10/17/81-11/2/83 

2 p.

Génie. undated 

3 p.

Glass Mountains. 11/1/73 

15 p.

History/Facts/Event. 3/3/84 

7 p.

Idiosyncratics. 11/10/81 

4 p.

Immemorialities. 4/5/87 

4 p.

The Immortality of Art. 5/24/76 

3 p.

In Critique. undated 

7 p.

In Other Words: Essays on the Art of Language, Volume III. 5/10/78 

[ca. 200 p.]

In the End. 8/8/77 

3 p.

In View/In Loco. 4/29/83 

5 p.

Instance: Poetry and Ego. 4/4/86 

5 p.

The Interior Paramour: Wallace Stevens' Ordinary Evening. 4/84 

67 p.

Interpretations. 4/30/77 

6 p.

The Issue of Space. undated 

10 p.

(pub. Winds: Inflight Magazine of Japan Air Lines, May 1987)

Jargonautical. 6/8/92 

2 p.

Jottings. 1948-1952 

[ca. 200 p.] (2 folders)

The Just Society. 80's 

2 p.

Justice on Trial. 12/15/85 

5 p.

Justices (treatment for television series). undated 

[6 p.]

Box 60 Kafka & the Need to Write, for Maurice Blanchot In honorem. 1990 

15 p.

Kyoto/as a way of life. undated 

8 p.

(pub. Winds: Inflight Magazine of Japan Air Lines, Oct. 1986)

Kyoto: Words of Autumn. undated 

11 p.

Language Imagination. undated 

10 p.

Learning Matisse. 3/26/83 

3 p.

Leda & the Swan. 9/24/74 

8 p.

Leisure As Culture. 8/6/83 

9 p.

Leonardo's Vision. 1/25/77-10/23/77 

15 p.

Letters from Younger Poets. 6/8/88 

63 p.

Letters to Myself. 1972 

[9 p.]

The Limits of Judgment. 5/12-13/80 

11 p.

The Little Mag: A Reading of Felix Stefanile's Essay, "The Imagination of the Amateur" (1982). 5/10/82 

7 p.

The Loss of the Frame, The Abandonment of the Surface. undated 

4 p.

Louis Zukofsky. undated 

2 p.

Lucky Inc. undated 

[2 p.]

Making Out: a sort of dialogue--i.e. between two old poets. 8/6/77 

5 p.

Marginalia on Conversations with Levi-Strauss/Charbonnier. 1/17-28/72 

50 p.

Marginalia on T.S. Eliot's Essays on Poetry & Poets. undated 

17 p.

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. Notes. 1955 

[ca. 40 p.]

The Meaning. 5/12/77 

4 p.

The Meaning of Nature. 3/9/92 

3 p.

Meeting in Firenze. 11/1/81 

7 p.

The Mimesis Issue. 8/9/77 

5 p.

The Misologue. undated 

4 p.


Misunderstandings: Roland Barthes' Empire of Signs, 1983. 2/10/84 

19 p.

More on the Sounding of Poems. 4/5/67 

3 p.

The Mountain. 4/3/59 

[2 p.]

Mountains for Mohammad. 5/20-21/85 

5 p.

Movement in the Integral Education of Man. undated 

2 p.


The Movement of Poetry. 4/27/77 

[11 p.]

My Log Book / notes 1930-1936. undated 

4 p.

Nature, Mother of Invention. Book review of The Engineering of Plant Life, by Felix R. Paturi (Pelican Book, 1978). 7/18-30/78 

35 p.

The New Abstraction/The New Evasion. 12/7-8/82 

4 p.

No Teach. 7/28/68 

225 p. (2 folders)

miscellaneous notes, drafts and clippings.

A Note on Hayakawa Ikutada. 5/27/87 

3 p.

Notes on "The Dynamics of Creation," by Anthony Storr (1972, reprint by Penguin Books, 1976). undated 

10 p.


Notes on the "Notes" [Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction, by Wallace Stevens]. 8/79 

[93 p.]

Notes Towards a New Cinema. 5/30/84 

3 p.

Notes Toward "Real-Theatre." 8/28/59 

4 p.

Now. 4/17/59 

2 p.

The Obfuscations of Mentality. 3/10-13/85 

26 p.

The Obligation of Failure: Poetry and "The Real World." 11/24-25/84 

19 p.

Oedipus Revisited. 4/23-25/75 

[12 p.]

Of a Piece. undated 

56 p.


On "Culture is Not Neutral, Whom Does It Serve?" by Meredith Tax,...(Pelican, 1972). 4/25/74 

19 p.

On Poetry. 3/17/59 

[1 p.]

On Rhyme. 5/11/59 

2 p.

On the Rembrandt Chapter of Max Raphael's "The Demands of Art" . 3/3/70 

7 p.

The Opener. 12/19/80 

8 p.

The Oral Art. 7/13/75 

7 p.

Oral Drama. 5/22/68 

2 p.

The Oral Poem & Its Copy. 3/23/85 

5 p.

The Oral Poem As Against the Oral Tradition. 8/16/77 

5 p.

The Oral Relation. 7/6/75 

3 p.

The Orality of Poetry. 10/5/85 

[18 p.]

The Order of Poetry. 9/3/84 

3 p.

The Order of Words. 1/31/82 

4 p.

The Overinformed Heart. 9/14/86 

17 p.

Page One. 10/15/83 


Part of the Long Return. 5/10/61 

3 p.

Personality and Expression. 1950 

2 copies, 6 p. and 4 p.

Perspectives in Painting. 5/30/59 

[1 p.]

The Play's the Thing. 5/15/75 

2 p.

Poet as Re-Source. 7/29/68 

3 p.

The Poetics of Language. 6/10/82 

44 p.

Poetists & Poeticians. 8/9/90 

5 p.

The Poetry As It Occurs. 3/29/78 

2 p.

The Poetry Of Poetry. undated 

[1 p.]


Poetry: The Art of Breathing Words. 7/12/59 

3 p.

The Postmodernist. 10/1/76 

2 p.

Posthistorical Man. 9/29/76 

3 p.

The Predicament of Hamlet. 6/2/59 

3 p.

The Prize. 5/6/84 

3 p.

Pronounced Eyes. 10/26-27/88 

[3 p.]

Prosecution of the Child Parent, a discussion of Morton Schatzman's Soul Murder (Penguin, 1976). undated 

4 p.


Pushing the Oral Improvisation. 5/14/68 

3 p.

The Quality of Theatre. 5/7/75 

7 p.

Raphael on "Guernica." 3/8/70 

4 p.

Reading plan of Narration D'Equilibre . undated 

[4 p.]

Real Theatre. 8/8/66 

3 p.

The Real Worth. undated 

2 p.

Recognitions. 12/6/76 

3 p.

Reflection on Reflections in Natural History (notes on S.J. Gould's Ever Since Darwin, 1977). 6/26/83 

14 p.

The Relations of Poetry. 7/25/92 

3 p.

Repetition. undated 

3 p.

A Reply to the Laureate. 10/28/82 

9 p.

Resuming Oral Poetry. 3/28/68 

3 p.

The Return. 10/16/58 

4 p.

The Revelation & Vigor of Language. undated 

[2 p.]

The Rhetoric of Existence. 2/14/59 

2 p.

Rimbaud's "H." 1/26/76 

6 p.

Rimbaud's "Hélène." undated 

3 p.

Rimbaud's "Mémoire." 10/21/75 

[21 p.]

Robbe-Grillet as Theorist. 4/20/71 

3 p.

St. Martin's, Robert Creeley. 8/7/71 

6 p.

The Scientific. 2/21/80 

[10 p.]

The Shape of the Plough. 4/27/55 

2 p.


Shelley & the "Accident" of his Death. undated 

5 p.

Shiryu Morita & Yuichi Inoue: Modern calligraphy. 4/16-29/65 

[ca. 40 p.]

Various drafts and copies.

The Sign of the Poem. 9/22/67 

4 p.

A Slow Response to Projective Verse. undated 

9 p.

The Soft Touch. 3/10/84 

23 p.

Some Light on Darkness. 2/14/85 

9 p.

Specimen Badge. 12/10/84 

10 p.

Some Notes on Improvisation in Relation to Oral Poetry. 3/11/78 

6 p.

Starglow. 6/23/85 

4 p.

Still Life. 8/7-8/66 

9 p.

The Story. 11/10/58 

2 p.

Sudden Awakenings. 9/25/91 

5 p.

The Suspect. undated 

2 p.

T S Eliot. 8/20/59 

3 p.

The Talk. 10/7/85 

2 p.

Tempest. undated 

188 p. (2 folders).

Includes draft pages and notes. ca. 50 p.

There's Gould in Them There Selected Hills. 6/5/98 

3 p.

The Thing in Itself. 12/2/84 

6 p.

Threads. 10/26/73 

9 p.

Three Faces of Poetry: William Carlos Williams, Louis Zukofsky, George Oppen. 11/84 

72 p.

Includes addenda. [7 p.]

The Tinbergen Sense of Autism. undated 

5 p.


To Hell With Making a Speech? undated 

2 p.

Too Much Love is Enough. 6/18/69 

3 p.

A Tottery Waltz. 6/25/84 

7 p.

Towards a Philosophy of Poetry. 5/3-4/92 

[3 p.]

Translation Revisited. 1/11-12/81 

12 p.

Translations: The Metaphysical Act. 2/16/84 

4 p.

Truths. 9/21/74 

3 p.

The Understanding of Dreams. 8/9/84 

6 p.

The Unteachables. 5/18/71 

[ca. 60 p.]

Includes several related articles and clippings

Valery's Art of Poetry. 1/12/62 

8 p.

Includes notes [6 p.]

La Vigilia. 2/20/59 

3 p.

The Violence of Being. 6/8/88 

4 p.

Visual Meditation: The Art of Hidetaka Ohno. [1963?] 

[ca. 150 p. and a notebook] (2 folders)

The Weed Garden. undated 

2 p.


What's Going on Here. 9/5/87 

6 p.

What's In a Name? 1/26/78 

3 p.

Where Were We Now: Essays & Postscriptum. 1991 


Who's Obdurate. 9/30/93 

5 p.

Why Poetry? Why Me? Why Why? 5/18/77 

3 p.

Word for Word: Essays on the Art of Language, Volume I.

Includes various essays, mostly 1982 and review and copyright certificates for Volume I and Volume II titled At Their Word.

Words as Rhythm. 6/9/77 

12 p.

Working the Desert. 10/26/84 

5 p.

Box 61 Year One. 1963 

[ca. 400 p.]

Zukofsky/Adams. 5/19/84 

3 p.

Zukofsky's Conflations. 4/15/83 

4 p.

[Zukofsky, Louis. A 1-12]. 1980s-1990s 

(6 folders)

[Zukofsky, Louis. Anew]. 1986-1994 

[ca. 100 p.]

Untitled essays

(2 folders)

Book reviews

"Essays" Notebook. 1965 

Film reviews. 1947-1948 

Forewords, introductions and prefaces


(3 folders)

Printed essays:

The Feeling in the Make of Poetry. (Origin, fourth series, No. 5, Oct. 1978) 


The Issues of Translation as Related to The Manyōshū . (Twentieth Century Studies #11, Sept. 1974) 


The Man/the Poet: Paul Blackburn. (Sixpack, No. 7/8, Spring/Summer 1974) 




(source unknown)

To Each Other We Will Speak. 1/16/85 

Photocopy of printed article

Subseries: Translations

Arranged alphabetically by author and title of work translated by Corman. Many of the translations are only portions of a particular work. These are preceded by "from:". Completing this section is the Man'yôshû.

Box 61 Aeschylus


Les Suppliants

Albiach, Anne-Marie

from: Le Chemin de l'ermitage

from: Mezza voce

Alferi, Pierre

Le Chemin familier

Anelisseau, Benoît

Interview from L'humidité, XXV

Artaud, Antonin


from: Oeuvres complètes

Babel, Isaac

Crossing into Poland

Barron, W.R.J., ed.

from: Sir Gawain and the green knight

Bashō, Matsuo

Back roads to far towns

(2 folders).

Includes various clippings and printed material

from: Bashō's haiku

from: History of Haiku I

from: Haiku, Vol. I-IV


Bataille, Georges

from: Théorie de la Religion

Baudelaire, Charles

from: Oeuvres complètes

A Previous life

Beltrametti, Franco

from: Eleven poems

from: Uno di quella gente condor

Miscellaneous poems

Benn, Gottfried

Drei alte manner: F.W. Oelze responses to Corman questions

Blanchot, Maurice

The Book to come

from: L'Instant de ma mort

To lie down upon Nikita (from L'Espace Littéraire)

Blok, Alexandre

from: Alexandre Blok

Brito, Manuel

Lorca variations

Cahen, Didier

from: La Largeur d'un pied d'homme.

Includes printed edition

Caimbeul, Maoilis M.

from: Villages/towns: Poems in Gaelic with English versions


from: Carmina


Cattafi, Bartolo


Cavafy, Constantine

Claudius the king, from: Three poems of passion

Celan, Paul

from: Atemwende

from: Fadensonnen

from: Gedichte II

Box 62 Celan, Paul (cont.)

from: Last poems

from: Der Meridian

from: Niemand's rose

from: Poems

Speak too you


(2 folders).

Includes printed version

from: Zeitgehöff

Several poems, from: L'Éphemère l

Various poems

Chappius, Pierre

from: André du Bouchet

Char, René

Arthur Rimbaud

from: Aromates chasseurs

The Crevice

from: Dans la pluie giboyeuse

Fureurs et mystère

from: Hypnos waking

from: Leaves of hypnos

from: Ouevres complètes

from: La Paroi

from: Recherche de la base et du sommet

Return upstream

Miscellaneous poems

Ch'u, Ta-kao, translator

from: Tao te ching: A new translation

Cohen, Marcel

Assassinat d'un Garde, from: Sculpture, By Emmanuel Salnier

Four anamneses (Edmond Jabès) , from: E J, by Dominigue Fourcade, et al.

from: Je ne sais pais le nom

Quatre novelles

from: 35 Novelles

Miscellaneous poems

Cohen, Marcel and Gerald Thupinier

from: Hostinato rigore

Collobert, Danielle

Il donc

Daive, Jean

Le Cri-cerveau

from: Fut bâti

from: Le Jeu des séries scéniques

Narrative of equilibrium

from: La répetition

Un Transitif

Dalmjró, Omar



from: Dante's Lyric Poetry

De vulgari eloquentio

from: Divina commedia

from: Rime

Daumal, René

from: Bharata: L'origine du theatre

Chaque fois que l'aube paraît

Poèsie noir

DeGuérin, Maurice

The Centaur

Denis, Philippe


Autour d'une absence


from: Revif

Du Bouchet, André

Aujourd'hui c'est

Cendre tyrant sur le bleu, from: Revue de la Bibliotéque Nationale, 1985 

La Couleur

Dans la chaleur vacante

Dregs of the storm, from: Tempest

Further than the eye of a figure, from: L'Éphemère 1

Hölderin aujourd'hui

Ici en deux

from: L'Incohérence

Un Jour de plus augmenté d'un jour


Ou le soleil

from: Rapides

Sous le linteau en forme de joug

Transcrit d'un calepin, from: La Revue de belles-lettres (3-4: 1975) 

...which isn't turned toward us, from: L'Éphemère 8

Miscellaneous poems, from: Clivages 5-6


from: Iphigenia

Faure, Henri Simon

Tombeau de marine Valentin

Ferrari, Eric

from: Figurer

from: Vacation

Fourcade, Dominique

from: Le Ciel pas d'angle

from: #62

Frénaud, André

The Old Country, from: L'Éphemère 3

Gaspari, Walter

from: Théâtre du silence, No. 1

Genet, Jean

from: The Atelier of Alberto Giacometti

Gentile, Giovanni

from: The Theory of mind as pure act

Giacometti, Alberto

Paris without end, from: L'Éphemère

Gilbert-Lecomte, Roger

Various poems

Giroux, Roger

from: Voici

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von

from: Selected verse

Grisel, Laurent

Bestiaire corse

Guillén, Jorge

Various poems from: Affirmation: A bilingual anthology, 1919-1966


The view from Cold Mountain

Heidegger, Martin

Dichterisch wohnet der Mensch, from: La Traverse 7

Hisamatsu, Sen'ichi

from: Zen and fine art

Holan, Vladimir

from: L'Abime de l'abime

Hölderlin, Friedrich

from: Gedichte

from: Poèmes

from: Selected verse

Various poems


Various verses

Jabés, Edmond

Various poems

Jaccottet, Philippe


from: Chants d'en bas

from: L'Effraie

from: L'Ignorant.

Includes French edition

Invisible birds, from: L'Éphemère 2

from: Journées

from: Leçons

Notes, from: La Traverse 7

from: L'Obscurité

from: Paysages

from: Poèsie, 1946-1967

from: La Promenade

from: Le Semaison

from: Starlings

from: A travers un verger

Jiménez, Juan Ramen

from: Bright Root, by Peter Levitt

Kafka, Franz


Kenko, Yoshida

from: Essays in Idleness

Kim Su-Yong

Various poems

Kunze, Reiner

Various poems

Kusano, Shimpei

Frogs and others: Poems

from: Mt. Fuji.

(woodcuts by Munakata Shikō)

Various poems

Box 63 LaPorte, Roger

Bram Van Velde, or that little fascinating thing

A Desperate suffering, from: Hölderlin une douleur éperdue

from: Écrire la musique

from: Moriendo

from: Mozart 1790.

Includes French edition


Leopardi, Giacomo

from: Canti


Poesie e Prose

To the Moon

Linkert, Nicolas

20 gedichte

Luzi, Mario

Nel corpo oscuro della metamorfosi.

Includes Italian edition

Nel magma

Machado, Antonio

from: Juan de Mairena

Mallarmé, Stéphane

from: Dix poèmes.

Includes French edition

from: Mallarmé.

Includes French edition

from: Oeuvres completes

from: Poésies

from: Selected poetry and prose

from: Vingt poèmes

Malherbe, Alain

Various poems

Mandel'shtam, Osip

from: Selected poems

Martin, Yves

from: L'Hopital vole.

Includes French edition

Mohamed, Said

from: Délits de faciès

Monod, Jean

from: Leçons du cœur

Montale, Eugenio

from: La Bufera.

Includes Italian edition

from: Diario del 71

from: It depends: A poet's notebook

from: Motetti

from: New poems

from: Le Occasioni.

Includes Italian edition

from: Ossi di seppia

from: Satura

from: Selected poems

Various poems

Müller, F. Max

from: The Sacred books of the east

Nagler, Michael N.

from: Spontaneity and tradition: A study in the oral art of Homer

Nerval, Gerard de

from: Les Chimères


from: Pre-Socratic philosophers

Pavese, Cesare

from: La Letteratura Americana e altri saggi

from: Poesie: Lavorare stanca, Verra la morte e avra I tuoi occhi

Penna, Sandro

from: Tutte le poesie

Untitled work

Pilinszky, János

from: Poèmes choisis.

Includes French edition

Various poems


from: Olympian odes

Ponge, Francis

from: Le Grand recueil

Nioque in early Spring, from: L'Éphemère 2

Opinion changed about flowers, from: L'Éphemère 5

The Wasp, from: La Rage de l'expression



Quignard, Pascal

La Chambre non balayée de Sôsos de Pergame

Languages and death

Tous les matins

Reverdy, Pierre

Main d'oeuvre

Rilke, Rainer Maria

Duino Elegies. Removed from and based on the following translations by:

Angelloz, J.-F.

(2 folders).

Including French edition

Garmy, Stephen.

Leishman, J.B. and Stephen Spender.

Including English edition

Poulin, A., Jr.

From the remains of Count C.W.

Leishman, J.B.

New Poems. Removed from and based on the following translations by:

Leishman, J.B.

Snow, Edward A.

Rilke on love and other difficulties.

Mood, John J.L.

from: Selected works, Vol. I: Prose

from: Selected works, Vol. II: Poetry

from: Sonnets to Orpheus

from: Sonnets to Orpheus, based on translation by M.D. Herter Norton.

Includes English edition by Norton

from: Das Testament

from: Translations from the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, based on translation by M.D. Herter Norton

Rimbaud, Arthur

from: Anthologie, edited by Pierre Brunel

Oeuvres completes


from: Selected verse, translated by Oliver Bernard.

Includes Penguin edition

Miscellaneous poetry

Box 64 Rouzier, Agnés

from: La fait même d'écrire

Royet-Journod, Claude

Indivisible natures

Les objets contiennent l'infini

Méthode descriptive

Ruriko, Kazue

There is no time to lose


Great fool

Sanesi, Roberto

from: Oberon in Catene

from: Poesie per athikte

Rapporto informativo



Sappho and Alcaeus

Scotellaro, Rocco

from: Contadini del sud

E' fatto giorno

(2 folders).

Includes Italian edition.

The sky

Shih Ching

from: The Classic anthology defined by Confucius


from: Oedipus

Taneda, Santōka

Mountain tasting

Teika, Fujiwara

from: Superior poems of our times

Tellerman, Esther


Tixier, Roland

Au jour le jour / von tag zu tag.

Includes French/German edition

Tortel, Jean

Critique of a language, from: L'Éphemère 7

Trufelli, Mario

from: Paese giorno e notte

Tu Fu

from: The Great age of Chinese poetry

Tu Fu, et al.

from: Penguin book of Chinese verse

Yip: Chinese poetry

Ueda, Makoto

from: Modern Japanese haiku: An anthology

Ungaretti, Giuseppe

from: L'allegria

from: Vita d'un uomo. Tutte le poesie

Valéry, Paul

from: Cahiers

Poems, translated by David Paul

from: Poésies

Vallejo, César

from: Trilce

Veinstein, Alain

from: Répétition sur les amas

Villon, François


Walser, Robert

Essays and excerpts

Wang, Wei

The Poetry of Wang Wei

Zanzotto, Andrea

Rainy season


from: La tradition secrète du nō

Various and unknown authors

(11 folders)

Three notebooks

The Man'yôshû

(10 folders)

Literally, "Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves," 4,516 Japanese poems compiled in or just after AD 759. Traditionally said to have been compiled by a poet named Ōtomo no Yakamochi

Box 65 The Man'yôshû (cont.).

(18 folders)

Subseries: Miscellaneous

Organized into three sections: Items removed from Corman's books, Notes and Worksheets. The "removed from" materials are arranged by author and title of book and generally relate to the book. They may include translations or alternate translations of poetry; poems, essays or notes based on a piece in the book; and clippings or printed items related to the book or author. The Notes section is not arranged except for a few subjects and includes three notebooks. The Worksheets contain individual poems by Corman and, though mostly dated, have not been arranged.

Box 66 Items removed from:

Albers, Josef. White Line Squares

Aston, W.G., translator. Nihongi: Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to A.D. 697

Beckett, Samuel. The Beckett Trilogy

Bloom, Harold. Wallace Stevens: The Poems of Our Climate

Booth, Marcella. A Catalogue of the Louis Zukofsky manuscript collection

Bronk, William. Careless Love

Bronk, William. Life Supports

Bronk, William. Manifest

Bronk, William. The World, the Worldless

Cole, Peter. Rift

Creeley, Robert, editor. Selected Writings of Charles Olson

Dickinson, Emily. The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson

Eliot, T.S. Four Quartets

Freud, Sigmund. Interpretation of Dreams

Gitin, David. Fire Dance

Hawkes, David. A Little Primer of Tu Fu

Heller, Michael. Knowledge: Poems

Heraclitus. The Art and Thought of Heraclitus

Hightower, James Robert, translator. The Poetry of T'ao Ch'ien

Hopkins, Gerard Momby. Poems of Gerard Hopkins

Hudson, W.H. A Shepherd's Life

Joyce, James. Ulysses

Kemp, Martin. Leonardo de Vinci

Konoshin, Sakurane. Romaji Mannyoshu

Kusano, Shimpei. Asking Myself

Lacoue-Labarthe, Philippe. Poèsie comme experience

Laporte, Roger. Moriendo: Biographie

Lucrefius. De rerum natura

Mandel'shtam, Osip. Critical Prose

Mandel'shtam, Osip. Selected Poems

Niedecker, Lorine. Collected Poems

Olson, Charles. The Maximus poems

O'Neill, P.G. Guide to Nō

(3 folders)

Oppen, George. Collected Poems

Oppen, George. Primitive

Pound, Ezra. Cantos of Ezra Pound

Pound, Ezra. Personae

Saitō, Kazue? Kojiki

Samperi, Frank. Quadrifariam

Shakespeare, William. Hamlet: 2nd Quarto 1604-5

Snyder, Gary. Earth house hold

Souster, Raymond. The Unmistakable sweetness

Stevens, Holly, editor. The Letters of Wallace Stevens

Stevens, Wallace. Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens

Tsunoda, Ryūsaku. Sources of Japanese Tradition

Waley, Arthur. Japanese poetry

Waley, Arthur. The No Plays of Japan

Wieger, Léon, translator. Les pères du système taoiste

Williams, William Carlos. Collected Poems

Williams, William Carlos. Journey to Love

Yasuda, Kenneth. Land of the Reed Plains

Zukofsky, Louis. "A"

Zukofsky, Louis. "A" 1-12. (Origin Press, 1959). 

(2 folders).

Includes bound volume, heavily annotated by Corman

Zukofsky, Louis. "A" 1-12. (Cape, 1966) 

Zukofsky, Louis. 80 Flowers

Zukofsky, Louis. Ferdinand

Zukofsky, Louis. Gamut: 90 Trees


Albers, Josef

Noh theatre

Poet quotes

Zukofsky, Louis

Miscellaneous notes.

(3 folders)

Notebook: "Albers"

Notebook: "Firenze"

Notebook. Beginning date, Feb. 4, 1973 

Box 67-95 Worksheets of poems

Series: Origin

Includes materials related to Origin magazine.

Box 96 History.

Notes and Two copies of The Serif (Kent State University Library Quarterly): Vol. III, no. 3, September 1966, containing An index to Origin , by Martha Lane Goold, p. 23-36; Vol. V, no. 1, March 1968, containing Biographical Notes: A note on the Founding of Origin, by Cid Corman, p. 29-30

Subscription list

Origin series 1.

Advertisement only

Origin series 2, no. 12.

Reprint of "A Confession" , by Pablo Picasso and French translation; ad in German for exhibit of Picasso's works in Baden Baden, 1968

Origin series 2, no. 14.

Heavily annotated printed volume; notebook; notes; clippings

Origin series 2.

Notes; errata sheets

Origin series 5, no. 2.


Origin series 5, no. 3.

(2 folders).

Mock-up, proofs, notes

Origin series 5, no. 6.

Typescript of poem "The Trumpet Section"

Last unpublished issue.


Kraus reprint.

Correspondence and royalty statements


Reprints, ads, notes, etc.

Series: Photographs

The photographs are arranged alphabetically by person/subject. The list reflects only a selection of the photographs. The number of photographs in each folder is indicated in parenthesis, if more than one is present. One folder per person/subject. Following this section are photographs of additional persons not included in this list, shots of scenery and sculpture, and a miscellaneous file. Additional photographs may be found throughout the Correspondents section.

Box 96 Arnold, Bob and family


Artenstein, Sylvia (Corman) and family


Baker, Ed


Bender, M. Jan and home


Bowering, George

Bronk, William and home


Calderón, Hugo

Campbell, Myles

Cole, Peter

Cone, Jon and family

Corman, Cid. Cid Corman's Dessert Shop (Kyoto)


Corman, Cid and Shizumi Corman, et al.


Corman, Cid, taken by Allen Ginsberg


Corman, Cid, Harvey H., Leonard, and Sylvia (Corman) Artenstein


Corman, Harvey H. and family


Corman, Leonard and family

(46 - 3 folders)

Creeley, Robert; with Gael Turnbull


Denis, Philippe

Donohoe, Wade

Dunne, Gregory and family

Evans, George and Lissa

Facchin, Bruno


Ferrini, Vincent and family


Finlay, Alec

Fixel, Lawrence and Justine Fixel; and Carl Rakosi


Gerhardt, Rainer Maria and son


Glazier, Lyle; and Leonard Corman


Grasso, Elio

Hongo, Garrett Kaoru and William J.


Italy, 1957,   1963 


Several with Cid Corman and Bruno Facchin

Johnston, George and family


Kusano, Shimpei


Landes-Levi, Louise

Levy, John, et al.


Linkert, Nicolas and Anne

Makin, Peter and Cid Corman

Mehrhoff, Charles, et al.


Miller, David

Mills, Billy

Niedecker, Lorine; and home


O'Leary, Peter

Ott, Gil

Parsley, Jamie and Joyce

Petersen, Will, et al.


Radford, Michele and mother

Rannit, Aleksis

Reames, Mark and Cid Corman

Rosenblum, Martin Jack and family


Royet-Journoud, Claude

Rudge, Olga


Ryan, Francis P. and sister Maureen

Schelling, Andrew and daughter Althea Rose


Schiffer, Edwina Curtis


Seligson, Fred Jeremy and daughters


Sherman, Bill and Cid Corman outside Cid Corman's Dessert Shop

Simas, Joseph; and daughter Clio


Simpson, Steve and Susan

Strusinski, Evan

Turnbull, Gael; and Laurent Grisel


Vieira, John

Wangmo, Tsering, et al.


Weil, James L.; and Gloria, home and pets


Weinrib, David, Karen Barnes and Cid Corman

Williams, Jonathan and Jeffrey Beam

Yaddo, July 1950 

(group photograph)

Zanoni, Joe

Zukofsky, Louis, Celia Zukofsky, Paul Zukofsky and Gael Turnbull

Miscellaneous persons A-Z







Series: Miscellaneous

Arranged alphabetically by subject, followed by Clippings, Printed and Audio/Visual materials. One folder per subject unless otherwise indicated.

Box 96 Biographical information


Includes address book, index cards and lists of addresses

Business cards:

(5 folders)

C.C.S. "Premium homemade ice cream and fine snacks"


Other countries


Other U.S.

Calendar. 1957 

Course outline.

For Corman's class "Language Imagination."


Includes bank books, receipts, etc.

Guggenheim Foundation Grant, 1981/82 .

Application and Corman's essay requesting grant.

Box 97 Poetry readings. Agreements, flyers.

Also includes a guest book from Apr. 1991 reading in Tokyo

Radio program.

List of guests and photocopy of Corman's essay on his radio program: "Communication: Poetry for Radio"

Sister City Corporation.

Correspondence, contract, ledger page

Stamp collection album

Clippings concerning the following:

(23 folders)




Art and architecture

Astronomy and Physics

(4 folders)





Noh theatre


Writers and poets

(2 folders)

Writers and poets, individuals:

Duncan, Robert

Eliot, T.S.

Pound, Ezra

Shakespeare, William

Stevens, Wallace

Williams, William Carlos

Miscellaneous clippings

Printed. Miscellaneous printed items, tear sheets.

(4 folders).

Includes one folder concerning Buddhist chanting.

Audio recordings

Description taken from each box. Reel-to-reel are all ¼". Reels range in size from 3" to 7". May not be used in present format.

4 tracks, all conversation can be erased without loss. ...excuse the presuming upon our friendship - but what else can one do? Love - Cid,..., 14 Jan 1969 


Includes notes

Gael Turnbull, 4 tracks...reading a selection of his poems and a section from BB's Briggflatts, received 2nd April 1968 


Includes notes

Personal talk, Bunting letter, Goacher story, Sept-Oct 1968 


Includes notes

Readings: Omar Pound/WCW/Windham Lewis [postmarked Nov. 6, 1968 ]


Includes notes



Paris improvisations, 1954-55, by Gael Turnbull

(wire recording and reel-to-reel copy) (2 folders)

Box 98 Achilles Fang: Conversation in Cambridge w/Achilles; car ride - bring Mary home - Len, Sheila, Mary, Achilles.


Dialogue = Fuji Kogo, 31 July 64 


Goacher: 13-14 August 1975 , tape recording - poetry


Bright sunny day - starlings gorging on berries outside window; philodendrons drooping on sill. Dad insisting I stop smoking, finish his chaser and drink his ginger ale. 3 apples dying in the fridge. Is this IV or V? Sunday November 24th 1968 


Track 1: The Bell, 18 June 68; Track 2: 30 "objective" poems, 19 June 1968; Track 3: The under; Track 4: The over. [1968,   undated] 


Track 1: 14 poems, 9 Sept 68; Track 2: 24 poems, 4 Mar 1969; Track 3: 16 poems, 29 Apr 69; Track 4: 30 poems, 21 May 69. [1968-1969] 


3 tapes of GT [Gael Turnbull] and some of me left over. [1968-1969] 

(Three reel-to-reel)

3 tracks (#3 empty), but apparently this tape has been sold to me after some usage! 19 May 1970 Cid to Gael [Turnbull]. Everything may be erased, of course. Back from GT on 28 June 70


[unidentified - from Leonard Corman to Cid and Shuzumi, postmarked 1971] 


Film. Moth-lite by Brakhage

(8mm home movie).

Description taken from box. May not be used in present format.